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Wachovia Bankfraud and cheating!

When Wachovia Bank bought out World Savings, they acquired my two CD's which were worth $10,000 each plus interest. One matured on Jan. 12, the next on Jan. 19, 08. As of Jan. 20, I still had no check on the first one and I had called to close it out on Jan. 12. When I called, I also was closing out the one on Jan. 19th and I asked where my first check was.

After much time on hold, I was told it was not sent because I had a PO Box address! I could not believe it as I have that for safety. I was told my home address would now be registered and it would be sent. It would take 7 to 10 days to arrive! I asked about priority mail and told it was $15. I asked them to enter a complaint for my lost interest on this money as I have other accounts which I am waiting to put it into. I was told they would send it priority and waive the fee.

I called again on the 21st to check it. Was told it went out first class mail instead of third class! In the meantime, this bank has had my money, interest free! I am loosing 6% with the Credit Union I belong to every day and have already purchased another CD with another bank so there is a lesser amount in my checking account now receiving the 6%. I think the Bank owes people to contact them immediately if they have a problem sending the money. I have had no trouble with on line banks, I would never do business with Wachovia again. I had a checking account with them in Florida for years. Good bye Wachovia.


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    Bleiky Jun 14, 2011
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    Hello everyone who has been shafted by Wachovia banks. It seems to me that Wachovia as a whole is setup to post, deposit, and transact monies in 'customer's' accounts as they please. I have now come to realize that not all overdrafts were my mathematical error. Oh and did you know that the 'On-line Banking' is only a 'tool' to help you with your money? Well it's sure nice to know that what I was looking at was a manifestation of what was actually happening with my well earned money. How come the bank has a different view of your money than what you can see from the comfort of your personal computer? Hear is my dilemma... On 4/14/08 I had exactly $59.11 in my checking account. I purchased breakfast at McDonald's -$2.12 So $59.11 -2.12 ------- $56.99 Had to have a bit of gas -$15.02 that's $56.99 -15.02 -------- $41.97 Now as you can see I have $41.97 in my account, mind you that McDonald's is in my 'Check Card Holds', but It shows deducted in my 'Available Balance'. So now I wanted to make dinner for my fiance, so I pick up a few things at my local grocery store... Well as any human being may do I spend exactly $43.64 getting food. OH NO! I have went over my balance by $1.67. But I do not panic, I simply deposit $10.00 into am ATM and feel that I have covered myself from the headache of any penalties. Not exactly. I am slammed with $35.00! Then they charge me another overdraft of $35.00! All the while I had put in the $10.00 to cover my little overage of $1.67, Wachovia charged me $70.00 for this slight overage! I really feel that the bank manipulated the monies being deposited and posted to benefit Wachovia. And when I went to the bank to dispute my case the bank manager printed out a copy of how my money was received which was not the order that I had spent it in. Even my fiance who is an Electrical Engineer could not decipher the terminology and jumping from 'Available' and 'Holds' math that the bank man was doing. Wow do they go to school to learn how to work numbers to screw people out of the money they trust banks to keep safe?

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    Amanda W Jun 01, 2011
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    Hello everyone who has been shafted by Wachovia banks. It seems to me that Wachovia as a whole is setup to post, deposit, and transact monies in 'customer's' accounts as they please. I have now come to realize that not all overdrafts were my mathematical error. Oh and did you know that the 'On-line Banking' is only a 'tool' to help you with your money? Well it's sure nice to know that what I was looking at was a manifestation of what was actually happening with my well earned money. How come the bank has a different view of your money than what you can see from the comfort of your personal computer? Hear is my dilemma... On 4/14/08 I had exactly $59.11 in my checking account. I purchased breakfast at McDonald's -$2.12 So $59.11 -2.12 ------- $56.99 Had to have a bit of gas -$15.02 that's $56.99 -15.02 -------- $41.97 Now as you can see I have $41.97 in my account, mind you that McDonald's is in my 'Check Card Holds', but It shows deducted in my 'Available Balance'. So now I wanted to make dinner for my fiance, so I pick up a few things at my local grocery store... Well as any human being may do I spend exactly $43.64 getting food. OH NO! I have went over my balance by $1.67. But I do not panic, I simply deposit $10.00 into am ATM and feel that I have covered myself from the headache of any penalties. Not exactly. I am slammed with $35.00! Then they charge me another overdraft of $35.00! All the while I had put in the $10.00 to cover my little overage of $1.67, Wachovia charged me $70.00 for this slight overage! I really feel that the bank manipulated the monies being deposited and posted to benefit Wachovia. And when I went to the bank to dispute my case the bank manager printed out a copy of how my money was received which was not the order that I had spent it in. Even my fiance who is an Electrical Engineer could not decipher the terminology and jumping from 'Available' and 'Holds' math that the bank man was doing. Wow do they go to school to learn how to work numbers to screw people out of the money they trust banks to keep safe?

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    HSF2001 Nov 25, 2010

    Wachovia, aka Walk-all-over-ya. Do your homework before you entrust your money, family's, and business's best interest to this PREDATOR! Take it from an honest, hard-working, educated American after nearly 7 years of trying to follow their ever-changing rules. You'll never win.

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    Morty Aug 11, 2010
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    I orderd a bank card at a branch office last wed i called and was told it was mailed out the 12th and if i do not recieve it by the 27th to call and one would be over nighted so today i called i gave all the information that was requided id number last deposit numbers date of birth and because i could not tell them the exact date i opend my account i denied a new card

    i have never in my life ddealt with a company that is so unprofessiional and plan on clossing my account never in all the years i have been a costumer have i had to deal with anything like this.

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    Sweethearts2099 Jul 03, 2010

    When you open a account at any bank you are given a schedule of fees. READ IT. When you put any check into your account you take the responsibility of the risk of it returning to your account and ALL BANKS have a fee for a return check. They wont refund it because it was not the banks fault, it was whoever gave you the check and your fault for not trying to take extra steps to ensure payment. Go after the person who gave you the check for the full amount of the check and the return check fee, NOT THE BANK. The banks cannot hold your hand and make sure YOU balance your checkbook so if you forgot to record a transaction and issue happens, your at fault.
    If you simply read the information the bank gives you when you open the account you would might have been more diligent with your banking account. Stop blaming the bank and blame yourself.
    And towards your taxpayer money funding bank bailouts, hmm lets see the housing market bubble busted because of lax mortgage rules and people lying and getting stuff they couldnt afford. So again, dont just point fingers at the bank, it too is all those grand people who decided to get jumbo loans ten times what they could afford.

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    Finance101 Jun 05, 2010

    I had a checking account at another bank that was closed by the Office of Thrift Supervision. That bank mailed me a check for the residual amount in my checking account with them. I deposited that check into my Wachovia account. However, it was returned to Wachovia as being unpaid. Wachovia promptly debited my account for the amount deposited and then charged me an additional $10 returned item fee. I called Wachovia, explained the circumstances, and requested the fee be reimbursed, all to no avail. This was a case of adding insult to injury.

    I made a mistake and did not record a $500 transfer in my checking account register. Incidentally, I was charged an additional $3.00 fee for making this transfer. In any case, this failure to record the transfer led to a situation where the account was overdrawn. I was promptly charged a $35 NSF fee for that transgression. This is the only fee within the past 30 days that I accept since it was my error that led to this fee being charged.

    The firm that had submitted the item that caused my account to be overdrawn automatically resubmitted the item before I knew about anything about the first overdraft, which led to another NSF condition and yet another NSF fee of $35 being accessed my account. I called Wachovia and again explained the situation. Again, I was not successful in getting even the second $35 fee refunded.

    All of the above has happened within the last 30 days and I believe this is indicative of Wachovia’s modus operandi.

    This is clearly predatory banking practice through the use of excessive fees. When I consider this against the backdrop of the massive bailouts of financial institutions—including Wachovia—over the last few years, and at our expense (i.e., the taxpayers), I find that I cannot in good conscience continue to business with a financial institution such as Wachovia. There are simply too many clearly superior alternatives out there.

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    adelelightfoot May 14, 2010
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    on april 9th 2017 someone deposited a $1000.00 into my account, when i called wachovia on sunday i was told who made the deposit and was told since i knew the person, i should contact the person and write them a check for the $1000.00 deposit and that would clear everything up . Well that didn't happen on the 12th of april i wrote the person the check and on the 13th the check was cashed, also we were told to contact the fraud department and put a stop to the fraud complaint which he did. well on the 13th there was another $1000.00 withdrawn from my account by the bank. when we realized this i contacted the bank and was told there was nothing they could do, which i think is bull because if the bank didn't give out mis information this would have never happen. and since the banks have insurance on there money i feel they should return my money to me, i am on a fixed income and can't afford to give any one $2017.00 and i feel that the bank made the mistake and they should fix the problem.

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    carlh May 13, 2010
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    I too have experienced the same problem with them and have reached the 'i've had enough of this crap' point. Wachovia and it's practices really need looking in to!

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    TiredofAwful Service Mar 13, 2010

    Oh my god, How i WISH they would HIRE friendly bank managers!

    My present local Wachovia bank I wouldn't want to meet this woman in a dark alley!
    She's mean! And the tellers, equally as snotty and hateful.

    All for except this one girl, who's a pretty big girl, but so what? I don't care what size waist you are, as long as you are polite and civil to me.

    Okay, hire all the "pretty young 20 somethings" but PLEASE make sure they are nice & friendly to ALL the customers, not just the male ones!

    It's ridiculous.. i HATE the staff they've hired at wachovia in the last few years. Used to be a good bank, simply is NOT anymore!

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    TiredofAwful Service Mar 13, 2010

    wow, that's horrible! They will CLOSE out your account simply b/c they took out a large fee without any warning?

    And WHY would they be entitled to take out LEGAL fees? they are not attorneys, they are a bank.

    Please go and report them ASAP to the banking commission!

    I'm sick and tired of these banks acting like predators and getting away with murder, simply b/c they CAN!

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    Balsonchin Punchindic Jan 26, 2010

    You am another stupid, you stupid you.

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    carterafflick Jan 26, 2010

    Wachovia bank allowed us to pay two major bills and shortly afterward the same day charged us a 35 fee five times over on purchases that were made five days earlier but just happened to be collected on the same day after I paid my bills. The result was 245.00 in fees for five purchases totally only 45 dollars and a lecture on how we should have balance our checkbook better. If you swipe your card or authorize a purchase then that money should be held until collected. That means that your balance and available balance are two entirely different things. Why would the customer be penalized because some merchants collect latter than others?

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    factual Jan 26, 2010
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    WACHOVIA n. see also legalized theft. this is what it says in Websters dictionary. i had my account raided by some yutz in the netherlands causing me to be overdrawn in excess of $-1024.00 my biggest question was this. who the hell was watching out for my money?? my next question was how come NOBODY called and asked if this charge is really ME.. you know these ###s STILL owe me $44.00 for international transaction fees???a year LATER...

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  • Na
    NasH78 Jan 04, 2010

    I had a car loan with these *** holes, and I was behind about three months and I was told I need $3019.00 to get my account up to date. I was told to call Thomas G of the Greenbelt MD office this *** hole is in collection when I did talk with he's the one who told me to the $3019.00 and I Will be fine. O he told me to call him before I make the payment by money gram. So I tried calling him on Friday, it went right to his voice mail, I tried calling him on Saturday, it went to voicemail. I called on Monday same thing. Tuesday is when they came and repose that was about 11:00 pm. They had no plans of wanting me to make that payment, and on top of that they said that I hid my car from lol. How can I hide my car when they got it at my address, these are some snakes, low life *** holes, don't ever do business with Wachovia at all. They practice illegal tracts, so I reported them to a few government agency who are no looking into this matter. I was told that what they did was unlawful and I have a case against them. Also for the record I have never ever had a car repose in my life. They wanted me to pay the balance of the loan to get my car back which was close to $60, 000 dollars which is illegal I was told by an lawyer.

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  • Va
    Valjac50 Dec 30, 2009

    I lived in a house for 10 years and the last mortgage holder was Wachovia. Technically the mortgage was in my mother's name. I applied to purchase the house last December, and was told by the Wells Fargo mortgage broker that it should not be a problem, since I lived in the house and paid all of the bills for 10 years. So, I found out that my name had been removed from the deed to the house. My mother refused to put my name back on the deed because she is retired and did not want to spend the money to do so. After some investigation, it appeared that Wachovia's title department removed my name from the mortgage when my mother refinanced the house in 2017. No one told me.
    So, they then refused to give me a mortgage on the house, claiming that it was because I was late with some payments. I used my inheritance money from the death of my grandmother to purchase the house. I moved out of the house May 1, 2017, to a 2 bedroom apartment. When I tried to go back into the house to retrieve most of my personal belongings, the locks had been changed, and my mother decided to keep everything that was left in the house. As of this date, I have not received anything from my house that belonged to me because of my mother's refusal to let me back into the house.
    My brother called my apartment and threatened to kill my daughter for talking to our neighbors about what happened. Needless to say, I do not speak to either of them. So, I just want anyone who is interested to know that Wachovia/Wells Fargo are not reputable businesses, they lie to customers, and no one should ever apply for a mortgage with them. Their actions are responsible for breaking up my family, and for me not owning my home, after living there for 10 years.

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  • Cl
    CLTRemployee Dec 23, 2009

    I've heard that even if you put a cash deposit in your bank account, it does not get processed until the next day at midnight!

    Why should you have to wait to have access to your own money, especially if you deposited cash??

    I've heard too. that they refuse to give you a record or receipt any time you make a withdrawal!

    What crummy bookkeeping this bank engages in! I'm shocked really, because they've been in business for many years.

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    CLTRemployee Dec 23, 2009

    OMG! To think we have banked with these crooks!

    yeah. they used to be good, but in recent years, they engage in some really shoddy and weird behavior.

    We had a friend who was needing to put them money into a reasonally paying Money Market.

    When they contacted the investor banker in the Piedmont area, they were told the investment banker actually LAUGHED at them when they told them that Wachovia was only paying like .50% on its money markets.

    Who laughs at the misfortunes of others? Oh, I hear that Wells Fargo is taking them over. I do hope they will do a much better job of banking than the cruddy Wachovia employees.

    I once went into a Wachovia bank years ago to cash a check that was written on a Wachovia account. There was a young black female teller behind the counter and she was literally asking the customer to say OUT LOUD what their social security numbers were and it was so loud when she read them back, you could actually clearly hear everyone's social security numbers!

    Talk about lousy customer service, but I find this over & over in so many banks nowadays.

    Are there any good banks left? I've heard ING is a good place to bank. Anyone use that bank?

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  • Rh
    RHNM Dec 20, 2009

    Dealing With Poor Customer Service

    All companies are only concerned with their bottom line. All companies have very poor customer service representatives. My advice:
    1. First try to settle the matter with the company’s CSR. It will not do any good but you have tried.
    2. Be polite but firm.
    3. Ask for the name, number and state the CSR you are talking to is from. If you are transferred to a foreign country ask to speak to a CSR in North America.
    4. Keep written copies of all your correspondence. Insist that all replies from the company be in writing. Good luck on that one, companies don’t like to leave a paper trail.
    5. If you don’t like writing, record the calls, advise the CSR that you are recording the call.
    6. If you have an attorney and three-party calling, arrange to have your attorney on the line before you call the company. My attorney advised me that you are not required to inform the CSR or company that another person is monitoring the call .Keep copies of all of the bills you receive. The eventual lawyers, FCC, BBB and state attorney general will want copies of all of your paper work.
    7. File a complaint with the FCC about your cell phone carrier, it won't do any good, but it's on record.
    8. If it is not a cell phone carrier, file the complaint with the FTC, or whichever of thousands of government agencies that handle your issue.
    9. Please realize that all government agencies are overworked and have been paid off by lobbyist.
    10. Join any class action lawsuit against the company.
    11. File a complaint with your local Better Business Bureau.
    12. Contact your state attorney general.
    13. During this prolonged economic rough patch all companies are out to make money anyway they can.
    14. Join any class action lawsuit against the cell phone carrier. The lawyers will take the bulk of the settlement after years of ligation. When the company finally settles they will pass the cost of the settlement onto their customers, write if off on their taxes or both if they can get away with it.
    15. Do this with any company or service you are having problems unresolved problems with that company or service.
    16. I realize this is a lot of work, but it’s the only way to get things to change. Don’t expect overnight results, they won’t happen.
    I give you this advice at no charge.
    RH – New Mexico

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  • To
    topenddave Dec 20, 2009

    when i got my bank statement last monday (12/14/2017) I was appaled to find that if you filed a
    complaint against one of the plethora of internet tooth whitening scamsters AND WON, if you did
    not file it as a straight up criminal fraud case, and you had your bank card changed to escape these
    vermin, well guess what, Wachovia is going to give these crooks your new bankcard number so
    'lil jesse' willms and his ilk can start defrauding you all over again. IT IS TIME TO PICKET OR PETITION
    THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM in order to get one very simple item included in every home and
    'landing' page of electronic funds transfer act "CERTIFIED MERCHANTS", a logo or statement in large
    letters stating they are just that. my experiance has shown that 85% of problems online results from
    US based slimeballs hiding behind efta. and why do the banks put up with it ? 3 percent "international
    service fees". EFTA's stated purpose when enacted was to PROTECT CONSUMERS RIGHTS. this ditty
    is anything but "PROTECTION".

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  • Lc
    lcalabresesec Nov 13, 2009

    I was a Wachovia customer for at least 9 years, and in 2017 I began collecting Social Security Disability benefits direct deposited into my Wachovia checking account, during the past 5 - 6 years the bank must have charged my accounts $3, 000 to $4, 000 in fees, some my fault some not my fault, is their anything I can do in order to get some of that money reimbursed? I finally had to let them close my account in September, 2017, and now they are charging me a $580.00 collection fee.

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  • Am
    Amby Oct 25, 2009

    I became seriously frustrated with this bank when my grandmother wrote a check to my husband for 20 dollars on her Bank of America check and we had Wachovia deposit it into his account. He checked his balance the next day and found he had overdrafted and the 20 dollars never showed up, not to mention they charged him the overdraft fee as well. We figured it was just taking time for the bank to put it in. After a few days we called and they said they never show 20 dollars being deposited into his account. They had put it into a different persons account and couldn't give back our money unless we showed them the receipt. We told them the check number-my grandmothers name-it was filled out to MY how is it that it went into someone else's account and not HIS? And why is it that they needed the receipt when they had the check and a copy of it right there with his name on it. They will never get any of my business or my families. I've been with Bank of America and Vystar credit union for years and never had this happen to us there.

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  • Go
    goddessjessickah Oct 08, 2009

    Wachovia is horrible! if you dont have enough money in ur acct they overdraft u and charge u $35. ok im fine with that of course if im aware of it! i had $68 in my acct. in the view holds option i didnt see any pending orders so to me that means that nothing else is going to be taking off my acct. ok so i did 3 separate orders at for 2.06 each. then i ordered soemthing at the for $15. i had a total of $50 in my overdraft protection acct linked with my checkings acct. so now watch wat they did!!! they never updated the website so i wasnt aware of anythin bcuz all of the things i did purchase before the things i just listed were already on the list as "processed" purchases but the bank never deducted the money off the acct. so the 3 orders to snapfish and 1 order to lakeside is a total of 4 transactions so they CHARGED me $35 times 4= $140!! then they transfer the $50 to my checkings which is fukin crazy bcuz it would of been enough to cover those 4 transactions. then all of that $50 is gone used to pay for part of their overdraft fee then something pops up on my acct from liek 8days ago for 4.95 and then thats another $35...

    another time ... i get direct deposit on thursdays so usually i stay up wed night till 12 to see if the deposit went thru. usually by 12:15 its there. ok so now i have $438 on my acct so i go to withdraw $20 and to get some stuff at the gas station and put gas in the car. mind u when i call and check online it is saying that i have 438..right? so the next day i check my acct (i check it everyday) and i see they are charging me overdraft fee $105!!! i call them and ask them wat da hell is goin on. the stupid lady tells me i didnt have money in my acct. i kept asking her y is it that i got charged wen i heard my balance and she could not give me an answer! then i told her sign me up for overdraft protection.. and here goes another story

    i have $98 in overdraft and i overdraft my acct and the overdraft doesnt even do anythin so i get charged 210 by them. i called and no one could help until i demanded to speak to a manager who transfered me to some lady that refunded me back the 210 plus the 105!! and some other things when i 1st open my acct..

    sometimes when u deposit money into ur acct u cant access ur money until the next DAY!!! thats horribleee

    i hate this bank with all my heart. citi bank is the best bank ever!!! my acct has been overdraft $8 for 3months and they haven't charged me ANYTHING!!!

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  • Ss
    Ssst Sep 25, 2009

    My grandmother is nearly 80 years old. For years she's kept all of her money along with a reasonable CD account with Wachovia bank. However when she was sent to live with me and my mother we found that she was broke. Hundreds of thousands of dollars that she had at one point- all gone. Wachovia bank tells the story that someone called and transferred all her money to her son in laws account including her 50 thousand dollar CD account. Wachovia holds no responsibility and tells me that large amounts like such can be transferred on the phone and admits no fault to transferring her money into her son in laws account even though his name was not on any of her accounts. Wachovia gave away thousands of dollars. She now cannot afford a lawyer to go after her son in law or the bank. Her life savings was given away and she was left with next to nothing. this is a disgrace and somthing needs to be done.

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  • Tr
    Tremma Sep 15, 2009

    In Nov.2017 I opened a free checking/savings account with WACHOVIA BANK with the intention of transferring funds and converting from Banks. I decided later not to change Banks and to maintain my funds with my current checking and savings Bank account. Normally a Bank account is automatically considered closed if their is no activity by the account holder in 6 month's. Although, WACHOVIA all of a sudden started sending me bill notice's in Aug.2017 for the amount of $1, 251.08 with no explanation for the charge's. This left me with no idea for the bill notice's, especially since I had never utilized the checking or saving's service's nor had I made any deposit amount's. I had not stepped back into the WACHOVIA BANK since the opening of my free checking/savings accounts, nor did I ever make any type of deposit to the account.

    This gave me incentive to investigate the whole situation which after going through the red tape with WACHOVIA BANK I came to find out that anyone who has your account number can attempt to withdrawal from your account and if the funds are not available then your automatically charged a fee. This is by far the most non-customer oriented way for the Bank to easily collect funds from there customers of course if it's legal. Of course if by any chance WACHOVIA BANK can legal take customer's hard earned money by charging for inefficient funds then if you read between the lines it says their 1st priority is not there customer's.

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  • Ca
    Carolgirl Sep 14, 2009

    Wachovia is the worse bank on the planet! And they charge 2.00 if you call customer service more than 1 time and they lose your money and never give it back.

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  • Kc
    kconnor Sep 14, 2009

    My 20 year old daughter lives in Nashville and as her dad I take care of her banking needs at a Wachovia Bank in Columbia SC. During the 3 day bank holiday of Labor Day weekend she had an overdraft of about $150/about 15 checks. Four of the checks were less than $5; Five less than $10; Four less than $15; and Two less than $35. Fees to save my daughter the embarresment from a declined debit card purchase-according to the finance branch manager-were $525. Tuesday morning when the overdraft appeared online at the Wachovia website I made a deposit to cover the overdrafts occured over the holiday.
    He denied that $525 had anything to do with a profit but said that all banks charge this fee. This is probably true but you would think someone would put their brand at a higher, more ethical level rather than use the excuse that all banks do it.
    Why encourage your customer to use online banking if it takes a holiday and delays in reporting accurate account information. The bank manager encourage me to have my daughter be more responsible and create a paper trail for her account. I agree but wonder why we need duplicate accounting systems to maintain accuracy.
    Lastly, don't you think fees such as the above are excessive? You calculate the rate of interest on $150 for 3 days.

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  • Tr
    Tropicalbluz Aug 29, 2009

    Wachovia are absolute frauds and should be audited and prosecuted for stealing. I overdraftedby .37 cents on wednesday 8-26-09. actually it was just pending. I had a balance of 9.50 on Tuesday evening. I had forgotten that I'd already made a 500 purchase for gas that morning and went and bought cigarettes that night, thinking I had enough in the accoount. Well, I can take responsibility for overlooking my part, but Wed. morning when I checked my online account, it said I had 4.50 cents in the account and they decided to hit me with a 35.00 fee while the other charge was in pending status, which put me in the negetive of 30.47 cents. On Thursday it was still the same, the pending had not gone through yet and I was still in the neg. of 30.47. I had a direct deposit of only 330.00 coming in on Friday at midnight. They know this. I wake up Friday morning and check my account again and sure enough, the pending cleared and I got hit with ANOTHER 35.00 fee. So 2 fees for only one item overdraft. That's bull. It's robbery and I can not afford to bank with Wachovia any longer. I don't understand how they are getting away with this fraud sceme. I only make 10.00 an hour at the company I work for. I'm on a fixed budget and can hardley afford to live. Having a bank like wachovia rape me for my hard earned money is rediculous and criminal. I wish congress or someone would get involved and put a stop to these horrible practices. I don't know how they sleep at night, knowing they are hurting the economy and stealing from people.

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  • Dr
    Drained Again Aug 20, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, it is truly Not an everyday peoples Bank. I intend to take your word and switch to Bank of America.

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  • Wi
    wikkideclipse Aug 19, 2009

    I made a mistake with a deposit at a Wachovia ATM and accidently inserted a blank envelope instead of the envelope with my Check in it. Wachovia ATMs allow you to withdraw cash upon a check deposit if you want it, so i withdrew 40 dollars from the 150.00 dollar check deposited.

    The next day, i deposited my Paycheck to the same ATM and made no mistake about that. That same day i got home and found the envelope i had believed to be empty with my $150.00 check in it. I immediately called them and informed them that I had made a mistake, they assured me it would no be a problem and they would remove the money from the account that the check would have covered, and I could deposit the check at a later date.

    2 Days Pass and I lose access to my Online Banking, so I call again, and they turn me over to their "Loss Management Department" Where this nasty woman informs me, I was committing fraud and they would be closing my account and to go to my local branch and withdraw my funds. At no point in time before or after any of this would the account have been overdrawn, I had funds to cover even the 150.00 dollar check that i messed up. So if i was committing fraud i would have been frauding myself.

    They are a terrible bank and have caused me more grief than any financial institution I have ever worked with.


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  • I totally agree with all the comments posted here, I’m really tired that been paying "overdraw fees" this is how some banks entities call ( rob, steal, burglarize ) and all other words that have the same meaning, and the sad part is that is not a law that protect the consumer against this, someone is going to be hurt; with frustration and economy they to put their finger and the Americans hurt, Wachovia bank and the other bank entities that operate like that are killing our economy and patience. 08/10/2017

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  • Ci
    Cindi in Lakeland Aug 05, 2009

    I have had my checking accout with this bank location since 1977. It has switched names several times and is now Wachovia Bank for the past several years. My account number has never changed...I also have had the same job for 17 years and direct deposit for most of that time. Wachovia Bank does everything within their power to cause a overdraft on your account. They will charge you an overdraft on an overdraft. In this past month, the bank has charged me $325.00 in overdraft fees. This started because they cleared a large check first and bounced 5 smaller checks causing overdraft on each one of $35.00 each. When calling the bank, all you get is well that is how its done.
    Service is really poor and they don't even treat you like a human, your just a number. I guess it is a bank for the rich...definetely not the everyday working class people. Just yesterday I was charged a $35.00 fee on a over draft payment that goes thru the bank for $10.00. The list goes on and on and on. Unless you are rich, , , , , , stay away from Wachovia...

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  • De
    DebbiePC78 Jul 23, 2009

    At midnight 7/16/2017 my balance was over 3000.00 because I had a direct deposit to be credited that was already showing on my acct balance. At 8am however I had $140.00 in overdraft charges because I had one check and 3 checkcard purchases go through. Of course they ran the $500.00 check which made my balance (without the direct deposit) to low to over the 3 other smaller charges. BUT I HAD A DIRECT DEPOSIT SITTING THERE OF $2500.00. They knew the money was there!!! They had already shown that money on my balance at midnight!!! I have had this acct for yrs and overdraft was never an issue as long as I had a credit card for them to charge things like this to, but WACHOVIA changed the credit card to Bank of America and I will not open another one(credit card) with Wachovia. THIS IS INSANE and very poor practice. However Wachovia seems to be able to get away with this practice without any difficulty. What can we do short of changing banks?

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  • Ze
    ZeldaZorch Jun 20, 2009

    Contact the OCC Office of the Comptroller of Currency. I did. My bank knows now not to "F" with me anymore.
    All of you with banking problems, do the same.
    I am starting to believe there is some sort of complicity here. All of a sudden, unauthorized amounts are being deducted from accounts? The bank, the ones who promise to protect our money, are allowing the thieves to run the show. We can't have our money back until the thief tries to claim it, meanwhile NSF charges are mounting. The bank then goes to the thief and forces them to pay the bank the huge OD charges. Sounds like a racket to me.
    People, watch your accounts closely. Keep every receipt when using debit card. The dates are very important to how the bank is scamming us too.
    Cheryl Conti
    Johnston, RI

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  • Mf
    mfellion Jun 20, 2009

    Why are you complaining here about this property. If the church wants to buy find out who the property manager is a the bank and go in with an offer of real dollars to the bank. Perhaps you need to talk to a broker to help you decide on a fair price and handle the paperwork. The bank doesn't want the property so make an offer. If you don't want to buy complain to the city council or county about the properties condition. This property is a public nuisance from your discription and if the public authorities won't act than sue the bank in small claims court for damages to your properties value. I am pretty sure that if you stop complaining and start acting this problem can be readily solved to everyones satisfaction.

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  • Wo
    Wow May 28, 2009

    I am a single parent My is graduating I wanted to have something nice for him to celebrate
    now after sseeing my account I will not do so. You see Wachoiva charged an overdraft fee of $525 for $125.00 to my account and I have direct deposit.

    My online account said I had the correct amount of funds to cover my spending however Wachoiva now tells me you cannot go by your online account to know your exact balance.

    After speaking with Wachovia they gave me $149 credit Wow !
    I cannot belive this i wll close my account to ensure this never happens again.

    They are truly fee hungry no warning just like that No food on the table !
    what is the difference in cash loan companies and Wachovia.

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  • Gi
    gibson13601 May 08, 2009

    I was just charged $280 dollars in overdraft fees that I just dont understand. That is 8 individual overdrafts. From what I can see on my acccount it was immpossible for me to do so. Wachovia bank likes to allow purchases on a debit card with insuffient funds just so you can make the money in NSF payments etc... They also like to place certain things on hold (processing) and make it look like it has been deducted from your balance only to finally process it when they can get money in overdrafts! They rip off the customers in todays economy and struggles and I consider it just plain evil and greedy. I am on unemployment and have cancelled my direct deposit to my account so I can feed my family and pay my rent without them taking all my money in ### overdraft fees! I will pay this balance if and when I find another job and am able to save up the money. I dont care if they put me in the chex systems! I am also closing my bank account with those crooked ripp offs if I am ever able to pay off the balance of their scheme! Wachovia sucks and their attempt on making me and my family homeless and hungry is sicking!!!

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  • Sk
    skarletpez Apr 16, 2009

    I had the same thing happen to me today. I had 3 charges that were processing. They would have been covered if they didn't allow my car payment to go through before my DIRECT DEPOSIT did. Thusly, the car payment went through, then the smaller chages. they charged me $120. I pleaded with them to at least knock off $60 so I can have somemoney to do things with but they told me they can only take off $36. I am more than frustrated with them! If only Bank of America was in Alabama, I would have stayed with them!

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  • Ju
    Junes Mar 24, 2009

    Recently I had an equally disturbing encounter with Wachovia's "Customer Service/Tech Support". While trying to access the website to do on-line banking on Saturday morning (3/21), I was unable to pull up the site, so I called Customer Service to see if the techs were doing maintenance. Not surprisingly, I got the pat answer “there’s nothing wrong with our website, it must be your provider.”

    Having been down this road before, I asked to speak with a Tech Support person who works with the website. The Customer Service rep hung up on me. Being a glutton for punishment, I called back and two more tries later, I spoke with a Tech Support who obviously didn’t have a clue. She told me I needed to upgrade my OS and Browser or I would be forever blocked from the site so my computer would be compatible with the new website security safeguards. It kinda made sense, so I proceeded to check with friends to get a copy of the disk and one is being mailed to me.

    BUT …. Lo and behold, Monday morning (3/23) just for grins and giggles I decided to torture myself one more time and try to get into the site … a miracle occurred … I was in, did my banking, logged out and immediately left a voice mail for my “Tech Support” representative. Later in the day, I received a call from her supervisor who proceed to tell me my access to the site was a “fluke” and expect future attempts to get into the site to be sporadic at best. When I got home, I tried to get into the site THREE times … and lo and behold, more miracles. Each time, I was into the site, wandering around and even read a message from Customer Service apologizing for the vagaries from the staff.

    This morning (3/24), I tried to get in again and folks, I must be truly blessed in, because TWICE I was in, wandering around and now adding to this blog. Needless to say, I have very little faith in Wachovia’s customer service and tech staff. The people with whom I spoke either didn’t know what they were talking about or blatantly lied, hoping I would be intimidated or buy into it and just walk away. I chose not to.

    However, caution if you want to take concerns up the ladder. The folks on Mahogany Row don’t want to be bothered by piddly customer concerns. You will be returned to the very people who used and abused you earlier. Its not as though this is the first time Customer Service has played games with me – but I think this will be the last. This incident raised too many red flags – either the customer service/tech staff is clueless or guiltless when they intentionally lead customers astray, or there are some serious defects with the website. Either way, I concluded it was time to take my banking elsewhere and hope they have a more adept .and customer friendly customer service/tech support team.

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  • D1
    D11 Mar 21, 2009

    There were $204 of fraudulent charges on my bank statement. Not only did I not receive a refund, the bank blocked my use of the atm card. This was a new atm card recently issued by the bank. I recently cut up the previous card, and don't have any reason to believe that either card was stolen. I think the bank wrote up the fake charges to rip me off. That's why I am considering changing to a different bank.

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