Viking River Cruise Linesservice on return flight to united states

M Aug 02, 2018

VRC # 4887786. My wife and I took a Viking River Cruise in France from July 13 to July 20, 2018 W missed our original flight on July 12 from Orlando, Florida to Paris with an intervening stop. We subsequently booked two tickets on another airline on the same day at a cost of$2260.00. The cruise was very enjoyable including the excursions. We are mostly ocean cruisers but enjoyed the river cruise. Since we missed our original flight, we were greatly concerned about our return flights. We were assured by VRC personnel on at least two occasions that our return flights were booked and that we would have no problems returning home. When we arrived at the Paris airport accompanied by a VRC employee we found we had NOTHING in the way of return tickets. As soon as the VRC identified there was a problem, he quickly and discreetly abandoned us. This caused us great anxiety. It would have been nice to have a lifeline back to the ship. Being in the US without tickets is one thing. Being in a foreign country without tickets is another. Through the efforts of a Delta employee, including seven telephone calls, we were issued tickets to our destination of RDU and then on to Orlando. We went to the gate and realized our tickets were marked SBY (standby). Through the efforts of another Delta employee, taking about 30 minutes, we were finally issued seats on the original aircraft. When we finally arrived at RDU we encountered the same problem no tickets from RDU to Orlando. We went through the process of obtaining tickets which we did. The purpose of this document is twofold. One is to register a complaint with VRC and to see if VRC would be willing to offer us some monetary compensation for the anxiety we went through. The second is to help VRC improve its operations. I am sure we were not the first passengers to encounter travel problems and won't be the last. If VRC employees tell travelers something, especially about travel, they need to verify the information is accurate. Depending on how VRC responds to this request will determine whether we would recommend VRC to others. Part of the situation was our fault and we handled expeditiously and efficiently. The second part was yours and it was not handled as such. I am 73 years old and my wife is 74. Neither one of us has ever been treated as shabbily as we were treated by Viking River Cruise Lines a company that prides itself on the quality of service they provide. Free wine is fine although neither my wife or I partake of it. True service is in the belly of the beast and you are not there. Since our return we have been asked by three church members about our trip. We have hedged our bet with all three. Please advise us as to what course of action VRC is considering.

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