Viking River Cruises- Grand Budapest to Amsterdam on July 22, 2018esmarian viking magni booking no. 4655886

C Aug 04, 2018

This was our first River Cruise and we were excited to be able to pack and unpack once and also being able to relax in the ship. I had a hip replacement gone not so well, and I am not able to stand or walk for long periods. From the beginning we were told that there was not enough water in the river and that we would possibly had to swap ships half way through the trip. Everything was lovely and my problems were addressed with "more leisured tours = slow paced tours". But unfortunately, this is what happened: we were informed we had to go on the bus (about 2 and half hours) to meet the sister ship Viking Baldur. We had got used to the staff at the Viking Magni and we resented having to adjust to the new staff in the new ship. However, on top of that, when we were 3 days from the end, we were told that again we had to be bused to Amsterdam on the last day. We sat on the bus 3 hours today, then we had a very poor lunch and then taken to the excursion to the windmills, which was again badly organised, as we were rushed through by a rude Tour Guide who said we had to come back to the bus quickly and if we were not able to follow him basically running, we could not do the tour. This was not true, as other groups were able to have a slower paced tour and their needs were catered for. My husband got so agitated that I really was worried for his health. But somehow, we were accommodated in another group. After the tour, we still have to drive back to our hotels for another 1 and 1/2 hour at least. We were told that we can have a buffet dinner in the restaurant until 10pm. But after refreshing and resting from an exhausting day on the bus, when we got there at about 8.15pm we found that most of the food at the restaurant had disappeared or was not to standard. The chicken was dry, the meat was tough and there was no more cheese or bread in the baskets. The rest of the food looked sad as being sitting there for a long time. We also had to basically beg for wine, as drinks were not readily available.
Sorry, this is not what we expected from this cruise. First, we thought we were going to sail not go on buses for hours, the food today was not what was expected comparable and varied similar to that served on the ship.
We would like to receive some compensation for the inconvenience and suffering during this cruise and hope Viking Cruises understand that this was our vacation for which we expected to be happy and relaxed, not stressed and exhausted.

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