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phone call charges on debit card

I tied to make a call on a B. T payphone by credit card I entered my card details and as soon as I'd innished entering my card numbers the phone went dead and I wasn't able to make my call I was charged £31 pounds for a call I did not receive by the implant wmactl I spoke to the company by using the public pay phone that I tried to make the call that I was charged £31 for, and was told that I would be reimbursed the £31 within 48 hours once the company realize that I did not get connected for that call but 5 days later and I still haven't been reimbursed so that is my complaint and I'd like to know how I o about getting my money back. Hanks Mr Steve mccarthy

unethical behavior

Uses their pay phone at Omaha Airport on 2/22/2018. Charges listed on phone are four dollars for one minute...

Fraudulent charges

My husband, a long distance truck driver, had an emergency at a rest area in the mountains of West Virginia...

Resolved Charged for a collect call that never took place

Today, 4/21/2014, I received a a bill in the amount of $31.21 for a collect call made to my home phone. I...

Crazy fees for call

I used a collect call when talked to my wife in a Chevron station, but nobody told that it will be more than $13 per minute. I talked about three minutes and paid $40 for it. What a joke!

  • Investigative guy Aug 03, 2012

    This company does this at pay phones all over the country.They never post rates as they know if they admitted they charged $40 for 3 minutes no one would use their service. If you have been scammed by this company tell us your story.Email to [email protected] Dont' let them get away with this scam

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cost of call

On 12/29/11, I accepted a emergency collect call from a friend in the same city I live in. Yesterday I...