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I love waffle house. I have been eating at waffle house at least 2 times a month since I was old enough to drive. Last night I had the worst experience I have ever had! As soon as we walked in Jessika, the waitress, asked how many we had in our party. I said we have 13 total people. Her response was "are you freaking kidding me?" She huffed and puffed the whole time. I'm not typically a germaphobe, but when my waitress is continuously scratching and digging at her scalp it turned my stomach. She NEVER washed her hands!! Before she brought us our food I asked her to wash her hands and apparently it made her mad. She never brought my bacon or my daughters bacon and my hashbrowns didn't have ham in them. She sat out food down and never came back to the table. The other waitress checked on us once and I told her what we hadn't received and she brought it to us. We never got a refill on any of our drinks. I ordered an all star with an extra side of bacon with my hashbrowns covered & chunked, the waffle from my all star and the side of bacon was for my daughter. My husband ordered an all star with his hashbrowns smothered and covered & my son had a waffle and eggs. My son and daughter both got drinks and my husband and myself both got water. Our bill was $41.92!!


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    HolIy Lawhon Jun 09, 2018

    One more thing, the waitress made me so angry that when my daughter accidentally dropped her fork. I started yelling at her. I grabbed her by her hair and slapped her across the face. Now I find out that someone called CPS on me.

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