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Visions Electronics reviews & complaints

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Visions Electronics - Installation of stereo equipment into a vehicle

I purchased products from the red deer store I had them install it. Discovered my subs stopped working so I looked into and the amp they glued onto the back wall of truck was no longer glued up. It...

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Visions Electronics - Service (sale associates + manager)

Today (Nov 21, 2021) around noon I called this store about a dryer as to my understanding that if a flyer is shown from another competitors that vision would beat the price with price match or 15% off the price listed. Spoke with a women to inquire was told this was above her paid and she transferred me to another associate on the floor. I again explained everything in what I was looking for and had sent a picture of the flyer. The male associate kept insisting that it was the wrong price I was looking at being frustrated with this situation to finally just being told by this sale associate "just buy from trail then.." I have never had a retail person tell me to just go to another store for my purchase.. again more frustration for myself to finally just being done asked for this male associates name to which I was laughed at and told "I'm not giving you my name..your use of language I don't have to." Again I asked for his name refused me again asked for the manager still nothing being done. I hung up and called the same store again got the same women from earlier. I again explained to her I was the same guy inquiring about the dryer and asked her for the name of the sale associate that she had transferred me to as I'm making a complaint she also did not answer my question " of I don't know" to finally being transfer to the store manager. To which he told me his name is "mark and that's all I need to know" and "the store will know mark" why am I met with such hostile I'm the customer inquiring about a dryer with a flyer showing the price for another store to see if you match or 15% lower like the ad says and I get the go around. We'll Mark very unprofessional indeed protecting an employee like that who laughs at customers frustrations and then tells them to buy from your competitors what kind of store are you running here? Very rude and unprofessional will never be shopping at this location again. No one should be treated the way I have been today.

Visions Electronics - Unethical Behavior, rude staff

I have bought a Washer/Dryer pack from Visions for 3000 before
tax on the 9th of October 2021 and was promised a delivery of 2-
4 weeks maximum but until now no contacts no product received,
the Sales person was promised to contact me if my shipping is
delayed but never did, I contacted them about a week ago, he
passed me to an other agent and inform me that they will contact
me Monday 8th 2021 but until now no communication.

Visions Electronics - backup camra system installed wrong

My name is Amarjit Sandhu owner BOBBY AND SON ENT. LTD. 9858 123 a st surrey bc phone#[protected]. I wanted to install a backup and a dash camra on october 2 2021 sales person gave me a price...

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Visions Electronics - Samsung S21 cell phone

Ali Bandali, a salesman at Visions electronics, 1130 St James St, Winnipeg, MB R3H 0K7, sold me a new Samsung S21, not only was it refurbished, but it will not make calls or recognise any cable plugged into it. I also did not get a copy of the cell contract, which they said was in the envelope they gave me.

When i emailed about these issues, they emailed back with a copy of my receipt, and it was about $200 less than printed on my receipt. Fraudulent invoice! The salesmen are stealing from everyone, their own company included.

Desired outcome: Refund

Visions Electronics - Don't trust After Market Radio Install

I went to Visions to purchase an aftermarket radio and have it installed. installed.
Let me start with what a mistake that was. After the install and pick the car up you get 2 minute tutorial.
Now when I turn the car on sometimes the radio would light up and then you have control of the radio and as you are driving the lights go off and now you have no control over the radio.
Contacted the vision store and made an appointment to get it fixed. Arrive and no appointment. Oh can't help you, made another appointment of didn't get that one either. No attempt what so ever to help me or reconcile.
In addition there is a display tucked onto the dash above the position of the radio. It tells you the status of the seat belt and airbags. They undid the screws (has nothing to do with the radio) and didn't fix it and it just hung there. All they had to do was put the screws back in.
In addition I payed for a module so the steering wheel works to control radio and phone. Didn't appear to be there so had to pay for another.

Desired outcome: I went to Simply Structured to have the problem solved. Now those folks know what they are doing.

Visions Electronics - Financing

I was told an interest free loan was available with $2500 TV with payments to start in 3 months. 3 months later Flexiti, their partner in crimes, add $400 to my interest free loan. This fine print...

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Visions Electronics - hp envy x 360 convertable laptop


I purchased an HP ENVY x 360 Laptop from Vision, 1220 Brant St., Burlington, Ontario on June 28, 2019, with a 3 yr. extended warranty on it. I took it in for to have the right side hing where the screen swivels on the base is not allowing the screen to open and close properly, also the battery has expanded from overheating and caused warpage of the hole base where it is spitting apart on the left side and the side of the screen. The store employees would not not accept the laptop for repair, when this is a manufacturer defect and breakdown, not from customer abuse, especially the overheated, and expanded battery, and hinge not working. I paid for the extended warranty and this should be addressed to have the lap replaced without hassle.. I have the original receipt with the warranty as paid for 3 years. I want something done about this ASAP.

Thank you,

John Martin,

Desired outcome: Replacement for a new Laptop

Visions Electronics - Store refuses to give me refund

I had an appointment at 10am to get a dash camera installed, but missed this appointment as I woke up not feeling well, and due to covid didn't think I should go out. I promptly called visions store...

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Visions Electronics - Service

So today I went to Surrey location Visions, I was goong to pick up an air conditioners in store only items. Of course I checked from visions website saying that 2 items in stock before I go. When I get there the man said they don't have any in the store but broken ones at the back of your store. I think he is lying probably he got extra money paid by some other customers. Because he asked me if I call or paid before I come. I said those items are not online items, only store purchase. Well, I went down there all the way from Lanlgey which 25km away from my home. So disappointed. Wasted my time and gas because of your website mis-info or the staff was lying. You guys should find out what have happened. These days the air condioners are high demand so the staff probably trying to sell it for more money; back money. This is bad really.

Visions Electronics - Visions 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I purchased some electronics on June 1 which included a 65" TV.
On June 2 I called the store and spoke to Edwardo Garcia and advised him the TV does not turn on. He told me to bring it back to the store which I did the same day on June 2 all within 24 hours of purchase.

The TV has a defect that you can slightly see from the screen but you cannot see it with the TV off. It has no visible damage and you cannot feel a scratch on it with your finger or nail. It is from behind the screen from within the unit.

The Vaughan store manager Raj said he will not exchange it as there was no physical damage to the box or packaging assuming that I damaged it when taking it out of the box which is not true. Insisting that he has 10 years of experience and knows best. Raj is insisting that he cannot take the tv back and has to file a claim with manufacturer Hisense. I called Hisense and they said that is not their procedure and returns are done at the store level. So I'm really not sure what is going on and am starting to suspect that I actually received damaged product from the store. The box was taped with regular nylon shipping tape.

You have to physically pick up the TV and put it on a flat surface to install the wall bracket behind it which is what we did. When we went to turn it on it flickered and then turned off. You can only see the damage during that flicker moment otherwise you can't see it at all.

I'm not happy with the fact that your store advertises 100% satisfaction guarantee and then will not take it back insinuating that I damaged the tv.

Your receipt states that any product with hidden damage must be claimed within 24 hours of receipt and be returned to the store complete with all packaging which is what we did.

Please make good on your 100% satisfaction guarantee and replace my TV. That is all I'm asking for.

I cannot sent you a picture of the damage as there is none visible. Attached is a photo of the receipt of purchase.

Desired outcome: Exchange my TV.

Visions Electronics - Denon avrs960

Bought I thought was the stereo of my dreams so your so called sales man told me spend over 3000 dollars bought on nov 21 2020 started going into protection mode and yes I bought 5 year extended warrranty contacted sale man he said I probably didn't not calibrated system correctly of coarse me being stupid trusted him and waisted 300 $ for in home set up and nope same thing then the salesman told me that the receiver was not meant go to very load I was not pleased at all so he said if I send another 1072$ on a better receiver it will fix my problem did I tell yet I'm not pleased after cchasing salesman trying to get him to contact me I was a joke I went in on April 11 and paid 1062 to up grade said he will set up and bring new Receiver so now it's should be in next week is all he keeps saying now he has no idea when is this your stores policy to give people run around and sell people products you do have and lie to customers I know this is probably a waste of my time sending this to you because all you companies are all the same

Desired outcome: Full refund for the crap I bought from you in nov or stereo I can listen to

Visions Electronics - Customer Service regarding damaged product purchased

I bought a Samsung TV at the NE Calgary location on 13th April where I left it there to pick up next day 14th..when I arrived it was already wrapped up and strapped. Took it home then unboxed, saw it has an almost invisible broken line on the right hand corner screen..and screen has lines on it when plugged to power.
Took it back in, without hesitation "Manager" a Nitin Joshi took an instant look then said I, the customer had squeezed it to damage it. Went ahead to say I, the customer "look stupid".

Desired outcome: Would like an exchange to a FULLY FUNCTIONAL, same brand & product Samsung Q7DT

Visions Electronics - Return policy

I visited the Queenston store in Hamilton Ontario today, Feb 19 at approximately 1:30 to return an A/V convertor that I never used. I purchased it prior to Christmas. My kids figured a way to get...

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Visions Electronics - Alberta

I bought HP 14" 15 laptop with 3 year notebook/AIO/CPU
After couple of months the keyboard stopped working. I sent it to the store, they said they will fix it. Now they are saying it has water damage they can not do anything. I was not mention anywhere on the receipt that water damage will not be repaired. They told me to get a new laptop worth $300 for computer as an alternative. Now they didn't repair the laptop not giving my money back. I am going to complain fraud on them. I have their voice recording saying that they will give my money back.

Visions Electronics - Television

I ordered my new tv from Visions online store on Dec 31st, received the tv on January 19th only to find some light damage to the back of the tv and the bezel around the panel. It didn't appear to be anything significant enough to complain about, so we finished removing the box and set the tv up on our stand. Turned on the tv and it had a crazy amount of "backlight bleeding" since the 20th of January I have sent 4 emails called every number I could find and even called the nearest retail store to me. I have yet to get a response from anyone and even when I did finally speak to someone at the retail store they simply told me that there is nothing they can do and that I have to deal with the online store help desk. Well 3 weeks have gone by and 4 separate emails sent to them and still nothing. I'll never deal with this company again.

Desired outcome: Still ongoing

Visions Electronics - Delivery of a purchased T.V

Let me start by saying it would be nice to get some kind of response from someone at Visions or Customer Service or any one period.I ordered my T.V online (W106228940) Brampton store on Dec 20th and...

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Visions Electronics - Late shipment and delivery

I bought a tv online on 28th December 2020 which after purchase said that it would be delivered within a week. I called the shipment co today with the tracking number I got in an email from vision. Its 7th Jan 2021 and they said they don't have my television shipped yet, had I known you would delay it to this level I would have bought it from amazon as the price was the same too.
Order number w10640133
my name is Rashmi gupta and my contact number is [protected] and my email is [protected]


Visions Electronics - Samsung 2.1 channel 200 watts soundbar system

Bought the Samsung 2.1 Channel 200 watts soundbar system in the middle of November to avoid the Christmas rush. I still have not received my purchase! I had sent a few emails to their support desk to inquire and didn't receive a response. Then when I called to ask no one would give me a strait answer and was told it was "coming from Vancouver" but Canada Post must have lost it?!? I sent another email asking when I can expect my purchase? Again no response. I called again and this time they offered me a small refund for my inconvenience but said they couldn't cancel the order and refund me because it was "out of their hands"and it was a Canada Post issue but they don't have a tracking number. At this point all I want is my product or my money back (full refund) so I can get it from somewhere else. I tried to order from here to support a Canadian company. If I could give less than 1star I would. Buyer beware. Terrible experience

Visions Electronics - Refund and price matching policies

Visions intentionally misleads customers - don't honour their return or price matching policies which they use to close a sale. Manager (David Guthoerl) ordered wrong $400 stands to go w/our...

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