Verizon E - Centernever answers!!!

I have been calling Verizon and the Mysterious Verizon E Center for two weeks, only to be put on hold and after holding nearly an hour at times- the recording says "I'm sorry your call can not be completed at this time". I just need help with my sign on information. I just want to see a bill so that I know what I am paying my hundreds of dollars for each month. I sent an e-mail three days ago and have not heard from anyone yet.


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    baboon Apr 07, 2009

    I actually asked different operators what to do in the case when e-center does not pick up. They assured me that nothing can, and I should wait till someone answers.

    FYI, I was trying to register for an account, and the system would not let me in. After entering the account number, I was redirected to a verison "cannot be processed" window.

    CS definetly took a dive since being outsourced largely to India. Pain in the ###...

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