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BLS International ServicesCourier services for passport

Dear Concerned.

My application no. is 20-[protected]. This is an earnest request to kindly check the courier services used for delivery of passport.

I received a msg from BLS on my passport delivery on 11th October 2020 and until today I didn't receive my passport. I have called the courier company 3 times from my end and have contacted with the delivery driver as well, both keeps informing that you will received the package today, everyday.

Hopefully I will received it by today as per the courier company.

This is an important document, consider a better courier company who are reliable for such packages is my suggestion.

Shivani Rawat

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    Aug 07, 2020

    BLS International Services — bls process and customer service

    On June 29th 2020, their cUstomer Care service told that It is mandatory to book Postal pick up and drop of...

    Oct 16, 2019

    BLS International Services — degree attestation from qatar embassy

    I have submitted my Original mark sheet, Degree and Police Clearance Certificate on 27.09.2019 at Barakhamba...

    BLS International Servicescertificate attestation from. qatar embassy

    I had applied for Bangalore Degree Certificate attestation with Ref No PPBL0170219 from Qatar Embassy on 29th August 2019 at BLS Bqngalore which has not yet received yet received. As per your stupulated time which is max 20 days Now its almost 1 month and 15 days past. kindly update. I had request your office several times for updates and reason for delay everytime the answer is next week ..end of week.

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      BLS International Serviceslong waiting queue

      I have visited BLS international office in Wam Chai, Hong Kong twice due to my domestic helper application attestation. Both times I have to wait more than 2 hours for my number.
      No value of others time. Pathetic service. It really need to be improved.

      First time they asked for the documents which was not even listed on the website. All the required documents should be clearly updated in website.

      Second time, I visited with all the required documents but long waiting queue. I took 2 hours off from my office, but its already 2 hours gone and I am waiting for my number

      Whoever is the concerned person, pls look into it and take necessary actions

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        Jan 30, 2019

        BLS International Services — unauthorised credit card charges

        please explain who you are and refund these un-authorised debits on my credit card. you were not given...

        Jan 19, 2019

        BLS International Services — fraud and cheating service delay beyond 70 days

        I submitted my documents for attestation to BLS. It was given to Himani. She promised that all documents are...

        New Delhi

        BLS International Servicesmisleading information on bls's nigerian website

        I have submitted the email hereunder both to [protected], feedback. [protected] and Spanish embassy but to date no response from BLS, and the website remains with misleading/inaccurate information

        Good day Sir / Madam,

        There are several items of misleading information on your website, and in spite of complaints by applicants, these items of not being resolved to date.
        Hereunder is the personal experience of two applicants on the day of the submission of their applications.

        Family / Friend Visit Visa is N6, 500
        BLS's website states that the cost for a Family / Friend Visit Visa is N6, 500 only plus the service charge of N6, 500. See attached from website.
        However, at the office on the day of submission of application, you were told that the price is the same as the 'Tourist' visa, N25, 200, regardless and without any explanation. Your reference to the website information receives no acknowledgement.
        One of the requirements for a Family / Friend Visit Visa is an invitation letter issued by the Spanish Police or a 'Notary Public, ' the latter is quite expensive (as I had later learned from my friend inclusive of DHL's cost from Spain to Nigeria, about 500 Euros) and several times the Tourist visa cost of N25, 200.
        The much cheaper option had I known, would have been to apply for a 'Tourist' visa and save my friend that significant cost.

        Colour photocopies of your documents
        You have to download from the website a 'Checklist' that lists the document required with your application, see attached from website. However, at the office on the day of submission of application you are told that you require colour photocopies of your documents, this is not mentioned anywhere on their website or checklist.
        Now to the ridiculous, and it's not a joke. The website stated you are to submit a colour copy of your passport's data page. And, you need a colour photocopy of all documents. The attendant stated you needed a 'colour photocopy' of the photocopy of your passport's data page, a second extra identical photocopy of the data page, that I had, was not acceptable. This actually happened.

        Off course, colour photocopying service is available at a premium cost.

        Passport pictures
        The checklist and a web page provides the specification for the passport picture along with an illustration. However, at the office on the day of submission of application you are told that your passport picture is incorrect, more face less shoulders, contrary to the specification provided.

        Off course, passport picture service is available at a premium cost.

        Embassy/Consulate appointment
        The website has an option for booking appointment to the Embassy/Consulate. This is not valid option but its still available on the website.

        Only one attendant
        Finally, got in there at 10:00am, left after 1:50pm. Had to rejoin the queue to get colour photocopies and more money. There was only one person accepting applications.

        On the day of submission of the application, other applicants protested, most silently, (some consoling themselves by saying this is how its done in Nigeria) about the additional photocopying but had no choice but pay at a premium cost. Providing additional copies is an easy process and further, in making the appointment your email address is submitted. This additional photocopying requirement was just an email.

        Hoping that this complaint is used to improve your website by removing the number of inaccurate items of information in order to improve customer experience.


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          Nov 16, 2018

          BLS International Services — visa application

          Horrible Lady at Counter #01. She is there to fight not for work. What a horrible lady and never had a chance...

          BLS International Servicesbls hong kong

          Bls hong kong staff is not accepting my documents after so many compalaintsbto te local consukate here as well. All my docs are complete but they are not givig me a receipt of my attestation documents just beacuse i shouted at them for not passing me all deails ag once and i had to make 3 trips to their office. My docs were today submitted by someone else i authorised but they just kept the docs and said eill send for approval even though all docs were complete.

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            Oct 24, 2018

            BLS International — misbehave and harassing by hong kong bls staff

            Bls company in hk sitting arrangement is very bad most of chairs are broken. It's seems like good but when u...

            Jun 29, 2018

            BLS International — coordinator at attestation department

            I work for Michelin. I had visited your office at Barakhambha Road today at 12pm to submit documents for...

            May 30, 2018

            BLS International — regarding my refund

            I was talking to rajni ( BLS branch from Mumbai ) for 1.5 months regarding my refund my money but she wa...


            BLS International — courier address wrongly entered for passport delivery

            Dear Sir, I would like to bring it in your notice that courier address for passport delivery wa...


            BLS International — passport renewal

            Please view this Youtube Video: Now let me give you the background. Today I...


            BLS Internationalpassport renewal

            When I submitted the application to BLS, they informed me that It will take 60 Days, I am calling since then & now I got to know that it will take another 30 days to get the passport. I have scheduled my travel based on the confirmation from the ref of BLS. I called customer care again & spoke to Sonia who was quite Stubborn, so I asked her if I can speak to the supervisor. she refused to transfer the call to the supervisor & stated that he is not available. I was ready to wait, so she put me on hold & it's ok you can wait without even informing me how much time will it take. The call was disconnected from their end after 1 hour without even talking to me.

            This is the kind of service that has been provided to me & I am sure similar is the case with other UAE residents as well.

            It's disheartening that Indian consulate has to be dependent on such unprofessional company to take care of their nationals in UAE.

            I do not expect much out of this email as well looking at my encounter with BLS. But surely the same will be communicated to Indian Consulate.

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              BLS International Services Canadapassport services

              Giving up Indian citizenship is a hard task. Thank you to Indian Goverment for choosing BLS service to handle the end process of passport surrenders.

              After dealing with them, we are not even 1 percent sad that we chose to move to Canada. They represent the exact reason for why so many people move out of India. Their Incompetence: babu/clerical mentality is at the peak.

              You can walk into Home depot or Canadian Tire and would get better service. I am not even comparing them to the Canadian government offices.

              I am thinking, how are they managing to exist when it is not just me who has this experience. Just a simple search on Google should suffice. They treat people like they are doing favors and wont provide any answers. The whole process is broken from the time you step in the office. My wife almost cried in first 15 minutes. They were so rude and just representing India is a very bad way

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                BLS International - Atlantapoor services, staffed with no knowledge people

                I applied for PIO card in January. They returned the application for incorrect passport number. There was no mention of which passport number to enter (Indian or American).

                I had to go to their office to explain it to them that it was their mistake of not giving clear instructions.

                The staff lacks knowledge. One Marcela was the stupidest. She charged me for delivering the documents via FedEx.

                Now they got the passport from the consulate sitting over it. They do not accept FedEx prepayments any more. How can this Marcela not know about it?

                Then they sat on my documents for months. UI tried to escalate the issue via their website. Nothing happens.

                A friend of mine suggested to threaten them with Civil and criminal lawsuits.
                I just gave them an ultimatum, threatening to sue them if thy do not send the documents asap.

                Voila, it worked. They budged and resolved the issue in a matter of 2 hrs. Me doing nothing but sending them e-mails from Florida.

                Moral: In the US nothing works like a lawsuit threat.
                I believe it is criminal act for someone to hold on to your passport for no reason,

                BLS looks like the abbreviation of B**LS**T organization.

                I heard that the govt. of India is aware of the poor services and are trying to replace them.

                I am glad to hear that.


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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  BLS international services ltd.not able to deliver service

                  Application USAN14288613
                  I submitted a passport application for my son who is minor under 18 years of age. Me and my wife both are Indian citizen.
                  They returned all the paper work sighting deficiency. Then I called their call center to clarify what was required. There was one deficiency that was clear that they wanted 3 copies of nationality verification form. They also wanted a letter of no objection from parents to issue the passport that sounds ridiculous but never the less we got that one also. I spoke with the call center on one requirement "only sign has to be in the form for parents too. make sure signature should be match." no one could figure out what it means any way the call center person Janet Smith (looks like a fake name) apologized and said I can not help what this requirement is. I clarified that the visa document as per the website and instructions, the acceptable document is Employment Authorization Document that has already been submitted duly notarized. She agreed that it should be fine.

                  After all this we re-submitted the application. BLS returned everything back without letting us know now what is missing. We have already wasted two weeks of time. Two times of postage cost. It can potentially delay travel plans.

                  In my 15 years at USA I have renewed passports for my four family members many many times and I have never ever got such issues before.
                  This outsourcing company does not know what it is doing. and has no appreciation of documents. Talking to their call center person it was evident that they are not experienced and they have no clue on what they are doing.

                  When we resubmitted the paper work their status on the website didn't change. That indicates that nobody reviewed the revised submission and send it back in the self addressed envelope without reading and providing a justification on why it was send back.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    BLS International — horrible service and delays

                    I submitted entry visa application for my son who is 3 years old with all the required documents in the order...