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A Jul 22, 2019

Good day
Complaint regarding lack of management skills of Sule Human, Bryanston club manager.
My daughter, Maxine Gorbunova, use to work at Bryanston VA as a personal trainer for almost 2 years. She was not able to pay full amount for rent for December 2018 & January 2019, she informed Sule Human regarding the matter and asked if it is a problem? To which she was told to contact financial department and arrange for repayments, which was done on advise of Sule Human. In January 2019, while training her clients, she was approached by a manager on duty and told in front of client to leave premises for non-payment. She advised that agreement was in order, at that stage she had proof of emails etc. Then she was told that it was a wrong advise to arrange for repayments, and Sule Human would not take responsibility for the embarrassment she caused by daughter in this regard. Thus leading to my daughters resignation, which was accepted by Sule Human in writing on 28 February. The agreement was arranged for to pay the outstanding money till end of March, since my daughter was leaving the country. On her request if all in order, she was told that it was all sorted out. Four months later I receive a phone call from Sule Human stating that my daughter owes gym R 22 000, which is WRONG. The proof, AGAIN, was provided, this time directly to Sule Human, regarding payment done in accordance to their demand. The amount of R 15 000 was done, before end of March and proof sent. Sule Human instead of sorting matter out and apologizing for another mess up on her side, got unreasonable and said that she does not want to be contacted regarding the matter anymore, since obviously she could not sort it out at the first place, and it took here 4 months to start all over again. The job of a branch manager is to ASSIST people, and not get moody and unprofessional. We still did not get anything from here stating that matter is solved, she just went into "hiding". My question is: what is manager's job description, ignore and accuse???
I am awaiting for your urgent response, have no intentions any longer to deal with Sule Human, since I am not sure if she has enough skills to do her job.
Please contact me and investigate the matter. If, for whatever reason, which we were not informed originally when resignation was accepted, there is outstanding amount, it is most definitely is not R 22 000, and if there was a short payment on our side, purely because of ill advise from financial department and Sule Human. Why does it take 4 months after resignation for her to start "digging" into the matter and accusing of something that is not true. On top of everything it came to my attention, so one of the managers of Bryanston club was approached by a totally non-related person to the matter and was told that my daughter owes money and never paid before she left. This is a total bridge of confidentiality, and unacceptable yet again. Is there any control in the management of the Bryanston VA or nobody cares???
Please contact me on [protected] with explanations.
Regards, Angelica Gorbunova ([protected]

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