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credit card payment holds

I've been making regular bi-weekly payments to my credit card company. These payments were always 25=50% of my total balance. There has never been a problem with my payments, for example an insufficient funds issue. They're always good payments. Now they've put a 7 day hold on my payment. Why? Because I'm making large payments too often. All I get from the people who work there is the company line.."we reserve the right to hold your payments." Ridiculous. After I complained, I was told that all of my future payments will also be put on a 7 day hold. I would not suggest anyone go to USAA for a credit card. Their customer service is on par with a herd of goats. The people who work with the public are miscast and lack any shred of interpersonal communication skills.

  • Ch
    ChinaKitten May 05, 2011

    More then likely the credit card company your paying towards had other issues with other members in the bank. Did you Google whatever company your paying off? Do they have any fraud complaints?
    If any bank told you that such and such a company is being put on a 7 day hold because of unfair or unethical business practices, or because said company might be in the middle of being bought out. They could be sued for defamation, or even possibly insider trading information. A 7 day hold on any payment over the amount of 200$ is standard practice in almost all banks. When a bank does something to keep you "safe" people yell. But what if the payment was done after you paid these people? and you didn't catch it? Chase did that to us. We paid of that credit card canceled the direct deposit and for 4 months continued to try to take money out of our bank, thank goodness for the hold and USAA catching it. Or we'd of been out more money. As well as USAA put a freeze on our account because thank to a certain bank in Abu Dhabi US credit /debit card numbers were sold to criminals who proceeded to use the bank card for big purchases it was caught and only wrecked our account for about a week and USAA refunded all the money, most other banks wouldn't of. I'm sorry you feel it is unfair, however I can tell you that when the shoe is on the other foot and large transaction isn't wanted you'd feel better with a bank who is quick to freeze and hold vs one who doesn't care and just gives your money to crooks.

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insurance claim

I have been a USAA full service customer for over 20 years. 20 years of great service, but this last...

poor customer service

Usaa federal savings bank, customer service has left the building.

Funds on hold.

I have a great credit score, I have never had an nsf and have never miss a payment on my insurance or credit cards, I consider myself a great customer of usaa. Now for some reason they are placing funds on hold to every check I deposit. I have been in contact with customer service and they will not give me a straight answer or the reason this is happening nor will they release funds on hold. I work hard for my money and I do not want to wait another 5 days to have access to it. I have had to run up credit cards and use money in savings because of this situation. I feel as if it is a slap in the face from a good friend as I have always been a great and loyal customer. I will never recommend this bank to anyone ever again and I am in the process of cutting all ties with this bank. Do not do business with usaa if you are looking for a bank.

  • Se
    SevenLtd Jun 18, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Similar issue here. They will tell you AFTER you make a deposit that it will be on hold for a week. They will not allow you to cancel the deposit so you can go to another bank, or remove the hold. I complained about the failure to let me know until after the deposit was placed. The woman cust service rep just got defensive, dug in her heels, and kept referring to "policy". Horrible experience for a long time customer with many accounts there. I will be banking locally from now on.

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refusing account access after bankruptcy

I am unable to make payments or check my loan balances online because USAA is refusing to grant access through their technical support group. After completing Ch 7 filing and reaffirming two car loans (combined balances are less than $13k) USAA canceled the security codes that are required to access the "make payment" part of their site. I have repeated tried the "work around" that the technical support group suggests, to no avail. As a result, I have no way to know due dates, loan balances, dates amounts were applied to my accounts and the breakdown of principal/interest. They also refuse to send amortization schedules and invoices for payments due. Having been a loyal USAA member since 1983 I am livid. I spoke with "Rachel" and "Jason" this morning at USAA in a last-ditch attempt to get this resolved. All I want to do is pay the bills for the car loans.

  • Ju
    June Torne Oct 26, 2010

    I went through Ch. 7 as well, although I didn't reaffirm our car loans, at the recommendation of my attorney. I am paying them monthly though. I depend on paying my bills online. You can't get full access to their site; however, you can get to a limited screen where it gives you the basic info and allows you to still pay your bills. After you sign in, you will see a window that says they are unable to complete your request and on the right-hand side, there is a button "proceed" If you click on that, it will take you to a sign-in place again, you do that and give it your 4-digit passcode, and you will see the screen with your bills and info.

    It is rather strange. I was under the impression that if we had reaffirmed our loans with them, then we would have had full access once again. Of course, as I said, we didn't do that because...well, we are paying and that's is all they need from us as far as I am concerned. But since you reaffirmed, I am wondering why you don't get the full access once again.

    Hope this helps.

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usaa: poor customer service, just another big bank.

Usaa: poor customer service, just another big bank.

I was a member of usaa for 7 years. I had a car loan, credit card, and checking account with them. I also had all my bills set on auto-payment through my usaa accounts.in june I lost my job. I immediately called usaa to notify them of my situation and loss of income in an effort to head off any financial problems. They deferred my car loan for 2 months, and were not really interested in my job loss.
Over the next 3 months, my accounts became past due and usaa began to call me and harass me wanting their money. Telling me “you took the money, so now you have to pay it!!” I repeatedly called and tried to negotiate and work out an arrangement. Usaa wasn’t interested. They did not care that I had no income, they just wanted their money.
I finally found work, but my income was 25% of what it once was. Again, I contacted usaa and tried to work out a payment plan or to refinance my debts at a lower payment. And again they were not interested. Instead they transferred me around the corporation and twice to collection departments that said “you owe us, give us our money” at this point I was not even 60 days past due!!!
It seems to me that usaa would rather use their collections agents, repo a vehicle, destroy my credit, and receive zero dollars than refinance an existing loan that would make them more money!!! Their collections people were not interested in helping at all. They yelled at me, tried to intimidate me, and were rather impolite. Usaa was very unprofessional and has proven to be just another big bank. They could care less about its investors, members, and their financial situations. Not only would I caution everyone I meet to avoid them at all costs, but should I go back on active duty, I vow that no usaa representative will ever set foot on my post nor speak with my troops. Soldiers, servants of our great nation, their families, and people deserve better than usaa!!!

John krum
Former usaa member

  • Ch
    ChinaKitten May 05, 2011

    It sucks you lost your job, but that is not the banks fault, they deferred your payments they aren't legally obligated to do even that. Now deployment is different and they do a lot for the military members and they're families. When you borrow from a bank have financial obligations etc, It is your job to have in savings, enough to cover at least 3 months of financial obligations, plus all other expenses if you do not have this, you should not own car house etc. If more people were Fiscally responsible we wouldn't have the debt problem we do now. As a military member your entitled to respect not a free ride. if you want to negotiate do it while your still paying them and up to date. My husband honorably discharged from the service, because his job was overmanned and the air force at that time was claiming they were over there numbers. So he didn't want to retrain and he was promised a job in between times he was without a job for 65 days, We paid all our bills on time for the first 2 months while I spoke to USAA and other companies and explained the situation they were able to work with me because I hadn't stopped payment. See that's the key, the moment you miss a payment they no longer give a darn, but if you can show them hey look I'm set up for at least 60 days to pay you, and you begin working with them before your out of cash, it makes a world of difference. I'm tired of people thinking that banks or people you borrow money from should "understand" your dire straights. It wouldn't be so dire if you PLANNED ahead, because there is always some unforeseen circumstance. That no one planned for. So hurt your troops and there families and do them a disservice because you don't understand what being financially stable is, because you didn't plan ahead. You'd probably find honor in leading 600 men to there deaths as long as it made you look good...
    Thank you for your service to our country, for my freedoms but take a page from the military and always plan ahead. The 60 day financial plan was the first thing as a "new military" family, were taught in the family classes at Macdill AFB and they have been a life saver.

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  • Sr
    srchng4care May 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    tell the bank to go suck it they got enough money hong kong here doesnt know what shes talking about
    dont let it ruin your life those collectors are trained to that dont let them scare you!

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bad loan service

My husband and I were very excited to be purchasing our very first home. Ofcourse since we bank with usaa we decided to get a home loan through them as well. With some minor adjustments to our credit we were aprroved. Little did we know what a nightmare we were getting into to usaa morgage dept. We were assgined the absolute worst loan processer that could work for usaa. We started this whole process july of 2010 needless to say it is the being of october and we still have not been able to close on our home. All this could have been avoided if only our loan processer have taken the time out to actually work on our loan instead she was out of the office weeks at a time. And never called us back when her voice mail clearly says "I give callback within 24 hours".. Such a lie. We are disgusted with the service that we have recieved from usaa. It has taken everything breath of us to try and close on this house if its not one thing its another with usaa. I just now got off the phone with usaa and because it is the begining of the month usaa has to go back and review all of our paperwork and update everything once again. So our new estaimated closing date is oct. 16th. Finally we have had enough with usaa. We just canceled our loan with them completly. If you are smart you will not get a home loan with usaa. They will give you the run around in everyway possible...

  • Jo
    JohnnyApples Oct 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Worst...mortgage lender...EVER!!! My wife and I have been USAA insurance customers for almost 20 years without a single complaint...their customer service has always been excellent. When we decided a couple months ago to refinance our original VA loan, we looked no further than USAA because of our many years of past experience with them. 45 days into the loan process, we only now realize how big of a mistake we made by selecting them for our mortgage business. There is a HUGE disparity in the quality of their insurance services and that of their mortgage services!!! The loan processor assigned to us was the most incompetent, lazy, and least knowledgeable financial services professional with whom I have ever dealt. He never answers his phone, never returns messages left in his voicemail, doesn't respond to repeated E-Mail inquiries regarding the status of our loan...and when we finally contacted a "supervisor", she was quick to promise prompt action but dragged her feet for days. Consequently, we've completely missed the closing date that was originally scheduled, and USAA is now requiring documents from us that have never before been needed when we've applied for home loans and are asking the exact same questions of us that we answered more than 30 days ago soon after we first applied to refinance. USAA mortgage services are a scam...they are not at all interested in providing loans at today's low market rates. Don't walk...RUN...away from USAA financial services.

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  • Li
    Lisa Kronsnebel Nov 14, 2010

    I am utterly disgusted with USAA Mortgage Services. When I call for a status on my VA refinance, my processor barely can form a sentence in English and is also very rude. She will never return a call either. On 1 loan, this is my 4th processor assigned! None of them could speak very good english neither were they kind. Nothing against Mexican American people- however, in business, you need bright, articulate, knowledgeable staff that communicate kindly and effectively. I give up AND I also will be contacting Clark Howard to tell him my disgust!! USAA Mortgage is based in San Antonio. I did some checking around and found that it is the policy of USAA Mortgage to hire and promote Mexican Americans over caucasian. Who gets hurt the blatent favortism like this?? It is the Veteran!! I am trying to warn everyone I can to stay away from them! In the name of "political correctness" they are hurting the customer and I am disgusted. Hmmm is it a coincidence that the CEO is a Mexican American as well? Joe Robles USAA Mortgage Services is Toxic and should be avoided.

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insurance rates

Spetember 22, 2010

Not srue this is a complaint so much as just passing on some information. I was not scammed by USAA, however ...

As a reservist, I was refered to this company by word of mouth. I was told they have great rates, customer service, etc.

At first, I submitted for an auto insurance quote. I have three vehicles, three drivers. USAA came back with a quote of almost $4, 000 per year. I currently pay $2, 000 per year. Then I submitted a quote for homeowners insurance - USAA was $300 per year higher. If Shelter Insurance is in your area, I suggest you check them out.

Then, I submitted a quote to refinance my home. Even though they used a quote with a percentage rate 1.5 percent less than my current, the monthly payment was $300 a month more than my current. And the total loan value was more than my original 4 years ago.

If this is what USAA members call value, I think they should shop around.

If it sounds to good to be true ...

don't ever sign up with usaa

I wrote this email below to USAA ([protected]@usaa.com) and never got any reply at all! If you're considering signing up with USAA, try sending this email below and see if you get any response. That will give you an idea of their customer service. By the way, the email address is valid. Here is the proof: http://twitter.com/USAA

Dear USAA,

I signed up for USAA banking account (savings and checking) on June
9th 2010, and I paid the $50. It has been 3 months now and I am still
not allowed to use my account. I was told there is "investigation" on
my account.

I do not mind at all if there is an investigation, but three months is
unreasonably long. At least let me know how the "investigation" is
progressing. What result are they waiting for? What step is slowing
them down?

Or, refund my money. Isn't my request perfectly reasonable?

Thanks again,


  • Li
    Lisa Kronsnebel Nov 14, 2010

    I am utterly disgusted with USAA Mortgage Services. When I call for a status on my VA refinance, my processor barely can form a sentence in English and is also very rude. She will never return a call either. On 1 loan, this is my 4th processor assigned! None of them could speak very good english neither were they kind. Nothing against Mexican American people- however, in business, you need bright, articulate, knowledgeable staff that communicate kindly and effectively. I give up AND I also will be contacting Clark Howard to tell him my disgust!! USAA Mortgage is based in San Antonio. I did some checking around and found that it is the policy of USAA Mortgage to hire and promote Mexican Americans over caucasian. Who gets hurt the blatent favortism like this?? It is the Veteran!! I am trying to warn everyone I can to stay away from them! In the name of "political correctness" they are hurting the customer and I am disgusted. Hmmm is it a coincidence that the CEO is a Mexican American as well? Joe Robles USAA Mortgage Services is Toxic and should be avoided.

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  • Li
    Lisa Kronsnebel Nov 28, 2010

    I am posting everywhere I can to warn people about USAA and their horrible treatment of customers (members) - USAA Mortgage is run by mexican immigrants, I am totally convinced of that!! Our VA Mortgage Processor, could not communicate well at all (and I think she cursed out my husband in Spanish) therefore, I will tell everyone I know AND the VA loan center about how Veterans and their families are treated.

    I applied alnong with my husband for a VA Refinance a month ago. My husband is 100% disabked as a result if service in Afghanistan- a grenade exploded under him during a "sweep". He is a grunt, an infantryman and would die for his country- and he almost did!! Anyway, our VA Processor kept telling us he has to pay the 3.3% funding fee. Then, she changed her mind and said no he did not. She refused to accept any paperwork from the VA with his rating. This incompetant dumbass mexican lady put us through hell and back! It finally came to the point that our lock expired not once but twice on us. Had we gone through with the USAA refinance, we would have had another half a percent tacked on to our rate.

    I am thinking that this malicious treatment has to be criminal or fraud. I find it hard to believe that a fortune 500 organization would be so "politically correct" in its hiring to reflect the large mexican american population in TX without regard to skill or merit. I understand that they have a consumer reporter on KENS 5 in SA. I have contacted him and they will be airing an expose on USAA Mortgage Services in early Feb 2011.

    I want to vomit when I think of the bad people there.

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  • He
    HellionDeadwoman Nov 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lisa: "it is the policy of USAA Mortgage to hire and promote Mexican Americans over Caucasian." Do you have proof of this? If not don't use it as part of your complaint, if it turns out wrong it will just make you look untrustworthy.

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not refunding my $50

I wrote this email below to USAA ([protected]@usaa.com) and never got any reply at all! If you're...

worst insurance company

Some car hit my car while going 40 mph on a local road. The police report clearly identified the other driver at fault and I gave my verbal statement to USAA which they recorded. They told me they will need a similar statement from their insured (the guy who hit my car) - before authorizing the autoshop for repairs. They instruct me to get an estimate from the shop and i do that as well. I have called USAA several times to see if they have been in touch and its been over 10 days. They keep saying that they have not been able to get in touch with their insured hence my car can't be repaired. This is the worst policy I have ever heard of - USAA is the worst insurance company ever - Why is the police report not enough for them to authorize the claim? My car is still not drivable and they won't give me a rental. DO NOT GET USAA THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS - ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY. Greedy SOBs.

  • Di
    digdave Oct 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's funny. I 200% disagree, I've had USAA for over 20 years, and so has my parents, NEVER a problem. I had my first accident, and rear-ended someone who hit someone else a few months ago. They took care of everything and paid the claim(s), nor did they raise my rates and renewed my policy that same month.

    If the driver hit you, and they cannot contact that person, or thier insurance company they wont pay the bill. and neither would ANY insurance company. You need to ask yourself if you would pay a bill without any proof...?

    You never mentioned if you had full coverage, if you do this would not happen and would pay the bill, if you have liability only that means USAA will only pay for things that are your fault.. Many years ago someone hit me, and left the scene, USAA paid my entire claim no questions asked. So sounds like something is missing from your store, if you dont have the right coverage no company will pay the claim. It's your policy you should understand it.

    I want to end this comment by saying I dont work for USAA, or in the insurance business, but it makes me very angry when people dont understand something them blame everyone else for that problem.

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Over the weekend someone threw some type of liquid on my BMW trunk lid. It left ugly brown spots and even ate through the paint in places. The USAA Adjuster came out and gave me a quote of $444.00 minus the deductible it comes out to $194.00. He didn't seem to think they would need to repaint the trunk even though there are black spots showing where the paint is gone. I went today and got some repair estimates and they are all about $1000. USAA doesn't want to pay me any additional money to get the car fixed...they even accused me of not intending to fix the car (which is very rude and offensive).

My advice, stay away from USAA. I have been a LONG time customer of theirs (since about 1987) and look at how I am being treated. After the way they have treated me concerning this claim I would NOT recommend them to anyone.

refuses to pay

two years ago I was involved in an rear end collision, ( I was the one who got rearended) the guy hit me once and when i was getting out of the car he hit me again. This caused injury to my self (shoulder and back) I was being treated for both injuries until USAA decided it was not going to pay anymore even though all the doctors said i still needed treatment. Two years later they still have not paid for my time loss, they just recently paid part of PT (2010) and now they are refusing to pay for time loss saying I never requested it, when confronted with documents showing i did request it. I was told now I need an IME to see if the injuries they ahve been paying for are due to the car accident. ( two years later) I have now lost my home, my cars because USAA refuses to pay my time loss and other policy items. I have to fight with my own insurance company, have not even had to fight with the other one yet... Your insurance company is suppose to stand behind you and be there when you need them. Not screw you over.

  • Sa
    sam08030 Sep 06, 2012

    my car was parked and it was hit by a USAA insured and we are being tried like this mess was our fault.. their insured hit our car and ran if it was not for the witness we would be out of luck.

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  • Wow, and I thought I was the only one.
    I figured my representative at USAA was simply incompetent.
    Going through almost the same exact thing, had 2 spine surgeries tons of tests (pre and post-op) and now in therapy.
    USAA has refunded a few hundred dollars and my out of pocket expenses are about $18, 000... I have been using my health insurance (not USAA) and simply submit for reimbursement of my copays, etc. *Note: yeah $18, 000 in co-pays, USAA is getting a sweet deal but refuse to pay b/c "they don't have enough info."
    It's been over a year and USAA has done everything they can to keep from helping me with my expenses (which would be huge if I didn't use my health insurance).
    USAA claims they have been requesting info from providers and yes they have sent forms to providers but don't follow up.
    Additionally, they have falsified documents (i.e. info requests for therapy didn't go out for a few months then when I complained they sent 4 requests (#1-3 & Final) within 2 days. The kicker here is they changed the dates on the paperwork/requests: the proof all 4 documents were post marked on 2 days, as stated they all arrived in a 2 day span and the kicker: the "request date" on Info REquest #3 is before the "request date" for Info Request #1.
    The worst part is not only did they commit fraud by falsifying the dates on the requests to make it seem like they were trying (ie make it seem like they had actually been requesting data in order to make a decision on reimbursement) to get the info they used the US Postal System to aid in this ruse, that's mail fraud. The best part: I go to therapy 3* a week and speak to the billing department at every visit. I used to give them a hard time thinking they we at fault... It should be noted that they billing department of my therapist is hyper vigilant and reliable, they are also the ones who caught he previously described fraud. The good news is they have the manipulated info requests in my file and yes, they saved the postmarked envelops.
    OK, this is the kicker: USAA told me that their "Dr. reviewed my file and is saying that my therapy as "it's not medically necessary due to their file review. The problem here is that "they haven't been reimbursing me for anything b/c they need more info from the providers." That's what I call refusing to provide the benefits I have paid for. Additionally, my Neurosurgeon is one of the top Dr's at Johns' Hopkins and is nearly impossible to get appointments him, he simply cherry picks from patients all over the world... he's that good and I got lucky (I had a friend of a friend [the Johns Hopkins Neuroscience & Psychiatry department get him to take my case]).

    After 2 spine surgeries that fixed some issues I am/was still in a great deal of pain (radiates through neck and upper back as well as rib cage) my Neurosurgeon had me get a discogram which showed that a 3rd surgery was not the best path, at least for now. I was referred to another Top Dr at Johns Hopkins (arguably the best hospital in the world) because of a myfacial and nerve issue (his areas of expertise)... this Dr referred me to a therapy/pain specialist that specialize in Dry Needling (excruciating painful and an hour from where I live, talk about a miserable situation... I also have a job). But it's helping... and I hope to be done with that by summer (finger's crossed). Again, USAA doesn't have the info necessary to pay me for the $18, 000 in related costs under PIP (not to mention the pain, suffering, stress, inconvenience...) but they have enough info to essentially say "your top surgeons at Hopkins don't know their stuff and the therapy is a waste of time and money.

    OK, here's the real kicker: the person who ran a stop sign, entering an intersection that was a 2 way stop (I was on the main road with no stop sign...) told the police (it's in the reports) as well as the insurance company that she "didn't see the stop sign because she was talking on the phone, " yep she broke 2 laws (talking on non-hands free device while driving and blowing a stop sign..." The kicker I mentioned: we both have USAA insurance... There's not a person on earth that can convince me that they aren't playing games with my personal coverage (my policy paying for my medical expenses...) so later on the settlement (with USAA under the other person's policy) will not be as large.

    I trusted USAA (they have 99% of my investment $, all my policies...), maybe we both have the same adjuster and that's the problem... but I doubt it.

    I also have a ton of lost wages (disability after spinal surgery)...

    Feel as if I am rambling... watching game and FSU is getting destroyed... One more note on the lack of support I have gotten from USAA: my adjuster rarely calls me back and when I speak to her manager I get assured that "your rep is doing all she can to help." That might be true if it's her helping USAA to blow me off and set the stage for a minimal settlement later. I am exhausted from this and will be calling a lawyer (I want the benefits/coverage I pay for and also not get raped by them later on. Guess this is the great service a Disabled Veteran should expect from USAA. Pathetic.

    It should be noted that the only bills they have paid are for: 1. CT, MRI... after my second spinal surgery to figure out why I still had massive pain in my neck, upper back, rib cage/multifidae... (my therapist is a Dr and really knows her stuff, that firm is also linked to Hopkins...) & the pain specialist who referred my to this therapy/therapist and I follow-up with every 2-3 mos, The best part here is they paid for the CTs scans, MRI... directly to the provider so they are well aware of the fact that I have the top Dr's in the world working with me and they also agree that the car accident was the cause of the spine surgeries, current treatments as well as the pain, inconvenience...

    I am sure that we are not the only people they have done this to and the mail fraud thing (which the Dr/therapist and I can prove without a doubt)... I used to love USAA but this situation is ridiculous.

    Anyone know a good lawyer in MD that specializes in this type of Law?
    I will be going to court, this will not be settled and I definitely intend to address the mail fraud in that forum as well... If anyone has had a similar situation respond to this as I think a class action lawsuit is in order. I can't imagine that I am the only member they are doing this to. I imagine there are other disabled veterans that they are doing this to and it sickens me that those men and women may not be able to understand the situation to the degree that I do (I'm not an insurance expert but am learning the ins/outs)... it makes me sick.

    Again, there's a chance that we both had miserable support at the adjuster level, but from the research so far it seems that USAA tries to make paying $ to providers or reimbursing out of pocket medical related costs due to an accident nearly impossible. Guess that's why our premiums are low. But, from my perspective why pay any $ for a deductible if when you get in an accident and are hurt, incompassitated and receive no support/benefits... I feel so "valued.." Yes, sarcasm.

    Finally, if anyone else has had issues with USAA doing all they can to not support you, provide reimbursements after an accident please respond to this string with your contact info. Again, you are not alone & I would love to hear your story and policy team up with you in a lawsuit (again, mail-fraud was used and is simply one manifestation of their making this process unbearable...). Guess all that matters is the profits.


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poor service when usaa customer causes accident

Husband was hit by a USAA insured driver this morning. Claims department couldn't be more UNHELPFUL-- wanted us to go through our insurance & pay our deductible when their client was issued a citation for improper left turn. Would not send a tow truck to tow his inoperable car (he had just dropped me off at work-- so I was also car-less). Was told if the city of atlanta kept the car in their impound lot over 24 hours, they were not responsible for the charges!!! Worst insurance company ever.

usaa checking account

I was a member of USAA for 15 years. In 2005 my mother had chemotherapy which led to huge medical bills and financial troubles. In 2007 I applied for a USAA checking account. In addition to being denied a checking account, USAA cancelled my online access to my auto insurance and labeled me a "security risk". Due to a derogatory financial report that USAA solicits from a 3rd party company, I was no longer able to acess the USAA website, auto insurance increased, and a simple checking account application was denied.

This is the most ridiculous business practice I have ever heard of. USAA valued its customers at one time, but now this company is reorganized to maximize profits by mimicking the same unscrupulous business practices that led to the collapse of the banking industry. Read the complaints people, notice the trends. USAA is under new leadership. Leadership that views all of its loyal customers as fat turkeys long past due for their holiday slaughter. In the next ten years this company will follow a pattern seen far to often in businesses; increased financial success leads to abandonment of ethics over time. The tail is now wagging the dog in USAA folks.

  • Je
    Jen Roy Nov 24, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was told suddenly today that my banking checking and savings are in credit only mode . Now it almost time to get paid VA disability and cisr said they wont give me a check for up to 30 days. I wont be able to pay my rent or my of my bills. I have been on the phone all day I want to know why they suddenly do not want to service me for any type of banking. Is there any way I can get my VA money sent to a different bank instead of USAA direct deposit? I called the VA they told me on the 17th of the month it was set up to go to USAA, and now if USAA does not fix it this problem I have to find a way to get my direct deposit into a new checking and savings account credit union asap. This is horse poop any help please help me out

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mortgage process

My credit score has been around 800 for 20 years now. My home is paid off. I decided to place a mortgage against it and applied at USAA. It was a new loan for the first time on my home. USAA called it a refinance though. Never understood "refinance" because there was no loan which was to be paid off. With all the problems associated with escrow accounts, I paid a quarter of a percent more not to have an escrow account. USAA'S good faith estimate however had one block checked stating that this mortgage "has" an escrow account. Then on the next page it says the escrow account is waived. When I pointed out the checked box stating there was an escrow account and at the same time it also says it was waived, I was told that the box cannot be unchecked now. I was told That even though it says there is an escrow account, there really isn't. I said if you sell the mortgage, tell that to the company who buys the mortgage. While I pay my realestate taxes and homeowners insurance for the full year, USAA for some reason incremented my tax and insurance into a monthly payment. If there is no escrow account and if I am to pay my realestate taxes and insurance on my own, why would USAA brake the yearly rates down into monthly increments? Then, when I learned that they intended to sell the mortgage right away to GMAC and have a servicer of PPH, I had to fold saying I would not apply for the mortgage there. One reason why some people have high credit scores is that they steer clear of companies that have higher number of complaints.

  • Li
    Lisa Kronsnebel Nov 14, 2010

    I am utterly disgusted with USAA Mortgage Services. When I call for a status on my VA refinance, my processor barely can form a sentence in English and is also very rude. She will never return a call either. On 1 loan, this is my 4th processor assigned! None of them could speak very good english neither were they kind. Nothing against Mexican American people- however, in business, you need bright, articulate, knowledgeable staff that communicate kindly and effectively. I give up AND I also will be contacting Clark Howard to tell him my disgust!! USAA Mortgage is based in San Antonio. I did some checking around and found that it is the policy of USAA Mortgage to hire and promote Mexican Americans over caucasian. Who gets hurt the blatent favortism like this?? It is the Veteran!! I am trying to warn everyone I can to stay away from them! In the name of "political correctness" they are hurting the customer and I am disgusted. Hmmm is it a coincidence that the CEO is a Mexican American as well? Joe Robles USAA Mortgage Services is Toxic and should be avoided.

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  • Ke
    Keith C. Feb 22, 2011

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    Review from Jim C.
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    Jim C.

    San Diego, CA


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    5 star rating

    The 1-star reviews about USAA's mortgage service are puzzling, and I'm guessing they're from people who don't clearly read the obvious fees (which are refunded upon funding). My process couldn't have been easier.

    I had them process a pre-approval first. They faxed it to my realtor. When it expired (6 months later), since finding a home in California was so difficult, they simply generated another one. When I finally found a home, my realtor faxed them the contract. The very next morning, USAA called for the formal application process over the phone. I was given the option to lock immediately or float. Was also given a closing date one week after what the contract stated.

    A few days later, I received the packet to sign and return. There were no errors on any of the documents. After this process, I'm guessing I was contacted about 5 times either by phone or email (my realtor did most of communicating). Most of this was to let me know where the loan was at--in process, sent to closing, funded. I was warned not to do anything to screw up my credit in the meantime (no large purchases, no other applications for credit).

    The notary who came to my office was stunned at how simple the documentation was. The signing and stamping took about 15 minutes (I had been warned this would take 2 hours).

    Had to push slightly to get the closing date a week early. Luckily, my realtor handled all of this communication. The closing didn't quite happen, but USAA did end up funding 5 days before they guaranteed they would. It was 2 days after the contract date, but the sellers were OK with that.

    My backup mortgage choice (Bank of America) couldn't come close to beating the interest rate without paying for major points.

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    * USAA Federal Savings Bank
    Review from erin o.
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    erin o.

    That's what she said

    Redmond, WA


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    1 star rating

    I wish I had read these reviews before I started the mortgage process with USAA! I have all my banking and insurance through USAA and have never had a problem, but their Mortgage Services Dept. is a different story. James Stocker, our loan office, was terrible. His response to my every question was "just sign the papers and send them back, then we'll get everything straightened out". Um, no! I want it all straight BEFORE I sign anything!

    My husband and I called several times asking to speak to a manager and didn't get anywhere. On my first call, Norma, the receptionist, told me she wouldn't connect me to anyone regarding the loan because my husband and I have different last names. WTF ?! Seriously? Needless to say, we've switched to a different mortgage company.

    I've been given to understand that USAA is contracting their mortgage services out to a company in Arizona. If anyone at USAA headquarters reads this- you might want to get mortgages under control. You just lost a $1, 500, 000 deal.

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    * USAA Federal Savings Bank
    Review from Dennis P.
    Photo of Dennis P.



    Dennis P.

    Love, pray, eat

    Lakewood, CA


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    4 star rating

    I currently bank with a great local credit union based here in Southern California, catering primarily to the educational community. I have read many online reviews of USAA Federal Savings Bank, most of them positive. When I learned that they now accept non-military people to sign up for their banking services, I decided to give them a try.

    Prior to signing up for a checking account with USAA, membership with the umbrella organization needs to be established first. Once that process is complete, then you're permitted to sign up online for a checking and/or savings account.

    What's so great about the USAA free checking account is that it is truly a FREE account, as in NO charges for features that many other financial institutions charge for. Among them are free checks for life (the basic ones), you can earn interest if your balance is above $1, 000, they reimburse other banks' ATM fees at the end of the month and you get prepaid, self-addressed envelopes to mail deposits. You also get rebates at the end of the statement period for using your debit card as a credit card where you have to sign the receipt, but not when you use your PIN number.

    USAA FSB is considered to be an online bank as they have very few physical locations (so far, 3 in Texas, 1 in Colorado, 1 in Maryland and 1 near San Diego, CA). Being that I'm non-military, I'm not entitled to using all the other features of this particular checking account, such as the [email protected] and [email protected], where you can scan checks using the proper application on the USAA website or app for the mobile phone. The checks are then deposited into the account from there as opposed to having to mail them, as I would have to.

    For this reason, anyone planning to use USAA as a primary bank account should also have an account with a local brick-and-mortar bank or credit union where you can deposit cash, and from there make an online transfer of funds to USAA.

    I've only had to deal with USAA's customer service reps over the phone one time, when I received the debit card and I needed to activate it. I dealt with a very pleasant man (didn't get his name) who asked me a few questions and then was able to get my card activated. Many others have also sung the praises of USAA's customer service.

    For now, I still haven't decided whether I'll use my USAA account for my primary banking. I have used it here and there just to test it out and so far, so good.

    If you are/ were in the military, definitely look into opening bank accounts with USAA. It might also be worthwhile to look into their insurance products, which I understand are competitive. Semper Fi!

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    * USAA Federal Savings Bank
    Review from William C.
    Photo of William C.



    William C.

    Seaford, DE

    1 star rating
    Update - 2/22/2011

    After sending an e-mail demanding that they tell me something, anything about my status, I received a call from a 'supervisor' who barely spoke English. I sent an e-mail to mother USAA with the same request, got a note back that they would respond within 72 'business' hours. That's NINE work days. I thought it was a typo. It wasn't. So, then I got nasty. Got a note that my concerns were being elevated to a member of USAA's management team and that I would receive a courtesy call as soon as possible. That was 5 days ago. BTW, my credit check had expired so they had to run a new one. I'm unsure, but I think that harms my credit score.

    We have been attempting to refinance our home for nearly FOUR months. We have been told at least eight times that our loan was ALMOST complete. Their appraisal of our home is laughably low (or at least it would be if it weren't costing us extra money...). We have sent back every requested document (and there have been many...) in under 24 hours. All of our high regard for USAA, built up over 25 years+ of membership, has been destroyed. If you're considering them for a mortgage refinance, run away. Run far away.

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  • Ml
    ML Jacobs Jul 22, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have long been a fan of USAA, so I was incredibly disappointed with the nightmare I've been experiencing with their mortgages. Like many others here, I refinanced with USAA and found them to be completely incompetent. They have filed inaccurate documents, "misplaced" escrow funds, and failed to accurately figure monthly payments. Yes, they even cancelled my appointmet for signing my closing documents TWICE (due to calculation errors on their part), causing me to miss work and another important appointment.
    The customer service, normally so great, is abyssmal. They seem to have a warehouse of contractors who come and go, and show little if any interest in calculating accurate figures or providing information. I ended up working with 5-6 people because no one could seem to figure out how to complete the closing papers.
    In addition, they force you to open an escrow account with them and then increase your monthly escrow payments every year. They also claim to provide services to help you coordinate with your lender if there are any problems (of which there will be many). This results calling 3 or more phone numbers trying to track down the person who can help you with your specific problem.
    Avoid USAA mortgage services at all costs! Their insurance is great, but their mortgage department gets an F-.

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  • Am
    Amir C Feb 11, 2019

    Very rude and unprofessional adjuster (Elizabeth Shawana) just keeps referring to office policies instead of helping the customers with their issues.

    Another person I talked to yesterday was very helpful (Candice) and was very understanding to put a request for an SUV as rental but the other adjuster (Elizabeth) kept talking about her policies.

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bank operation on gossip not documents

USAA Bank told me their records show my step daughter Kathleen Walker of Sultan Washington, telephoned the...

credit card services

Below is a letter I have sent to the president of usaa: General robles: I see the thriving organization...

possible fraud?

I had established a new bank account to use for my online buisness. So after some searching i decided to go...


I'm in total agreeance with many you on here. I've been a loyal USAA member for 5 years now. I always have had good interactions with them up until the end of last year. My husband and I are going through some financial problems, no jobs due to the poor economy, and haven't always been able to make our payments on time. We keep them up-to-date, for the most part, and try not to let them fall behind longer than a month. Basically we're doing the best we can at the moment. Lately they've taken up harassing us with enormous amounts of phone calls if we're late/behind. I think the highest number we've gotten in one day, so far, has been 15 calls. ONE DAY!!! I don't hear from my best friend OR my parents and siblings that much in ONE WEEK COMBINED!! I've answered the phone a few times, (now I just ignore them) told them that we didn't the money at that particular time, and asked if they'd please stop calling us so much. I asked them (nicely) because there have been many times they've called and woken our 1 year old daughter up from her nap. I always got the same answer, "We're sorry, but until your account is completely up-to-date there's nothing we can do. The phone calls are just gonna keep coming." I mean, they couldn't even just document that they'd talked to me and not to call again for that day at least. I mean, I realize that we're behind. God only knows how much I want all this debt to be completely gone. BUT, there has to be some kind of limit in how much they're allowed to harass a person/couple. It's gotten to be where I dread the phone ringing anymore. I'm at my whit's end! My husband and I have applied for a loan to consolidate our debt so we can pack up and leave USAA as far behind as possible. Has anybody else had this problem also??

  • So
    So Much for Loyalty May 27, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally! They are hounding me right now while I am temporarily disabled do to high risk pregnancy. I am bedridden basically only allowed trips to the doctor and bathroom until I deliver. I lost my job because of my condition and still they call.

    They told also told me they'd keep calling until I paid. How cruel is that? They call early in the morning waking me from less than 3 hours of sleep to tell me..."We want to help you pay us"...

    They are stressing me and my unborn child as well. I just want to pull my hair out. I feel so helpless right now. But you just wait till I get on my feet again. They need to be held accountable for their callous in difference to people and their very real world circumstances.

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  • Ke
    Kev426 Aug 05, 2010

    You are absolutely correct. We've been dealing with them for a couple of years now since things got tight. I just hang up on them over and over again. I called to demand that they stop calling and communicate by mail only. Most companies will honor that, but not USAA. I have several accounts with them and only one is behind. Either they think their customers have money and won't pay, or are too stupid to pay their bills. When they've been told why we're late, that holds them off for maybe 3 days and then they call back again. I would love to just dump my phone altogether. They are totally pathetic. Good luck if you fall behind. USAA is great when all is well, but totally unacceptable when things get rough.

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  • Us
    USAASux Nov 14, 2010

    I was underemployed and behind on my credit card payments. These calls started and I actually decided to let my phone service lapse, because the only people that were calling my phone were the USAA collectors. I ended up picking up a paygo phone, because I couldn't even have a conversation on my old number without a collector calling in.

    I don't miss a payment for 10 years, but get behind, even with communication and explination, and they start blowing up my phone. Like calling me 20 times a day will help me make more money to pay you. You almost cost me my job with your incessant ringing... Wouldn't that have been irony, your calling for money causes me to lose my ability to earn money to pay you...

    I would love to see some class-action on USAA for their credit-hounding practices.

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  • Ms
    MSG edwards May 15, 2012

    USAA markets military members and their families advertising they are committed to serving our military and veterans. I’ve been a USAA member for about 5 years and haven’t had any complaints until just recent. During a PCS move my wife became very ill and was unable to work for 7 months, which placed us in a financial hardship. I contacted USAA explained my situation and requested their assistance to temporarily lower my payments. My other creditors were more than supportive; one of them even suspended payments for me for one year. USAA would not agree to lower my payment, but only provided an excuse that they could not because they are under federal regulations.
    I provided USAA with my cell phone and work number to call me and asked that they do not call my home, since my wife is very ill. I did fall behind on a few payments and USAA steadily called my home never once calling my other numbers provided. I have now transferred my accounts elsewhere, but I am so disappointed with the lack of respect and integrity this company has provided us. For those of you who have had no issues and are happy with the services render that is great and I wish you the best. I just wanted to provide my experience and our needs in a time of troubles to show USAA was not committed to helping us; they were only interested in collecting debt.

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  • SKOR May 15, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You people do understand that you owe them money, and signed a contract, agreeing to their terms?

    I would ask how understanding you would be if your employer was in financial hardship, and asked if you would continue working for them, without getting paid regularly.

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calculation of daily balances for cash advance

First I am a USAA customer and have been since 1986. I utilize their insurance, banking and even have a small IRA with them. They have been a great customer and I plan on continuing to use their services.

I do have a concern about how they calculate interest. For me it would have meant about 9 extra cents. But for others it is amounting to hundreds of dollars a month.

On February 23rd of 2010, a cash advance was made to my account, my fault, I had an automatic bill hit my account and I was over drawn until a normal paycheck hit the account the next day. USAA did an automatic $100 cash advance from my credit card. This was the ONLY interest balance on the account. I made a payment towards that advance within 1 hour after midnight on the 24th of February, 2010.

With the new law which, I believe went into effect on the 21st or 22nd of February, the $100 payment I made should have been applied to the $100 advance. When the statement ran on about the 4th of March, there was a daily balance subject to interest of about $19, which worked out to about 11 days of the $100.

I complained, said my interest should have been about 4 cents or so. The 1st level responder was very wrong. Said that the new law did not apply to cash advances. I was contacted by a male 2nd level responder. He kind of understood. I had included the math to back up my claim that they were charging interest incorrectly. He gave me the interest back and assured me that my $100 would be correctly applied to the balance. I asked him to make sure it was applied on the 24th of February, he said he would do that for me.

April statement arrived and of course there was an interest charge. The $100 was not applied to the balance as of 24 February.

I sent a detailed email again laying out the math and how I believe they, USAA, are incorrectly applying the interest. Angie, a representative, called me. She wanted to "talk" I asked her if she had read my emails regarding this. She had not read them. So I had to wait on the phone while she read the emails. It was nice that they called me, but what is the point if a customer has to explain to a 3rd person after writing to explain this.

She seemed to understand my logic and agreed that she thought they had calculated the interest incorrectly. She agreed to remove the interest and call me on the 4th of April.

So, today she called me. There was no interest on my account. But, Angie, said that USAA did caculate the interest correctly in February. She seemed to infer that the "proprietary calculations that are not shared with USAA customers" were correct. That she could not share them with me, but that the interest was calculated correctly.

I asked to talk with the next level. She said that she, Angie, was the highest level I could talk to. That USAA had done the calculations correctly.

I believe that USAA is incorrectly applying interest charges to cash advances. There are probably thousands of customers paying too much interest and USAA is not following the new banking laws.

  • Li
    Lisa Kronsnebel Nov 14, 2010

    I am utterly disgusted with USAA Mortgage Services. When I call for a status on my VA refinance, my processor barely can form a sentence in English and is also very rude. She will never return a call either. On 1 loan, this is my 4th processor assigned! None of them could speak very good english neither were they kind. Nothing against Mexican American people- however, in business, you need bright, articulate, knowledgeable staff that communicate kindly and effectively. I give up AND I also will be contacting Clark Howard to tell him my disgust!! USAA Mortgage is based in San Antonio. I did some checking around and found that it is the policy of USAA Mortgage to hire and promote Mexican Americans over caucasian. Who gets hurt the blatent favortism like this?? It is the Veteran!! I am trying to warn everyone I can to stay away from them! In the name of "political correctness" they are hurting the customer and I am disgusted. Hmmm is it a coincidence that the CEO is a Mexican American as well? Joe Robles USAA Mortgage Services is Toxic and should be avoided.

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