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LexisNexis Risk Solutions Inc.

P O Box 1703
United States - 37024-1703

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 615 372 6800(Headquarters) 8 17
+1 866 561 1694(Customer Service) 9 21
+1 800 669 8313(VitalChek Network) 5 10
Mon6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Tue6:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Panama Canal Zone
Department of State, Passport Vital Records Section, 44132 Mercure Cir., PO Box 1213, Sterling, VA 20166-1213
+1 202 485 8300

United States of America
American Samoa
American Samoa Government, Department of Health, Health Information Office, Pago Pago, American Samoa 96799
+1 684 633 1406

Office of Vital Statistics, Government of Guam, 123 Chalan Kareta, Mangilao, GU 96913
+1 671 735 7292

Virgin Islands
St. Croix, Virgin Islands Department of Health, Vital Statistics, Charles Harwood Memorial Hospital, St. Croix, Virgin Islands 00820
+1 340 774 9000

St. Thomas & St. John
Virgin Islands Department of Health, Vital Statistics, Knud Hansen Complex, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802
+1 340 774 9000

Service Alberta, Alberta Registries, Vital Statistics, 3rd floor, 10365 - 97th Street, PO Box 2023, Edmonton, AB T5J 4W7
Tel: +1 780 427 7013
Fax: +1 780 423 2567

British Columbia
Vital Statistics Agency, PO Box 9657 STN Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9P3
Tel: +1 250 952 2681
Fax: +1 250 952 9074

Vital Statistics Agency, Consumer & Corporate Affairs, 254 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, MB R3C 0B6
Tel: +1 204 945 3701
Fax: +1 204 948 3128

New Brunswick
Vital Statistics, Service New Brunswick, P.O. Box 1998, Fredericton, NB E3B 5G4
Tel: +1 506 453 2385
Fax: +1 506 444 4139

Vital Statistics, Government Services, 5 Mews Place, P.O. Box 8700, St. John's, NL A1B 4J6
Tel: +1 709 729 3308
Fax: +1 709 729 0946

Northwest Territories
Vital Statistics, Department of Health and Social Services, Bag #9, Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0
Tel: +1 867 777 7400
Fax: +1 867 777 3197

Nova Scotia
Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations, Registrar General Division of Vital Statistics, 1690 Hollis Street, P.O. Box 157, Halifax, NS B3J 2M9
Tel: +1 902 424 4381
Fax: +1 902 424 0678

Registrar General of Vital Statistics, Nunavut Health and Social Services, Bag 003RSO Building, Rankin Inlet, NU X0C 0G0
Tel: +1 867 645 8002
Fax: +1 867 645 8092

Office of Registrar General, Service Ontario, Ministry of Government Services, 189 Red River Road, P.O. Box 4600, Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6L8
Tel: +1 416 325 8305
Fax: +1 807 343 7459

Prince Edward Island
Vital Statistics, Department of Health and Social Services, 35 Douses Road, P.O. Box 3000, Montague, PE C0A 1R0
Tel: +1 902 838 0880
Fax: +1 902 838 0883

Le Directeur de L'état Civil, Ministère de la Justice, 2535 Boulevard Laurier, Québec, G1V 5C5
Tel: +1 418 643 3900
Fax: +1 418 646 3255

Vital Statistics Registry, eHealth Saskatchewan, 2130 11th Avenue, Regina, SK S4P 0J5
Tel: +1 800 667 7551
Fax: +1 306 787 2288

Yukon Territory
Department of Health and Social Services, 4th Floor - 204 Lambert St., P.O. Box 2703, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2C6
Tel: +1 867 667 5207
Fax: +1 867 393 6486

United Kingdom
England & Wales
Certificate Services Section, General Register Office, PO Box 2, Southport, Merseyside PR8 2HH, England
+44 30 0123 1837

Northern Ireland
General Registrar Office, Oxford House, 49-55 Chichester Street, Belfast BT1 4HL, Northern Ireland
+44 28 9151 3101

National Records of Scotland, New Registrar House, 3 West Register Street, Edinburgh EH1 3YT, Scotland
+44 13 1535 1314

VitalChek Network Complaints & Reviews

VitalChek Network / didn't get my order

Sep 08, 2019

Response By Email (Maribel R.) (08/26/2019 03:59 PM) Dear Customer, The City of Buffalo Vital Record was not able to locate your certificate, a reference email was sent regards to the issue. This is a number you can call that can further assist you Customer By CSS Web (Deborah Eagan...

VitalChek Network / birth certificate

Jun 27, 2019

This company is a joke. I ordered a birth certificate online because I was without a car and needed to obtain the record to get a passport. The website is very vague and does NOT clearly state what their charges and processes are.  So I started the order process and paid about $60 for a birth...

Vitalchek / birth certificate

Apr 21, 2019

I have ordered a birth certificate online about a month ago and I keep on receiving not to reply they had charged me $75 dollars about a month ago and I and still have not received anything they stole my money this company is scamming people for their money please help me with this I'm not rich just trying to do the right thing and this is what I get

VitalChek Network / marriage certificate.

Apr 09, 2019

Twice I sent this company the ID they required by regular mail. They claim to not have recieved it. Sent it by fax. . .they claim to not have recieved it. Sent twice by verified fax. . .they say they can't read it. The could however charge my credit card. I have been trying to get a copy...

Vitalchek / not receiving the right document.

Dec 09, 2018

I was adopted and I have been searching for my birth parents for 40 years. VitalChek assured me that for $40 the would get it for me. When I received it, it was the birth certificate from when my adoption was finalized by my adopted parents on May 27th, 1960, of which I all ready had 4...

VitalChek Network / misled me into placing an order they couldn't fill, won't reimburse

Nov 03, 2018

My great-grandfather died in the 1960s in Puerto Rico and PR's rules for who can order a death certificate is that you need to either be immediate family (uh, they're kind-of all dead now), an "heir, " or otherwise have a documented legal right, such as presenting a will or some such...

VitalChek Network / attempts to buy birth cert

Oct 31, 2018

I agreed to pay Vitalchek 50 something dollars for my son's B certificate. The next day (8/17/18) $124.95 was withdrawn from my account. The two phone numbers attached to the "transaction" just went to answering machines. My bank managers boss traced both these numbers to Vitalchek. My...

VitalChek Network / death cert

Oct 23, 2018

My Live in Boyfriend of 7 years passed away on 9/15/2018. I tried calling to cancel his Automatic Deposit Pension Benefits from going into our joint checking account and was told I would need to provide a Death Certificate. Oct 2 I called Washoe County at [protected] as he passed away in Reno...

VitalChek Network / not receiving birth certificate

Jul 19, 2018

Ordered a birth certificate and haven't received it and it's been 3 months. According to them it was shipped out on the 16th but on the 17th when I called they said the case has been closed out. Vitalchek is nothing more that a fake, greedy, scam!! They had no problem taking out the 80...

VitalChek Network / marriage certificate

Apr 30, 2018

I ordered 4 copies of my birth certificate. I received a receipt from the company verifying that fact. Upon shipment, I am told that I ordered only one copy. Now I am supposed to order the other three copies and pay for shipment and service fees again.? Absolutely not acceptable. I should...

Vitalchek / birth certificate shipping

Apr 02, 2018

I ordered a birth certificate through Vitalchek and received a notification stating it had shipped, however I never actually received my order (now nearly a month from it shipping) I contacted Vitalchek and they informed me it was out of their hands, they would not refund me and it was up...

Vitalchek / birth certificate

Mar 26, 2018

VitalchekDo not use this company! My husband needed his birth certificate for employment. They took my money on February 22, 2018. Shipped my order on February 23, 2018. I've been very, very patient!! Past few weeks my husband and I have been on hold with this company for very long periods of...

VitalCheck / birth certificate order scam

Sep 29, 2017

I recently adopted two children from foster care and needed to receive new birth certificates for them in order to enroll them in health insurance. I paid for the expedited service at $70 through this company and my birth certificates came back from the State of VA incorrect. I called...

Vitalchek / death certificate

Aug 23, 2017

I submitted the form for a death certificate. After a couple of days, they sent me an email telling me they needed more information and to fax it to them. A couple of days later I get an email to call them. I call and they give me some crap about needing a notarized statement of some kind...

VitalChek Network / payment not received birth certificate.

Jul 10, 2017

I have called and been waited for long periods of time, and get no answer to my question. I call and if I do get someone, they give me another number and right now I have been on hold for over a hour. Check the website with you order number and pin, I do and says the same thing it said two...

VitalChek Network / death certificates

Jul 10, 2017

I paid on July 3 ..$235 dollars and uploaded the required ID documents. On the 10th they emailed me and said they needed my ID and I should fax it. (No one faxes anymore) I uploaded the documents again. I called the number [protected] and was on hold for 30 minutes and then was cut off. I...

VitalChek Network / death certificate request

Jun 30, 2017

order # [protected] requesting a death certificate was placed on 6/14/17 it is now 6/30/17 and I still haven't received my documents. I have called the customer service for vitalchek and was directed to call the state in which I did and they told be to call the city and when I did I wa...

VitalChek Network / birth certificate

Jun 30, 2017

order # [protected] filed on 6/9/2017-6/30/2017. We filed for my daughters Birth Certificate, and since then we have gotten a request for the ID twice and a signature, both times I sent my Oklahoma Drivers Licence front and back with a signature, then they asked for the mothers maiden name...

VitalChek Network / marriage certificate

Jun 26, 2017

I placed an online order on April 23 2017 for a copy of my marriage certificate. Never received!!! It's been 2 months I was charged USD 73.00!! I need a refund or the document I placed the order for!! I have received an email confirmation order and a day later another email to confirm some...

VitalChek Network / birth certificate copy

Jun 26, 2017

Apr 23, 2017 - albert steven opolka ordered birth cert via vitalchk, st. louis county, st. louis, mo. order # [protected] June 4, 2017 still had not received certificate June 4, 2017 entered email request / got incident # 170604 - [protected] (carlos v). autofeedback requesting details, which we... / order of marriage certificate

Jun 20, 2017

Today on 06/20/17 I ordered by error through a Louisiana marriage certificate which is under a family member but I paid for it with my card. On the website it is poorly advertised on how to cancel when an error is done. I waited on the phone more than 26 minutes in order to...

VitalChek Network / took credit card info, charged account

Jun 15, 2017

I should have read the scam report, but was in a hurry. They take info., assure you everything is correct, then after taking credit card info, ask for documentation (which I could not provide as I have no FAX machine). BUT they charge your card anyway, according to them for processing...

VitalChek Network / arkansas birth certificate

Jun 05, 2017

Order date: 4-18-17 Order number: [protected] Sent off for my Arkansas birth certificate with these guys on 4/18/17. At the time I applied for it, VitalChek said it would be up to 18 working days until the order was processed. About two days after the 18 day period was up, I received an...

VitalChek Network / birth certificate

May 31, 2017

I placed an order on April 7th I went online and checked the status and it stated April 10th it was being processed I called maybe the first week in may to also check status I was told ever thing was fine and call back in a few weeks and CSR actually said the week of the 24th which I have...

VitalChek Network / birth certificate

Apr 21, 2017

On March 30, I ordered birth certificates for my husband and myself. Mine was from Illinois and received it within 4 days, UPS. My husband has never received his, which was from Savannah, Georgia. I called Customer Service on April 14. He put me on hold saying he was going to talk to...

VitalChek Network / death certificate

Apr 18, 2017

I ordered death certificate for my mom in Jan 2017. She passed away in Dec, I called again Jan 16 since they had took the money out of my account and said the paperwork would arrive shortly. Called again in Feb and twice in March. It is now April 18 and still no death certificate. When you...

VitalChek Network / expedite ordered vital record - 8 business days later still don't have

Apr 12, 2017

This company is an absolute fraud and just short of being a scam business. I ordered a vital record and paid $20 to have my order expedited so I would receive it in 3-5 days. After 8 business days and several emails to this company asking when I would receive my document, I was told by a...

VitalChek Network / birth certificate name incorrect

Apr 11, 2017

On 2/26/17, I ordered a copy of my husband's birth certificate so that we can get a passport for an upcoming trip in early June. After several calls, I received it on 4/6. I called that day and on 4/10 and 4/11, I left messages for Ms. Thomas to report that his middle name was misspelled...

[Resolved] VitalChek Network / cannot get help with birth certificate request

Apr 07, 2017

I placed my order on 3/14/17 for my husband's birth certificate. I uploaded the authorization signed by him and notarized, my copy of driver's license and it took me calling the company on 3/28/17 to see what the status was. At that time I was advised that a copy of my husbands ID wa...

VitalChek Network / have not received my marriage certificate

Apr 03, 2017

I placed an order for my marriage certificate on March 1st. Received email on March 13th that the order and paperwork were sent on to LA County. Requested standard mail. Received nothing as of April 3rd. Cannot reach VitalChek customer service by phone. Spent over an hour on hold. All fee...

VitalChek Network / vitalchek fraud - birth certificate request - no response ripoff

Mar 20, 2017

DMV worker recommended this "company" to request a state approved birth cert. I paid in full upfront on 05/02/2017. The cert should've been received within 10 days. It's now 05/20/2017 and I've received nothing. Cutomer service? There is none. Just a "please wait your call...

[Resolved] Vitalchek / death certificate

Mar 19, 2017

I ordered a death certificate online on February 9. Was charged on my credit card on February 17. I still have not received the death certificate (as of March 19). Keep getting told it is being processed. I since went to the records office and received the death certificate in person. I...

[Resolved] Vitalchek / getting run around with death certificate, customer service horrible

Mar 09, 2017

I ordered through VitalChek to speed things up, what a huge mistake! I uploaded my ID and they say they never got it, so I faxed my ID and still nothing. If I had mailed the form to California with a check for $18, I would be way ahead in the process. As it is I've lost two weeks now. I'm...

[Resolved] Vitalchek / incorrect death certificate

Mar 06, 2017

Placed an order for copy of brother's death certificate on 2/20/17. Order status misleading claimed that my order was shipped on 2/27/17. Paid extra fees for 2 - day UPS Air delivery. Took over 3 weeks to receive my order. On top of that, they sent me a bogus Death certificate for some...

[Resolved] Vitalchek / birth certificate of that for my deceased father

Mar 03, 2017

On January 31, 2017 I ordered a Birth Certificate of that for my deceased father. There were issues with some of the documents that were scanned and submitted. So, I did have to re-scan the documents again and get the Signature and Date Required form notarized which I did on 2/7/2017. All...

[Resolved] Vitalchek / obtaining a birth certificate

Mar 01, 2017

I ordered a birth certificate for my daughter on 2/12, was charged that day for the VitalChek service and then the following day on the 13th for the Georgia Records processing and two day UPS shipping. The lead time was supposed to be 5 to 7 days from the time we were charged the Georgia...

[Resolved] Vitalchek / birth certificate order

Feb 23, 2017

In Feb 20, 2017 I placed order #[protected] for a birth certificate for my father . I followed the direction and it appeared that I was ordering for myself and not my father. I immediately emailed the company within 60 seconds and verified that I was ordering for my father and not...

Vitalchek / birth certificate

Feb 23, 2017

In November 2016, I ordered an Arkansas Birth Certificate from VitalChek. In December 2016 I contacted them about the status and they had no record of the order despite having charged my credit card for the order. I contacted my bank and it was verified that VitalChek was at fault and I...

[Resolved] Vitalchek / never received birth certificate

Feb 17, 2017

Ordered and paid for a birth certificate on 12-28-2016 and still haven't received it. The site says 7-10 day but customer service says no it takes 7-10 days to send the request to your state and it takes the state 30 days to send it out. I called my state vital statistics office, paid $10...

Vitalchek / scam business, charged for the document but never sent it.

Feb 09, 2017

VitalchekI first submitted a claim for a divorce certificate in beginning of December and they said it would take 2-3 weeks, I contacted them a moth later and they said they had sent it. But I never received it. After calling and calling I finally got a hold of Cynthia who helped me get a refund...