Vodacomvodacom port department (082 129 9326)

C Dec 31, 2019

In July this year (2019) I ported out from Vodacom (prepaid) to Standard Bank (prepaid). I now wish to port back to Vodacom prepaid as I want to take out a contract.

So on the 24th I go to the Vodacom store in Vangate Mall in Athlone and we request a Port in to Vodacom (from Standard Bank). The consultant confirms that I must wait for an SMS, then put in the sim. So I wait, but no SMS. I call the Call Center and they tell me unfortunately they can't help, so back to the store I go. At the store the consultant tells me the request is pending and I must wait, so I wait.

Today (30 December 2019) I go back to the store in Vangate Vodacom 3B, and they tell me the girl who helped me is not there, so another young lady helps me. The young lady makes it seem as though the previous consultant you helped me did it wrong and actually tells me, "its gona work cause im doing it rite". After a while she tells me the request is unsuccessful and I must call Customer Care, she hands me a piece of paper with the number and I ask if I can call from the store, she politely says no, to which I ask why, her response blew me away, she points at me and says ''it's customer care, not consultant care''.

I take it on the chin and proceed to buy R50 airtime and I call the Port department (082 129 9326) and I Speak to Cynthia. Cynthia tells me she can't see request for the 24th. I calmly ask to speak to the manager and she tells me she is not there (a Ms Anastacia Ndlovu). I then ask for next in line and she keeps me on hold for a full 5 minutes. I drop the line (after 22 minutes and 37 seconds of speaking to her) and try again, I get through to her neighbour (or so she says) and she tells me she knows what I'm referring to cause she overheard the conversation. I ask her what the name of the supervisor is and she refuses to give it to me, she is also extremely rude and when I ask her name she says "I'm not gona give you my name" and drops the line. I call back and I get through to Cynthia who drops the phone in my ear. I call again and I get through to a gentleman and ask to speak to a supervisor, he keeps me on hold for a while and I drop the line and call again, eventually I get through to Bianca who helps me but insists that Standard Bank needs to release the number even after repeatedly telling her that I called them myself and requested the number be released. I pass the phone to the consultant in the store, she speaks to the consultant (in the Port department) and the consultant (in the store) tells me to call Standard Bank. I once again buy airtime and we call Standard Bank who confirms the number was already released on the 18 December 2019.

I'm done with Vodacom, this has to be the the worst experience I have ever had. I'm done promoting Vodacom. What ever happened to customer service, they so easily pass the buck. I come from a service center and I can tell you, if anybody did what they did today five people would have been fired today. The people in the Port area (082 129 9326) are the real reason people hate call centers. Ill equipped idiots with attitudes taking calls and assisting customers promoting the Vodacom brand. I worked in a call center before and I was on training for a full three months before I was allowed to speak to a client, it sounds like Vodacom takes people off the street, gives them a week training and puts them on the phone. No telephone etiquette, no product knowledge. The consultants I dealt with tried their utmost to get you off the line, It was more about answering that call than it is about helping the person on the other end.

I called the Port Department this morning (31 December 2019) and managed to speak to Cynthia Ndlovu, I gave her the call times and dates and she will be sending it to technical, I asked for the logs for myself, but she was not willing to give it.

In my opinion those consultants should be fired, they represent Vodacom and in such should have acted accordingly. I have no hope of ever having my issue sorted.

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