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unreliable voip fios

After six months of Verizon FIOS VOIP serive, I am pretty disgusted and want go back to traditional service. I find Verizon FIOS VOIP to be unreliable. I have to reboot the phone adapter several times a week to keep it up and running, and even then, incoming calls dont connect. I would not buy Veriozon FIOS VOIP service again and I will try to cancel it now.

regarding old phone bills!

I have a old phone bill with verizon one bill is 2 years old like a 100 bucks. Another one of 60 bucks.

I was told by verizon if I paid it. I would be able to get all over verizon services long distance ect...

I have a bill dec 13 1997 its around 2200.00 dollars
I was told the statue of limitation was 7 years. Any they could not deny me long distance cause of it.

Ill be paying the other two bills off in full.

But if they try to me deny me. Ill goto a full hearing with the ny state public service commission.

Has anyone else ever had this kinda situation.

Resolved fraud in billing!

Because of outright contract fraud with Verizon yellow pages, I eventually cancelled the yellow page ad...

extremely bad customer service!

We purchased Verizon DSL and paid up front to have the service hooked up. When the day came to download and...

never order fios service!

My saga with Verizon FIOS started on August 10, 2006. I went to a Verizon store in Plano (on Central Expwy...

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no service, no compensation, no nothing!

I called Verizon Fiber Optic Service to have Internet and TV installed in June 2006. On Oct. 16 2006 I woke up to find that I did not have Internet access. At 8 am I called Verizon's Tech Service and asked them why. After 20 minutes on hold I was told by one of their supervisors that my service had been canceled. I asked them why. They stated that they did not know why my service was canceled. I was put on hold while they checked. The rep returned to tell me that my service was indeed canceled and they did not know why and that they could not reconnect it until they determined why it was canceled, but the supervisor that was in charge was busy and that they would call me back in a couple of minutes. I was never called back. I called again at 2:08 because I had not heard anything. I was told that there was some very strange things going on with my account and that a person in billing " Ellen" would call me back. I never received a return call. I called again at 4:02 because I did not hear from them. I was told this time by the rep that my service would be connected by the next morning and that she would personally call me at 8 am to verify that I was up and running. 10-17-2006 I never got a phone call the next morning nor did I have service. Again I called the help line and was told by Eric that he was sorry and if he could have my phone number he would call me every couple of hours and keep my up to speed on the status of his progression. I never received a call. The next morning 10-18-2006 I called and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I was conected to a supervisor that said she was sorry but she did not know why my serviced was canceled but that she would connect me with someone that would reconnect my service. I was transfered to Anthony! After waiting on hold for 25 minutes Anthony came to the line and said that he could not talk to me anymore and that he would have to transfer me to collections. I asked him why because I had an existing credit with Verizon. He just stated that he could not talk to me and gave me the number to collections. I called collections and explained everything and the collections officer state that she was sorry but that I had a credit and that she did not know why I was told to call collections. I asked her if she could transfer me to the correct department. She transfered me. The transfer was to Long Distance Services? I asked the rep why I was transfered to her she said she did not know and asked me what I was looking for I told her help with my Fiber Optic Internet Service so she transfered me again to the wrong department. I hung up the phone and called back twice. Both times I was told that I did not have service from Verizon nor was I in their system. I called back at noon and finally got someone that had me up and going from scratch in one hour! Why wasn't it done in the first place. After I was totally back online I called a Supervisor at Verizon. I asked her why I had to endure such grief. I asked the Supervisor if I could get some credit other than one month of service being that I had to use 311 minutes on my cell phone, could not pay my bills, and could not manage my investments and was not able to get online for three days. She flat out told me no. I told her that this was a contract service. If I default on the contract before one year they would charge me a disconnect fee of 99.00 so why shouldn't it be the same for the consumer. If they disconnect you before the year is up why shouldn't the consumer be entitled to the same compensation. She stated that it was a one way contract and that it only benefits the company. Not one of the people that told me they would call me back actually called back. Why kind of company is this. I grew up in an environment that If you say that you are going to do something.....Do it...if you can't do it call and let someone know......And this is a Phone Company?

  • Ja
    jann holcombe Feb 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Verizon SUCKS! Was told it would be FAST but it's SLOOOW! Why does it take more than 2 minutes to get service????? I've timed it! Going to cost me $109 a month for cable that offers zip, nada, nothing, (even has the same programs on at ONE TIME) within 2 stations of each other, a phone that NEVER has a steady dial tone AND will have to PAY THEM $200 to get out of a service that SUCKS!

    I'll be paying the $200 to get rid of them at which point VERIZON will laugh all the way to the bank. Kind of like they do when we sign up for SUCKY service!

    Was also promised a SMALL TV or $200 gift certificate to BestBuy, choose the gc and STILL haven't gotten that! Wonder if they'll accept the returned gc ($200) in payment (if and when I get it) for the cancellation of service????? DOUBT IT!

    The "HIGHLY EXPERIENCED" technician that installed the service was every bit as lame as the service. Did he do his job? Yes and complained about "V" the entire time. That should have been my cue, but every other Verizon tech that's been to my house complained as much as this yo yo. It's a DAMN shame that so many people are out of work or looking for a better job and these way over paid for their services people, come to mine or anybody elses house and ###!

    But I regress.............My point here is VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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employee discount problem

My wife is eligible for an employee discount from Verizon. She tried to go to the Verizon Store. She was told...

700p rebate form entirely truthful

Don’t lose the box when you buy a Treo 700 P phone from Verizon Wireless. If you are trying to get your rebate on the 700P Treo phone, you will need the UPC code, which according to Verizon, is only available through the Manufacturer, and according to Palm is not something that they keep records of. ?!? Despite this, if you enter a phony number in the Verizon Rebate Center’s web page, it will state that the number is not valid. How could they know unless they had a record of the number at Verizon?

Somebody’s not being entirely truthful at Verizon. Oh, and the Rebate Center Phone number on their web site leads to a voice mail that only hangs up on you.


  • An
    anthony diaco Nov 22, 2006
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To Whom This May Concern ,

    I'm sending this letter in regards of my account number 108635709 (718-619-9149) My name is Anthony Diaco , I have been a loyal customer of verizon wireless for 6 years, and the past month i have been having a problem regarding my account I recently purchased a motorola razor in which i was having problems with i was having multiple dropped calls , I had purchased the phone in September if look at my account You will see the phone was returned because there was a defect in it, and i received another one the following month in October i received a extremely unpleasing bill of $550.00 which in previous months my bill has never been so high, I called and spoke to one of you verizon wireless customer service reps about this situation who is still yet to call me back from a month ago, Then however i did partially pay part of the bill of the amount of $ 200.00 so my service would not be shut off , I did call and speak to a supervisor who was very rude and her manner was not of appropriate and professional behavior , She hung up on me , I have been told i had 280 - 1 minute phone calls which is totally outrageous which i was given a credit of only $ 26.00
    I know this is wrong because of the phone being defected , My balance as of now is $355.00 which i will not pay until i get the proper crediting i deserve, I would appreciate a prompt and agreeable conclusion on this matter, I would also appreciate if someone can also contact me as soon as possible and have this matter resolved

    Thank You
    Anthony Diaco
    122 Hunter Avenue
    Staten Island N.Y. 10306
    (718) 619-9149

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extremely unhappy with the service

I have a complaint about verizon cell phone service. I am extremely unhappy with the service and because I am...

verizon wireless cheats thier consumers by disabling features provided by the phone's manufacterer

Verizon Wireless cheats thier consumers by disabling features provided by the phone's manufacterer so...

Resolved talking to verizon falls upon deaf ears

Who can I complain to. I have been a customer of Verizon for 3years now. When I first moved to the Southern California area I had AT&T but left them in disgust because it seemed everytime I turned a corner I would have dropped calls. Upon leaving AT&T, I was lured in by Verizons pitch on dropped calls and great service. I joined their nationwide plan which gave me 800 minutes. Well every month I was over my aloted minutes. I always call and argue that it is impossible. They recomended I upgrade my plan. I decided to get 3 more phones for family and move to the Family Share Plan with double my minutes for what I was told would be $120 a month with insurance for each phone. I have not seen a bill for under $200, with this last month close to $400. The other 3 phones are rarely used with all the kids blockages for downloads. The Verizon rep told me all the charges were to my line, when I told them that was impossible since I am not using the phone anymore than I did before. All he said was he had the paperwork to prove it.So basically he told me that I jumped from what they claim was an average of 820 mins to 1900 mins of usage. I dont understand how no matter what plan and how many minutes I have, I always seem to go over on minutes although my usage remains the same. I was also told that when I traveled to Temple City, CA I was charged roaming. Temple City is one block from my city, needless to say he did not have a reply to that response. To me it seems they have some kind of scam going on that is hard to pin point and needless to say they have all the answers for.

In short, and I am sorry for the lengthy letter I think I needed to vent, I was wondering who I can complain to since talking to Verizon falls upon deaf ears.

Thank You,


  • Je
    Jet May 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Deaf ears at Verizon and they have "all" the documentation and answers down pat - you got that right! I work for the County I live in and they recently implemented a new cell phone policy that requested all nonessential personnel to turn in their County-issued cell phones and to use their personal cell phones and apply for a stipend to defray costs. So I called and asked Verizon if I could swap my phone number (a Verizon number) for my County number (also a Verizon number) since the County number was on all my business cards and business stationery. The Verizon Rep said yes, but the County had to release the number to me first.

    The County said no problem and released the number and told me to call the AOL Dept at Verizon. I called and asked the first Rep for the AOL Dept and she transferred me. Verizon Rep #2 looked at my account and saw the number placed on hold for me and said she couldn't activate it and would have to transfer me. Rep #3 announced I could not swap the numbers. If the County number had been another carrier, no problem, but since it was a Verizon number - no can do. (Huh?!) She told me I could add a line, but not swap numbers. I told her no, I don't want to add a line - the whole point in doing this is to carry ONE cell phone and reduce my cell phone costs. Then she tried to sell me on a cheaper plan of $20 a month for the County number. I declined--I only want one cell phone. This went on for several minutes. I repeatedly told her no, I don't want two phones. Let's just forget it. I'll just keep my personal number as is and forget the County number.

    Well, then I got my cell phone bill a week later and it was double the usual amount and lo and behold, here the County number was added to my account at a cost of $46.92 per month. I was livid. I called and asked why that number was placed on my personal account--I don't even have a cell phone for it! Rep #1 stated I had assumed the contract for it. I begged to disagree - I had asked to SWAP the numbers, not take on another account. I chatted with him for probably 20 minutes and got nowhere. I told him I wanted the County number removed my account as I did not ask for a second account. He told me I was in luck since the account wasn't 30 days old yet they could probably remove it and not charge me an early termination fee. I was aghast--an early termination fee for an account I did not ask for?!! He said he had to transfer me to the Loyalty Dept (that's rich!) and they'd take care of that.

    Well, the Loyalty Dept is loyal--to Verizon, definitely not to the customer. I'm quite sure my blood pressure raised 20 points during my chat with the Loyalty Dept Rep. She placed me on hold a couple of times telling me I needed to "cool off". I was so frustrated that nobody was listening to me--after almost an hour on the phone with them--yeah, I was livid! She announced that since the account was a business account, different rules applied, and thus I would be charged a $175 early termination fee. By this time I was shaking I was so angry. So, I'm being charged $175 to terminate an account I said I did not want but Verizon added on anyhow AND there is no cell phone that came with this account to actually USE the account--does this make sense?!! She said I assumed the account--that's what AOL is--Assumption of Liability. So I inquired what exactly this business account consisted of. It's a two-year contract that expires 5/19/2010 and it's $34.99 for 200 minutes (then why is the bill for $46.92?).
    She continued on that the Reps' documentation from my previous calls to AOL conveyed to her as well as everyone else there that I agreed to assume that contract. I told her I was never told I was assuming a contract--I merely wanted to swap numbers--nobody ever told me I was taking on an additional account. She then informed me that I should have read the terms and conditions. I asked her--the terms and conditions of what? I wasn't told I was assuming a contract. (WHY IS NOBODY LISTENING!?!! EGADS!) I went round and round with her on this point. The conversation ended abruptly with me telling her I needed to hang up before I said something I regretted, but that I would be filing a complaint with the Attorney General because this was just wrong.

    Hopefully through the AG they CAN HEAR ME NOW!??!?!

    I am totally disgusted with Verizon at this point. Are there ANY good cell phone carriers these days that actually provide REAL customer service?

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  • Th
    The Brewsters Mar 03, 2010

    I Agree We've had verizon land line since 1972 and never missed a bill and our wireless was alltel and they bought it out.. Verizon Wired service was charging me 205.00 month for 2 land lines one with verizon freedom and one blocked no long distance, so come to find out they started charging me .15 min for local calls.. Caller Id is 15.00 a line more and when i called they moved me to a plan to save me dollars... but didn't mention that is was a year contract, so I called in to get them to put it back the way it was and they charged me an extra 10.00 per line not to have a contract... Remember I been with them since 1972... So I said ok charge me the extra not to be on contract and hung up the phone. I Call Time Warner and Got both phone lines and internet with local and long distance and called id and all the other bells and whistles for 110.00 a mont plus taxe be around 121.00. The point is Why can't a company Give you more instead of taking more, I Would never have changed our wired lines... but you get of being strong armed..

    Now the wirless account, Our service since the change from alltel to verizon is terrible and customer service is an endless circle of wearing you down and never letting you out a contract that they can't provide service for, but they want to keep programing the phones and act like its the problem and its going to fix the problem. When the only thing that going to fix the problem is more towers... We Had great service with alltel and I never had to call them once... I been calling Verizon Wireless for Close to a year now and even though they promise a resoulation in 4 days. The only thing I get in 4 days is another trouble ticket to replace the one I had before... I finally gave up and bought a network extender at full price, so I will have service for the next 6 months... then I ebaying the extender and Straight Talk At Walmart her I come...

    Verizon Sham on you!!! What looks good in your Bord Room at those big fancy meetings, Dose'nt work out when You don't Take care of your customers. I Would if I were you work on trying to keep your customers, Instead of trying to make it diffucult for them to leave... Because They like me will leave and you may not get them back...

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they charge for everything

I have been a customer of Alltel for 9 years. I recently changed plans, and soon after received a bill from ALLTEL. The bill was a partial bill had I had changed prior to the bill cycyle ending. No Problem. I paid the bill, and continued to use the phone. About a month and 1/2 passed by, and I received a text message on my phone telling me I needed to pay my bill. I contacted the office, as ALLTEL had recently closed the office in our city, and was told they would mail me a bill. I received a bill for the entire month and 1/2, but only a statement for part of the bill. I called ALLTELL again. I was informed that they would send the additional statement this time, but in the future I would have to pay $2 per month to get the statement mailed to my home. They also charged me for the text message they sent, as well as a late fee. I informed the lady I was not paying the text cost, nor the late fee, and that I would find another service that would mail the statements to me at no cost. I am presently try to find another carrier.

  • Ed
    edward frost Apr 01, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been with Alltel wireless for almost 2 years. I recently had an unauthorized charge of $9.99 appear on my bill. I normally pay my bill over the phone using my debit card. I called to dispute the charge and while on the phone I noticed another hidden charge for $5.99 for Axcess Msgs pack and inquired about it. The rep stated it was for text messaging which I rarely use. I asked them to remove the charge as I had not requested it. The rep agreed. Later I looked at all of my Alltel bills and discovered they had charged me $5.99 per month for the last 10 months. I called them to complain and was told that as I had been paying it all along they would not issue me a credit. I requested to speak to a supervisor and was hung up on. I called ack, demanded a supervisor and got one named Eric. Eric said he could only authorize 1 month credit until he checked my account and would call me back within 2 hours. He never returned my call so Monday I called again and the rep said he could only authorize 3 months credit and Eric probably got busy and I should expect to hear from him as his schedule cleared up. Tuesday at 9 am I received a voice mail from Alltel stating my bill was past due and my phone would be shut off today if not paid. I again called them to straighten it out and was told by LaShawn that they'd contact me within 2 hours. It's been 3 hours and still no response. I have better things to do than spend days playing their games. I plan to write the FCC next to see what can be done.

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verizon dsl - something unbelievible!

It is with great disgust I write this letter to you, hoping that having reached the end of my rope, your article may force verizon to correct their mistakes and rectify my problem. My husband and I signed up for verizon dsl service in november or december of 2005- a service that we really wanted. We agreed to a 1-year contract, and paid whatever fees were required, including the cost of mailing the modem and other tid bits that were necessary for dsl connection. It is now july 2006, and to this date we do not have nor have we ever had the dsl service, yet verizon has been billing us every month for this service!

Both my husband and I have been on the phone, all but on our hands and knees requesting help in the matter. The last call I made to them was a real teaser, I was so sure that the problem was going to be sorted out then... But as usual, I was lied to.

You will not begin to understand my frustration, perhaps you can afford me the time to explain. We were told, when we first signed up for dsl, that we would get it... May take a couple weeks but we would. Then they called back to say that the area we were in was 'booked' and that as soon as something became available, we would get on board... Mind you, that was in 2005, and we continued to pay the bill for dsl!!! Then they called after about a month to say that we were on board, and that we could start 'enjoying' the service, etc. But the truth of the matter is that we were never connected, the modem's light keeps blinking and that is descriptive of something blocking the reception, or so I was told.
I spoke to so many people, I am dizzy from the run-around, and 'being on hold' etc etc... Finally this year, I spoke to michael who reassured me that he would look into the matter, and would send out someone to troubleshoot the problem etc... That I should call back and confirm the appointment. Lo and behold, when I called back to 'confirm' the appointment, there was no appointment made for anyone to come to my apartment, nor did anyone know what I was talking about. Then I was told that I could make an appointment but that I needed to give them a 4hr window??? Whatever happened to keeping the customer happy? I work until 5pm or later every weekday, my husband, until 7pm... I was able to bargain with my boss for an early leave for one day, to be home at 4pm, just so they could come and fix the problem... But that was not good enough. You see, I had to understand that they needed a 4 hour window, and therefore I had to be available from 1pm since their last appointment would be at 4pm!!! Confusing? Imagine how I felt.

Then I tried to tell them I wanted re-imbursement for the months and months that I have been paying for dsl, well... That was another issue... They could only re-imburse me for 2 or 3 mths back, which I gladly accepted, but get this (The best part)... They would also throw in one month (July 2006) free dsl... Wow!!! What a deal!!! If only I had dsl, I could really see myself going for that!

I have called all the numbers they told me to call... Spoken with lauren and barbara, to jeff and linda, nancy and annie, and don't forget angela... They were all helping me, and where have I gotten? No-where! The last call I made to them on june 30th, I spent 42 minutes on the phone, explaining what I have been through... I am so sick of it, it is no longer funny. When I asked about canceling this 'imaginary' service, I was told that I would have to pay a fee!!! Is that the icing on the cake? So that means that I have been paying for absolutely nothing but stress in my life for all these months. Where is the justice in this? Every you call to complain about it, you have to go over the entire thing and then some sweet voice over the phone says nonsense like "I understand" and "I will look into this and get back to you"- which they never do, I am the one calling all the time!!!

The last bill I had to pay was small, since they gave me credit for the couple of months they said they were only allowed to give... But this is just unacceptable. How can a company be allowed, in this day and age, to cheat innocent people like myself is beyond me... Who do I turn to in a situation like this??? I cannot believe that they can even get away with this in a society such as ours... It is all at my expense... I have gotten no results form the constant pleas I have been making and I think this is downright wrong. Please, if you do not believe me, call verizon, I would love to hear their view of the whole thing... They are just unbelievable.

I want this problem addressed... I want all of my money back too, for the inconveniences and trouble I have been through for over 6 mths now, I deserve better. Trust me when I say that this has been a very stressful task for me, and I would appreciate it if you could facilitate my complaint, as I can assure you that this has been a genuine problem for me and my husband.
Thank you,

  • Valerie Dec 12, 2006

    I am so unhappy with this company that I can't stand it.......I went to call for service from Verizon in 2006....When they told me I owed them money from 2002.....Which I had their service in the mean time so I don't get how I owe it and trying to prove it takes money......Also my husband called to get service when they used his Social Security Number to someone else's bill ....He never had a phone in his name......Now they want him to send all his personnel correct it.............WHAT........

    What is wrong with them.........
    Thanks for listening.........

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  • Yu
    yurma Jan 04, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just want to add that same happened to me. But I found on the Internet Verizon hidden phone numbers that you can call and get resolutions better and faster. Here is the link

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  • Valerie Feb 12, 2007

    I have had Verizon DSL since September 2006, it was promoted through AOL. Having used a dialup for years but a DSL connection at work, I finally took the plunge.

    I have never been more dissatisfied with any product in my life.

    I have struggled with hit-or-miss connectivity since the service date arrived. There have been times of no-problem-service, and times of no service. I have done online tech chats and on the phone tech chats--all with people in India-- which have had me run the gamut from repeated IP release/renews, IP configuration and bridge checks, and at least 10 "we need to run a line check, please hold on"s. None of them run the same diagnostic twice.

    One tech informed me that the problem, as he determined, was with the network, and that I would be called by Verizon.

    Over the last several months, computer-savvy people I meet in my business life shake their heads when they hear that I am running a Westell 327-W VersaLink modem, and insist that I should have Verizon send me a new one.

    Problem is reaching customer service during business hours. When I took an hour out of a workday to call (and wait on hold) I told an apparently American-based customer service person about my ongoing problems and my request for a new modem, she routed me BACK TO INDIA for more line tests.

    People tell me that I should be calling them, all angry and shouting and insistent...but you don't have a chance to do any of that because they put you on hold and transfer you without telling you that they are doing so!

    I paid a computer tech $100 to come out and look at my computer, he fixed a few of the problems brought on by the various and sundry tech supports. It just so happened that while he was here, the internet light on my modem went green the first time in weeks.

    I don't recommend this product to anyone. I am paying for the full service and able to use it possibly 1/5 of the time. Dialup is much more reliable. Verizon does not care that I am not able to use their product, they only care that they are paid each month.

    I will be moving my service to another provider, possibly cable. I'm sure it will be an ordeal to do so.

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  • De
    Dean Dec 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is the worst site ever!

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  • Jo
    John Dec 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    <<Over the last several months, computer-savvy people I meet in my business life shake their heads when they hear that I am running a Westell 327-W VersaLink modem, and insist that I should have Verizon send me a new one.>>

    Wait what? The 327w is one of the top two modem/routers that you can get from verizon dsl, the other one is the Actiontec. The 327w is great unless you want to connect to a Cisco VPN (if that is the case you're gonna need an Actiontec), but few people have a need to do that. The preferred setup imo would be a dumb modem plugged into a linksys wireless router, but there really isn't anything wrong with a 327w. At least it's not a westell wirespeed.

    They should be shaking their heads because you have Verizon DSL, not because you have a 327w.

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  • Verizon is the worst company I have ever encountered . . . EVER! They are so full of it that it is unbelievable.

    I do not think it would be going too far astray to draw an analogy of Verizon and its practices, its treatment of people, and its disregard of the truth to a fascist country. What Verizon does is absolutely phenomenally wrong. It is unsurprising that MCI and Verizon have merged. MCI used to do similar kinds of things to consumers with long distance packages known as "slamming".

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Resolved scams & lies!

I've been an Alltel customer for years on end. My problems with this company and their lack of...

Resolved palm treo 700w upgrade

I tried to upgrade my cellphone to a palm treo 700w. I knew exactly what I wanted but it took an hour to buy a stupid cellphone/pda on my existing verizon family plan.

Part of that time pushing the motorola q. I don't want a motorola q. Then they tell me I don't get the $50 rebate offered on the internet. Oh & I have to transfer to a more expensive cellphone minutes plan on-top-of the the internet/data usage plan.

Think i'm all done when they take my phone to "programming". To supposedly turn-it-on & pair up the bluetooth (Wireless) headset. This they tell me will take 15 mins more for one & 5 for the other. I leave & pick up things at other stores. Come back a half hour later & it isn't done.

A half hour later after this, I have to "re-do" all the paper work. The boss has to help. A half hour after this & they tell me the phone is defective & I have to start over with a new one. Half a day blown (W/2 hour round car trip) and I still don't have a cellphone/pda.

It would be nice to surf the internet (Unlimited) from a handheld device & collect my email besides being a regular cellphone with a small wireless headset. Yea, a little pricey.

Then they tell me that I have to pay a hundred ($100) more to put on my one cell number but not on the other? I say both cellphone numbers are mine on the same bill.

So then they tell me that I can put it on the one number, take it home & pay $20 each to transfer the 3 cell phones around tomorrow? What!!!!!! You want me to take a non-working very expensive toy home & do all the work myself after wasting half a day? This is after the first one you gave me was defective???

I don't think so. Give me my money back. Put my old verizon phones back on line & give me my old plan back with my nys employee discount. Eventually this is (Supposedly) done & I leave grumbling.

(Hadn't slept for 24 hours)

So I drive home & need to make a call. Guess what? My old cellphone doesn't work. Eventually get to a payphone & my wife's cellphone is shut off too. Grrrrrrr...

Get home & spend a half-hour on verizon's voice mail automated system with no human to talk to. Try again later & talk to a very nice lady who puts my phones back on line. Check my internet verizon account later that night & i'm still on the more expensive cell plan that they forced on me for the new pda/cellphone.

Spend another half-hour on the phone. This rep says it's all taken care of. I'm almost afraid to check my verizon internet account on-line again. I think all of verizon's service techs, managers & technical people are following that actor around on tv leaving the business at hand to...?... India?... Pakistan?

  • Valerie Aug 16, 2006

    Hmm very intersting,I have been a long time customer of this company since 1993 when they were NYNEX MOBILE.I never had any issues with upgrading billing or any major equipment issue.I had 1 issue back in 2002 when i couldn't delete and old voice mail but that issue was resolved in less than 10 minutes.The people at the verizon store (salem NH) are very nice and helpful.I upgraded my phone back in May and the transition was NO LESS than perfect.

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Resolved poor coverage/dropped calls

We contracted with verizon wireless in toledo, oh and pay our bill to lehigh, pa. verizon's coverage is so...