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beware international roaming

My son went on a school trip to USA in Apr 09. In an emergency I wanted him to be able to reach us. I called Virgin Mobile to see how international roaming worked. My son has a top up account with a limit of R99 pm. He uses pre pay to obtain more airtime. Virgin explained I need to call them a week before he leaves to activate international roaming. I was told that as this was a top up account if his limit was reached while he was away he would not be able to contact us. I topped up with an extra R300. While he was away I received 3 sms from him and I sent 2 sms, thereafter we instant messaged via facebook. In April I received a bill for R17-40 for outgoing sms for R17.40 and in May a bill for R16.99 for 6 sms. In Sep I received a bill for R2746.86 for 26 calls. He insists he made no calls, the only conclusion we can come to is that some one else used his phone. I have queried the account but am told I am liable. How can a 'prepaid account' suddenly become an unlimited one? I did not sign anything to that effect, nor was told that I could be liable for an unlimited bill. Surely in such cases Virgin is obliged to make the customer aware of this & to sign a document to this effect.

credit card fraud

I cancelled my daughter's cell phone in the beginning of March 2009 with Virgin Mobile because we bought her a nicer phone with Sprint. At the end of July, I noticed a charge on my husband's credit card on July 9th for $103.22 to Virgin Mobile. I thought it was odd since I had spent over 30 minutes with a new rep on July 17th topping up my account that I currently have with them with the credit card in my name. I immediately phoned Virgin Mobile and questioned the charged. After being put on hold for a while, I was told by the rep that he needs to fill out a fraud report. We went through the whole process as he asked me questions...such as "Do you know who made this charge", etc. Satisfied, I waited over a week to check on the situation.
When I called to check on the situation, the woman told me she did not see any notations or reports on my file. Putting me on hold for awhile again, she came back and stated she would help me file a fraud report. She also assured me the phone number the credit card charge was connected to would be disconnected. At this time, I had NO IDEA this charge was for the phone I had disconnected way back in March and threw in the garbage. At no time now or before was I informed it was for the phone I cancelled back in March. She told me the process takes about 7-10 days. In the meantime, I checked my bank statement and found they had also taken another $103.22 on June 8th.
I waited the 10 days and called again on 09/06/2009. After speaking to someone who again had no idea what I was talking about, I demanded to speak to a supervisor. After speaking to another guy, who again had no idea what I was talking about, I again demanded to speak to someone who spoke English and was a supervisor, as I thought I was speaking to one already as requested. "Mark" then informed me this was for the phone I cancelled back in March. He told me I never cancelled it! When I questioned why my credit card was not charged in March, April or May, he could not answer that. He then accused me of using the phone to check my voicemail (my daughter's phone). I then lost my temper. After being put on hold numerous times and argueing, I finally got what I thought was satisfaction. A refund for $206.88 in the form of a check sent to my home address, since the bank account and credit card that was used was now closed. He told me the refund would be issued in 24-72 hours. The next morning, 09/07/2009, I had an email from Virgin Mobile. It said "Congatulations! You just made the switch to .20 per minute" on the cancelled phone!!! Now I was REALLY angry! I spoke with numerous other reps, demanded a supervisor and finally got the supervisor "Jeff". They can never give me their last names nor can they give me their "headquarters" phone numbers that they keep claiming they were speaking to. Now I was told that my credit card was refunded that morning, but only for one month because they could not go back further. A credit card that they were well aware of had been closed!! On a Holiday! Now they told me it was my bank's fault!
From the day before until that day, the account went from not being able to do anything, to them illegally putting fake phone calls and text messages on the account. The phone calls were pulled off of the account from back in March. They were suddenly made on 09/05 and 09/06. They were made to my daughter's friend's old phone that is no longer connected! The text messages were from "dada". When I phoned the number to inquire about charges that began from them too now, they had the exact same accent as the people at Virgin Mobile. Of course all this information is no longer available for me to access. Luckily I printed out most of it. I finally had to report the phone "lost or stolen" via their website to stop the madness.
I informed them I would contact every television station and anyone else who was willing to listen if I did not receive the full $206.88 by check in the mail. They refused. I told them I recorded each and every conversation I had with them as well. He objected to my doing so, and still refused to refund me.
I further noticed that my active cell account has $.15 taken out of it every single day at 3:15 a.m. Multiply illegal credit card charges times millions of customers...that's a lot of money. Multiply $.15 times millions of customers, that's alot of money as well. I have no idea what to do about this situation now. I emailed them and receive no responses.

allowed third party charges and won't help

Virgin Mobile won't resolve this issue. Below is basically the email I sent them.

On Saturday, September 6, I was searching for Yankee Candle coupons. I clicked on In order to register, the site asked for a cell phone number. I entered my cell phone number, received a several text messages, and a password. My Virgin Mobile Top-up message popped up to let me know to add more money to my cell phone. I just added money 24 hours earlier. To my horror, this company charged $9.99 to my cell phone plus the text message charges. And, there was nothing on the top of the website to indicate a fee would be charged.

I went back to their main website again and kept scrolling down, and in fine print it mentioned the fee and indicated to go to the cancel page. but there’s no link. So I went to the Internet and found which has complaints concerning “canceling”. I followed the instructions to go to and read more fine print. Finally, I find and this site wants my cell phone number and password to cancel, so I did. I did receive a text message that I was canceled, but I don’t trust them.

Also, I sent the company a short email stating that I wanted my money back and why.

partial service for full payment

Here is a sample of a letter I wrote to Headquarters at Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile Corporate...

no service, no return on my contact

I sent this letter which explains all:
To whom it may concern

I have had the most disgusting service from Virgin Mobile and will try to explain.

1. I was called to say that I qualify for a new phone (April 2009). I was told that my application was successful. (I am to this day NOT AWARE of even applying).
2. Upon receiving my first statement, I was billed for a line that was ported to Vodacom in January 6, 2009. [protected]. I blocked the payment, and reported the mistake, or I thought it was a mistake ( much rather incompetence.)
3. On the second statement, one month later, an amount of R1 500 was illegally taken from my account and once again there was the charge for the above number. This I allowed through and many many many calls and e mails from my side with NO, NONE AT ALL, reaction from the so called SORT ME OUT centre. (What a joke!)
4. We will call you back in 20 minutes has proven to be a lie, as this never happened.
5. I was promised that the problem would be sorted as the person(s) that spoke to me could see, or so they said, that there was a mistake on my bill.
6. On the 5 May, 2009, I received a Nokia N96.
7. On the 19th July, the cell refused to boot up. I went to Musica store and was told that I need proof that I bought the phone from them, I have been billed three times for the phone, but I need proof of Purchase before they could take the Phone in for repairs.
8. On the next call, I was asked: You opened the phone so there is no waranty. I objected and was told: You opened the box, so the waranty is cancelled. (How would one use a phone in a box? I really cannot tell you. I told the guy that he cannot be serious and was told that that is the way it works, if the box was opened, the phone must be fixed at my cost)
9. I was promised that the bill which should be R550 will be corrected. And on my request as to what my next payment would be, was given the amount of about R926. BACK TO SQUARE ONE!
10. I asked repeatedly to speak to the Manager, or director or whatever the person is called designated :IN CHARGE and was told that they were not allowed to give out that info. But I must tell them and they will sort it out. I was left with a dead line on many, many more than one occasion.

I would like to know what my next step, short of legal advice, would be. This letter will be forwarded to Nokia. This is a desperate attempt to get this sorted out.
I have a phone I cannot use, a bill I will not pay, and I do not have the time as I have a business to run, being a small business man that works for myself. NO WORK, NO PAY. My Patients cannot contact me, I have lost all my info on the phone as the phone is dead. AND no-one interested in helping me.

I can highly reccommend the salesman in the Musica Shop at Fourways as he sincerely tried to help me, he can be contacted to confirm all the above.

Yours faithfully

Dr Francois Connoway

  • Up
    uppinya26 Jul 17, 2010

    I restarted my plan, ( like I do every month for the past 2 years) after I topped up 2 days ago and got a low text bal;ance this morning! I have been on the phone 4 two hours with live advisors and, Mellisa#660170, and Mark# 32652 and they wont credit my account! This is the third time this has happened to me and the first time that Virgin Mobile wouldnt credit my account!! It will be the last time too if this is not fixed! If you need my $40 that bad that you are willing to loose a customer than so be it! I am sending these messages to your corporate offices and CEO, VP and also twittering and facebooking this scam! This will cost Virgin Mobile much more than the $40they ripped me off by the time I am through! And I Will be through being a loyal paying customer as well! Thank you!

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lousy customer service - not able to cancel online order

Writing this all down has made me feel this is a lost cause thanks.

Here is a log of the initial complaint and all the problems I had just getting the phone and I was just going to let that phone sit in front of an empty house in Murrietta, CA as I was SO frustrated with VIRGIN MOBILE and the lacadasical way people had been dealing with me as a customer.

1. original order placed 6-7-2009 online w/ no option to change shipping method to overnight shipping (I tried to go back 2 times and lost my order and had to redo it 2 times already).

2. Spoke to Supervisor on 6-7-2009 to possibly cancel my order since the offer I had agreed to ran out 6-9-2009 and I was sure my son in SoCal would not get the phone in 2 days, she assured me I would have the phone on 6-9-2009 and to call in and activate it asap. She also assured me that the order had already packaged up and shipped. Which I thought was weird since it was early morning and the very next day.

3. Called in [protected] still no phone Transfered to a specialist for 14:50 I was told in a snobby way that I should have read that the Free 3-5 day shipping is "business days" and that if I needed the phone earlier I had the option when I was online to order next day shipping she went on to regail me in the many times she had gone to the virginmobile website and it's right there in black and white. I was and am still livid at the way she spoke to me I said thats it cancel this order I want to speak to a supervisor right now and she hung up on me. From that moment on every call I made to your company made me madder and madder.

4. My son left SoCal [protected] without the phone I called in to make sure that the order had been cancelled I was told it couldn't be cancelled that I would need to check with Fed-Ex. I called I was told by fed-Ex that because I wasn't the shipper (virgin mobile) or the reciever I couldn't have the order rerouted to my billing address. I put my son on the phone and then Fed-Ex said we'd need to call back after the package was delivered.

5. Called [protected] Fed-Ex.w/ my son to have the package redirected we were told we couldn't have the order rerouted to my billing address because the package had already been delivered and that the shipper had an OK to leave at the door.

6. Called back to Virgin to say that the phone was sitting in front of an empty house and they should have fed-ed pick it up as I was contacting my bank to have the charges returned as I had requested multiple times to cancel the order starting with the very next day before the order was even processed.

Previously I worked as a CSR then in QC and as a Supe for a long distance company, I dealt with customers who had bad experiences, were angry at the situation or at the way the CSR handled their specific problem. I finished at that compny after years of training new reps and being brought over to a new company specifically to train their csr's in proper phone sales and service so I am not new at this. I have never in my life been so upset at a company that I would have just let their product go into the garbage can as I was during all this. I feel like Virgin Mobile does not respect their customers enough to properly train your csr's in how to avoid an escalated call and when they do get a call thats escalating that should at least be trained enough that they can tune into the job at hand and find and correct the concern.

So now you tell me how long I have spend on the phone or online or emailing this company... when I bill my customers through my company I bill at $75-$125 an hour I have spent over 5 hours trying to get through all this crap and I seriously dont want to do any more. I am done forget the phone, forget the fraud dept let it stand I dont want anything from this crappy company and while we are at it I will cancel the phones I have for my employees and our business.

  • Ky
    Kyle12 Sep 24, 2009

    I know! It is almost impossible to just get some one on the phone and then someone on top of that who actually knows what they are talking would be a miracle. And to just find information out is a challenge. I heard that virgin came out with a plan for lower income people in i think cali but im not to sure and i want to find out information like if they are going to extend it nationwide. I think its only fair that they do but its near impossible to find information out about it or even talk to someone at virgin.

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scam and canceling service without reason

I am an European tourist in the US. I bought a phone with Virgin mobile and my phone number is [protected]. My first bad experience was finding out that I don't have a Virgin mobile coverage at the address where I was staying, although I was assured by the person who sold me the phone that this would not be a problem. But I was OK with that, because I had my European phone connected to AT&T and I was reachable. I used the Virginmobile phone to make outgoing calls primarily. But then on 7/7/2009 my phone got suspended. From Virginmobile support they told me that I was using 2 different credit cards to top-up. „Of course I did“ - I replied - „This is because your system does not recognize my own credit card (probably because it's European) and this is why I'm asking friends to top up for me“. Then they told me that one of the credit cards owners asked for a refund. I called both persons right away. This was simply not true. Nobody had asked for any refund whatsoever. I called Virginmobile support again and said that this was not true and that my account should be reinstated. The operator said that in order to get my account reinstated, I should fax a copy of both credit card to a fax-number or an email. This was possible for one card, but was impossible for the other as the other person is on vacation and is away from any faxes or the Internet. „Furthermore, this is not my problem“ - I explained. Finally they promised to reinstate my phone within 4 hours. As you may expect, and I wouldn't be writing this otherwise, this did not happen. On the next day I called again and after being forwarded and redirected I ended up talking to an account supervisor. We argued for about 30mins – she kept on telling me that I had to lose 2 hours of my time to deal with paperwork and I kept on explaining that what I did was not illegal in any way and that Virginmobile had absolutely no right to suspend my account and deny to deliver the service which I paid for. Finally the connection broke up because of bad coverage.
I am not a conflict person, but what Virginmobile is doing is simply unfair. From a customer's point of view they are taking money and then finding a way to cut and refuse to deliver the service which you charged for. And everybody keeps saying that it's the customer's right that matters. Right now I am left with the following questions, which nobody answered:
1.Even if we assume that suspending a phone because of credit card inconsistency is OK, then why did not Virginmobile reinstate my account after finding out that there is no problem?
2.Why did the Virginmobile live advisor lie to me that one of the credit card owners claimed illegal transaction and asked for refund?
3.Why did the next Virginmobile live advisor lie to me that my phone would be reinstated in 4 hours (although I assume she did that with all best purpose to truly reinstate my account)
4.Why does Virginmobile require absolutely useless paperwork provided that no problem is present?
5.Finally – why does Virginmobile charge customers for a service that is later canceled with an illogical explanation? Is this not equal to taking money and not delivering service from a customer's point of view?

Svilen Maximov, Mount Kisco NY

over charging debit card

I originally topped up for my monthly plan. For some unknow reason there were charges above the normal plan and taxes. This brought my account balance 13 cents below the top-up amount to renew my monthly plan. When I logged into my account it took me to a page that showed that my account was 13 cents below renewing. And to update payment method. So I re-entered my debit card. It did not take me to a verification page to show me what was going to be charged and make sure the information was correct. It just charged my card again the entire amount. I could not afford to have double my payment half of being held by virgin mobile. When I called to ask the refund the remaining balance they hung up on me and then charged my card another $20.00 dollars. I called again and they refuse to refund my money. Help!!!

  • Ge
    GeneralStark Jun 04, 2009

    There are many pending class actions against cell phone providers listed on

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unauthorized bank debit

Second time virgin has pulled this trick. I had to use my visa to add time to my cell phone & clicked no, do not remember this card. Virgin changed my preference & put the card number into the network to use for any & all monthly purchases; I found out with an overdraft email from my bank! My grandson did purchase a $40.00 top up using his mastercard, I was broke, & I was right here showing him how to get thru the online purchase. No doubt the card information entered was his mastercard & his mastercard numbers. Yesterday, I get a $35.00 overdraft email from my bank ; I checked my statement & see a $43.28 charge from virgin mobile. I called the bank, began the fraud order. We closed my bank card. I sent virgin an email asking why they pulled such a trick again & they responded with a nonsense reply about I made a hand purchase of $10.00 - they will probably attempt to charge that 10 bucks to my card too-big surprize - it's closed. They totally ignored the reason I wrote them-this $43.28 charge & the changing of my preference. Virgin may have charged both cards.

  • Mt
    mtnmama Dec 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a similar problem, although I am still very confused. Here are the details. My hubby and I both have VM phones and usually top up via internet with our credit card. We've been with them for years and never had a complaint. Last top up was 11/13/09. A double charge. But hubby figures it was his mistake so we don't worry about it. On 11/30/09 my bank called to tell me a flag had come up on our card and asked if we had just made like 7 charges on the card around 3pm that day with amazon digital services. We had not. So the card was disabled. Fraud investigation begins. I still know nothing about whether person(s) making the charges have been tracked down. And as far as I know, it has nothing to do with Virgin Mobile. Fast forward to 12/21/09. Hubby tries to use phone. Account suspended and they ask him to talk to a live advisor. Advisor tells him something like there is suspected fraud so his phone acct is suspended. They want him to have our bank email them at some email address like [email protected] or something like that verifying that the credit card was really disabled. We visit our bank to ask if they have ever had something like this come up before. The best advice the person could give was to have Virgin Mobile make the request they requested of my husband in writing. I find that my phone has also been suspended. I tried calling a live advisor. Cut off several times. Finally spoke to someone. What a nightmare. Since I don't know my V-key they can't access my acct. I answered the security question correctly. They said they'd email me my V-key within a few hours. Over 24 hours later... nothing. But they did ask me an interesting question. They asked whether I topped up by normally using a top up card or by using a credit card. And then they wanted me to verify the credit card number. I explained that we had fraudulent charges charged to our old card and we canceled the card and had a new one. I also told them I refused to say my credit card number on a cell phone. They only wanted the last 4 digits of the old card, so I told them that. Strange question. Mind you, they do not keep our credit card on file that I know of, AND, we are not on any sort of plan that automatically charges our card. So... why would they even know about all this UNLESS the fraud investigation has pinpointed them as the culprit (which I don't know if that is true) OR they tried to charge my old card again for stuff we never authorized and they card came back denied?
    In reading their terms of service, I gather that they use a third party for billing matters. Perhaps someone in that third party is a crook? I plan on calling to check up on the fraud investigation to see if virgin mobile has been questioned. We certainly did not initiate any chargebacks with them.
    Anyone starting a class action law suit out there? Count us in!! I know I am going to lose my balance and so is my husband. We have already resigned ourselves to having to find another prepaid phone company to work with. I am just so disgusted with the customer service being outsourced to people who have no clue and are useless for all intents and purposes. I take surveys as a hobby. I can't wait for the next round of cell phone company surveys. I am gonna tell it like it is! Virgin Mobile is shady and I would never recommend them to anyone now. I will be putting my story up on all the social networks as well. I want everyone to know to stay away from Virgin Mobile. Things will never get better unless we talk with our pocketbook. If anyone still chooses to stay with VM - then I suggest ONLY topping up via a top up card. NEVER give them your credit card number!

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  • Gr
    GrammaAngel Dec 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It took 3 months to get our phone off suspension the FIRST time they hacked my husbands card. He bought me $10.00 one time. A month later I used MY card to to up & instead they charged HIS card twice. We thought that was an honest mistake until it happened again. We used a Mastercard to top up my phone, I was giving the phone to my Grandson. They charged MY VISA where I had No funds available AND the Mastercard as well. Visa paid faster & my Grandson had to wait for his funds to become available so I could be refunded my money PLUS the OverDraft fee it generated. VIRGIN told me I should balance my own accounts to make sure I don't get overdrawn! They worded their response to the FAA very carefully- avoiding the TYPE of credit card that was used. They also said I had "LISTED" my Visa as the card to always use. I checked the "One Time Use ONLY" but-sneaky Virgin has another place that has to be checked to not save the card number as well as checking the box I did during the purchase. You have to go back INTO your account & make sure the card has been deleted. Wells Fargo failed to protect us-if we give our card info ONCE- that company can charge whatever & it's not fraud or unauthorized. Top Up Card is th only safe way to do this. Avoid VIRGIN MOBILE- bunch of sneaky thieves!

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  • Jg
    JGIRL2011 Jul 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes I am having big issues with virgin mobile as well.They have over used my cc as well as over draft fees to my checking acc. And now I used a top-up card and of curse my phones are shut off again they want me to add another top-up card and im not doing it.There a rip off from when i got them in march 2011 until right now. They are the worst pre-paid company i have ever used. Never again will i use this company again. Thank-You a VERY PO WOMAN.

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  • Ta
    tay battle Jun 03, 2016

    iwould like to say that i Taquisa Battle did not authiorize the use of the credit card ending in the last four numbers 4451. the use of this credit card is no longer avaviable for an type of use towards my cell phone account. My cell number is 202 423-9591. The credit card is no longer avail to retreiver any type of information the card has beed totatlly disconnected.

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If you have been had no luck with virgin mobile usa customer service and your issue has not been addressed you can submit a complaint with the fcc. At

www.Fcc. Org go to forms 2000 and submit it online.

  • Gr
    GrammaAngel May 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I tried to get to It said was reserved & available for emails only. Below that was something about satellite radios!? I have to file a complaint against VIRGIN MOBILE. Bunch of theives working there! Good thing all purchases are protected so I will get my money back-however, VIRGIN will probably shut the phone off again & try to get my bank to contact them -which they can't do. It's annoying.

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continuing debit after I deselected the option

Three times I changed my option of having my VISA debit card automatically debited to NOT having it automatically debited, only to find that it has been switched back without my permission. I live on Social Security, and I did not want the debit to go through my bank before my Social Security check was in my account. So, three times my account was overdrawn because of Virgin Mobile, and three times I paid overdraft charges (total of $105). This might not be a hardship to the average person, but, it can mean the difference of whether I buy groceries or not. Two days ago I contacted customer service to complain about this. Today they again automatically debited my bank account, even though I was in the process of communicating with customer service about this problem. Here is the email I sent to them a little while ago:

Can it be possible that your company has actually debited my account for the third time since I requested that you no longer automatically debit my bank account? Twice I have selected the option of NOT having my card automatically debited in Account Services, only to find that it has automatically been switched back. I just sent you an email two days ago saying I did not want this done any longer, because my Social Security check sometimes does not come into my bank until after the 11th, which is the date the automatic debit occurs, and, guess what? YOUR COMPANY DID IT AGAIN TODAY!!! This has left me with a $30.00 overdraft in my bank account, plus a bank overdraft fee of $35.00 on top of that, or a negative balance of $65. It seems unfathomable that, in the midst of trying to get this straightened out, this could actually have happened again. Of course, you guys will simply deny that you are at fault, because what do you care about one customer when you have millions of others? I will never be able to prove that what I say is the truth. The day before my account comes due next month, I will be canceling my service with your company forever. I am elderly and live solely on Social Security. Every dollar is very important to me. Now, thanks to your company, I have no money to buy groceries this week.

I would love to hear from any other customers who have had this happen.

I hope Sir Richard enjoys his caviar and steak!

  • Al
    Allan9101 Jul 26, 2012

    Happened to me time and time again I want a refund... Other wise... Things will get stupid...

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prepaid over charges. poor customer service

I am real ly frustrated with Virgin Mobile Canada. They do not provide online billing or any monthly statement and they always over charge on prepaid service. When asked for statements for verification they take more than 2 months to send.
Even the statement s do not show the why the excess money was taken out.
I tried to talk to the Manager and they don't give the details of higher Managers . They take more than 2 weeks to reply to emails and the reply does not even resolve the problem.
I will be changing my cell phone company soon if they do not refund my over charges. I am looking to get the contact information of the virgin mobile management.
I will be filing a complaint on Virgin mobile canada for not offering prepaid usage viewing online .
Their web site is only for top up and other sales. There is no place to view your usage when you log into prepaid accout in the web site.

  • Ge
    Geneth Mar 12, 2010

    This is becoming a common problem I suppose. Last night I top my 13 year old son's pre-paid phone up through inter-ac online. It was processed for $20 dollars and I saw my balance to reflect this top up amount. When I was gonna use it for the first time again few hours after $20 dollars is gone. It felt like I just dreamed of going online and making a payment then when I woke up, it vanish in the air.

    I feel really sorry for those minors who are getting taken advantage of cell phone providers.

    I spoke to the client service rep but they cannot discuss the matter to me (to think I am the mother) only my 13 year old junior high school son can or can authorize me . Had I not tried to follow up on this I would have not known that this is not the first time but the third time this happened to my son. This must be addressed to the consumer board, as this does not affect working adults only but affecting unemployed young kids who are lured into this kind of gadgets not knowing or fully understanding what they are getting into.

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  • Bz
    bz187 Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    These guys are the worst and i went on there site and there is know where to contact anyone or complain just top up and buy stuff im super frustrated with them.And i tried to get in contact with a manager and they wouldnt let me til i hung up cause i was getting ticked off

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  • P0
    P'd off Mother Jun 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Virgin has terrible customer service; they think they're cool but they're not. Ever wonder why they don't publish head office phone numbers or emails? Because they don't want to hear from their cusomters. My son suspended his phone, they said there was no charge for this, next thing we know, they are phoning us for an overdue account; I said I was paid in full and asked for a deatailed statement but never got one; then the sent us to a collection agency. Noboby will talk to me because I'm the mother even though I paid the account on my credit card! Stay away from Virgin.

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  • Tm
    Tman1980 Jul 07, 2011

    pd off mother is typical of the type of people causing their own problems. No one cares that you paid the bill. If the account isnt in your name, it is ILLEGAL to disclose account details to you without the actual account holders permission. Whether you suspend the phone or not, you are still responsible to pay the lowest base monthly fees for the CONTRACT that was signed. If you have a 3 year contract, you committed and agreed to pay a contract fee for 3 YEARS! not "until i want to suspend my line". So of course if you didnt pay, you got sent to a collection agency. Instead of refusing to accept the RULES and POLICIES that companies HAVE to follow by law, you refused and now there are conseqeunces. I can tell you from personal experience, had you done a couple of very small things and followed up properly, whatever issues you had would of at the VERY LEAST, been explained to you. Whether you could have paid or not is irrelevant, you would at least be educayed enough to know what was going on. You sound like an idiot to anyone who knows how contracts or cell phones work. Refusing to take responsibility for anything that isnt done to your liking...

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  • P0
    P'd off Mother Jul 10, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tman1980, my son called and suspended his own phone which wasn't on a 3 year contract, it was a monthly plan. They told him that there would be no fees for suspension; he was obviously misinformed. We handed it over to our lawyer who took care of the matter. Virgin was wrong and the account is closed nothing is owing. In future, before you shout your mouth off, you should know the facts.

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  • Pr
    Princessa84 Sep 27, 2011

    I think it's just a matter of understanding how cell phone companies work. Not alot of people do so it can be misleading. I have been with virgin for almost 5 years now and Im one of the few who understand how cell companies work so I'm a very satisfied customer. That said you say your son is on a monthly plan, which means he is indeed on a contract. Unless his contract is up and you literally are paying month to month. If your contract is not up then you did indeed owe virgin mobile that money. You say the account was suspended. Suspended is not terminated. You would still owe the minimum monthly balance. Even if you had terminated you would still owe money for termination fees. Now if your son was on a prepaid plan then similar rules apply. You would not owe a monthly balance however you would still be required to do some sort of top up every month. Even if it was just $10. I'm surprised you were able to get your Money back because all these rules and regulations are in the fine print you sign when you get your phone. Like I said not many people k ow this . The only reason I do is because I was burnt by Rogers for this problem once before. But it really is all stated. It's just a matter of taking the time to read it.

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  • Pr
    Princessa84 Sep 27, 2011

    Sorry just re read your last statement so I realize the only reason you were able to get your money back is because they did tell your son he would not be charged. If they had bothered to tell him the truth you wouldn't have been credited because you did owe them. It was a courtesy thing I guess. Consider yourself lucky.

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would not give me what I paid for and refuse to refund my money

I added $60.00 to my account to get the $49.99 plan. Their system automatcally charged me for my previous $24.99 plan. I called customer service and customer service rep Jason and Brian in the Phillipines refused to change plan to $49.99, The refused to refund my money because I told them that I didn't want to pay for something that I did not want. I wanted my 60.00 baack! I paid into the account $60.00, specifically for the 49.99 plan. Brian and Jason, told me that because I made 3 phone calls for 22 minutes, they could not refund my money and refused to give me what I paid for, which the 49.99 plan.

Also note: I choose the $49.99 plan before I paid for it. The website stated that my account would change to the $49.99 plan on 5/6/2009. And On 5/6/2009, I added 60.00 to my account to buy the plan! Their system automatcally charged me for my previous $24.99 plan. so I was left with about $25.00 in my account. I had to stay on the phone with Jason and Brian for an hour! I told them if I did not get the plan that I paid for, that I wanted my money back.

My anger brought me here, and I will write the owner of virgin mobile, the board members and aany Shareholder who would listen. In this economy $60 is a lot of money and the customer should be treated fairly.

  • Di
    Disgruntled Former User Jun 01, 2009

    Similar to what happened to me and a friend. Very long waits in a phone queue to finally be hung up twice. If you do finally reach someone, they are in Nicaragua (in my case) and struggle with the language. Phone line quality is very poor adding to the language barrier. The guy on the other end needs your account access codes so he can go the the same internet page you use. He knows nothing and can do nothing - he has to go on hold for long periods to confer with someone else. With the reduction in rates from mainstream carriers, why deal with these bozos? Sir Richard Branson has certainly sold out.

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  • Ru
    ruaine Mar 18, 2010

    u know what? if you are having a lot of complaints about virgin mobile, don't put the blame to their live advisors.they have some rules to follow also and by not following that certain rule could terminate them right then and's actually their system that sucks! live advisors are being monitored every single day, they are graded and have metrix to follow.they have limits in processing refunds such as dollar amount or minutes.and they are even required to obtain an AHT of 5 minutes in one day so they have to manage their call.they sometimes get frustrated because they are not able to assist the customers well due to the metrix that they follow.most of you might not understand this but then again, don't put the blame to their live advisors.they are trying to do the best that they could to help you resolve your problems about your phone.there are just some concerns that's beyond their control.

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My daughter had her services terminated even though we were not due to top up on our accounts until 5/01/2009. After calling the company's "expert advisors", they can't seem to agree on our previous top up dates. I Purchased VirginMobile 400 minute pack for $30 and a $20. unlimited "text Messaging" and activated it on 3/31/09. This gives you $0.07/minute. It is good for 30 days and Virgin says you have to buy more minutes pre-expiration in order to Rollover minutes left at 30 days, if any. I did as they said, however, this "Company is not acting in "Good Faith". well, they charge 15cent per minutes and .20-80cent on something they call "Voice". the minutes never rollover and I was overcharged. Virgin Mobile is ripping off people, right in front of our faces.I ask you to please look into this matter, for my daughter is not the only one that they have done this to. Please Help Us and the thousands that VirginMobile is taking advantage of.

7lossamount: $150.00

unauthorized billing

On 2/12/09 I put money on my grandkids phones. Virgin Mobile received the money the same day. They suspended the 2 of the 6 kids phones on 2/13.

On 2/16/09 is when I made my first phone call to Virgin Mobile.2/17/09 I have faxed copies of my bank statement and credit card statement along with the front and back of my cards and information on each phone. I have called them on the 19, 20, 21, each time we go through the same thing I have to fax the information to them. I explain but either they don't understand or they are playing with me.

On 2/21/09 I faxed them a note saying I wanted to speak with someone who can understand English. I called again 2/22 again, this AM 2/23 I refaxed them everything again. Now this evening I was hung up on. And the kids still don't have their phones.

They will not give me the billing office number or even tell me where they are located. We have used Virgin Mobile for years with good service . This is outrageous I am on oxygen 24 hrs a day my nerves are shot. This AM they wanted my bank to call them I said why. You will look like and idiot we never get to talk to the same person.

  • Ro
    Ron Feb 16, 2009

    Purchased VirginMobile 1000 minute pack for $50 and activated it on 1/15/09. This gives you $0.05/minute. It is good for 30 days and Virgin says you have to buy more minutes pre-expiration in order to Rollover minutes left at 30 days, if any. I received on my Virgin phone a different beeping, I checked and it was an ALERT at 12am 2/15/09 that your minutes expired! Top Up and buy a new minute pack.

    I checked on phone and online and Virgin says I have 0 minutes.

    I called customer service and was told minutes expired, that I was sent an alert 3 days before. I checked and buried under the Messaging tab is Virgin Alerts was one messages saying expiration coming in 3 days. There was no reminder beeping or anything saying I had an alert! I told rep, I may have had the phone off or not with me 3 days ago!

    I asked customer service WHY couldn't they have sent another alert an hour or whenever BEFORE the expiration instead of sending an alert exactly upon expiration. I don't have a problem losing these minutes if I honestly knew they were about to expire. Not being given any more notice than ONE alert that I never saw and the phone didn't keep beeping to remind me is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE! Was told they ONLY send One alert 3 days before.

    Virgin Mobile, a Gen Y run fiasco company, not ready for recession/depression upon us, IS TOTALLY RIPPING OFF CONSUMERS by these practices.

    Time to port to BOOST phone, now rated best and they have $0.05/minute without all the BS hassle Virgin puts you through.

    GOODBYE AND GO BANKRUPT, VIRGIN MOBILE! I will port out all 3 of my accounts with you!

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  • Ka
    Kathy Mar 18, 2009

    On 3-4-09 I very clearly, in writing, withdrew my previous permission for Virgin Mobile to withdraw any funds from my checking account, or to use my VISA debit card to appropriate any funds for 'payments'.

    To be safe I sent a follow-up e-mail to Virgin Mobile's customer service effective the same day.

    On 3-5-09 I noted that Virgin Mobile had used my VISA without my permission and against my will to misappropriate another month's payment. Doing so caused me to be charged a $30 service fee from my bank, in addition to Virgin Mobile forcibly misusing my debit card to take funds which they knew they had specifically been instructed not to take.

    On 3-5-09 I received a very flippant and glib e-mail from someone named Tina at Virgin Mobile stating that they had received correspondence from me the previous day but couldn't understand it.My directions which I put in writing twice could not have been any more clear. I responded that I consider using my debit card to obtain funds for themselves, after my specific written directions not to, to be a criminal matter.Virgin Mobile still did not return any funds to my account or make any effort to remedy the matter. Don't trust them with auto pay. They have a history of abusing debit card and bank account numbers to rip off customers' checking accounts.

    Additionally, I was quite concerned to learn that Virgin Mobile USA are a division of U.S. Sprint.

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  • Pr
    precious_2009 Apr 06, 2009

    to whom may it concerns, i shauntavia miller paid the amount of $84.50 to cover the monthly cost of allie miller's account . her services was suspened due to the fact i called and reported my card stolen. you all was sent a visa report saying my card was stolen so in return those services was suspended. i went to my bank they do not send emails but was willing to fax all necessary documents over to you all and a letter from the financial specialist ANDY ALLEN saying it was the banks mixup or fault.that i paid for the services and it was honored by the bank. then after everything was said and done al i wanted was the services i paid for to be back on but it was not they told me 3-5days, 7-10 days but now it has been a month now and all i want is my money back . i truly do in my heart i was treated unfairly. then also i was told i was going to get my money back AMBER FLYNN from WACHOVIA N.A.TOLD them that i do not have a visa card anymore but i still have an acct#for the funds to go in it is 1010192170646#-rt#is 061000227. sign, daughter of ALLIE R. MILLER- SHAUNTAVIA M. MILLER

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  • Pr
    precious_2009 Apr 06, 2009

    please answer quickly with a response please i have been waiting all this long time and lies told to me but no response thats unfair to me and every body else that tries to do right and pay the bill when it is supposed to be paid. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!

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  • Pr
    precious_2009 Apr 06, 2009


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  • I had the exact thing happen just today.

    Their routing of the phone calls to their phillipines call center puts you at the mercy with people who have heavy accents, have no regard for the US law / public policy and are unwilling to entertain any idea other than that they are correct. The call center representatives and their supervisors give out fake names and employee id's which are not able to be followed up with.

    Last month they charged my account 3 times and said that they only charged it once. Getting the chargebacks was a nightmare as Chase Bank also uses a phillipines call center.

    This month they charged my backup card without my permission.

    I put sufficient replacement funds into my account via a prepaid card and asked my bank to do a charge back on this month's charge. They disconnected service for "fraud" and said that since the account is "locked out" that they can see the funds but insisted that they are not able to access those funds and the only way to restore service or access to those funds was to reverse the chargeback.

    These Virgin Mobile/Sprint procedures, what they are calling "policies, " are fraudulent on their face.

    Similar stories are reported on other consumer websites as well.

    Does anyone have any U.S. contact information? The philipines call center claims that they have don't have any contact information for the U.S. Virgin Mobile/Sprint centers.

    Also, what is the proper U.S. authority to report Virgin Mobile/Sprint to?

    I'm sure that there will be civil actions as the counts of others with similar stories on the other consumer websites gives the minimum number required to bring a class action.

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  • ps.avoid their auto billing promotion. the 10% free minutes that they offer is a minimal enticement and will never make up for what it would cost you to undo the billing errors, in your time, bank fees, and health.

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  • Virgin Mobile seems to have recently begun engaging in fraudulent billing policies including:

    - billing customers accounts without customer's approval
    - billing customers accounts multiple times for the same period, also without customer approval
    - constructively and illegally seizing customers account funds by
    - disabling customer accounts without cause
    - forcing customers to have one point of access -- their overseas "support (their descriptor, certainly not the reasonable person's, nor the law's)" staff who give out fake names and employee id's and are unwilling and unable to assist customers
    - forcing customers to have one point of access -- their overseas "support (their descriptor, certainly not the reasonable person's, nor the law's)" staff who use deceit and extortive techniques

    If you have been forced to deal with Virgin Mobile's fraudulent billing practices please consider reporting them to your local consumer complaint office, your state attorney's office, appropriate U.S. federal authorities and agencies, including the U.S. Attorney's office/DOJ

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  • Who you need to contact:

    Virgin Mobile

    10 Independence Blvd Ste 200
    Warren, NJ 07059

    Don't waste your time with the Phillipines or Nicaragua call center -- 16+ hours of nonsense with no resolution. One five minute call to the above number with the bank on the line and the issue was resolved.

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sugar mama

For the last couple of weeks i have been trying to get my minutes for taking surveys from virgin mobile "sugar mama" and i want to know what is going on. Usually i have no problem with getting my free minutes but ever time i have been trying i can not get through and i see that the free minute counter is still rolling. So can you check this out for me, thank you.

  • Bl
    blender45 Mar 25, 2009

    I haven't gotten any minutes for two months so when my 90 days are up I am done. I am going elsewhere with my money. 20 cents a minute is ridiculous with no incentives.

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customer service

their customer service freaking sucks!!!
I am so sick of having to go thru sooo many changes to speak to a freaking live advisor only to have them come on the line acting like they are idiots. OMG i hate to speak so negatively about God's creations but I think they are paid to behave this way... NO WAY can someone be that spacious between the ears. GRRRRRR!

  • Al
    alex Mar 21, 2009

    I bought Virgin because I thought it was suppose to be a great company. Found out the phone is never able to complete a call whatsoever. I have each and every one of our calls dropped. I get charged for using my message centre for checking messages. I get charged a fee for the internet even though I don't have internet on the phone. I called to complain and told the Phillipina woman to please transfer the call to the usa. She told me she can't that it's technically impossible. i explain that the last 24 hours I've been transferred no problem. She then proceeds to call me a liar and a piece of work, a ### and a dreadful customer. She tells me she would never worry about me reporting her because she is as high as they go in her office. The CEO won't want to deal with me either she states. So, here I am with her id that i was lucky enough to find, have her name and an email to file the complaint. The only problem is, Virgin doesn't care. So now what? I'm telling as many as I can, rUN, away from all Virgin related products. Who the hell wants to deal with Virtual Alex, talk about pain in the ###.

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  • De
    DENISEMANNS Mar 04, 2011


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  • Ru
    Running Deer Apr 14, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The company I work for bought me a virgin phone and I just topped up and now it won't let me make calls. I am on the $40.00 a month plan and the company took the money out of my account and I still can't make calls. Whats going on. My phone # is (602) 577-5677. I need this phone for work. My email is [email protected] this needs to get taken care of soon.

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  • Ma
    Mandy134 Jun 09, 2011

    The guy said it the best. Run away from this company as fast as you can. They are pathetic. You might think you're getting a good deal but you are about to be screwed over.

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pin number

I can not remember my pin number and when I answered the security question it keeps coming back that the answer if wrong. And I think I would know my mother's maiden name. You now have my name and e-mail address and can you please e-mail me my pin number. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Andre young

  • Sa
    san franciscan Mar 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been a virgin mobile's customer for many years, however, I am soon will not. I think their business practice is not up to par. Many times I have trouble going into my account, even when I put in correct # and passwords. It kept rejecting me. When reporting to the 888 number, they told me it is their computer's being shut down for service. So many times they've been saying this to me whenever I had to call in. And good luck with trying to register the vkey on your phone. When you press account or the $ key on your phone, it's automatically goes straight to your account, so if you try to change or add, like a message plan into your existing contract, it cannot do. This used to be possible a while back, but Virgin updated their system and now it's not doable anymore. I am now being charged 15 cents for each text. This is my last month with Virgin. I am out and will be looking for a better prepay plan.
    I saw many complaints about Virgin's services by other users and they are true. I've been charged for certain things that I did not use. When I found out, and after calling the 888 # to report, they credit back to my account, BUT with less than I reported missing. It seemed like they think I lied or something and by crediting less than what I reported, they pitied me for it. It is very wrong in this practicing manner.

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scam and stealing

My friend is on Virgin Mobile's $0.18/minute plan. Virgin Mobile overcharges him sometimes, charging 4 minutes for a call lasted less than 3 minutes, for example. When he asked the Virgin Mobile to credit back the minutes, the customer service from Virgin Mobile told him that they could not do anything about it and that's it.

Have you been overcharged and mistreated by Virgin Mobile as well?

virgin mobile wont let me sign into my account

I just tryed logging ito my account and it wont let me sign in. i haven't chaged my number or anything...