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rip off on use of minutes

I have virgin mobile charges that cost me way more than 10 cents a minute. I have just made 4 phone calls in 2 days that lasted a total of 20mins & that alone cost me $ 11.00 total. The phone plan was only 10 cents a minute not just any cost.

  • Up
    uppinya26 Jul 17, 2010

    I restarted my plan, ( like I do every month for the past 2 years) after I topped up 2 days ago and got a low text bal;ance this morning! I have been on the phone 4 two hours with live advisors and, Mellisa#660170, and Mark# 32652 and they wont credit my account! This is the third time this has happened to me and the first time that Virgin Mobile wouldnt credit my account!! It will be the last time too if this is not fixed! If you need my $40 that bad that you are willing to loose a customer than so be it! I am sending these messages to your corporate offices and CEO, VP and also twittering and facebooking this scam! This will cost Virgin Mobile much more than the $40they ripped me off by the time I am through! And I Will be through being a loyal paying customer as well! Thank you!

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additional charges

After checking my account online I noticed that I was being charged for every call that I made either incoming or outgoing 25 cents a minutes, I decided to call virgin mobile usa and check to see what is going on with the account. After several calls and having to go threw many times of trying to get to a live person I finally got threw to a young lady who will remain nameless. After speaking with this lady and letting her explain to me why my calls were 25 cents I asked her to stop and explain it in detail without all of the big words. In other words break it down for me. So she informed me that I used up all of my minutes on October 3, 2008 at 3:00pm and at 7:00 pm that same day I topped up my account would not be charged 25 cents a minute because I didn't top up when I ran out of minutes immediately after. Now I am like most people and work during the day and cannot go and pick up more minutes so easy. After I sat there a while I finally ask the lady if that sounded as stupid as she just put it and all she said was well I am sorry. I said so from what I understand since I didn't top up when Virgin Mobile wanted me to your company is going to charge me 25 cents a minute for each call and she said yes. I said but I topped up 4 hours later and she said that did not matter I had used up all of my minutes. Now I want everyone to stop and think about this a minute. Did any of this make any sense. Nope Not to me. Well I am finished with Virgin Mobile.

  • Ra
    Rayshawn Harper Dec 07, 2009

    Virgin Mobile is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE RIP-OFF! I recently purchased the Xtc not even a month ago, and I am already getting ripped off by this rude, and inconsiderate company! I am on a Texters plan where I pay $20 a month, and add money to my account for talk if I want to. I recently added a total of $30 for talk time when I need it and within two days, my balance was at 26 cents, and this is not the first time this has happened, and keep in mind, I HAVENT EVEN HAD THE PHONE A WHOLE MONTH! WHO IN THE HELL HAS THE MONEY DURING AN ECONOMIC TIME LIKE THIS TO LITERALLY THROW MONEY AWAY TO SOME HOLE-IN-THE WALL, BUNCH OF RUDE ###S WITH NO ABSOLUTE COMMUNICATION SKILLS COMPANY SUCH AS VIRGIN MOBILE! NOT ME! Virgin Mobile should just HANG IT UP, like there rude ### employees do, and let the real phone companies stand strong! (SPRINT, BOOST MOBILE, VERISON WIRELESS, AT&T) Virgin Mobile and there rude employees can shove their phones, plans, minutes, top-up cards, and whatever else they try to scam you with, right in the trash, where VIRGIN MOBILE belongs!

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reconnection of mobile phone

My mobile phone was thought to have been lost. and a hold was placed on the phone the phone was recovered and repeated and I say repeated requests to your [protected] and team have failed to have the phone reconnected.
Your staff on 1300 keep telling me the unit is connected when it is not so. obviously they are incapable of preforming this task.
all I want is for my mobile to be reconnected and fast,
my mobile number is [protected] the mobile screen shows invalid USM.
Fix my phone quick as I have been trying to get service since the 13th . If you can't fix pay me out and I'll get another carrier.
please advise waat you intend to do.
clyde nott.

  • Cl
    clyde nott Oct 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mobile phone was thought to have been lost. and a hold was placed on the phone the phone was recovered and repeated and I say repeated requests to your 1300 555 100 and team have failed to have the phone reconnected.
    Your staff on 1300 keep telling me the unit is connected when it is not so. obviously they are incapable of preforming this task.
    all I want is for my mobile to be reconnected and fast,
    my mobile number is 0402983182 the mobile screen shows invalid USM.
    Fix my phone quick as I have been trying to get service since the 13th . If you can't fix pay me out and I'll get another carrier.
    please advise waat you intend to do.
    clyde nott.

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verify an email form these companies regarding a job offer

I recieve two email job offer from two telecommunication companies from uk.. Vodafone and virgin mobile after...

services disconnect

The reason for this letter, I, Sharon Alexander, at 942 Hill St, Montgomery, Alabama, 36108, want to stop a payment that was made August 25, 2008 to Virgin Mobile Cellphone. The amount was $63.00 from my Debit Visa Card. My card number is [protected]. I paid the phone bill on Monday, August 25, 2008, and Saturday, they cut my phone off. They have my $63.00 and Victoria, a representative I spoke with said that they charged me $0.18 a minute when they know that I have a plan for $59.99 a month with them, with tax $63.00. I called and talked to another representative, Mrs. Jane, and asked Jane could they refund my money or give me my 600 daytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends. I was told no, they couldn't. So that's why I am writing this statement because I want my refund back from Virgin Mobile. They know I am on the monthly plan and I've been with them for about 4-5 years. The reference number is [protected].

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[Resolved] total rip off

Does anyone have a class action suit against Virgin Mobile? Or does anyone know how to file one and join me...

charging for incomming calls

I have a cell phone from 'Virgin mobile USA' and I choose the '18�¢ TALK' as TALK PLAN. in this plan there is no charge for incoming calls. After one month later I recognize that they are charging me for every thing even for incoming calls.Now, I am afraid to open the light on my cell phone, because Virgin Mobile may charge me for that.

I have tried to reach the 'Virgin Mobile Customer Service' but they do not reply to my emails. they sent an email which says that I am not being charged for 'INCOMING CALLS' but they are charging me.

last ten days incoming calls are recorded on my phone. I have sent these records to them but they do not replied yet.

and I am being charged for incoming calls. can somebody help me about that?

I dont remember that I sign something which was about: I am accepting that I can be charged for incoming calls???

  • Ma
    maryellenreed Jul 19, 2013

    i am being charged as well! IM SICK OF IT.. I don't understand how they can charge for INCOMING CALLS!.

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fake job offer by dr paul stone. registered recruiting officer virgin mobile communication uk andrew square

This is an affirmation that your experiences and qualifications where found suitably qualified for the...


I am a long time customer of Virgin Mobile. We had five phones and accounts with them. They have lost my...

lack of response to my account

i lost my cell phone on 6/21/08 called to suspend account 6/22/08 at that time ordered a replacement phone paid the shipping charges off of my cash balance..the incompetent non-english speaking associate put the wrong zip code in for my address... thus suspending my order... upon seeing my cash balance returned i phoned virginmobile and was assured the funds were replaced due to my "inconvenience" and that my phone would arrive by Wednesday 6/25/08..of course this didn't happen... so the order was suspended... money was taken off my account again and the phone reordered..was assured the phone would arrive before the weekend... which of course it didn't... supposed to be reordered by 6/30/08... upon calling that morning found out no it wasn't ordered it was still suspended and just sitting and waiting... for what i am unsure of... in the mean time my account that i pay monthly for ended as of 7/1/08... causing me to lose 422 minutes i prepaid for and 3 weeks of unlimited text messaging i paid for... also my account was being charged for virginxl daily and the account was suspended... needless to say here it is 7/1/07 and still no phone and money i paid for a service gone and no service rendered... and all i get is it will take 24-72 hours for someone to respond to this issue... well i am in day 9 of this 24-72 hour wait period with no phone nothing but the run around... what is going on with your company?? Is this standard protocol? Give the customer the run around till their service runs out so when you do finally do what you say they have to purchase more minutes ect from you to use the phone?? Or is it that you just don't do what you say you will on your website "delivery in 2-3 business days" but take the money immediately from the cash balance to satisfy your quota or whatever your scam is??

double charged

After taking money from my prepaid card Virgin Mobile also charged my bank. They have refused to issue a...

incompetent thieves

Virgin Mobile's online cell phone ordering system automatically changed my delivery address. I never received the phone, but was charged $105. After repeated complaints, they finally agreed to send a second phone, but it never arrived. I disputed the charge with the credit card company and got a refund. In retribution, Virgin suspended service on a previously existing account, but only AFTER charging me $15.90 for top-up. Their customer service people are unthinking, scripted idiots who lie and are rude. They don't care about customers. Their customer service phone system is terrible. All in all, a bunch of incompetent thieves.

  • Jo
    john green Aug 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    virginmobile is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are also total thieves. be warned. They turned off my phone for nothing and kept my minutes and my cash. The workers on the other end of the line are the stupidest people I have ever talked to. I am going to stand out in front of their office tomorrow with a sign and tell all that they are a lying, rude, thieving crappy, company.

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  • Pk
    Pkukitol Sep 02, 2009

    Done with this poor company now, smashed the phone to make sure i totally eliminate them..These theives charge their high rates if you let your ballance reach $1.50 (and immediatly put money on your ballance) when your on their $2 a day plan...had a $15 top up that lasted about 20 minutes...This ignorant company must be shut down in the future.With the hurting economy and such negative comments everywhere about Virgin Mobile, i'm very suprised the big box stores keep them around, That 20 minute thievery has happened a few times now, very dissapointing

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charged twice for 3 month plan of $20.00!

I purchased a Virgin Mobile cell phone and called to activate my service. The phone I had did not work and...

phone wont work

I have three virgin mobile phones in my home and all three have stop working at the same time i called virgin mobile this a.m. all three numbers goes voicemail.but no ring. this has happened before. pls help me my numbers are:[protected], [protected], and [protected]. please dont tell me I have to buy another phone. please advise

  • Ca
    cameronpatz Jul 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Incrediable, that happened to me and two others with Virgin, happened 1 month after the one year warrenty expired and they wont replace the phone. Its a scam, those phones are built to last for 1 year then fail. Lets sue!!!

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can't get a good english speaking person on phone for help

I am very annoyed with their phone support customer service.

Good luck finding someone that speaks clear English...

How can I get a problem solved or question answered when the person answering the phone speaks very bad English?

Email takes a bit long for answers... at least lately.

  • Ma
    Matt H. Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Couldn't agree more. Their "service" is horrible. All Indians. No English. They have no clue about anything. And the worst part: I get kicked out. All the friggin' time. Either right away, as soon as someone is on the line finally, or after I have explained all my issues. This sucks. No customer respect or anything. I wish friggin' Branson would spend more money on these services, than on stupid tourist space flight.

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  • M
    M Aug 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thier customer service is very unreliable. It takes a time to get to a live person, and when they finally pick up the call, they have either no clue or drop the call. My call was transferred to a native English speaker, but he hang up my call in middle of the conversation. The worst of all, they blame my phone line for the dropped calls...

    1 Votes
  • Ro
    Roderick52 Aug 14, 2009

    The worst phone company on the planet.According to the mins I use as oppsed to what I pay for It must be $2 a minute.Horrible phone horrible customer service a total ripoff.
    R brentnall
    Toronto On Canada

    1 Votes
  • So
    S.O.L Jan 17, 2011

    Yup, with out a doubt one of the least reliable phone services out there...dropped calls, piss poor reception while driving...and expensive as all hell with .20 a minute charges...christ I wish my credit didn't suck so bad so I can get a real phone...

    1 Votes

scam and fraud!

I have been trying to discontinue my service, as I no longer need it. I haven't been able to contact...

sales scam!

I purchases a Virgin Mobile Cell phone recently and when I tried to activate it, I was told that it was not unlocked. I went to the store, Target, that I bought it from and they tracked my sale and showed me that my phone had been activated on the day of the sale,1/21/09. The Customer Service girls contacted Virgin Mobile at [protected] and was then referred to [protected]. The representative told Target to either refund me or give me another phone and the persons in the from office would not give the Customer Service girls the VCD# that she needed to do this.The representative at the 800# told me that he would investigate the problem and to give him 24 to72 hrs before I tried to activate my phone again. It has been a full week and still nothing has been done.

I am disappointed in both parties of this situation and I am out the cost of the phone plus a Top Up card that I purchased at another place. At 61 yrs of age I can not afford to throw my money away. Disappointed in Mansfield

  • Ev
    Evelyn Ross Apr 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A customer service representative promised me that I would receive compensation for every day I was without service. When I called to get it, I was told that it was misinformation and I would receive bonus minutes that would begin at the end of my
    monthly minutes. That was also incorrect. When I called back to find out why I was not getting what I was promised for a second time, I find out that once again I was given misinformation. Not only that, but my plan was terminated early and the bonus minutes began. The bonus was
    half of what I had paid for. I think that it is extremely poor customer service when you keep getting told "I'm sorry, but that
    information was incorrect, we can't do that", and then just left hanging. My money was just taken from me and all I hear is I can't do anything about it. I know this is totally wrong and I would like either my money reimbursed or my coverage.

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  • Ga
    Gashauler Sep 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been hit with the same scam from Virgin phone, Wal-mart makes money through them, and I am going to take Wal-mart to court.

    Virgin advertises 5 cent a minutes, then it turns out to be 33 cent a minute if you look at it with other tricks they use to get people to make them rich.

    Virgin phone say they bill a minimum of 36 second, but in real life they charge more than that. I talk less than half a minute just to ask my sister in law for where my brother is, so quick seconds turns to be 1.03 minute.

    Both Wal-mart and Virgin Phone should be penalized by Attorney General.

    Please Officer, take them down.

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not able to cancel order!

Placed on Web order on 12/01/07, received an auto-reply email stating order would ship within 1-2 business days, which was strange as web stated 3-5 days since I used free shipping option. Called after 2 days, first person told me that because of how I ordered (free shipping). That delivery would be 7-10 business days, didn't have paperwork in front of me at time of call, but check it after and found the 3-4 days, called back and only received response that said I would get in Fridays (5 days). When I called on Friday, to get tracking number since order did not arrive, first person gave me my order number as a FedEx tracking number, I then asked for him to hold while I checked it, and when I said it was not valid, he said he would transfer me to the shipping dept, but proceed to hung up on me. Called back, then was told that no the order did not ship, and they had no ideal when it would and thought that most likely one of the items were on back-order, and they only shipped complete orders. They also informed me they could not contact shipping to get more information. On the 13th sent a email to their our team email, asking for delivery status, giving them 2 business days to respond. First respond said order shipped and gave me tracking number, but it was for a second phone I ordered since I discovered on my own that the out of stock item was the car charger, and decided to try the phone anyway. I reply back that they gave me information on the wrong order, they replied back to call them. I called and was again told that an item was out of stock, and they did not have a shipping date. I then asked to cancel the order, and was politely told that I could not. Funds are still on hold in my PayPal account, since they are only pending, and PayPal can't remove them, only Virgin Mobile can until 30 days. Bottom line, no order, no funds, no promised delivery date. Sent emails to their public relations dept, and out of 4 email, not even an auto-reply. Worst customer service I have ever seen. Beware of ordering on their web-site.

  • Da
    Danielle May 13, 2009

    my phone was turned off due to unatharized credit card use then was prooven to be a mistake and wont turn my phone back on I had 80.00 dollars on my phone and they wont even give me a refund also had a 100.00 dollar phone that they wont cancel out my account now I cant use it for anything

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  • Er
    Erikka Feb 26, 2010

    I just went through a similar ordeal. Terrible customer service relations. You cannot get to the shipping department if your life depended on it. Ridiculous runaround and then after weeks of B.S. The customer service rep hung up on me for absolutely no reason what so ever. I hadn't raised my voice once ~ I just wasn't going to accept the same 800 number that they had given me 2 times prior to get rid of me. Then, she simply hung up. Loser Corporation with no answers? What's that about?? I do respect their CEO. He needs to know what's going on. His representatives SUCK.

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  • Kh
    khalilia Dec 24, 2010

    I ordered my phone on Dec 17, 2010...Dec 20, Monday I called to see if its been shipped because I paid for overnight shipping. The girl said Ill get it tomorrow..Next day I got nothing..No tracking number no phone..I called again-the guy said Ill get my phone on Wednesday..(got nothing on wednesday) Called again-a lady made a trouble ticket for my phone informing I should get it by on Thursday I still had no tracking number..I called said wheres my phone-I got transfered to some guy who said they have been havin problems with orders from Dec15-Dec21..checked my order and said I should recieve by morning on Friday...checked order status -still in submit and i have no tracking number still (on FRIDAY)..on Wednesday I had tried to cancel my order and I could not she told me I had to refuse the package once I get it from fedex...I have googled and looked them up on FACEBOOK and theres complaints everywhere about there shipping and also there phones..ppl arent getting text, pics or not even able to use internet...also they hv made multiple mistakes by posting top-ups to the wrong accts and ppl not getting there money back

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unfair billing practice

A few months ago I pressed the $ button on the handset by accident, which allowed me to get access to my account balance (I usually don't want to use this function because it will charge me 10 cents each time). Since then I have been careful not to touch this button again. But I didn’t know that the company kept charging me 10 cents every day for the flowing months, until recently I found my account balance unusually low and went online to check my account activities. I called the customer service line and I was told that once I press this button they will automatically activate the service of “access to account balance” and charge me 10 cents every day. I don’t think this is fair; charging a customer for a daily service without informing the customer is not an honest practice for business.

The $ function, located in an up-scroll button, is very easy to be pressed by mistake. I don’t understand why Virgin Mobile designed this button that way. In Virgin Mobile's theory, customers of Minute2Minute (a prepaid program) are those who use their cell phones infrequently, which is true, but then why Virgin Mobile would think that these infrequent users would need to check their account balance every day? To me this is a way Virgin Mobile designed to make extra money. I don’t expect them to do their business in decent manners, but charging customers without their awareness is unfair and should be stopped. They should have clearly informed customers by a message in the handset screen, or in the user agreement when the contract is signed at the first place. When I complained about it in the phone to their customer service department on Nov. 26, 2007, I was told by the company’s representative that this information is available in their website. But do we need to go through so many pages of their websites to search for the possible hidden charges?

  • Le
    Lee Apr 13, 2009

    I agree. I just discovered that I'm being billed .10 per day for Virgin Extras, supposedly for downloading. I did not know that I had the service, do not use it or know how to use it. I've had the phone since 2003 and they offered me a 10.00 adjustment for the money they've stolen from me over the years. They have removed their
    corporate info from the website and the reps and supervisors will not give the number to reach someone in that office.

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virgin mobile usa - customer service is a joke!

I recently purchased a Slider Sonic from Virgin Mobile. The following is the email correspondence. Thi...

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