Vonstruck driver

9/30/19 @ 4:16 p.m. Vons truck driver cut us off almost causing us to rear end him on southbound hwy. 71 just before Valley Blvd. We were in the right lane behind the Vons truck and we moved over to the left lane to pass and he moved over to the left lane in front of us, no signal just a sudden cut just a couple feet in front of us, causing us to slam the brakes and move as far to the left off the road as possible to avoid a collision.
This guy really has a problem and could have injured or killed me, my wife, and my son (who was driving). We all felt he did this on purpose due to the 2 lanes merging about 1/3rd of a mile ahead of us which I'm sure he could see sitting up high. But there was absolutely NO reason for him to move from the right to the left lane, they merge up ahead and there was PLENTY of time. I'm looking into filing a police report on this as soon as I sort through my dash cam video to show them.


Sep 30, 2019

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