Vodacomnew contract

J Jul 23, 2019

It really confuses me in these economic times that service can be so poor, I Went to Menlyn Vodacom to contract a new mobile wifi device, fist off no stock, but I applied with the notion they can deliver, problem 2, my old contract was never closed properly, consultant contacts account who advises 2 hours to resolve, ridiculous but the consultant advises he will contact me once done, this never happens, next day I phone, new consultant advises 1st consultant only arrives at 11AM but she will assist, she advises the same, the account is still not closed properly and subsequently the cannot continue until this is resolve but she will contact me, she actually did only to advise this is still not resolved but she will follow up and contact me, sadly this has not happened yet. In my frustration I think lets do the online thing, maybe there is hope, applied online only to realize a manual process still need to happen getting a message someone will call me, I receive a call and the call is dropped receiving an sms that they tried to call me and will do so again later, the trend continues, no call received, absolutely brilliant service levels Vodacom, really WELL DONE. Note, your staff is your business and if they are not enabled on all levels, this is the result, I blame management, this is the tendencies I encounter daily and then business complain about economics, really!!!

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