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VRBO - Homeaway Family / I don't receive my payment

sergiofeno on Feb 14, 2017
I don't receive my payment ! There are almost 50 days after I rent my porperty. My payment is about US$ 3000 I'm very frustrated. I'm really dispointed with this company. The customer care is horrible. You receve e-mail but anyone resolve your question. I don't no what I...

VRBO - Vacations Rental By Owner / I don't receive my payment and appropriate answer

sergiofeno on Feb 13, 2017
"I am very disappointed with VRBO's services. I rented my apartment more than 40 days ago by VRBO, and to this day I have not received my payment. I already sent several emails and no one solves my case. This is absurd. When I rent my apartments using airbnb I receive my payment...

VRBO / Terrible customer service and unauthorized behaviour

Beccle on Feb 4, 2017
I manage a property listed on VRBO. It was originally listed 3 years ago. It was bought by a new owner last April but I continued to manage it. I was told that I needed to update the payment information which we spent ages doing. They then said I had to redo it all to change the name. We...

VRBO / Pricing very misleading

SS51 on Jan 7, 2017
VRBO #420788 Sunset Vista Treasure Island Florida. When we put in our vacation dates it came back with a total of $606. When we went to book it they said we had to book through another website and it was over 3 times as much $1819. Signs of a scam here. Bait and Switch Not interested in doing...

Home Away/vrbo / Service charges, leases, variable quality not a good deal

travelling vagabonds on Nov 29, 2016
Hi, our complaint is generic, systemic but specific. We have come to realize that what often seems like a good deal isn't. There are service charges, cleaning fees, leases to sign? that are added to base rates making some of the rentals costlier than a good hotel where the rooms are...

Home Away/vrbo / Unethical charges

Michele Cobb Blair on Nov 28, 2016
I have rented my property through vrbo since 2012 but Corporate greed has completely changed the way that I am allowed to do business with my renters. If we dont allow the "Book it now Button" that charges vacation renters EXTRA money. (they get absolutely nothing for these services )/ IT...

Vacation Rentals By Owners / Chargebacks

Joan Needham on Oct 24, 2016
I have been a subscriber with VRBO for about 3 years now. On Sept 11, 2016 a renter paid for a stay on Sept 12-19. I approved their request and on the next day, my rental manager met with them. This property for rent is located in Manila, Philippines. Since Sept. 12th is a National Holiday...

VRBO or Vacation Rentals by Ower / Website is continuously down. Owner tried to cancel listing. Charged for another year

Tigger01 on Oct 12, 2016
Off and on for 8 years I've had problems amending or changing my VRBO listing due to technical problems with their website. I tried help.vrbo.com and vacationrentals.com. I sold my beachfront condo and contacted VRBO via email on 1/5/16 to cancel my account and to request a partial...

Vacation Rentals By Owners / Chargeback

bobjoancc on Oct 10, 2016
I have been a subscriber with VRBO for about 3 years now. On Sept 11, 2016 a renter paid for a stay on Sept 12-19. I approved their request and on the next day, my rental manager met with them. This property for rent is located in Manila, Philippines. Since Sept. 12th is a National Holiday...

VRBO / Reviews and customer service

Eduardo Gimenez on Sep 20, 2016
Vrbo reviewss are just a joke, costumers use this against you to try to get free things and vrbo allow all this costumers to be disonest, vrbo is a mess these days. They have absolutly no customer service. They refuse to help with any issues you have with your listings. The inability to...

VRBO / Homeaway / Failure to return refundable deposits and overages

HollyBe on Aug 29, 2016
Made a reservation for a house while my husband and I were in San DIego for a week to celebrate our silver anniversary and host a family reunion. Found a house - price was good and so were the photos. Owner was very cooperative and forthcoming while we were making the reservations, . She...

VRBO Rentals / My stay

Mike44mcmahon on Aug 12, 2016
Stayed in the resort of Ocean City, Md., who the owner was Randy Bosley. After our stay, Randy sends a text to my phone that the toilet paper holder was broken in one of the bathrooms.Well it was like that when we got there, so now we are out of the deposit because of this. I wrote a...

VRBO / Will not stop previous owners ad

DoJo5 on Jul 28, 2016
I purchased a condo. VRBO refuses to view my paperwork and stop advertising the previous owners ad. I cannot rent from the site as the calls are being reverted back to former owner who owns another unit in same building. This is going on since July 10. I am so sick of it.

VRBO / (Unit#133921), unethical behavior b/c payment wasn't rec'd

richard leblanc on Jun 14, 2016
Owner promised us he would rent his unit to our family, and then rented it to another party instead, without first notifying us. On May 20, I phoned the owner (Bill Thompson VRBO property # 1641319, Angels Rest Vacation Rental)and asked if we could receive a discount (or free night) on our...

VRBO / review process

jr@!# on Jun 8, 2016
I was a renter and when I posted a negative review on their site following my stay, and the owner of the property responded with lies, I was not able to respond to that. All I could do was file a complaint with VRBO, which I am sure goes nowhere. They consider a response to the owner'...

VRBO / Rental

Thomas Flowers on Jun 7, 2016
On 6/6/16 I booked a family vacation in Steamboat Springs for after Christmas. To make a long story short VRBO accepted my reservation and put a $1, 500 hold on my credit card. Later in the day the owner sent me an email saying sorry but it is booked. I knew this was nonsense and...

VRBO / Homeaway / Owner Rights

AnnieCH on Apr 22, 2016
As a recent owner of a vacation property, I immediately thought to use VRBO/Home Away to rent it out. I have been on the other side as a traveler and have generally had good experiences using their site. However, I am appalled at the fees they not only charge the traveler now but also the...

Home Away/vrbo / Refuse to give us our refund from our cancellation

Boisestate123 on Apr 2, 2016
Booked a condo on August 21st 2015 and had to cancell due to a family matter we had put down 292 dollars which was half the weekly rate that was listed. Have contacted the customer service dept several times with no luck yet and when we try to reach the home owner theres never a answer. We...

VRBO/Homeaway / Booking a home on VRBO or Homeaway

Owner and Traveler on Mar 16, 2016
The VRBO or Homeaway "Book it Now" feature is a rip off. Those companies are charging travelers and owners for travelers to be able to book the home "now". Travelers are charged an extra fee that, if the traveler books directly thru the owner, the traveler would not be charged...

VRBO / Service fee, and deceptive presentation of our listings

Davez on Mar 11, 2016
Member since 1999 I always had the premiere listing in our market, I paid top fee and did everything that was required to keep the premiere space. Now vrbo has put so many sub areas that they have decreased our leads by over 75%. Not only that when someone does find our site they are also...

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