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I gave VNI a payment last Apri ($499) and and additional ($200) in August for a reservation. The reservation never materialized as they offered me nothing which fit my needs. I was told after much confusion on their part on November 11th that I would be refunded the money on December 5th, 2008. That has come and gone and am now being told that I will be paid on February 13th. They will then have held my money for 9 months without providing me anything, no interest, nothing. It's very unprofessional. They should refund money to their members in a timely fashion and it makes me suspicious that they will do so at all.


  • Ni
    Nica Mar 30, 2009


    How can I get out of the Vacation Network Inc timeshare. They are frauds...I am making a monthly payments of $121. I want out of this contract ASAP. They are extremely unprofessional, they have not been able to meet any of my needs. Any information you have on the cancellation process will be very helpful.


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  • Ka
    Kactusflwer Apr 29, 2009

    Good afternoon
    I am in the middle of cancelling my contract with VNI. They have decided not to cooperate with me so I am contacting the Attorney General for my state. I suggest you do the same. Usually you can google the Attorney General for your state. This is a consumer fraud deal. File a complaint! At least that will get the ball rolling.

    Let me know what happens!

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  • Je
    Jeff May 04, 2009

    Anybody interested in filing a class action lawsuit against VNI? I'm not sure exactly what it would take but it seems that there are more disgruntled and frustrated victims out there than should be! Anyone interested can contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ka
    Kactusflwer May 18, 2009

    As a little update on the situation I have with Vacation Network, Inc. I was contacted today by the company to let me know they are canceling my contract and rewarding me my money. Now we will wait and see if I get money considering they have bad reports against them on doing that part. I will keep everyone up to date on the progress and the fight against Vacation Network, Inc.

    PS I contacted my Attorney General with the state I live in and the rest they did for me!!!

    If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you guys!

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  • Co
    Content Jun 07, 2009

    Wow, I have been with VNI for almost 4 years now and am very satisfied. I have made my investment back two fold so far with travel arrangements thru their organization. Accusations above lead me to wonder. . maybe they should quote you need an I.Q. ABOVE 40 to understand how to book A vacation lol. I shake my head in laughter and dissbelief @ the ignorance of some people, wondering how they survive with half a brain! Omg this is so funny, I decided out of pure curiosity to entertain myself and read the gobbledygook of these unfortunate evolution skipped prodigies of future ditch diggers. All I can say, my stomach hurts from laughter reading what somehow I knew would be abundantly rampant spew relating to their own insufficiencies! Anyone who reads these forums needs to cease and desist for it will only forsake your faith in the human race lol. If I may, please indulge me this last bit of humor. I am sure everyone that has posted above with complaints that seem so canned, or blatant jealous opposition from alternate competition. I dunno, guess it seems that most are so . . whats the correct words > . . destined to speak the saying "Welcome to McDonald's! May I take your order?" I guess it will keep the idiots out of the company, so I guess I should thank them haha.

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  • Ka
    Kactusflwer Jun 23, 2009

    The final update!

    I got all my money back!!! Thanks to the Attorney General. I suggest you go that route. Seems to be the only route that works. I am out of the contract and completely happy. Nothing but a scam people.

    If you have any questions...please contact me!

    PS...these scam companies have their own employees writing the "good" comments...hahaha...what a JOKE! That goes for you CONTENT...###!

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  • Je
    Jeff Jun 24, 2009

    That's great! As for the above "content" just a note to let you know how completely idiodic you sound. Obviously you must work for VNI... By the way, some of those people that work at McDonald's are your customers who you've scammed and just because someone works in fast food doesn't mean their IQ is below 40. I happen to be a physician with an IQ above 150 and I was sold. VNI is taking advantage of people's trust and responsibility even in a bad economy. Even an idiot can figure out that they don't need VNI to get a good deal on a vacation. In fact, I think the idiots here are the VNI employees who can't get a real job and earn an honest living! I am both frustrated and outraged by VNI's lack of professionalism and unethical sales tactics. The "Horsemen" are coming for you VNI. You can count on it!! As for me, I will probably wind up in a law suit with VNI for my money back and maybe even damages to include my lawyer fees. (I've got a few friends who are lawyers) By the way, you mispelled disbelief in your comment above. What was your IQ again??? This is a "COMPLAINTS BOARD" if you hadn't noticed, for peolpe with complaints. DUH! lol. You truly are an idiot. See you in court and have a blessed day.

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  • Ol
    Olga Malitska Jul 16, 2009

    To Jeff -

    one word: BRAVO!!!

    Was inching to add my angry comment here - but i could NEVER say it better!!!

    VNI has got to go down!


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  • Sa
    sales_agent Aug 15, 2009

    I'm interested in a class action against VNI. I will potentially set up a website for such effort. If you plan to garner some collaboration, please email me at [email protected]

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  • Wi
    wizard8 May 29, 2010

    yup, this is a scam. its taken me two years leaving messages, seldom hearing from them to give it up. Today they sent me a "Letter of Credit" ("please submit this credit letter with your next request").
    I've been submitting requests for 2 1/2 years and they could never match me up. I'm complaining with the Georgia Attorney General.
    Dean Peyton [email protected]

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  • In
    InvestigatorC Aug 29, 2012

    Well guess what? They are now here in Oklahoma City and scamming the people here. My husband and I went to one of their seminars tonight in Edmond, Oklahoma and they didn't like my questions. Looks like they rented an empty office space and put their sign out front calling themselves Summit Travel, LLC but their sales card and website says I guess thats to throw people off so they cannot actually google them for who they really are. When we arrived tonight I asked the girl at the front desk how long they've been at this address because I couldn't find them in the telephone book. She said they have only been here about a month maybe and that they were all from another state. Hmmm! Interesting! I bet they will be gone in a week or so. When I looked up Summit Travel on the internet it doesn't give any info about their ratings but you can't really find out who they really are without attending their seminar and then you are given their website info which is here with all these complaints. If I were able to find this out before attending then I wouldn't have gone. There were only four other couples there and thankfully they were able to see through this scam. I've reported it to our news station here and they are quite interested in alerting the public here.

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  • Cc
    C.C. Smith Oct 13, 2012

    We recently attended a seminar in Edmond, OK, which was put on by Summit Travel and VNI. During the presentation, we were told by a VNI representative that a one-bedroom condo would accommodate 4 adults and as many children as you would like to bring. Now VNI is telling us that is not true, a one-bedroom condo will only accommodate 4 people; if there are more in the party, a two-bedroom condo would have to be rented. We will be traveling with three small children and would not have considered their offer, if we could not all stay in a one-bedroom condo. They said one thing at the presentation and another when we called VNI to ask questions. We feel like this is fraud.

    Has anyone else heard this during one of their presentations?

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  • Li
    Lilboss05 Jan 22, 2013

    We also went to the semenar in edmond put on by summit travel. We signed the contract an left a check post dated for the down payment. After doing some searching and checking it all out we realized it was a scam. We have never even paid the down payment because we stopped payment on the check but they are already sending us collection letters. I am going to do everything I can to get out of this contract. What news station did you contact bacause I will call too. Maybe the more people that calls the more they will want to cover the story.

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  • Ka
    Kathleen Madden Jun 23, 2013

    I am interested in a class action against Vacation Network. Please contact me. [email protected]

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  • Nn
    Nnb35 Aug 06, 2013

    We have also been duped, but cannot find an escape.We tried to dispute the discharges with our credit card as we did not get the services we paid for, but were not succesful.We are out of 5500 dollars and there is nothing we can do.I am also intrested in filing a class action law suit and will happily join anyone who does it.
    This bussiness should shut down.The sad part is that they had a veteran do the presentation and we were so moved because he was a disbaled vet and immediately bought the vacation scam.

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  • Ju
    juan bernal Feb 17, 2014

    I Agree that they are frauds I bought A timeshare from Tradco, LTD associats of VNI For $4950.00 back in october 3 1990 used it 1 time could not get a hold of them after that kept paying the maintance fee till date no answer i never had a computer or how to use it till now now i know why they dont answer if anybody has information olease contact me at [email protected]

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  • Ja
    Jazzyjette May 28, 2014

    I am also SOOO disgusted... I am a single parent.. wanted to take my kids on vacation.. paid every month.. totalling 4, 000!! - They were never able to accommodate me! and/or scheduling was ridiculous!! - High peak times..and low peaks times.. I get it.. but was seriously NEVER, EVER ABLE TO GO ANYWHERE.
    I did call them about it a few years ago.. and they said they would FREEZE my yearly maintenance fee to 295.00 a year.. ( because it kept going up!!).. and I WAS SO MAD to pay for this every SEPT 1st- (exactly when school shopping was in full affect) - Uggg
    I'm from NJ... has ANYONE had any luck getting their money back in NEW JERSEY? IF SO, PLEASE TELL ME HOW..

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  • I too am a disgruntled individual. I have been paying VNI via Platinum travel for over two years and every time I want to use it there is always a glitch. During the presentation, there were no time stipulations. I am a teacher and travel in the summer, spring break, Winter Vacations are prime times for me to use the plan. But, when I tried to use it (after being told I could at any time) I hit the proverbial brick wall with I need six months notice for holidays and special events. Spring break is a special event and I do not always know six months in advance if I am able to go or not. Five months or one day gets you the same denial but consider another date letter. The people at VNI are courteous initially. They do not deliver. If you fill out the request form and send the additional monies for the villa, condo, or suite, they do not act. I had to hound them and then they secured me a hotel room not a villa, suite, or condo. Heck, I could have done that for free without utilizing them at all. My party was 7 women. I paid for two villas, suites, or condos but was given a room with four twin beds and a bath room. It did come with breakfast and that was in Italy. After much consideration, I have decided to cancel. At VNI they gave me the run around. At Platinum they deactivated my account and said no funds will be taken in the future. This was yesterday. We will see. I am also contacting my bank, the credit bureaus, the attorney general and better business bureau. If they are doing what is on the Internet, I too will be in for a fight. I want all my money refunded, the contract cancelled, no negative reporting to the credit bureau, and them out of my life for good. The guy I spoke with at VNI sounds like he could be one of the guys who wrote positively on this blog in my opinion. When I called to cancel he (Teddy) told me I sure never listen to the garbage spewed on this site or the Internet period (not his exact words) So, if you are checking them out RUN! They are not delivering as they promised. They do not accomodate you and if you go when you can according to your time frame you can not. They are frauds. I agree that you should stay away because in essence you are buying a plan you can not ever use.
    Duped and Not Happy about It

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  • Er
    Eright Johnson Dec 20, 2015

    We have used our VNI at least three times. Two were absolutely beautiful (one in Hawaii and one in San Diego). The one in the Bahamas was the pits. However, for the price of 499 per week and the locations we were housed in, we saved a lot of money. First stay saved us 900, the second stay saved us 650, and the last stays saved us 950. if you book early and make them find the best property that they can find in that area, you will be impressed. I am very proud of my VNI purchase.

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  • De
    DennisL Sep 06, 2016

    VNI is a Rip off .. We agreed to take a cruise to the Bahama's for $1500 all inclusive. This included two nights in Lauderdale, two on the Ship and Two in Orlando, this was through Celebration Cruise lines, which under Bahamian registry. When we got to Lauderdale we had to sit through "" 9 "" hours of time share presentation or forfeit our boarding passes, we were even denied a lunch break and I am a diabetic. We did not buy the time share as it was not suppose to be a requirement. The next day we had to drive 30 miles north to the Office of Vacation Network and had to sit through another " 4 ": hours of presentations. We finally agree to buy it for $ 5000, $2500 per week, based on what we were told. We then had an hour to drive north to the port for boarding and if we did not arrive on time we would miss the ship and forfeit our prepaid $1500, so by the time VNI was done, we didn't have time to read all the "fine print", this was simply a pressure tactic that they used. You are only given three days to void the contract and that would be rather impossible if you are in the Bahamas.When we got to Orlando they once again attempted to make us sit through another "timeshare" presentation, but we refused. We submitted a vacation request form and now we are being told that we can not vacation where we necessarily want to go and that they will make that decision for us. We have to pay for their decision in advance and no refund will be given if we do not like their decision. We were also told that every vacation location has a 4 star minimum rating and this is also a lie, simply look up that location and see for yourself. Basically we got screwed by Celebration Cruise Lines and Vacation Network who are obviously working together with each other, even though they will flat out deny it ..

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  • De
    Debbiek Jan 06, 2017

    @DennisL I am having the same problem. I just lost a loved one and felt pressured to purchase. Immediately after my cruise, I tried to cancel and was told it was too late. I will be traveling for a week in March. It is not what I wanted. I waited 3 months for them to book Charleston which is listed in the book. They never were able to do so. I wish I could get my money back.

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  • Mi
    Mike/Texas Sep 05, 2018

    Mike/TEXAS I would love to be in the class action Vs. vacation net work. please let me know who is agree to be in the class action let me know.

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  • An
    Anita Springs May 23, 2019

    I too am interested in a class action lawsuit! I regretted this purchase as soon as we returned from the cruise, but was told it was too late to cancel. of course if I have three days to cancel but you send me on a three-day will be too late to cancel when I return!!! I am so done! but I don't want to lose all of my money. to the person who used the attorney general...What do you say to them in order for them to be willing to help?

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  • Sh
    Sherry57 Jun 11, 2019

    @Anita Springs I am interested in a class action! [email protected]

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  • Sh
    Sherry57 Jun 11, 2019

    @Sherry57 Well.. it keeps hiding email addresses. My email is sherrycase4444 and the rest is above.

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  • Ke
    Kenneth Faulkner Dec 30, 2019

    We purchased this membership 5 years ago in Austin, TX and also soon discovered this is a scam company. So stupid to buy into this deal after seeing how they do this. Evening in some office complex, very shady. They roll in, setup temporary shop, then sell all these memberships. We cannot get any reservations to any of the places promised. We tried many times. They don’t cancel your membership and continue to post yearly fees to my credit. I’ll try to contact my state AG and see what can be done but do not buy anything from Vacations International or Summit Vacations

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