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I went to the store in Rancho Bernardo here in San Diego, CA. My girl has been sick for days---and she went to the hospital this past weekend. I called in a delivery Friday, but we cancelled it and spoke to an agent. The agent said, we will take care of the refund and make sure the items will not be delivered. Well---the guy was very rude, and obnoxious who delivered the items when we specifically requested not to have them be delivered and barged into my girl's house. I was away at work at the time. That very same night (Saturday)- we got on the phone and talked to another agent about the issue and he said---just leave the groceries outside on the porch and someone will pick them up (Sunday-1/7/2018). No one came on that Sunday, so my girl and I went to the store to return the items and spoke to this girl named Megan at the Rancho Bernardo Store. She helped us return every item---with supossively a refund?? I still have not seen a refund in my bank account and think that they were just trying to get my girl and I to leave. I will file a lawsuit if I have to for the fact the guy barged into my girls house like this...that was not cool at all. I want someone to contact me about this issue and want to make sure a get a full refund back in my account.


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    Shaun R. Jan 09, 2018

    Were any of the items delivered perishable?

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