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B Aug 02, 2018

Good day

I would like to express my dissatisfaction with the level of service l have received from Vodacom. I am a Vodacom data contract subscriber and have been with Vodacom for over two years. I recently applied to have my personal details changed with Vodacom - namely, to change my identity number from my Zimbabwean passport number (which I used to sign up for this contract initially) to my SA ID number.

To effect this change, Vodacom has made this seem impossible. I was told to go to a Vodacom shop Service Centre and went to Tech Zone (Shop number 131) at Festival Mall in Kempton Park. I was told to fill in a Customer detail change request from there on 20 July 2018. Today, 01 August 2018, I decided to follow up on the progress of the application. Firstly, I was waiting for over an hour without being attended to- twas chaos, service was exceptional unprofessional. As if to prove my point, some customers decided to leave the store without having been served due to the lack of service. I was given the number for the Vodacom accounts department by one of the staff members roaming around in the store as I was not being served. After calling the number (082 1946) I got a shock as my request had been despatched to the wrong department. At this point, I have been waiting for 9 working days for a request which doesn't even exist! The call centre agent with whom I spoke (call reference number [protected]), said he'd escalated my query to the correct department and that it should be resolved within 72 hours-which l no longer have considering the fact that l have been running in circles. It became patently clear to me that Vodacom doesn't value my business - they have more important clients than myself.

It's important to note that customers should be treated with priority - without customers there is no revenue. Customer is King says Peter Drucker-management guru, even if l am paying a cent every month to Vodacom, l am still a reliable customer and never skipped payment of my bill and my account is always up to date and this is what l get from Vodacom for my loyalty. As for the staff at the service centre, they should be ashamed of themselves, they surely don't know and understand the reasoning for leaving their homes in the morning to come to the shop - to allow a customer to the leave the Vodacom shop just because s/he was unattended it brings the level of service down.

Please let me know if my business is still required or if l should take my custom elsewhere where it could be valued

Please note, l have posted a copy of this mail on Hellopeter.

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