Vonsservice working with you.

R Sep 22, 2019

You need to have more attachments with you im going to wasila Alaska im from there do you need my birth certificate i like travelers checks and a PC nitro five controller still i like a few thousand dollars full transfer to Alaska in im going to work something even better. I need you to communicate with attached alan. He can't be that grumpy Tyler you need to calm down. He keeps saying what im doing Tyler he'super 👽 weird. This is for the girl i spoken today. He's grumpy mad about the Mexican are you sorry give me 100, 000 dollars tyler transfer to my state the chena hot springs ♨️ work environment ♻️ im telling you i can finish pe a lot better. If your sorry pay me pay pay pay me tyler. Pay me.

service working with you.
service working with you.

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