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Vodacom complaints 3531

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Vodacom - refurbished phone

I send my nokia in for repair on the jack where the earphones plug in.

I received my phone back and realised that this was not my phone as the screen was not working as it use to. I checked the imei number on the original box and to my shock it was not my phone. Furthermore there were apps (Angry bird) on the phone and pictures that I am almost certain does not come standard with the phone. I phoned vodashop and they were of no help and said that they can not do anything about it and that if they can get my old phone back it will not be repaired and they I need to bring in the refurnished phone and they will send it in again.

1. No one informed me that it was a possibility that I will not get my old phone back.
2. When I collected the phone I was not informed that it was not my original phone.
3. No one informed me or phoned me to inform me that my phone was not repairable and asked if it was ok if they swop it with a refurbished phone.

I strongly feel that they should give me a new phone due to there lack of professionalism and their lack of informing me of the true facts. If they gave me a choice in this matter I would have asked for my old phone back.

Vodacom - very bad cliant service

A Internet toggle taken on contract then found faulty sent all over to solve myself gave back toggle they gave me a second hand loan and promised me one week only it is now nearly one month and nobody has bothered to contact me about this problem after my wife had contacted them they told her two days and one and a half weeks have gone past. I left cell c for poor service and decided to join vodacom as they boast to be the BEST but i may to differ.When taking out this contract was told or even guaranteed that i will receive 3g coverage but when using this loan toggle have only had poor reception.It would be appreciated if this problem be solved regards Mike Amos.

Vodacom - no service delivery and unprofessionalism

This is the letter that I have forwarded to vodacom and have received two reference numbers. But still have not received any response or call.

Consumer protection act explained

Please find below a draft from the consumer protection act and explanation and then read my letter of complaint and see whether I have been treated unjustly and absolutely no service delivery. Vodacom has had my phone since march this year. They chose to send to a private cellphone shop for repairs and due to this I lost my warranty. The cellphone was returned to me with the alt key broken and vodacom had to have this repaired at their cost, because that was never noted on my fault form handed to me. My phone was eventually returned for the same reason (Software), only to be told that blackberry in johburg will not fix the phone as there was an “unauthorised repair done” by a private cellphone shop. The attendant where I handed the phone in did inform me that it was not liquid damage as they (Vodacom) had had the phone now for 5 months. I demanded a replacement or refund and still to this date I am waiting and have received absolutely not response from vodacom; manager; supervisor. I am still paying this phone via debit order every month (R185). I have given a more detailed description of my “ordeal” with vodacom after this explanation:

…”predictably, the section of the act which is shaking up the marketplace most is section 56: “implied warranty of quality”.
For decades, many retailers have adopted a “sorry for you” attitude when their customers return problem goods.
Either they refuse to accept that the goods were defective in any way, or they begrudgingly take the goods back and issue a credit note, valid for a short period of time.
In short, they’ve assumed total power to decide how to respond when problematic goods are returned.
Actually, common law has for many years protected consumers against defective goods – though few realise this – but it doesn’t give consumers the right to decide how they’d like to be compensated, leaving suppliers to decide what to do, if anything.
And manufacturer or store warranties limit recourse to repairs, because it’s obviously much cheaper for a company to repair an item than replace it or refund a customer’s money in full.
But the act has turned that status quo on its head, giving the consumer the power to decide on the remedy – and he or she is backed up by a consumer commission and consumer tribunal which have the power to impose hefty penalties on companies which fail to comply with the terms of the act.
If goods bought by consumers fail in some way, the consumers get to decide which of the three rs – a refund, replacement or repair – they want.
If the consumer opts for a repair, and that repair fails within three months, or “a further failure, defect or unsafe feature is discovered”, the supplier must replace the goods or refund the customer.
The only exception to this is when consumers know and accept that they are buying low-quality or defective goods.
If a consumer opts to have goods repaired, the statutory warranty on the goods as a whole is extended for a further three months.
But, says chris charter, a director in the competition and regulatory practice at cliffe dekker hofmeyer business law firm, if that repair fails during that three-month period, the consumer doesn’t have the right to demand a refund at that point.
“it’s then the supplier’s prerogative to replace rather than refund.”
How so? Because the wording of the act gives the supplier the discretion to choose replacement or refunding, he says.
“if the repair fails, the remedy is not ‘at the direction of the consumer’ as with the original failure.
“taking the wording at face value, it then seems that the supplier can elect to replace or refund where the previous repair does not hold within three months.
“it may be, however, that the replacement results in the original six-month warranty period starting anew, so that the consumer will have another opportunity to demand a refund if the product proves faulty.”
In other words, if you’re gatvol of the product by that stage, after two failures, you won’t be entitled to demand your money back – you’ll have to accept a replacement if that’s what the supplier opts for.
And only if the replacement proves to be defective will you be able to demand a refund.
This may lead consumers to conclude that they’re better off asking for a refund the first time a product fails, when they have the right to choose the remedy.
Ina meiring, director at werksmans attorneys, anticipates problems with the practical enforcement of the act’s “refund, repair or return” section…”

To whom it may concern,

I am not sure who I need to contact with regards to a complaint I have been trying to sort out for nearly 5 months with both vodacom stores in the area I stay.
At the beginning of the year my fiancé’s phone, blackberry 9870 started "rebooting" on its own. The phone was still working and operational except the whole rebooting. I was told that it was a software problem. I got the phone last year march 2011 at vodacom shop, lillies centre, old main road, hillcrest. The activation date was 27th may 2011.
I was told that I could take the phone to any vodacom shop for repair.

I took the phone to the vodacom 4 u shop in hillcrest corner, shopping centre, hillcrest. I booked the phone in. Two days later a lady contacted me and asked if I had gotten the phone from another vodacom shop and I told her where. She informed me that they would require the proof of purchase and also the activation date.
I then contacted shop where I had received the phone and requested the above. The gentlemen informed me that he would fax the information through directly to them.
After 5 weeks of not hearing from vodacom 4 u I went to the store only to be told that the phone was still there as they were still waiting for the proof of purchase and activation date. Someone from the store then contacted vodacom (Lillies centre) and they faxed it through. I was extremely angry and spoke to the manager and asked as to why they had left this repair so long unattended. He apologised and informed me that it was a mistake on their part and should have followed up. He also informed me that the phone would be sent for repairs.

The following day I received a sms from "the cellular repair centre" stating that they had received the phone and would keep me updated with regards to their progress and payment. After another 3 weeks I got a message from vodacom 4 u informing me that my phone was ready for collection. Upon my arrival I handed my receipt to the gentleman behind the counter and asked him in the presence of a witness whether the cellular repair centre/shop was affiliated with blackberry and he informed me that they were. When handing me back my phone I noticed that the "alt" button on the keyboard (Left) was broken. On my docket when booking in only scratches were marked and noted. I informed them that that were not like that when I booked it in and they contacted the repair shop and they informed vodacom they had made a note that when the phone was delivered to them, the key was broken. The manager informed me that there would be a fee if I wanted it repaired. I informed and reminded him that they had my phone for 6 weeks before it even was sent to the repair centre. Eventually the manager informed me that they would send the phone back so have it repaired. Approximately 2 days later he contacted me and informed me that the repair cost was r295 and I informed him that that would be for their cost as I never booked the phone in with that damage and again he agreed they would cover the cost.

After a further 3 or 4 weeks I received another sms informing me that the phone was ready. When collecting the phone I asked them what the problem was and I was informed that the phone required a software upgrade/or new software. I collected the phone, put it on charge and turned it on. After 5 minutes I saw the phone turn off and reboot. I was totally fed up and took the phone to the shop I purchased it from. I informed the gentleman of all that had transpired and also informed him that I would not accept the same phone back even after repair, as I had made several enquiries with regards to the cellular repair centre and was informed that they are in no way affiliated with blackberry and are totally private. I then told him the fact that vodacom 4 u had sent the phone to be repaired there I had now lost my warranty that comes with blackberry.

I booked the phone in at lillies centre and was informed by the gentleman that he would contact me the following week with feedback. After 4 weeks I returned to the shop to find out what the problem was and as to why I had received no feedback. The same gentleman then contacted vodacom who informed him the phone was sent to blackberry in jhburg. He then contacted blackberry and I could overhear the conversation. Blackberry would not repair the phone as there was an "unauthorised repair" done on the phone and therefore the warranty lapsed. The quote I heard was r2600 (Odd).

After putting the phone down the gentleman informed me that blackberry would not repair the phone as it had liquid damage. Obviously you can understand my anger and frustration. The gentleman informed me that he himself knew there was no liquid damage as vodacom had had the phone for the past 5 months. Again, he informed me that he would make the necessary report with all the facts and printouts from previous repairs and send to your head office in gateway.

Last friday I received another sms stating my phone was ready for collection. I went to vodacom lillies centre and showed the sms to him and he said that they had made a mistake and sent it to the hillcrest corner centre. I then informed him that I did not want that phone back as vodacom had damaged the phone and I had no warranty. He kept typing on the computer and making calls, but with no answers. He could not deal with my complaint. He agreed (Again with a witness present) that vodacom had made the mistake. I told him that unless my phone was replaced I wanted to be refunded. He then informed me that was not possible. I asked him how can they admit to making this mistake, damage the phone further, loose my warranty and I must accept that and take a broken phone back or pay over r2500 to repair it.

I informed him that the phone was booked in before it was even a year and why had vodacom 4 u not sent it to blackberry in the first place. Again he informed me he could not answer. I told him that I needed to know by the end of the working day whether my phone would be replaced or refunded and contract terminated.

I have now totally given up with vodacom and I no longer ever want to deal with them. Every staff member at either shop showed no professionalism except to keep apologising for their errors/mistakes yet not one of them can actually solve a simple issue of replacing my phone. For the past 5 months my account has been debited r185 for this phone that vodacom had in their possession. I have still not received or heard from any member of vodacom which proves that the person at lillies centre has not even taken this issue up with any manager or head office.

I am now making my final request that this gets dealt with before I contact my attorney and the consumer complaints department.
My i. D. Number [protected] 0.

Vodacom - gap contract

I can't begin to describe the disgust I have with this company! Last year my mom applied for a contract with vodacom and she asked if she can get a deal that comes with two mobile phones because my younger brother needed a phone too, they agreed and she paid for sim cards and connection fee, little did she know that, that was a beginning of a NIGHTMARE. The consultant who was helping didn't explain the terms and conditions for this contract, she was supposed to pay R1000 upfront for the two phones, we've been trying to sort that out for three months, this means her phone was suspended for three months, she even bought a new phone from MTN because no one can help us at Vodacom, I don't know if the'ye taking advantage because she's old, It's really frustrating for a 60 year old to be fighting a useless battle, i'm really disappointed because I have a contract with vodacom but never experienced a problem

Vodacom - I am being charged for something I dont know

I am totally unhappy with the service I have been getting from Vodacom Customer Care since February 2012, I have logged a concern regarding my Over-usage which was adding up to R4000.00. which I honestly don’t even know what happened hence I didn’t lost the SIM-CARD, but I was told that I am accountable to pay otherwise there will be a legal action taken, Of which I have been paying –I even went to police-station to get Avidafit-which I sent to Vodacom for Investigation, Since February I have been following up- but they just Keep on saying they tried to call me and they didn’t get hold of me-So I have been requesting that particular person who is handling my Case to Phone me again, Since- I am still waiting. I was also Advised to Open a case at Police Station, But at Police station after I Showed them the Itemised Billing and explained my Story, they Suspect that this could be an Internal Case which Vodacom were supposed to help you, because it doesn’t make a sense that after I asked the Lady at Vodacom Shop 2010 March the day I had my Contract phone, to destroy my Sim-Card she could keep it until February 2012 and more confusing that all those usage was One-Week after I called Vodacom for Cancellation- to start using it, and she didn’t have a PIN Number because I took my StarterPack with me, which I am having that StarterPack at my house.

Four Weeks Ago-my other line([protected]) was Blocked because they said I didn’t pay-then I said to Vodacom Accounts Department, In march I made Arrangement with lady in Credit-Department who handles over usage accounts, to Stop Debit order, I will be paying Cash- they said no, On the 07-MAY-2012, Someone called me to Reinstate Debit order again, I said I never spoke with anyone, then the lady she said she will come back to me within 24hours, but she didn’t call, then I called Vodacom again, for a follow-up- and still arguing that I didn’t receive a phone-call from Vodacom, and Second lady-still confirm that I am the one who agrees on 07-may-2012 to Reinstate Debit Order- Then I asked to speak with Accounts Department Team leader-Honestly that lady she is Rude, very unhelpful-she asked me why I am calling her, she hang-up the phone, I was so heart broken. Then a day after- I got a call- that they didn’t mistake when they said they called my on the 07-may-2012..

Three Weeks Ago I called again to Vodacom Accounts Department, and I was told that I didn’t Cancel my Contract, and they have been still Deducting my Subscription- Then I called Cancellation Department, The Guy I spoke to-he then told me- Yes the System is showing that I did called Vodacom in February-2012 for Cancellation-But there was an System Error-Cancellation didn’t go through-he will fix it and give me Credit. So I am furious and frustrated because this really shows that Vodacom Customer Care is very incompetent, because how it happen and not attended after-if there was an error. Because I was on impression that it was cancelled in February-Which then i am so positive that-there is mess up for my Accounts, which then I must pay,

Last week I even called Cancellation Department to Log another Service Request to investigate that After I Cancelled my Contract in February-what went wrong –because I also think that this has something to do with Vodacom Staff, who might have done something with my line- But I was told NO-they won’t help me with that.

And I was awarded a Credit for all Subscription that they were deducting since March 2012-because it was Vodacom Incompetency not my Fault- So yesterday again, they Debited my Account again for Subscription, I called Vodacom this Morning, the lady I spoke to- she said it because I didn’t Cancelled my Contract-it is still running, she then hang-up the Phone.

So Please I am requesting Vodacom Complaints Department to sort this out ASAP, otherwise I am also consider alternative to get this sorted, how could one-query last 5-months unattended and still causing more Complications of my Lines. I have been using Vodacom Network since 2002-as Prepaid and start having Contract with Vodacom in 2010, But I think Vodacom-they don’t give Customers good Service- This is POOR SERVICE I can Rate for. I am not happy with my Contracts. They are not transparent, or not Trustworthy I must say

Vodacom - navigator

My name is palesa and I have a problem with vodacom,

I bought a blackberry 9800 smart phone with a navigator on it, last year october 2011 i’m still paying for my phone. My problem is that on the 1st of may 2012 I took it back to vodacom in jabulani mall for repair because it was jamming, my first job number was 7756795 and on the 12th of may 2012 they send me sms to come and pick it up. I went there to pick it up and later that nite I realized that it doesn’t have a navigator and sunday morning I took it back to vodacom and they tried to download the navigator on my phone but they failed, they book it again my second job number was 7794612 they called me and said there was a water damage and I told them there is nothing like that, they replace me with that phone and the reason for it to come back to vodacom was that it doesn’t have a navigator, they replaced it again with another phone without a navigator, I told them at the shop it is still not right and they tried to download it again but failed.

They book it again and gave me the third job number 7835421, I went to fetch it again on tuesday 05/06/12 it was still not done.
They called the manager of that branch vodacom jabulani mall she told me that there is nothing she can do and she doesn’t care even if I leave my phone there she doesn’t care and they will charge me when I come back to fetch it, she was so rude she doesn’t have customer care skills. She doesn’t know how to treat the customers.

I bought that phone for a reason with the navigator on it, not just for fun and i’m still paying for it and I still don’t have my phone. It breaks my heart to get this kind of service from vodacom and I have been using it ever since I started using a cell phone,

Chris please assist me with this matter cause vodacom keeps on telling me that they will call me and I will get a new phone with a navigator but still I don’t have a phone. How should I keep on paying for something that I don’t have? They are service is very very bad I must say,

Please please assist me

My number is [protected].



Vodacom - liquid damage

I bought a blackberry 9300 after a few months the trackpad started giving problems. Stopped working and the phone freeze. I took the phone it to vodacare centurion mall. The phone was send to vodacom where a new phone was given to me after a few days. A week ago the phone started doin the same. Trackpad not working and the phone freeze. I get a call from vodacare to fetch my phone. Get there they tel me the phone has water damage so the warrenty does not cover that. How? I never had the phone near water. What troubles me is what proof do I have these guys didn't damage it? When I booked the phone in the person booking the phone in puts the phone face downe to read the ime nr? Scratches the face. Again what proof do I have that they handle the phone with care when they work on it? Now what do I do buy a new phone? I had this contract for over or close to 8 years and I dont spend less than r1300pm on it. Is this the service I get???

Vodacom - bad service and after sales

We bought a blackberry 9900, we started having trouble with the software and they did a software upgrade. A month or so on it started with more problems, the shop send the device away and it came back with damage. Them saying we caused the damage, but it was working before we gave it in. We send it in again it came back again saying they can do nothing and the shop manager said he is not going to send the phone in again. A month later I found another cell phone shop that would try to help. They took the phone and repaired the damaged that was caused when we first send it away. Ok. A few days on the phone starts with the same problems we send it in for in the first place. The phone has been reset a few times, just a day or so and then it starts with the same problem. Why didn't the shop offer us an out of box swap. The manager and them just do not want to help. And I have asked other people they have had phones with exactly the same problem, where can we find help.
My husband is going to cancel our contracts one by one due to the lack of service and help.
Please let me know what we can do.

Vodacom - vodacom refuse to cancel my contract due to overbilling

The voda shop at rustenburg malll next to pick and pay bill me for two modums and a cell phone . I have now requested them on several times to cancel my contact because they do not stick to the contract and steal money from my bank accound month for month . The owner refuse refuse to answer my calls . The shop manager refuse to cancel my coontract and send me back saying she is investigating the incident . Can any body advice me what to do . Can i make a case at the police or is there a advertesment board where i can complain to . Contact me at [protected]. When i openend the contract they could only registered my blackberry, two days later the blacberry contract was accidently canceled by them .after i complaint it took them two weeks to fix it . Then i have no internet attached which was part of the deal as explained to me . Because the contract was cancelled i had to reregistered and lost the internet conntract . I had to pay again for internet .the modum i received four days later and thhe promotion expired . They then use my bank and pay for the starterpack of the modum which was included in the original promotion. I am very unhappy help me.

Vodacom - vodacom deleted my number that I have been using for the past five years with no absolute reason

Vodacom deleted my number that I have been using for the past five years with no absolute reason. My fone just went dead dated 30/01/2012. I foned their useless call centre dated 31/01/2012 to find...

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Vodacom - I think vodacom is the worst company

I have a new IPAD 2, migrated my account, got a Micro simcard asked to twin sim this with my 3G account i currently have, (i have 3 accounts with Vodacom) got the sim it has been 8 days and still no service on this device. did a simswap 3 times also still no service, bought a prepaid micro simcard WOW it works within one hour….EVERY SINGLE TIME I phone in to find out what is going on, i am told wait 24hours….it HAS BEEN 8 DAYS..

I’m getting so frustrated with Vodacom incompetence to sort out a problem like this they love to advertise how great they are….not the case….i have received sms’s stating it has been sorted out but please even a Vodacom Shop in vanderbijlpark ‘ Natasha’ have logged the complaints numerous times with no success, the problem lies with vodacom themselfs….this is the worst service i have ever received i had better service from my local municipality on a friday afternoon…

Tired of waiting 4 hours the 24 hours then 6 hours for nothing still NO service on my Ipad and still no service from Vodacom…terrible and unacceptable…. Credited with R2011000 on my Vodacom account. Hi, I like to bring to your notice, last week I noticed that I had a balance of R2011000 on my prepaid account and being a honest person, I contacted Vodacom and was told they will look into it. Truthfully I could have made calls to all my friends and family but that’s not me. I was given just a R10.00 airtime for honesty.

This shows you how Vodacom treats honest people and also shows how much courtesy they have as I never got a call to thank me about it. I’m unemployed and would have loved that R2011000 in my bank account instead (lol). I am seriously considering changing networks now as the R10.00 credited to my account did nothing for me and I feel I should have been rewarded with much more as it was the stupidity of 1 of Vodacoms employees that I was honest enough to phone and complain about.

Vodacom - unacceptable outright pathetic customer service with no solution

My contract is a year old and I have already sent my phone in 4 times twice with software issues and the touch screen. A major inconvenience everytime having no phone for no less than 2 weeks at a time. Paying for a new phone and receiving a refurbished phone everytime with bigger problems than the one before nevermind the hassle of losing all the information every single time.escalated the issue to head office who gives me yet the same solution another blackberry storm to be returned in 2 months once again.unacceptable outright pathetic customer service with no solution!

I am so unhappy and will never take out another blackberry contract again!To top it off after my third repair I got a call from vodacom advising me that if the problem persists another model of blackberry will be provided…so much for all the crap lies this service provider gives to its loyal customers!

I received a SMS informing me that I won a Samsung Galaxy phone, with R315.00 airtime & voucher of R1460.00. I was so excited. Vodacom asked for my physical address in order for the couriers to deliver my phone etc. I gave it to them and informed vodacom that I will only be at the address for a week as I am relocating, and that they could please send it asap. I contacted 082 1950 and the lady told me that I didnt win the phone but a R315 contract. Oh my goodness what a SCAM. I have been a loyal Vodacom Subscriber for a long time and all my family from my suggestion to use Vodacom as their cellphone contractors. How do I regret this. How dare Vodacom do this.

Vodacom - misleading advertising for laptop computer

About 2weeks ago i saw a Laptop and cellphone deal of R199 per month in one of Vodacoms booklets which looked very attractive. the advert shows all the xtra stuff that one gets with the deal and that thers a once-off Sim and connection fee payable which i was well aware of and more then willing to pay. I went into the Vodashop in Stellenbosch to enquire about this deal and as advertised the guy repeated it to me. When i went to sign the deal, i was told to sign a page of an xtra R230 inisiation fee that will be deducted from my account within 48hours after signing the contract.

Seeing that this was a gift to someone close to me i decided to sign the contract bt with the intention of placing a complaint of charges thats not advertised.I feel this is totally wrong of Vodacom to charge fees thats not stated in the advertisement and the salesperson did not tell me about this before i even orderd the laptop.

For several years we have been complaining about the poor signal in our area GPS 25°47.756 E 028°27.298. If i could just get past the faceless system and email a real person then i could send them 25 vodacom subscribers numbers with the same complaint in this area. The customer care line is a joke, when you have finished listening to their excuses and you press 2 for the poor quality the voice recording says can’t understand your selection. The truth is they don’t want to listen to complaints they just want to sell airtime and contracts. Perhaps under the new consumer act we can take them in as a group of 25 consumers ?

Vodacom - I will be supporting a better service provider from now on

Dear vodacom, I am writing this message in disgust according to the service I have been receiveing from vodacom customer care. I possess a blackberry 8520 and since RIM went down in october I have had endless problems.vodacom has been charging me on a daily basis a considerable amount of money for a service that is offered for free. I have spoke to numerous service consultants like : Thebogo – 10/10/2011 ref no : s2-eom3x-xlpzi … Rifilwe 12/10/2011 … Minah (didn’t even bother to log the call) … Ongie and that’s just to mention a few. My settings hav been checked and all is fine on my phone but I keep getting empty promises that they will sort my problem out and REFUND ALL MY MONEY but to no avail.

I took my phone in to CHATZ CONNECT in Lenasia at Signet Terrace [protected]) and they didn’t even give me the time of day.they refuse to help me with my problem and I would like to lay an anonymous complaint against them. I have wasted alot of time and energy with vodacom and I am appalled at the service I receive both from your service department and from CHATZ CONNECT in Lenasia.I hav lost so much money and I am totally frustrated and fed up wid vodacom.even if vodacom had to offer me a contract free of charge for a life time I will not accept as I am very disappointed and disgusted.

I know this message will not be read or acted upon so yet again I am wasting my time.I will be supporting a better service provider from now on.

Vodacom - I stay in selcourt springs and have found that the signal here and in the general area is absolutely useless

I stay in Selcourt Springs and have found that the signal here and in the general area is absolutely useless. I am tweeting friends, family and clients not to use vodacom as service, signal, strength of signal, dropping of calls is waisting peoples money and time. At this stage i have had no signal for over 10hrs…and i find that this is not acceptable or fair on the consumer who is paying for the service rendered. I should not pay for a service that has not been rendered if they claim they are the best.

If this is the best Vodacom can do then rather give me the worst. It is a know fact that vODACOM shares MTN towers and equipment. hmmm charge me but cant buy your own equipment or site…

Vodacom - don't bother upgrading as it isn't as simple as you think

Don’t bother upgrading as it isn’t as simple as you think. My contract has expired almost three months ago and no one has bothered to retain my business. When you call the contact centre you get pushed from pillar to pillar or the service provider has already closed. I don’t have flexibility during office hours to do personal chores or activities. I approached a Vodacom Outlet in Greenstone when I eventually found a phoned I liked but the store hadn’t received stock. Was told I would be contacted but I’m still waiting for that call.

After spending a few thousand rand on a monthly basis, you still have the ordasity to want to charge me for a basic handheld device. You have made enough money out of me and if you still want to charge me for a handset I will move to another provider. I do find your service shocking and expensive and do not need your service. Let me know if you want my business and if you have a package that suites my needs.


Hi there Ranjey

I understand your frustration, you are busy enough with work as it is without having to battle to upgrade your contract and get a new handset. In terms of phone availability from any network unfortunately the network eg: Vodacom has to rely on the manufacturer for the shipment of the handset required. Sometimes it is very difficult for a Network provider to get hold of the specific handset from the supplier. For instance, the IPhone4S has been on back order for weeks now with no word from Apple as to when Vodacom will receive the handsets, South Africa has always been short supplied when it comes to IPhones(as an example) I'm not sure which phone you requested.
Concerning the fact that we have to pay in a certain amount of money or pay an extra amount of money per month for certain phones, Vodacom and I believe all other networks place a certain "value" on every contract they offer, they think about their expenses they incur in order to provide you with the services attached to that contract. So lets say you have a Talk 500 costing you R800pm, Vodacom needs to provide you with 500 minutes of talk time and 100 sms's monthly, there are costs involved in this for Vodacom like sever maintenance, admin, call centre assistance and so on. after calculating those expenses the network provider can place a value on the contract in order for you to receive your phone ether for free or at a price if the phones cost price is higher than the contracts "value" the IPhone4S for instance has a very high cost price that is not covered by most contracts.

I'm not sure if I have addressed your concerns but I hope it helps in some way.


Vodacom - service

Dear Khanyisani

I have forwarded your query to a Senior Consultant who is currently investigating and will attempt to resolve (with feedback) within two working days.

Kaashief Nassiep
Customer Care
eService Team

For more information - please visit www.vodacom.co.za

On 12/03/31 10:15 AM, [protected]@london.com wrote: Today is the 31/03/2012 still nobody has contacted me let alone to put effort into trying to go to the place to investigate the problem. So what does that mean? That Vodacom doesn't care about its customer and its employees have adopted the culture of not going that extra mile to help its valued customers, not only its valued customer but customers that have been with it for years. As I have communicated to you before that today is the last day to solve the problem because I believe I have given you guys ample time to sort the problem out but all I get from you is excuses after the other so I have to take the next step now and believe you me it is not gonna be a pleasant one.
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From: <[protected]@vodacom.co.za>
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 12:28:01 +0200
To: [protected]@london.com<[protected]@london.com>
Subject: Re: Enquiry from Web Self Service Ref: 00G8~879Y

Dear Khanyisani Ngema

We attempted to contact you today at 12h25 but our call was disconnected.

Please note that we are still awaiting further feedback and it will be provided shortly.

We do apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Bradley George
Customer Care
eService Team

For more information - please visit www.vodacom.co.za

On 3/19/12 10:16 AM, [protected]@london.com wrote:

Good morning!

The last e-mail I got from you guys stated that the matter will be sorted out on the 17/03/2012 and today is the 19/03/2012 and still I haven't received any calls or e-mails from you guys. If this is one of your ways to buy time and thinking that I would forget about this or fooling me, well you guys have another thing coming and it will be a great shock to all of you. I still have all the e-mails that was sent to me and I will use the to support my dissatisfaction.
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From: <[protected]@vodacom.co.za>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 16:31:33 +0200
To: [protected]@london.com<[protected]@london.com>
Subject: Re: Enquiry from Web Self Service Ref: 00G8~879Y

Dear Khanyisani

Thank you for your e-mail.

We would like to express our sincerest apologies for failing to resolve your query detailed in your previous e-mail and apologise for any inconvenience that you may have experienced.

We are attending to your query as a matter of urgency and will provide feedback on 17 March 2012.


Arlene Johnson
Customer Care
eService Team

For more information - please visit www.vodacom.co.za

On 12/03/14 3:01 PM, [protected]@london.com wrote: Good day!

This is just a follow up e-mail to see if there are any progress on the problem that has been taking you guys a decade to solve i.e network problem which is still a huge problem?

We need to know from you guys not to just keep quiet and say you will let us know once the problem has been resolved.

Waiting for your response on this matter.
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From: <[protected]@vodacom.co.za>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 06:18:09 +0200
To: [protected]@london.com<[protected]@london.com>
Subject: Re: Enquiry from Web Self Service Ref: 00G8~879Y

Dear Khanyisani

We would like to express our sincerest apologies for failing to resolve your query detailed in your previous e-mail and apologise for any inconvenience that you may have experienced.

We are attending to your query as a matter of urgency and will provide feedback on 17 March


Denise Ngozi

Please provide client with feedback on 29 February as I will be on leave thank you.

Logged a fault - ref number [protected]@london.com -S3-LR84O-O5PT7

Candice Adonis
Customer Care
eService Team

For more information - please visit www.vodacom.co.za

On 12/02/07 4:17 PM, [protected]@london.com wrote:

Good afternoon!

My telephone number is [protected] ([protected];[protected];[protected];[protected];[protected] and many more others). This is what happens, the network comes and goes for instance when somebody calls you, it happens that that person can't hear you or you can't hear that person but one of the two can hear the other person. If you leave your phone say on the table the network would be there and the next minute it won't be there. When all this happens one can not receive calls, e-mails let alone to log on to the internet. It does sometimes tells you when you are making a call out that there is not enough network coverage but not always.

I can not say the date and the duration of the problem as it has been there for quite sometimes now and the problem is still there up to date.

I am using a Blackberry curve 8520 and the rest of the guys are using Nokias mostly and different kinds of cell phones.

There place is a rural area and it falls under Mthunzini (chief Mpiyezintombi Mzimela) the direction you go from uMthunzini fuel Station and go to a place called Obanjeni and you follow the main Road up to the St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church, now on this whole area this is where the problem is and once you are near this Church one can phone the following number:[protected] or if one gets lost this person will assist with a direction or he will even meet you half way to escort you.

Can contact me on [protected] or [protected].

I have listed five of the Vodacom users in the area, there are more Vodacom users in the area.

Thanking you in Advance

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From: <[protected]@vodacom.co.za>
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2012 14:57:34 +0200
To: [protected]@london.com<[protected]@london.com>
Subject: Re: Enquiry from Web Self Service Ref: 00G8~879Y

Dear Khanyisani Ngema

Thank you for your e-mail.

Our telephonic conversation today on [protected] at 14:46 refers

Thank you for making us aware of your problem. To assist our investigation, we need you to answer as many of the following questions as possible:

1. Your cellphone number relating to the problem.
2. A detailed description of the problem, including the exact error message/s that were displayed.
3. The date and time/duration of the problem/s.
4. The make and model of the cellphone you used when the problem occurred.
5. The address where you experienced the problem (exact street address, closest street corner, suburb and region, GPS co-ordinates.)
6. Is there another number that we can contact you on?
7. If other Vodacom users in the same area have similar experiences, please list their cellphone numbers if available.

Your problem is OUR problem so as soon as we receive the above information, we will do our VERY best to help you!


Candice Adonis
Customer Care
eService Team

For more information - please visit www.vodacom.co.za

On 12/02/03 2:05 PM, [protected]@london.com wrote:

Web Self Service Email
Client was NOT authenticated. A client sent the following email:

Mobile Number: [protected]
Title: mr
Email: [protected]@london.com
Preferred Contact: Call(08:00 - 18:00)
Subject: poor customer service
Message: I would really like to voice out my Disappointment at how I and the people i am representing have been ill-treated by Vodacom. firstly i would like to give you the request number which was given to me at the point when i reported the problem we are exepriencing in our area:A5-IHQI-K91HW AND I WAS TOLD THE WOULD carry out the investifation and come back to me within 15 days and up to now nobody called me and i the decided to pick up the phone and call and i was referred to the person that deals with the KZN region who then gave me these two number:[protected] and i spoke to Steve on this number who told me that they no more responsible for increasing the signals and i the called the second number:[protected] whic did not go through and i then call the sutomer service again and i was told that these numbers were incorrect and i mean really now, i then spoke to Belinda who told me that she did speak to the people who were given this task and they had said that they did go to the place in question to investigate and they couldn't find any problem and my question then is how come they did not find any problem, did they speak to the people that they have said they will speak to as part of their investigation? they requested five number from me so that they can call at least one person as part of the investigation but up to now not even one person received a call from Vodacom.Can somebody tell me please what these people did on the day of investigation and how come they say they coun't find any problem where as there problem is still there? is this the way Vodacom treats its customers because if thats the case the whole area should switch to MTN or any other service provide because i can tell you now that it is only Vodacom customers who are affected by this problem. Now before i go back to report to the people who sent me, can someone please call me with a solution to the problem remembering the fact that a word of mouth is the most powerful tool at our own disposal.


vodacom deducted money from my account for a cell phone that i have cancelled.i phone them and they told me the money will be paid into my account with in 30 working days. they paid in only R150 into my account and still own me R230 i phoned them to inform them that they only paid the 150.the consumer service cant help me and they transferd me to the accounts department and they transferd me back to the customer care. I dont know what to do to get my money back i also have the proof of my bank statement to show how much money they deducted from my account .i need my money and i want it back please can you help me because i think vodacom is taking money that does not belong to them.

I contacted Vodacom to provide me with an address of a person that is
harrasing me, by sending sms and calls from an unknown cell no.
The consultant advised me that they cant assist me without a police case number, the police told me that Vodacom must give me the address to enable them to attend to this. They also told me that i can change my cell no what it will cost me R180. My mom is the contract holder and she is 82 years of age, but I her daughter uses the phone. I cannot have the number changed because I applied for various position and they have my cell phone number to contact me for a position. I URGENTLY NEED THE ADDRESS OF THE PERSONS CALLING ME, OR IF VODACOM CAN PLEASE CONTACT THAT PERSON AND WARN THEM THAT THEY MUST STOP HARRASSING ME

Vodacom - unlawfull locking service

Dear Sir / Madame,

I am writing this email, in frustration and causing major problems in my business and marriage to due to the lack service delivery from Vodacom. My wife is a partner in my business, and also run the accounts. Her line, Cell no: [protected] was soft locked on the night of the 14th of March 2012, I called Vodacom on the 15th to have this investigated as to how this is possible that her Cell line has been soft locked meaning she could only receive calls and not make calls nor access the Blackberry Service. The contract consist of a 130min any time minutes, Blackberry Internet Services, and a 50 -100 SMS Bundle, I have also given a R62.00 extra if the free minute are up that the R 62.00 is to cover the rest of the month, if that is used the phone is soft locked.

This issues started last month when on the 10th of February 2012, her cell number was soft locked, I asked to have this investigated: they started that it has been due to the calls, I check the billing, and they reported that on the 11th a call to 152 at 13:52 was made that costed R82.00, which caused the soft-lock. My query was, how is this possible if the line was locked on the 10th the evening. I am still awaiting response. No feedback as to date.

I have called Vodacom 17th the 19th and now the 20th, this line is still soft locked.

I have attached a recording and here are the Ref Numbers:
1. S3-LU422-27DVN

Please find attached recording:

I need your assistance and help to find out what do I do in this case. This is causing a train on my marriage, and business, my wife uses her cell for business.


I purchased a new battery for my Blackberry 9700 bold from the store in Richards bay 2 months ago. the salesman confirmed that it carried a warranty for a period of 6 months. it cost me R750.00 i gladly paid and left. however, yesterday my phone refused to come on and after inspection, i found that the barrety was emmiting a fluid and wet the entire back section of the phone along with the sim card, memory card and camera lens. i took the phone to the Vodashop where i had purchased the battery and asked the saleman to inspect it. he immediately looked at the battery and assured me that it was fluid damaged to which i agreed. however, he insisted that it was not from the battery. i assured him that the phone was never exposed to any kind of moisture. the then said that all he could do is send it away for analysis but could not promise anything. i am still awaiting feedback and have since sent my phone to the vodacare repair center for analysis as well. i took the battery back expecting feedback from a well informed Vodacom employee but all i got was a negative repsones stating that there was no possibily that it could have been a defective battery which is exactly what i suspect. currently i am without a phone which i paid dearly for. I have been a loyal Vodacom customer for over 10 years but will now be switching to a provider who does not hide behind their warranties. my name is Mr Gounden and my contact details are as follow. [protected]. [email protected]

I almost do not know where to begin, I have had a data card for +- a year with quite extensive usage, this accumulated an account of R500-00 plus a month. A few months ago it went up to R2500-00 and even R3500-00 per month, with no changes from my side. On enquiryto VODACOM, it was a short and sweat - I am the problem, something about auto updates and auto down loads. Being in the sticks, I've made my way to an ITcompany (may I say, reputable place) they checked my laptop through, and whalla, it's clean and even virus free, for that was also one of VODACOM's solutions to MY problem. This was reported early in Feb 2011, with the required reference nr's and whom I have spoken too. This carried on for two more months, NO REPONSE, NO ANSWERS, At that stage I have learned that I should hang on to the ref nr's for apparently they can access these. It continued like this until I litterly lost my temper, and then one friendly incompetent pointed me towards their web site -needless to say this being as unfriendly and cumbersome as the consultants. I then realized I need to speak to a person rather than a machine - yet another month past and I have manged to get only one e-mail address. This too proofed to be of no help. I then logged a dispute resolution request - with promisses that it would take 14 days, these 14 days past, until I again managed to get yet another ref nr. Still NOTHING - The problem with the VODACOM system is - they only write contracts, supply absolutely no service and ''what they good at'' is collecting moneys. Your hands are chopped off when it comes down to an enquiry for they deduct, and deduct and there's no way you can get hold of any person - the ones you do manage to speak to, are only answering service people, they for ever escalating the problem to a higher authority, and that is where it remains. I then made the decission to source legal assistnace, yet, now I needed proof, WRITTEN proof, HOW THE HELL do you get written proof if you cannot even get hold of the bunsh on a phone. Further VODACOM so politely informed me that I should e-mail them, to an answering service person, BUT MY PROBLEM IS JUST THAT... I CANNOT USE MY DATA CARD FOR EVEN ONE HOUR AND IT ACCUMULATES R3500-00. To date I'm paying, no data card service, and then the consultant so nicely put it to me that ''I NEED TO SUPPLY PROOF THAT I'M NOT USING THE CARD - FOR CRYING OUT LOAD, I CANNOT USE IT, IT SUCKS ME DRY. My request is a detailed account, a reason for the escalation and a REFUND for the moneys, time and effort made to get disconnected for more than a month now and still the debit orders go off and off and... I can carry on and on, this saga I guess is of much delight to someone there at VODACOM, or do they actually have someone or something that can deal with problems like this - I'm of the opinion I's dealing with a computer - I have also traveled to PTA to the VODA WORLD, Here I was send from counter to counter, taking a whole Saturday, and no reference nr, solution or satisfaction - WHAT IS WRONG - PLS HELP. I'M STOPPING THE DEBIT ORDER AND READY TO FACE THE CONCEQUENCES

The 3 G Technology in South Africa favours the urbanized communities, and internet access it is a luxury for business people and the middle class.

I stay in a remote township of Ficksburg (Meqheleng)which got a very mountaneous terrain, I use my 3 G to do my business abroad, but most unfortunately the Vodacom reception in a neighbourhood I live in is not constant.

I can not access any information vital to my busines operation due to weak reception.
How do I access any information I need while running my internet at a speed of 236Kb/sec?
I use internet quite often and it is quite frustrating to recieve or send a 15 minutes content in a period extending to 4 - 5 hours. This inconvinience makes life much more difficult for us people who depends on internet to do business.

Will Vodacom SA choose a better location to place their 3G tower, just like what has been done by their competitors in an area where I live in.

Thank You

Applied for RED MOFAYA data contract at the beginning of the month. To Date (end of Month) no contract has been activated. Also the Supplier of Vodacom (rewards company) in which the contract was applied for advice that the delay is because of Vodacom as they have not approved the contract and that they have no interest in the matter as they have processed onto the vodacom system and it is not them that is delaying the process. Problem, My contract for data expires today and from the 1st June I have to bear the cost for the data due to the poor service received from both Rewards Company and VODACOM. Call Call centre and the consultant do not even know the process for a customer to raise a compaint. To make matters worst, they just keep transfer the customer from one consultant to another which frustrates on even more. NEED HELP on this issue. Ref [protected] from Vodacom

Vodacom - broken phone

I have had a Sony Ericsson X10i for about 15 months now of which 6 it has not been working. The cell Phone works perfectly besides the fact that it does not charge. I took the phone in and they sent the phone back to me saying that it is B.E.R (Beyond Economic Repair). I am very frustrated that now Vodacom have handed the phone back to me and said it is now my problem and i have to try and get it fixed else where. What happened to the 48 month warranty? Why is it now my fault that the phone stopped charging after no physical damage? The phone has been in twice with no success or help from them. I am very dissapointed with the lack of help and rudeness of Vodacom Head Office.


Hi Russell

Unfortunately there is no 48 month warranty, the handsets that are provided by Vodacom have a 24 month warranty, the first 12 months is covered by the manufacturer eg: Sony Ericsson and the second 12 months is covered by Vodacom.
If the Vodacom Repair Shop in question evaluated the phone and deemed it BER without replacing it for you then the phone must have physical or liquid damage as Vodacom has to fix or replace any handset within 24 months of purchase if the handset is not damaged physically and has not come into contact with any liquid.
If they claim that there is physical or liquid damage then you have the right to request evidence of this eg:corrosion on the pc board or a crack in the phone..

I hope this helps

Vodacom - advance centre

I have a blackberry 9360 that was water damage. I sent it in to vodacom repair centre to be repair because its a contract phone i did not want it to be sent somewhere else. I got my phone back a week and it went dead to it back in and then they said it is B.E.R due to it being B.E.R they removed my clip that keep my cover and they screen guard and know because i did not know that my clips was missing i took my phone to MTN and a unauthorized cellular company and they pick up that my clips are gone they do not want to replace it. Know they are saying they did not remove my clips but who did they opened my phone. I just started with the contract on my new phone and vodacom is like don't care attitude i have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and this is the bad service i am getting. i really feel like when my contracts over to change cellular service.


Hi Candice

Liquid damage is a difficult situation, when your phone comes into contact with liquid in any way it is virtually impossible to fix it. The circuit board of a cell phone has many layers and once the liquid has infiltrated these layers it can not be removed, sometimes the liquid dries but in most cases the phone starts with one problem and as the liquid slowly spreads, the problems spread from keyboard to screen to camera and so on, randomly.
I'm not taking sides here but in terms of your "clips" that are missing, it could be Vodacom or it could be the unauthorized repair store that is just claiming that the clips are missing and may have lost them themselves.


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