Vodacombad service and suspended account

T Mar 08, 2017

I have was out of the country from the 2nd of Feb to the 2nd of March 2017, During this time someone did a fraudulent sim swap on my Vodacom account through your call center and managed to rack up an account of R314000 on my number. This in my opinion is a breach in your security system.

Vodacom then proceeded in suspending my account.

When I returned to SA on the 2nd of March I found that my account was not active and I could no longer use my phone.

As this phone is used for business purposes I need it to work as I could be losing valuable business opportunities. I have just started a new business and I can't afford to be losing any money.

As instructed by your call center (after 1 and a half hours on my wife’s phone) I went to the Vodashop at Centurion mall with my ID document to try and get my number active. After 2 hours of trying to help me I was told by the manager there that they can’t do anything for me. I then proceeded to go to the Vodashop at [protected]@reds and spent another 2 hours there after which they instructed me to go to Vodaworld. On Saturday morning I went to Vodaworld client care center and spent 3 hours there with on success. I was instructed to come back on Monday as some of the people required to assist in resolving the matter did not work on weekends.

On Monday morning I went back to Vodaworld as instructed by your Floor supervisor in the shop. I spent 5 hours in that shop with one of your representatives who could not manage to get the issue resolved. I then went and spoke to one Mr. Thato Chuene (Tech supervisor). He gave me a temporary sim card with some airtime and told me that he would contact me on Tuesday and that the issue would be resolved. On Thursday at around 13:00 I contacted Mr. Thato Chuene on the contact number he provided me with. He stated that the issue had been resolved and that I should put the new sim card in the phone and it would work. I tried this and it did not work at all. I called Mr. Thato Chuene back and told him that it was not working and he stated that he would check and call me right back. After about 2 hours I called Mr. Thato Chene back on the same number but he refused to answer his phone and after a couple of calls he turned his phone off. I Tried to call him 48 times with no success. This is by far the worst customer service I have ever heard of in my life and I believe that it tarnishes Vodacoms reputation even further.

I have now been without my business phone number that has been used in an advertising campaign for over 6 days. Just imagine how much business I have lost in this time.

Even if my phone comes back on I will never be able to recuperate the losses.

Today 08 March 2017 Vodacom contacted me all excited to inform me that my account is active again. it lasted for about 20 min and then the new sim card was blocked again.

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