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sold contract under false pretense

Hubby was called by Thuso from VIRGIN MOBILE selling him a contract. Hubby was not happy with the phone that was offered he then inquired on the N97. Thuso initially said this phone was not available, however called back a day later and explained the we could get this phone on a R199 contract. After asking Thuso numerous times if he was sure that this was correct he explained that he was very sure and we agreed to sign up for the deal. He went through the whole application process, confirming details and bank details and at the end advised that the phone would be delivered in 5 working days. I decided to call this morning to enquire on delivery time and was told that this phone was not available on the explained contract. I asked the manager Brandon Pillay to invetigate and what I had said was correct however they do not want to give me the phone that was agreed on. Legally a verbal contract is as good as a written contract right? What are my legal rights regarding this issue? Is it my fault that the consultant was not trained properly? Or is this how VIRGIN MOBILE normally operates and thats why the contracts are done telephonically? Answers anyone???

top-up and customer service

I have a pre-paid service with them, for so-called 10cents a minute; I use the phone only once in a while and yet miraculously those minutes wind down and I'm automatically debited whenever my account has less than $5.00 in it.

About September 14th and 15th I called my fiance at work twice and wouldn't you know it, on thos two days they debited $10.8. Now, that is the amount of the usual debit, but the thing is that I was only on the phone for only 5 minutes on both days!

When I sent an e-mail asking about these automatic top-ups, I received the standard "You'll receive an answer in 24 hours". Well, two weeks later, after not having received a reply, I resent the message and then got an automated e-mail that " we will respond as soon as possible". Guess what? No reply to this day and it's Wednesday, October 6th, 2010!

  • Fa
    falas17 Oct 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
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I had reported to the above metioned cell phone company that i am not a lcient of theirs and that they should stop from deducting any money from my and my husbands acount. We submitted all documentation to them, following susequest invstiagtion it was conformed by their advisors Semello and Eugen that they would process teh refund of R 2743.00 on 04/10/2010. As we speak the money is has not been refunded, i have been on the phone with Virgin Mobile since 8:00 am this morning and nobody can give me a staright answer, each time i request to speak to a manger, im informed that Collin Dupree is in a meeting. It is clear that they think im going to just let them get away with stealing my money.

unsolicited telemarketing call from virgin mobile

I was contacted by a Virgin Mobile Telemarketer on [protected]. She launched into her marketing pitch informing me that my number has been selected to receive a phone and R100 airtime. She made it sound that both the phone and airtime would be free. The telemarketer warned me that our call was being recorded, after which she asked me whether I would be at home or at the office next week. She asked for personal information. At this point I enquired exactly how this offer works She proceeded to tell me that I will have to pay R100 each month. I said that I was not interested in paying an additional R100 to my current cell contract. She then threatened me and said that our call is being recorded and that I apparently have just accepted the offer by telling her that the phone should be delivered to my office-this is incorrect, seeing that she only asked me where I would be the next week, she never alluded to the fact that this question is being asked in order to deliver the phone. I was quite shocked by their conduct Fortuitously I was alerted to this trickery by asking the correct questions, I am however concerned that other unsuspecting receivers of this type of call might be conned.

Resolved refund my moneys and terminate my service

I had service several years with this company and i started having problems trying to make or receive calls from my cell phone which i have never had problems before. I called this company and finally talked to a person after many tries and it was hard to understand him, to make a long story short i have excess money in my account and trying to get these people to refund my money and to cancell my service and after several emails and many telephone calls it is a nitemare and you know im still sitting in the same place as i started out, any suggestions.

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I cant get no satisfaction from virgin mobile

I phoned the Virgin mobile call centre because i wanted to get a new handset and change my contract - I have been a subscriber for the last 2 years and my current phone has been paid up. The agent confirmed that my phone is paid up - i asked if I could get a Blackberry and a new plan and she said that Virgin Mobile does not have Blackberry's, only Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Sony Ericcson - she did not have an explanation why they do not have other phones. I requested a Nokia E75, and she said that they do not have that either. I asked her about changing the contract to another plan and she told me that she would check for me, and get back to me about that. That was more than a month ago - I would like to know why I should continue with a provider that cannot give me a handset that I require, or let me know whether I can upgrade my contract or not. I cannot remember the exact date of the incident.

its unethical for such a large company to be so ineffective

I have never had a Virgin Mobile Account, i had gone through the application via telephone and was considering taking up a contract with Virgin Mobile. Without receiving a contract or a cellphone or being informed of the order being processed my Account was debited for R1408.00. I have been trying for the last 3 months to get my money back. NO ONE ANSWERS THE CALL CENTRE. NO ONE RESPONDS TO EMAILS. NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN ANYTHING WHATSOEVER. I HAVE TRIED DAILY. I HAVE SENT 10 EMAILS A DAY. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED MY MONEY. IT IS NOW 3 MONTHS LATER !

I say its unethical for such a large company to be so ineffective. I want my money back !

broadband2go mifi

I purchased your mifi card on sept. 8, 2010 and have had problems with it since I got it. It will not stay...

disgusted with the service

I recently joined Virgin mobile for the simple reason that with the one contract i would recieve 1000 free sms's a month. I thought this would benefit me as i sms more than call. However this was not the case ever since i joined my sms's dnt deliver, sometimes i dnt recieve sms's or they come through 10 or 15 at a time, days later. The network is constantly down and gprs then is unavailable most of the time. That is not all, when i decided to port my number from cell c to virgin, i was told it would take 3 days, i took over a month to port my number. Then the day it was ported my sim was inactive for 24hours, the next day when i was told it would be fixed i found i could only recieve calls and sms's but not send any. I have been trying to reach a team leader or manager countless times on the phone through customer care but every time i get dissconected, they drop the call or re-route my call back to the customer care line and i have to then start the process all over again. I am very disappointed with the service, or lack there of from Virgin and if i could i would never have joined them in the first place.I will say that i will never recommend Virgin Mobile to anyone i know.

virgin mobile does not meet minimum service levels

I am most unhappy with Virgin mobile, besides never having signal and my texted messages never beieng delivered ( Personally I believe this is because they cannot keep up with all, the 'unlimited sms's') My biggest problem is that I took one of my phones in for repairs (Nokia 5610 Xpress music) and one of the sales ladies told me that my phone has slight water damage, i asked her how this was possible and she continued to tell me, that it wasn't from being in water but more that when I type, I sweat so my sweat is absorbed into the keys of the cell phone, now keep in mind this phone at the time was only a few months old. I've had many phones over the years and they, never seemed to become water damaged from my 'Apparent, overly active sweat glands' Even though many people I know with the same phone have had various problems, with it Virgin Mobile swears that it is very 'reliable' and refuse to fix the phone unless I pay (the phone is still under warrenty) I've told Virgin Mobile 1year before my contract ends that I WILL NOT be keeping my cell phone contract with them, and will no longer refer anyone to them. Many people value my opinion on cellphones and service providers.

virgin mobile ripping off pensioner

I have reported the very same issue on numerous occasions to Virgin Mobile and they still run the show like a circus. They sold a contract over the phone to my mother whom is a pensioner and widow, they have done so by calling her on her Vodacom contract cell number. There were numerous questionable ethnics in the whole transaction which Virgin Mobile to date cannot provide any evidence with.

They did however uplift their phone from my mother the 9th of July yet they keep on deducting from her bank account!! How can they deduct monies for services not rendered?

no phone after two weeks

Got a new Virgin Mobile phone and number and requested that my old cell phone number be ported to Virgin Mobile. Was told that it could take 24 hrs and I could be without service for up to 6 hours. After 8 hours without service I contacted Virgin Mobile. They were going to escalate it to engineering because everything on their side looked fine and this would take 24 to 72 hours. Waited 48 hours to see if any update, no update - escalated again, another 24 - 72 hours. When making calls I would receive a message the account could not be validated and callers received my voicemail. After a week of that I contacted them rather upset and someone tried to assist me in troubleshooting the issue herself. She ended up completely losing my number and my account and would not transfer me to a manager. Contacted a manager the next day and he saw what happened on my account and was able to get the number back - I assume because I got an auto email stating welcome to Virgin mobile here's your new phone number which was my ported number. Tried the phone still didn't work, and now callers are getting the message the number is not in service. I called them again and it got escalated again, and then again and then again. Today (13 days later) I was told by a manager that it was never escalated and that I have been lied to for the last 2 weeks. I am still without a cell phone and am ready to change companies, but can't beleive that they lie, don't follow up and don't have any consciensous.

possibly the worst service and communication ever

I called vm on 49 to confirm buyout - contract expires 2010 but phone faulty - wanted upgrade - on79 called to confirm bank account details and was ensure that if I paid up the handset and air time used fully would be able to upgrade once payment received - transferred nedbank to nedbank with the full amount at 10h34 on 79 - and here we are on the 239 with more than 8 faxes; emails; paper trail of names and promises and absolutely nothing - I call every single day - I have spent at times 90 minutes waiting and holding and being transferred to numerous people - I have been promised to get calls back - I have been promised that this person would do this personally and ensure my query was sorted - I have been assured that notes have been put onto my every call - yet when I call - there is nothing - no-one can pick up an amount which was transferred with the correct reference and contact names & numbers - the best is - you are not allowed to speak to someone in authority - nor will the general manager take your calls - you can only speak to a call centre consultant and I need to reserve my words iro the service - mr. Nathan williams - gm - I need answers please!

call center service is shocking

I have complained about them on this website before. They then did contact me but they activated the wrong cell number on my account! It took about 1 hour 30 minutes on the phone to sort this out. I also subscripted for itemised billing. After numerous calls I eventually received my itemized billing for July. I've been on the phone at least 9 times to get the itemized billing for August but it does not exist. This means that I can not claim the money back from work!!! They also invoiced me for R731.00 - when I have a Prepaid R500 account which means they load R500 worth of airtime on your phone in the beginning of each month therefore it is impossible for me to use more that R500 without buying airtime from a shop!!! I was never informed that their would be a migration fee or a signing up fee therefore I will fight this !!!

The call center attendents has put the phone down on me so many times it is not even funny anymore. It is just shocking. No one knows what is cooking and you can never ever speak to a supervisor! The one lady promised to phone me back that was about 3 weeks ago and I am still waiting.

  • De
    denis hu Feb 05, 2011

    I have experiencing similar experience. Got the phone a eek ago, called VM daily and spent 30-45 minutes each call and still was not able to activate .anyone has an email address of VM managers?

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I am so sick and tired of fighting with virgin mobile

Virgin again!!! I am so sick and tired of fighting with Virgin mobile, you are garenteed not to get anyware with them. I had a cellphone account about three years ago with Virgin Mobile, The account was closed and paid up on the 30 of jan 2008 Amount R1592.03. We called the callcenter to get the settlement amount which was given to us and we paid the account. After a month Virgin contacted me for payment?? Quite confused, As the account was supposed to be closed as we paid the account finished. This was resolved, and Virgin agreed to pay what ever was outstanding as the callcenter person gave us the wront amount to be paid to settle the account. I have now tried to open a account with teljoy, Thay tell me Virgin has listed me on ITC as I have not paid my cell account to my suprise! This account was paid two years ago 30.1.08 amount R1592.03 by Wheeler Bell properties Ref Number [protected] into Account [protected] BC 145405 Virgin money. According to Jeffery Errayh there was a software glitch with migrating cell numbers and the account was reactivated, Now I am sitting with the problem!

texting issues/service issues

Since 9/3/10, Virgin Mobile has had ongoing issues with text capabilities as well as service issues and has YET to explain what's going on. I called 12 times yesterday, with 10 of those calls ending with loss of contact when they're live advisor line dropped my call. Both times I actually made it through to a real, live human being, I was given a prescripted explanation that answered NONE of the questions I was asking, and was very difficult to understand as the advisor barely spoke English. Not only have they not offered an answer as to what is going on or when it will be fixed but their help line is UNHELPFUL!

  • Ap
    apryl88 Feb 12, 2011

    yes, many times i'm apparently sending about 50 repeat txt messages to people morning, noon, and night. including to my bosses! how imbarrassing. when i called customer service a few times, they never admit its their problem, just offer to add minutes to my phone...thats not good enough, the problem has been going on for months. along with delayed messages about 4 days old. get it together. i noticed walmart dropped their phones and $ service cards!

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virgin mobile lost my memory card & tell me lies

It took me 7 phone calls & more than a month for Virgin mobile just to come and collect my faulty phone that was only 3 months old. It took them over two weeks to get it back to me. When I received it my 8gig memory card was not inside-which comes standard with the phone. I phoned trough & was met with an arrogant response from the repairs department, Lincoln bluntly accused me that it I didn't give the sim card in with the phone and that I didn't tick the block where it says simcard thus I didn't give it in. I then checked my forms and there was no place to tick anything off.

I spoke to Nthato Moabelo who promised me that he will sort the problem out and get back to me on which I had to fax the letter I filled in. Nor he or Juliet Ndlovu could tell me why this letter didn't have the tick box on. I was asked to 'ignore' the repairs department & that they will get me a 8 gig memory card. More than a month later, several emails between myself Nthato Moabelo & Juliet Ndlovu & unreturned phone calls from both- I still have no memory card.

This is definately the most tactless, unreliable company operating in SA. Colin du Preez do you know what is going on in your department?

problem not rectified after 4 months

It saddens me to have to complain on here once again about Virgin Mobile. After my last complaint on 20.06.09, I was contacted by Jarred on 21.06.09 who undertook to sort things out. On Thursday, 30.07.09 I was asked to supply my contracts in order to rectify the problem which I sent to Jarred on Monday 03.08.09. By 12.08.09 I had still had no feedback. On 14.08.09 I got a call from Claudia to say that they had not received the docs and that I was to resend them. She undertook to revert by close of business that day. I resent docs immediately. I have had absolutely no response from anyone at Virgin Mobile since then. As from 17.08.09 I have taken to emailing daily requests for information - to which I have yet to receive a reply. I trust this will receive immediate attention - I have been paying for sms's for the past four months after taking out a contract which undertook to give me FREE sms's. I have absoluletely had enough and am at the point where I am prepared to completely cancel my entire contract with Virgin Mobile and take my business elsewhere.

getting billed for no contract or phone

I applied for a contract in middle 2008 (cant remember the exact date), after waiting a few weeks for the promised delivery of the phone and sim, I cancelled the contract in writing Virgin confirmed this and I never received a phone.

In February 2009 I received a statement for the phone and contract. I contacted Virgin and they promised to sort it out. Since then I received several statements per email promising that this will be sorted out, but keep on receiving statements, I have a list of names of people I spoke to and who promised that this will be sorted out. I have since been handed over to a debt collector and been blacklisted.

won't activate my phone or refund money

Had my phone for over two years and have forgotten vkey; this wasn't a problem before as I'd just buy a 'top up' card and call the serial number in to the customer service number. However they changed their system and now they won't reactivate the phone without the vkey and account number even though the top up goes through.

Tried four times to get a live person on the phone out in the middle of nowhere and killed battery while on the road. Tried again once I returned home and recharged the phone. Some representative with poor English speaking skills was absolutely no help and further would not escalate my problem or tell me who else to contact to either get my phone working again or gather refund on the top up. Virgin mobile just lost a long time customer over their very shoddy customer service. There is apparently no other way to get in touch with someone at this PoS company. F U Virgin Mobile I'll be taking you to small claims court over my outstanding available funds, loss of phone number, and scam phone that I can't use with anyone else.

  • Hi
    highwayrobbery1 May 11, 2011

    I had my Virgin Mobile phone for about five years. I only kept it for road emergencies. Virgin Mobile's ridiculous policy of "topping up" every three months or so is unfair, if you have accrued a large amount of top-ups because you don't use your phone that often. I had $128 in my account and didn't top up for some time. When I tried to reactivate the phone yesterday, I know longer had a number and was told thru e-mail that I would have to forfeit my balance because I hadn't topped up lately.
    I wonder how many other accounts like mine have lapsed and the company simply kept the money.
    Their "contact us" phone number is a joke. You get an automated nincompoop who keeps saying "I didn't understand your response" even if you are practically shouting. No way to get thru to an actual person.
    This company is a scam. Beware!
    If anyone knows of any class action suit I could join, please post it here.

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