Vodacomvodacom failed to end my contract

J Aug 01, 2018 Review updated:

After following the correct procedure to end a contract after it's has run out, a mistake on Vodacom's side led to the process not being completed and me getting billed, now on a higher tariff. After being promised that the problem was recrified, and the data cresit reversed (meaning that I didn't use one single bite of it) they still deducted the money from my account. Which means you made a mistake, and then stole from me in the process of trying to rectify it. Know that I will not leave it here and I will take it further. Do not contact me on this matter except by email, since your phone opperators obviously cannot be trusted.


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      Aug 02, 2018

    Sounds familiar. It is a rotten bunch to deal with.

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