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forcing internet service on media phones

Verizon Wireless is forcing people to pay for internet service on certain phones. Kids like the phones with...

awful company to work for

I worked for Verizon and before that Bell of Pa.I That Verizon...I retired after 31 years with respect for the phone company, It referred to Bell tel ad MY company. I purchased my cell cell phone wirh Verizon. I made a big bit mistake. Every month I mention wo Verizon people bill me once a month, , , , that never happened. I was I was tole to the bill in half and sent that in.NO good. I got two bills to replace tghat one. I wanted to leave Verizob, the girl shouted I could not leave. I said you watch, , , O I left and went with AT&T who does send ma montly till and minutes are shared.

harassment by mail

Today I received a statement indicating my account was past due for $119 (which I electronically paid last week) and the statement came to a total of $206 due on February 23, 2010. Ironically, I received a communication stating that my account was delinquent in the amount of $206 and it was to be paid immediately! It is obvious that this company doesn't know its left from its right. It throws out these misleading figures and alarming deadlines as a ploy to keep you off balance. Although I pay this company every month...I never get a statement indicating they have received payment from me. This is a set up and I think the company needs to be investigated for unethical practices.

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    krispix318 Feb 11, 2010
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    If you look at the date of the letter, I guarantee it was before you paid electronically. As for your complaint about them never sending a paid statement, does ANYONE you pay bills to do that? NO. Your next bill will show "Payment received - $xx.xx". Sheesh.

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poor service rude employee

We upgraded our phone 3 weeks ago and it lost its front display. When we took it to the Verizon store the employee Stephen Garay, who has always treated us with a rude and condescending attitude, refused to replace the phone because he claimed it had water damage, and would not help with an AC adapter that was not working from our daughter's phone. We told him that the phones had insurance but that didn't seem to matter to him. The store has no "manager" per se since all the employees seem to wear a manager name tag- nice ploy to avoid dealing with customer complaints. We then called the "customer service" number 611 and they are equally unhelpful and condescending. Is there a jail to hold these criminals of customer service and decency since all they do is take your money and in return do nothing to warrant any loyalty?

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    Ammu85 Jun 25, 2010

    So you beat the crap out of your phone and want him to return it because you bought it 3 weeks ago.. The front display went out because you got it wet. Their are reasons they say that they don't just pull it out of their butts for the better good of verizon i doubt he even cares about saving verizon any money. Im sure their were multiple signs of you phone getting wet

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verizon fios internet, hone, tv

Verizon fios service access box. Http:// Verizon fios problems with...

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exorbitant charge on phone calls

I have been charged $300 for a couple of international calls that I made. The effective rate is almost $3 per minute. Verizon fios would not budge. This is clear cut rip off and taking advantage of unsuspecting customers. I have always used third party calling services for international calls. Somehow this time it went through verizon network.

I never wanted international dialing facility on my plan but I guess this is how the evil corporations make money; by giving you something you don't want/ need or request. Then they wait for one ocassion when you fall in their trap; which I did.

Well, this is to alert lot of other unsuspecting folks. I have already started my process of getting Direc TV, Vonage and comacast to replace the useless fios bundle I had.

Hope I never have to be a verizon fios in my life; as long as there are choices, I am staying away from verizon.

They can have my $300; as if their stock would shoot up! no way with such evil practices and customer service would they thrive.

They have proven to be penny wise pound foolish...they have my $300 but would lose $185 a month that I paid them each month for the triple play bundle.

upgrade outside new every two

I have been researching the Droid/Verizon and IPOD/AT&T online and decided to go into my local Verizon store and give my current carrier the option to sway me and to find out my options for upgrading.

I spoke to a sales person who explained the phone and I was leaning towards the purchase even though the phone is expensive. I told the sales man I was not eligible for my $100.00 discount for the "new every two" till August but that I was considering just paying the $200.00 now just to get the phone instead of waiting. He advised me that I would have to agree to a new 2 year contract (I already knew this) that I would be waiving my $100.00 credit in August and would have to wait 2 years again for that discount (yeah knew this too) but what he told me last made me livid... that Verizon would charge me $20.00 for a EARLY UPGRADE fee!!! What the heck is a early upgrade fee??? Its not good enough for these greedy people to ensure my business for 2 years and not give me a $100.00 credit but they want to make ME pay for them to retain my business? I know its only $20.00 when my ###ed butt was about to pay $200.00 but it is the principal... I REFUSE to pay $20.00 for NOTHING when this deal already benefits them so much!

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    LesleyS Sep 10, 2010

    My name is Lesley; I live in NJ. I guess it doesn't matter where you live, customer service is worse now, then it has ever been.

    I have never been a big fan of verizon for the same reason(and others) you describe in your post. They have grown so large they simply do not care about a few people with complaints. They know they have you over a barrel with their 2 year plans or what it would cost to get out of them. Some group of people must have stayed up for days figuring out every possible way to stick the customer.

    I was having a problems with my LG enV touch VX10000. I couldn't get on the net, get e-mails, and if I did get online the battery died rapidly. the phone was so slow using any features that it wasn't even worth doing anything but making basic calls. Why have a phone with features you can't use?
    I took a trip to the verizon store and waited for almost an hour!!! can you believe that !!! They said this was a common problem and they would upgrade the software. 25 minutes later the guy came back and said they would have to replace the phone which took another20 minutes, so far 1hour 40 minutes. I am sure it was refurbished or pre-owned, because now, 8 days later the touch screen has gone black, then blue with a single white line. The inside screen is fine and the phone is working except for the touch screen, the most important feature! When I called verizon they asked me to take out the battery and check the tiny little square on the left of the 4 gold prongs. This apparently determines whether the phone has water damage. They wouldn't tell me why I was doing this until I checked, and only after I asked 3 times what the square meant would they tell me. Of course there was no water damage because, I NEVER DROPPED IT WATER! as had explained. She said they would send a replacement but if it was determined that I dropped the phone then I would be charged full price! I did not drop this phone, but how can I prove it. I have been on the net to see if other people have had this issue and guess what, they have. A few people got replacements and others were told they had screen damage when there was absolutely no signs of damage from looking at, or touching the screen. Oh, and just an FYI, these very same people who received replacements returned a week or two later with the same problem again! So those poor people who did not get a replacement were probably given the short shrift.

    How much do you want to bet that I will be told the same thing! There are sensors or something inside the phones which determine whether it has been dropped, HUH! Any phone my family has ever had( over the last 9 years as a customer) if dropped, showed obvious signs of breakage. I have NEVER, repeat NEVER broken a phone in 9 years. I have insurance for my 2 boys, they are careless. They have cracked their screens, had various colors across an obviously dropped phone, and dropped their phones in water. that was my problem, as it should be. I can't wait to see what they tell me. The insanity is, they can say whatever they want! they can blame the consumer, how would we know. What if the guy, like in your case, is a fool with a very poor attitude. Frankly, Verizon should be used to the complaints of which I am sure there are to many to count.

    Another thing I could not understand, I had to replace a phone my oldest lost. I had no problem doing that but, what I can't understand is, they are giving phones away three at a time, so why do they need to charge 3x the price to replace a phone when it's free! Even if they charge $30 dollars for the phone I can except that, but you have to pay sometimes $175-$300 for a phone they are giving away. You can always buy a pre-owned ancient piece of junk for $50! on up. My son's glyde was $86! re-furbished. of course he is the only one I do not have insurance for. As a courtesy they used to allow you to use your upgrade early, but while we have an upgrade due in 16 days!!! they would not honor it until exactly September 26th. So I paid for my son's phone.
    I am really dreading this trip to the store, but I am stuck and, that's what verizon is counting on.

    P.S. I was asked to leave a verizon store once for disturbing other customers, no one was disturbed. Actually, I think they were happy I was pointing out the obvious lack of customer service, and satisfaction. Someone made a mess of my plan, and was charging me per text when I had the texting plan. So you can only imagine what kind of bill I received with kids who text, they don't really talk. Finally they fixed the problem and my bill was changed after much back and forth.

    I wish verizon would wake up, but I suspect it won't happen anytime soon.


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very big bill

i cancelled my internet on my mobile phone because i wanted to cut back on my expenses. my mobile phone is a touch phone. The phone would still go on the browser while being on my pocket. i recieved a call asking to call verizon due to my overdue payment so i called and turns out that i have an outstanding bill of over 3, 000.00 dollars. i called verizon wireless to work something out. So far i talked to a supervisor and all she can do is take off 10% i told her i dont even have money to pay for rent. i asked her if there was any one else i can speak two and she says that her supervisor will call me. I think it isnt fair that im trying to save money and i get a surprised with an over 3, 000.00 bill. i have been a costumer for over 4 years.i explained how it was an accident. they tell me they are valid charges. i really need some help here

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    RAREGEM25 Aug 19, 2010
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unfair business practices/deceptive billing

In December of 2009 I received an offer from Qwest for a package deal including High Speed Internet, Landline...

con, fraud, rip-off, bad customer service

Company philosophy (internally): "Better to beg forgiveness, than to ask permission. We take care of each other." Or "do whatever it takes and we'll fix it later".

When you are "intiated" into the fold, with absolutely no training whatsoever, you are instructed that we are Verizon Wireless, but... no they're not. They tell the customers that, but... when there's a problem they have to send you to a corporate location or call customer service.

There was a $1.1M callback on payouts from Verizon Wireless, because Flexicom was collecting monies on incomes that were unsecured. Instead of taking responsibility for the procedures that were approved by Flexicom to their employees (a trainee follows the training) Flexicom charged employees back for bad charges over a period of several months.

Even with the chargebacks, it was impossible to make any money as a rep or a store partner. This was because including the chargebacks you still had to make store goals, which were near impossible. So... Flexicom would fire or move you if you didn't make store goals but then they would issue chargebacks so it was impossible to make any money.

Here's the kicker: Flexicom paid the $1.1M and then issued the chargebacks, in doing the figures (at one time) Flexicom made an enormous profit by paying off the settlement to Verizon Wireless and issuing chargebacks to the stores. How? Because Flexicom collects 100% of the monies up to the store goals (minus increasingly small expenditures) and they would keep all the monies made post-store goals by issuing chargebacks. The several months of chargebacks increased the capital gain for Flexicom than any other time.

I cannot go into too much detail. I feel terrible for Bill Goodrich, he's such a great guy. He's the only person who is single-handedly kept the company together.

Let's not even go into Chris Schmedes, Shawn's "ex-right hand man". Who they finally wised up and let him go.

One thing I don't appreciate is someone of these people bringing in Shawn's family or his personal life into these reviews, it's uncivil and innappropriate. He has a wonderful wife and family, who are loving and caring. These reviews should be stricltly business related.

Work corporate direct. Drop the pride of being "so-called self-employed", it's a joke. The only people who make money are those who create a corporation and they sit on the top.

Pros: Bill Goodrich.
Cons: Company philosophy (internal) "Better to beg forgiveness..."

verizon international plan - avoid if you can!

i subscribed, on the web, to verizon's supposedly optional international calling plan as part of voice service. what was not clearly stated is the fact that only calls to land-line phones were qualified under the plan. the weekend following, i called my mother and talked with her for over an hour, and on tuesday, i got a mail from verizon stating that my international plan did not include calls to cell-phones, and any such calls would incur premium charges. they provided no information as to what those charges would be, or how to get access to it. i had to call their customer service to get the shocking news about my plan rate for cell phone calls. i have just moved from a cablevision-serving area where i enjoyed 250 minutes of internation calls to ANYWHERE, terminating on ANY user equipment, for $19.99!! unfortunately, cablevision does not serve my new area.

so buyer beware! if you plan to subscribe to the verizon international calling plan, understand that you will incur hefty charges for calls to cell phones. make sure you find out the rates to the countries you make call to before you make any decision.

i really should not have complained about cablevision.

jasom adams fraud!!!

Omg!!! I had a horrible experience!! This guy jason calls and I initially was interested in seeing the details on switching. Price was a liitle less than I was paying and I would have been able to get dsl. My chief reason which I told him!!! - because I have a a dedicated t line and its fairly expensive $400 or so. Anyway, just before I sign up I get a hold of the local guy that does my computer stuff and he raises a red flag that he did not think verizon had dsl in the area. Since 90% of my business requires internet access I called to verify and this a*hole swore that we were good. Something about him seemed a little sleezy so I called verizon directly and they told there was no way dsl was going to happen. That they didn't even have the right equipment in my area!! I called him back told him this he said it was their mistake and he would fix it right away and call me back. Well he never called and refused to take my calls when I followed up. I used to think verizon was a reputable company - god knows I use them at home and for my cell - but not anymore. How dare this guy risk putting me out of business just so he can make a few bucks. How dare verizon allow this to happen!! I'm sending them a message and going to cable and t mobile.
Caller id: [protected]
Caller: verizon - premier network
Caller type: telemarketer

  • Pe
    PeterFortLaiderdale Mar 02, 2010

    Worked there until recently when they told me that I could stay but the ###s wouldn't pay me anymore. Apparently they lost some deal or something and are going out of business.

    Heres the deal - all the owners Jason, Carl and whoever are drug addicts and ###. They take heroin or oxycontin and then go have gay sex in the mop closet. God knows I feel sorry for that poor janitor who has to use that thing. Seriously, his name is Manuel he's about 4 feet tall and supports his wife and 11 kids pushing that thing around. And those ###ing idiots take turns shoving it up each others ###!!!

    That one idiot Jason lives with some crackhead chic and he gets off by watching her have sex with other dudes. And the other ###ing jerk off lives at home with his mommy. What was I thinking!!!

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    Still Angry Mar 18, 2010

    I was initially called from this number in 11/2009. After much back and forth about pricing we decided to switch to Verizon as they were going to save us over $300/year on our phone and internet bills. Needless to say, as of 3/13/2010 we still were not transferred. In this process I received 3 bills from Verizon even though we hadn't been transferred and along with their fake apologies I was told to disregard them each time. Also in this time period numerous "technicians" showed up at our door to "fix" non-existing problems. Each person we spoke to had different stories as to what they were doing. Most of my calls went unreturned and I spent countless hours calling them to straighten out all the problems. After verifying that we were still with our previous carrier for phone and internet on 3/13/2010 I finally told Verizon Premier Solutions Partner's "implementation manager", Christine (probably a secretary and not a manager) to cancel all orders to switch to Verizon. Yesterday (3/18) I received a dsl package from Verizon and when I called to ask what to do with it I found out our order was never canceled and on top of that, they said my phone was already switched to Verizon!!! They then told me I had to call my former carrier and asked to be switched back. So now, I have to take more of my time to fix their screw ups! DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP!!! I now know why people go postal!

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bad routers

In 3 weeks I have had problems with 3 routers. First one would keep knocking me off line. Was on the phone 4 hours until I got a new router. The second one I had to restart 4+ times a day because I kept loosing the internet. After 3 more hours on the phone they sent me a new router. This one I had to reset twice before I could get on with my desktop, I still could not get on wirelessly. We then found out the WEP key printed on the label was not the correct one. After another 4 hours( 2 calls to India, 1 to West Virginia) on the phone we finally got it to work. They offered me a 2 day credit for waiting for the new router. After talking to billing and payment dept, I managed to get a 1 month credit. Lets see how long this one lasts. If I could get DSL or better for the same price I would leave in a flash!

customer service liars

Verizon Wireless hast he worse customer service departmenet imaginable. A majority of agents do not know what they are doing and give you miss information. I moved and gave the agent my address but she didn't put all of the information so I never received a bill. Months later I found out that this information was reported to the credit bureau. As soon as I noticed this I called right away abnd paid the bill but Verizon refused to remove the negative information even though it was there fault!

If you have Verizon, drop 'em!! I am with Sprint now and am so much happier. Their customer service agents go out of their way to fix your problem without giving you a hassle. I had an issue with my phone and the contacted me right away to resolve it in a professional and caring matter.

  • To
    Tony Nov 23, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    To whom it may concern,

    These are the conversations and results of deliberate misinformation over the past couple days.

    NOVEMBER 21st, 2008

    Yesterday 11/21/2008 @ 7:51 am PST (16 minute call) I called Verizon to see about getting a new phone. My current phone battery keeps dying. Was on hold for quite a long time. While on hold I heard an advertisement for a new blackberry phone, I decided I would like to return my $400.00 phone for a cheaper but supposedly better blackberry storm.

    Finally when customer service answered they told me I had 30 days from the date or service to replace my phone if I was dissatisfied for any reason (This was called a Worry Free Guarantee). But that the phone I received from verizon was at no charge. So they really could not do anything for me, was told to call qwest merge dept for further instruction and they would be able to trade the phone out for me.

    Called qwest merge 11/21/2008 @ 8:08 am (45 minutes includes transfer to Blaine), Qwest told me no account info since merge, but they would transfer me to Verizon customer service, was told by Qwest merge manager that as soon as someone answers to ask for a Manager.

    Transferred to Verizon, asked for a Manager, was told by Blaine (which I later found out was his name and only name, he would not give me any other information about himself other then he worked in call center and they would know who he was)

    Blain tells me he is a manger (by the way was pretty rude as well, hopefully the call was recorded so he can reprimanded for his poor tone and manner towards me)

    I tell him my story: can’t replace my phone because of zero value on Verizon system, even though I had just spent $399 with Qwest a few months ago to buy this phone. He basically tells me tough luck, cant trade for a different phone except for a free phone. I ask him what phones are free. He tells me there are a few phones offered but non compare to any current phone. I tell him my phone was free, he then puts me on hold and comes back to tell me “oh yeah, that’s right, your phone (VERIZON XV6800) was a free phone but since the blackberry was brand new it would cost me $250.00 then id receive a $50.00 rebate.

    I ask him why if my current phones retail price is so much higher why would it be free but the blackberry not be free to me in this case.

    The he proceeds to tell me I didn’t need to get a new phone, if I could find my old phone with qwest, I could use it and just return this phone back to verizon. I doubled check with him, he again told me the new system allowed the use of old phones.

    Finally after going nowhere with Blaine he suggests he send me a new replacement of my current phone to see if this solves the battery problem (my initial complaint). He tells me he is going to disconnect my current phone then and overnight me a new phone. I tell him no, he can’t do that because I run a business out of my house and my phone is a necessity. He agrees and tells me my new phone will be here tomorrow (Saturday Nov. 22nd) via fed ex overnight. When I get my new phone I need to call and deactivate my old phone and activate my new one.

    I remind his that if the new phone has the same problems what am I supposed to do since my 30 day worry free will be expiring on Sunday the 23rd of November. He tells me not to worry that my new phone will have an additional 30 day worry free on it and I can return it if I am dissatisfied as well.

    We end the call with the expectation of me getting a new phone the following day (Saturday the 22 nd or November 2008.

    I thought about it and decided to call qwest back 11/21/08 @ 8:58 (16 minute call) to see if they could verify Blaine as a manger and double check all the info he told me. They could not really help and suggested I call verizon back to verify Blaine’s story.

    I dial 611 again from my cell phone 11/21/08 @ 9:17 am for a 36 minute call. I speak to a representative that tells me Blaine is NOT a manager, and that by no means could I use my old qwest call phone on the verizon network. She goes over my account and tells me the new blackberry is far less superior to the phone I currently have and it would be a mistake to even consider changing. I tell her my situation about the battery life, she suggest and gives me info on local verizon service locations that can test my phone to see if it is the phone or if it is the battery, or maybe if it is nothing on the new phone at all and problem solved. Just a defect on my current phone.

    We end the call, she tells me she will note the account and get word to Blaine’s manager about the complaint.

    NOVEMBER 22nd 2008

    Today 11/22/08 no new phone fed ex…….
    Then about 6pm, tonight I receive an email from a client telling me he called and left a voicemail telling me he was here to view a motor home (I run a wholesale business selling very expensive motor home to people from all over the united states) I was foolish enough to believe that by using my cell phone (that I have never really had a service problem with in the past other then the battery dying) I would get my calls and earn my income.

    Email says he called my today at 1:30 that he was here and ready to look at a $70, 000 motor home. They had driven several hours to view it and this was my opportunity (with the current economy time is of the essence, I need to be able to count on a cell phone provider that can offer the best service and best coverage) I needed to get back to them but they were already several hours away down the road looking at another motor home.

    Immediately I grab my cell phone 11/21/08 7:14pm PST and dial my voicemail to see if I had just missed the call. My phone tells me that is has been disconnected and is no longer in service.

    Then 11/21/2008 @ 7:16 pm PST (51 minute call) I call 611 to see what is going on. I am told by a rep that my phone had been disconnected and a new esn was assigned to my account for a new phone. At this point I am getting pretty angry, she instructs me on how to reactivate my current phone and tell me she is getting a supervisor to explain the situation to me.

    The supervisor gets on the phone, I tell her the entire story, she tells me she that due to an unexplainable “glitch” my phone was disconnected and the new phone was active. But the new phone was showing undelivered and at a local Fed Ex hub waiting for delivery on Monday November 24th. She then told me since I was a prior qwest customer that I did not get the 30 day worry free guarantee and I was literally stuck with the phone I was given. I proceeded to tell her that I potentially have now lost several thousand dollars in income because of a unexplained “glitch”, there was nothing she could do but tell me the person Blaine that I spoke to did misinform (lie) to me, and every other person I had spoken to had also misinformed me (lied) about the 30 day worry free.

    She told me if I needed to send back this new phone again that id have an option to buy a new phone a one year discounted rate.

    I ended the call by telling her I have been lied to, mislead, and now because of Verizon I have potentially lost over $5, 000 dollars in commission and my investors over $15, 000.

    This is my resolution. I feel I have a few different options.

    1) I accept what has happened and just realize that the phone I have coming is useless for more then 4 hours of battery life and go on about my life. (Doubtful)

    2) I file a complaint to the better business bureau, mail a physical letter to your complaints department, and cancel my service.

    3) Speak to my investors and file a Joint lawsuit for lost wages. With approximately $20, 000 on the line it really would make the most sense. Your company has no idea why this “glitch” has happened; your reps have lied to me and misinformed me time and time again with poor information. Either way you are in the wrong and I have detailed accounts of everything that was said to me and everything that has taken place.

    4) you can get me a new replacement phone of my choice (Reasonable since every other phone you offer is less in value) with an additional 30 day worry free guarantee in case the phone I choose turns out to not be as useful as my current phone. I’d also like a formal apology for my time and wages lost.

    My current phone bill is $195.00, if you average my phone bills out it is roughly $150 per month. Multiply this by 24 months for the duration of the contract (not including the past 3 years I have had qwest uninterrupted service) this equals $3, 600 roughly in service fees I will be paying you. Not to mention the countless people I will absolutely tell of my experience with Verizon. I know a few people cannot make a difference if a company survives or not, but I can assure you I will be able to sway the decisions of at least 2 people over the course of my life. Now you can add in an additional $7, 000 on top of the $3600 in service fees ill be paying and all as a result of a $200.00 contract rate cell phone your reps didn’t want to give me. And this is if our attorneys don’t decide to take you to court, and with investors entrusting me with over $900, 000 in inventory personally I really think a $70, 000 deal with $20, 000 in profit may just be worth it to file a lawsuit.

    Ill let you weight the options; your company was in the wrong from beginning to end.

    I only hope you choose the easiest and simplest way out, But I can assure you I am willing to go the distance with this and can prove every bit of what I have stated here, I am fully confident my company and investors will be successful with a lawsuit and recuperate some of the losses we have acquired as a result of your “unexplainable glitch”.

    Total of 160 minutes of calls almost 3 hours of customer service to get nowhere.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you very soon on this matter.

    If I am not fully satisfied with the outcome I will be posting this letter on every Blog, web site, and newspaper I can. I will also be sure to file complaints with the BBB, the FCC, and the District Attorneys office.


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    Mark Nov 26, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    1. Go into a store and talk to someone face to face. Sometimes in business this is needed and don't leave until you have resolution. 2. If you are having battery issues ask if the battery can be replaced by manufacturer's warranty. 3. Never do business out of your home with out a landline phone. Mobile phones are made to be mobile. Now you are a genius and have a good day.

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  • La
    layna_lane Jan 10, 2009

    Right and like going into the store accomplishes any more. That's the only route I've ever taken and it also got me no where but standing in line for hours and wanting to tell them where they can stick their phone. Sue their ### and if you win let us know!

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    tired of whiners Feb 05, 2009

    Well, first get all the facts before whining. There are certain procedures that Qwest and Verizon Wireless have to follow. You are willing to call people liars versus, misinformed, mistaken, or just plain made an error. To call someone a liar indicates that they intentionally told you wrong information with the intent to mislead you.

    Going to the store is the best answer given but if you are too lazy to do so then shame on you for not caring enough about your experience to adequatly deal with it.

    You were apparantly offered the option for getting the Blackberry storm at the 2 year price but if you chose to not take advantage of it, then that was YOUR choice.

    Maybe the employees should sue the customers for treating them like dirt. I have worked in customer service and many of the customers are thoughtless and rude and they are trying to make ends meet and pay the bills to raise their children.

    I accept that maybe I have misread something or you provided information in error...or maybe you lied.

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  • Lh
    lhwang78 Mar 25, 2009
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    Verified customer

    what ended up happening? i know EXACTLY what you're going thru w/ verizon wireless. I'm about to file some complaints but would love to know what ended up happening in your situation.

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  • Di
    Dissatisfied customer Jun 07, 2009

    We recently migrated from Qwest, did not get first bill, second bill came after disconnect, had to call customer service and pay without seeing breakdown of charges, when bill came saw we were charged activation fees. Verizon phone customer service instructed me to take Qwest bill in person (needed physical evidence of migration) to service center to have activation fees removed. Service center personnel ( Assistant manager and staff Coronado - Store 6600 Menaul Blvd NE A-007 Albuquerque, NM 87110 (505) 816-0220) very condescending - mocking Qwest's inability to maintain wireless network etc. and accusing me of not keeping up with bills. Never looked at Qwest bill (wasted trip across town and ink to print bill). Service center also says can not remove activation fees until July bill so have to pay $540 bill before correction. When we first signed contracts we were assured activation fees would not be on bill. We chose Verizon because we were hoping to have at least similar customer service and cost of Qwest wireless - would have picked other carrier if we would have known how bad the transition would be. I would rather have Iphone and AT&T now). Very tempted to take to Better Business Bureau. Will notify Qwest about poor transition. In addition when I try to call Verizon store in staff hang up without answering calls. Very dissatisfied at this point and regretful of this move - and feel that we were almost forced into this transition.

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  • @CenturyLinkHelp Jun 08, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hello, my name is Brian and I work for Qwest. I ran across this post, and it appears that there may be some issues you may have encountered with transitioning from Qwest wireless to Verizon wireless.

    If anyone needs assistance with issues you are experiencing, you are more than welcome to send me an e-mail to [email protected], and put "Attention: Brian" in the subject line. I will be more than happy to help with whatever I can.



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  • Ja
    Jayrowo Feb 18, 2010

    Good luck. Please let us know how this turns out. I like to agree that word of mouth can change someones mind from swapping or purchasing cell phone service.
    I know it seems like alot to ask for straight answers and decent service, but isnt that why we make outrages cell phone payments its not just the phone i buy (which should work properly) but he services rendered be it in person or over the phone.
    Personally speaking i would love to conduct all my business face to face but real world cases show most business i deal with will be either in another city, out of state and lets not even mention out of country. Damn you 3rd world low wages and all your tech support calls.
    We live in a rural town, does that mean i deserve less or no customer service just because you can't see me become irrate and ask to speak to your manager. I work a 60-80 work week have 3 kids, church functions, dance class, and guityar leasons to get to as well as a home renovation project that is on going and live 27 miles from town, i sooo don't have time to deal with issues that i know should be courteusly and easily fixed over the phone.

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  • Di
    disgruntled popo May 05, 2010

    I am waiting for my contracts to expire... believe me they are FULL of lies.

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no dial tone

I have had no dial tone on my Verizon land line for almost two weeks. I called in a complaint last week and...

lack of service

They will not allow anyone in the rual area hook up to DSL. I have done their speed test and I can connect at 375-425 kbps (their minuiam is 700 kbps) 375 kbps is alot faster than their dial-up 28-32 kbps. When I contacted Verizon they said they couldn't do anything it is up to my local goverment. How stupid of an answer is that!

  • De
    Dean Dec 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Verizon Sucks, PERIOD.

    I tried several months ago to get DSL service, for 7 years I have waited for service and now when I go to the verizon website and enter my number I get "congratulations, DSL service is available on this number".

    Or is it?

    I got my confirmation, a few days later I got my modem and start date, 10 days later I get an e-mail saying, sorry, DSL service is not available to your number!

    So I send the junk back and wait, a couple of days pass and I check my number on there site again, this time its not available.

    So several months pass and I happened to check my phone bill online and it told me again I could get DSL, I called one of there pushy sales reps who told me to go for it! so I did, I got my confirmation e-mail again, I got my equipment again and 6 days later I got the "DSL IS NOT AVAILABLE" e-mail.

    Why do they play head games with people, I am not that far outside of a BIG university town of more then 23,000 students, guess where the DSL/FIOS is...

    So I pay the same amount as anyone in town for my phone service, in 7 years I know they have had 2 major upgrades, one to DSL and the other to FIOS, I still sit with a Dial Up connection, but verizon wants to offer me dial up, is that an insult or what?

    Verizon like most other corporations needs to be broken up and made smaller, its obvious they cannot or will not talk or listen to there customers, even 3rd world countries have DSL.

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  • De
    Dean Dec 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Live chat with Verizon DSL....

    We are routing you to a chat representative. Thank you for contacting our Verizon High Speed Internet department. Your average wait time is 45 seconds. Ask about our Verizon High Speed Internet "Price for Life" program-available online only.
    Chat information you are now chatting with Ruby.
    Ruby: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. How can I help you experience the cutting-edge technology of our High Speed Internet?
    you: why is it 2 times I have order DSL, I get the DSL is not available e-mail a few days later, and now it says DSL is available on my line again?
    Ruby: Let me provide you information on that.
    Ruby: You would be eligible to get the plans, prices and speeds shown on the page after checking the availability.
    you: I do that time and time again, just to get told I cannot get it time and time again.
    Ruby: From what we can tell at this preliminary stage of the ordering process, High Speed Internet is available for your line. Further testing may reveal that it is not. You may proceed with your order and if your line is unable to support High Speed Internet, you will be notified and you will not be billed for it.
    Ruby: Have you checked the availability for High Speed Internet service?
    you: but your site says I can, a few days later it says I can't, do you know what is going on or does Verizon just like to play head games with people?
    Ruby: I understand your concern, however you just need to place the order online to secure the current promotions and availability.
    you: yes, I have checked, it says I can get it, but I know I can't
    Ruby: May I know which plan are you interested in ordering?
    you: power plan
    Ruby: As per the current online promotions, you will receive a Combined modem/wireless router at no charge and free self installation kit with the Power Plan.
    Ruby: Plus you will have 30 days to decide if this package best suits your needs. This special online offer is only available for a limited time.
    Ruby: What more you need to know before getting your order started? I would be glad to answer any question you have.
    you: you don't understand, you will send out the equipment, and 10 days later it will say I can't have the service
    you: that has happened 2 times now
    Ruby: From what we can tell at this preliminary stage of the ordering process, High Speed Internet is available for your line. Further testing may reveal that it is not. You may proceed with your order and if your line is unable to support High Speed Internet, you will be notified and you will not be billed for it.
    you: its a waste if time to keep doing that, its costing verizon money every time and I dont want to keep going through this, it was only 2 weeks ago I sent the last modem back.
    you: what is wrong with verizon, why cant they fix there website problem
    Ruby: I wish I could help you with this. However you need to call the local Verizon business office for that.
    you: Verizon are like you, no one has answers!
    Ruby: Please call your Verizon local business office. The number can be found on your telephone bill or you can visit the Contact Us page on our website to find the number in your area.
    Ruby: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    you: verizon do not care about there customers, there is no customer satisfaction, no reply to e-mails.......
    Ruby: I apologize for the inconvenience. however I can just help you with the Verizon High Speed Internet ordering process and basic High Speed Internet information.
    Ruby: So, I recommend you to contact the local Verizon business office for the further assistance with that.
    you: do you have an address for a VP or chairman I can complain to?
    Ruby: Sorry, I don't have the information on that. Is there anything else I can help you with?
    you: no, but this transcript will help others on
    you: have a good day
    Ruby: Thank you for using our live chat service. Your opinions and suggestions are valuable to us and we would appreciate it if you would complete a brief survey, it should only take a minute or two. The survey will appear when you click "X" to close the chat window.
    Chat InformationYour chat session has been terminated by the Verizon High Speed Internet chat representative.

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  • Jo
    John Dec 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    That's a bot dude. That's messed up.

    You can tell it's a bot from the way it answers questions. It has a few pre-programmed responses, and most of those sound like pure BS.

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  • De
    Dean Dec 23, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Screw Verizon, I read somewhere that people are dropping there sorry ### phone lines and going over to wireless more and more.
    More people in the USA have cellphones then they do landlines, Verizon better get there act together or they will be out with the new!

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  • Es
    esther adams Jan 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am rather confused as I do not feel this is me at all with all this information.showing up on this e-mail.

    All I want to do is sign up for dsl and it shows once again that the verizon internent price for life is still available according to the above letter.

    Please help me along with this. I have been on phone with several numbers to call and waited from lla.m. to now. I am not complaing about the service just want to obtain high speed internet with the price of 14.99 life offer. I did all this on 12/26 and all came back with my agreeing on the offer and etc. Now I just do not know where to begin.

    Thank You, Esther Adams

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  • Es
    esther adams Jan 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have no complain here with verizon. All I am trying to do is sign up with the agreement that I signed up on 12/26 for the 14.99 program for life. Please someone give me some answers on this. I am not interested in all these other complains from other people. I have no complains, just as I siad am trying to sign up for dsl through my verizon phone line.

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  • Mi
    Michelle Mar 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Verizon only cares about getting your money. For those who are considering getting their service heres a peice of advice. RUN! I was with Cavalier for 2 years had no problems with billing and hidden fees. Service worked perfectly. I switched to Verizon thinking I was getting a better deal on the Bundle Packages. Even before my service was installed, I received letters saying that I was going to be charged full price. When I called customer service they said one thing but the billing statments was saying another. I finally decided its not worth all the headache and I switched back to Cavalier but not before reporting their ### to the PA State Attorney Generals Office for deceptive Advertising and fraud billing. I then took the liberty of reporting them to the Public Utilities Commission. I have read 100's of complaints online about verizon. Heres the thing. Its important that you inform Agencies of the underhanded practices of Verizon. That is how laws get changed. So please if you have a problem take 10 minutes to google your Attorney Generals office and Public Utility Commission and then contact them. Lets get the word out about Verizon.

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  • Fa
    faslehood Jul 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know where the verizon hub is. And I get dropped while being on the internet. And I get noise during the morning and afternoon on the phone line. But it clears up after 5:pm. My old modem died. The new modem is slower. I check my in side lines with a new phone and the noise is still there during the day. And Repair said if they have to come in my home they will charge me. The problem is out side and thats what I told them. Verizon wants to nickle and dime you to death on bad set ups and equipment they provide for DSL. The problem is at the hub, less than a mile from my home. This has nothing to do with DSL fillters. If the signal gets better after 5pm. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

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  • Fa
    faslehood Aug 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It took 8 days for phone repair to come out. They failed twice to show up. Finely I had to get a supervisor. Verizon doesn't care about hard line customers. Its just greed. If FIOS was so great it should cost less to operate than a hard wire system. It uses less energy / power but the FIOS costs more. The question is why? Its what the market bears. Greed. Not every one can afford $130. plus to watch TV with commercials on a FIOS network. Now if I was a FIOS customer, they would be there the next day. I have witness this. My neighbor has FIOS and had a problem. And they were, there the next day. Its called discrimination of profit of greed over the hard wire system.

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  • Fa
    faslehood Mar 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Comment and up date on my verizon. They had Tech come out and my problems are corrected. I also signed up for there $5.99 a month, Verizon Security Suite. Its working out good. No problems yet. CyberDefender wanted more money without proper support. They messed up my operating system. So I think having Verizon net-work with Security Suite is a good deal. But Verizon lacks connecting to a real person to solve problems. That needs to be work on. I got Verizon on a deal with my DSL for $14.99 for life. I'm Not giving that up. That was 6 yrs ago. Lock them in to a long term commitment to say money.

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dropped calls

I signed up for Verizon Wireless service in the greater Palm Springs area in July 2009. Since inception, to today's date, I have had over 50 calls dropped.

After memorializing every dropped call and then complaining to them in writing on multiple occasions and copying the PUC in every instance over many months, their executive office finally called today, after repeated written denials that there was any problem; and so generously "allowed" me to terminate my service early w/o penalty after finally ADMITTING that the area was being provided with "substandard service" and there are "no plans to improve it in the future". Their only "compensation" for all the inconvenience not only to me but to all the people I was talking to when a call was dropped, was to waive the early termination fee after 6 months into a one year contract. The executive's arrogant and indifferent position was that I should have KNOWN within the initial 30 day cancellation period that this substandard service was the kind of service I should have expected once I experienced calls being dropped and I should have canceled at that time. He REFUSED to compensate me for the wasted money for the phone, the home charger, the car charger, and the ear-piece for that particular phone which were all bought at the time of service inception and are now all worthless. Had they admitted to their poor service at the time of my first complaint, I could have saved myself months of maddening inconvenience that I was paying for. I.E., their written lies to me and the PUC for months have cost them nothing. Hopefully, all who read this will decided to NOT USE VERIZON WIRELESS FOR YOUR CARRIER!

  • Si
    Sick of being screwed over Jan 26, 2010

    After being a customer service rep for a cell company ... you did get lucky without being hit with all of the ### charges that they invoke when you cancel. I know it sounds lame, but they could have been complete ### about. The company I worked for would drop your plan to the lowest they had and charge you until the contract expired. They should have known that the service was ### because I am sure you weren't the only person complaining about the area. If the manager wanted to keep you, along with others, your dropped calls would have been credited to your monthly bill. All they had to do is work on the cell tower in the area. I'd either sell the phone and accessories on ebay or Craigslist to at least get some compensation.

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  • Ch
    Chilany Feb 18, 2010

    Thanks for your comment. they did, in fact, credit dropped calls in one month...but the unacceptably horrible service went on month after month. Verizon claimed it would cost $1, 000, 000 to put up a tower to provide acceptable transmission to the area.
    I say; b. s.
    I also say: good riddance!

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At the end of June, 2009, I removed myself from my husband's Verizon account and transferred my Verizon cell phone and my son's Verizon cell phone to my name. I was not told by anyone at Verizon that I could merge my cell phone number and my son's phone number to one plan and save more than $100 per month until a rep at the Dickson, TN store offered it to me just this month. That is my first complaint. So, all these months, I've paid more than $300 a month - and some months more than $400 per month for TWO lousy cell phones. So, at the same time I switched my and my son's phones into my name, I ordered unlimited texting - in June 2009. I have a small business and my customers text me if I'm on another line when they call my office. So, from June to December 2009, when I got time in December 2009, I called Verizon about my high bill. She said I did not HAVE unlimited texting. I said I ordered it in June 2009. Of course, as true to a Verizon rep, she said she was SORRY. She said she would credit me a lousy 79 dollars. Whoopie!! So, last week, I called the Dickson, TN Verizon store to report that my son had not been able to use his phone for over a month because in December, he opened it and it fell off the hinges. My son is not a child. He's over 18. The guy at the Verizon store gave me the phone number for claims (wrong number) and offered to put me on ONE PLAN to save me over $100 dollars a month. FINALLY, after 6 months of no offer. I didn't know I COULD get on one plan. Nobody at Verizon ever OFFERED me that. So, I called customer service - thinking SURELY they would credit me the month's bill for my son not being able to use his phone. No WAY. They offered me a lousy $32 dollars for their screw ups and told me that one of us HAD to have dropped or thrown his cell phone to make it come off the hinges and they would not give me any kind of a credit for the month he could not use the phone. The only reason it took me a month to turn in the claim is, I got tired of being on HOLD for 10 minutes every time I called. Listen to the AT&T commercials people. As soon as I can get away from Verizon, I'm out of here.

  • Tk
    TKCandy Jan 25, 2010

    My brother-in-law got onto our family plan with AT&T after finding out that his Verizon bill had jumped to $190 and since he had paid the bill (it was automatically withdrawn from his acct, and he was currently overseas on leave) for 3 months without calling in to correct the extra charges they could not change his plan.

    AT&T has it's issues too but quite frankly the overall customer service is better because AT&T spends more money on opening call centers so there are more people to take your call.

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phone warranty

Purchased phone and fancy warranty. Phone failed to dial 911 when dialing 911. Called 911 three time...

saying I owe them

In October of 2008 I changed telephone providers from Verizon to Digital Time Warner. I paid, what they told...