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Coast to Coast Grand Getaways Complaints & Reviews

Coast to Coast Grand Getaways / discount and prepaid vacations

Robert Libka on Aug 14, 2018

Paid extra to avoid annual fees Still pay annual fees Paid up in July receiving email saying no annual fees until 2035. 1 month later called and told I extended my weeks but didn't cover annual fees. Then caller hung up on me. Some months earlier the same individual, who is always rude and...

Coast to Coast Grand Getaways / scam on trying to continually get money from me for yearly fees when i pay they upgrade me then tell me i haven't made my yearly fees

Deb Hallbauer on Apr 8, 2016

I agree to being scammed too. If there is a class action for this company I want in too. I am constantly getting calls for money for fees and they are rude and threaten and try to put words into my mouth and I am sick of them. For example they call to harass me for the supposedly yearly...

Coast To Coast / Grand Getaways / Travel service

Reviewer81556 on Oct 20, 2015

I signed up for the life time membership with a fee of $4, 995.00 on 01/10/2012. Then on 04/08/2013 grand getaways called my home and got my mother. They told her I needed to renew my membership and they would send all kinds of travel vouchers to us. She fell for it and paid $539.00 with...

Grand Getaways / Coast To Coast / rip off and false promises

blessedandhighlyfavored on Jun 5, 2014

19, 000 for a vacation club that don't offer anything on their promises. I purchased this in The Bahamas while on vacation Please be careful out there. A vacation should be pleasant and not filled with vultures trying to take your money and lie to you. They call you every 3 months to...

Coast To Coast / Grand Getaways / Avoid Coast to Coast Grand Getaways!! (AKA GGT Miami, Coast-to-Coast, Grand Incentives, Grand Getaways)

DaPearl on Mar 13, 2014

Avoid Coast to Coast Grand Getaways!! (AKA GGT Miami, Coast-to-Coast, Grand Incentives, Grand Getaways) I have been fighting to cancel my membership and get a refund for almost 18 months! They never delivered what was promised and never responded to my many many complaints. They wore me down...

Coast To Coast / Grand Getaways / Charged without my consent

XkoX on Oct 3, 2013

I was a customer of Coast to Coast Grand Gateways and paid for their annual membership. It was about a time for this membership to end and somewhere around this time I've noticed a charge made by this company. I called them and they explained me that it is renew cost for my...

Grand Getaways / Maintenance Fee Scam

John Aird on Jun 7, 2013

Last year, Mark Biondi told me that if I paid a one time fee or $398.00 or something I don't remember the exact amount... Anyway I was told we would never have to pay maintenance again. Now I am getting phone calls that if I pay another two years blah blah... I am not happy.. He flat out lied to me...

Coast to Coast / Promised to Sell our Membership

Joyce Terrell on May 2, 2013

A sales representative from Coast to Coast called me to suggest that it was time to renew our membership, so I told him that we didn't think we wanted to renew it anymore that we never used it. He said he could sell it for us, but that we would have to pay the membership dues first...

Coast to Coast / Not a complaint

N8VSON on Apr 3, 2013

This is not a complaint. I have read some complaints about Coast to Coast's auto warranty in this forum. I checked out Coast To Coast with the BBB of eastern Ontario and while there were some complaints mentioned, BBB has given Coast To Coast an A+ rating. I would like to hear from...

Grand Getaways / Coast To Coast / Rip off

MacMan211 on Mar 19, 2013

I made a monster mistake in the Bahamas and became a member. Two years and over $3K later in payments I have not been able to find one bargain or advantage for a vacation. If anyone knows how I can get out of this expensive mess, please let me know. Thanks.

Coast to Coast / travel fraud

Joyce Zehnder on Mar 5, 2013

Unsolicited phone call selling club due to Cheap Travel going out of business & that I had bought with them in 2004. Offered premium gold membership, 2 or 4 yr., lots of benefits. Went to web page, everything had prices, no offers for members as promised. I found I have a prior membership...

Coast to Coast / Harassment

Tootie Jeanne on Oct 13, 2012

In past years, I had a membership with this company, and had last renewed that membership in 02/2009. I have been called numerous times trying to get me to re-new my expired membership. I have told them repeatedly that I am not interested in doing so. I am 81 yrs old, and have a husband...

Coast to Coast / Extended New/Used Car Breakdown Warranty

buddy45 on Oct 10, 2012

DO NOT BUY!!! They will never pay out a claim!!! Bought a car from a dealer that said he would include a 6 month unlimited mileage Engine and Transmission Warranty. When we got to the dealer to pay and pick up the car, he ask us to sign a paper for a warranty. The name of the company on...

Coast To Coast / Go Grand Getaways / SCAM, false promises

ihategograndgetaways on Jul 20, 2012

If they delivered 50% of what they offered in the presentation it would be a 100% improvement. But above and beyond the fact they don't really give good rates or have good locations, their employees attitudes are absolutely abysmal. We were told we don't have to renew every year...

Go Grand Getaways / Travel Club Fraud

My husband and I were duped by Grand Getaways, a Coast to Coast Travel Company (also known as Grand Getaways Vacation Club, Grand Incentives) for $4, 900! Their principal place of business is at 64 Inverness East, Englewood, CO 80112 and they have a Member Care Center at 756o Commerce Ct...

Coast To Coast / Grand Getaways / Cancel the membership and get refunded

Sarah W on Oct 6, 2011

Don't get trapped! I bougth into Grand Geteways that thinking can go on vacations with great price just as the presenter shown me too. I was at their calypso cay florida orlando office on June 5, 2o11. By that time, I left my daughter 10 whom I took to FL. for National competetion...

Grand Getaways Vacation Travel Club / SCAM!

Tara G on Mar 14, 2011

While vacationing in Florida last June we made the mistake of attending an information session from Grand Getaways in order to obtain some discounted theme park tickets. After listening to the lies about cheaper hotels, cruises, and airfares we were ready to leave and collect our...

Grand Getaways Vacation Travel Club / Mark Biondi

Warwicks on Feb 24, 2011

WOW...I thought I'd heard it all until I saw the comment posted by YOU 'Mark Biondi'. I had no doubt you served in the marines as you stated to my husband & I on my birthday 11/28, at Little Harbor. We, who live in this 'land of the free' are forever indebted to...

Coast to Coast / Billed for thier services

I found charges from this company appear on my bill when we called them they said it had be authorized over the Internet.By the way their number is ( 1-888-300-3724 ) for anyone needing to contact them.After fighting with them they reimbursed us, 2 months later it was back.Had to fight...

Coast to Coast / Poor service


I paid over $2000.00 extra on my vehicle as a recommendation as it was a used car. It's a 2004 Mazda6 GT that had very low miliage, but I was like "What the heck, atleast I will have protection". The cost was based on that fact that my car was manual and fully loaded and I wanted 24...