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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - non payment of medical bills

We have been loyal USAA customers for 25 years. Last October my 17 year old driver was hit by another driver and sustained neck/back injuries. Although the other driver was cited for the accident, USAA is the company that has to pay for my daughter's medical bills. Eventually after she stops treatment, the other driver's insurance will be responsible for my daughter's medical bills. I began having problems with getting the medical bills from the day of the accident. Long story short, USAA has denied nearly all the medical bills we have accrued due to the accident. That state that a "soft tissue injury" can heal itself. They hire doctors that review the bills and decide that treatment is "medically unnecessary". Certainly is funny these so called doctors have never examined my daughter or spoken with her physicians. I wished they lived with her through this injury, weekly crying from pain. Depression, weight gain, unable to exercise or participate in normal teenage activities due to the neck injury. Although an orthopaedic surgeon has examined her and recommended a treatment protocol of over 8 months of physical therapy, USAA has refused to pay the bills. This has lead us to over 5 unpaid debts on our credit report, a law suit from one of the medical providers (sueing to collect for payment of the services he provided), and a possible job loss. My husband holds a secret security clearance for his job, this requires no negative debts on your credit report. He has been warned if the matter isn't resolved, he will be released from his job because he will loose his clearance. I have done everything known to man, even requested USAA have a regional manager of claims contact us regarding this matter. I have faithfully paid premiums to this company for 25 years. This company was created to serve active duty and retired service members. My husband served this country for 11 years. This company is a fraud! Do not waste your money on coverage...this is insulting to say they are serving the insurance needs of the military! What an insult...

Hire an attorney.

USAA - claims

I"m the General Manager onsite at Briar House Condominium Association located in Elkins Park, PA 19027 A resident of ours, Katherine Brylawski is the claimant (her apartment A66 is insured through...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - banking

They had a security breach in June, but when someone used a "copied " ATM card, it suddenly is my fault. I have no idea how someone 3000 miles away swiped a card that was read as mine, but you have the nerve to blame me? How about taking responsibly for yourself. I was apalled by the way myself and this situation has been treated. Do they treat everyone this way? I can't believe that they are supposed to be a bank for soldiers, but do not uphold any values of a soldier. I know that I loved USAA but it seems when you have a problem, no one can help. The call reps are not well trained, the Executive Resolution Center Reps are rude. And if I have one more say something so asinine to me, I WILL be that ### who has something to say back. I am already upset, do not pass judgement on something I did not do, your job is to answer the phone and questions. I can not believe that a company was built with such horrible ethics and business practices, and the fact that us, the customers, are the reason you have business, maybe you should try to give a little better customer service. I also know that I will not trust USAA with a candy wrapper ever again.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - bad customer service

I have had banking and checking accounts with USAA for a year, from what I've seen they are the worst! Do NOT open an account with, open with the Nsvy Federal Credit Union instead! I've had so many problems with this bank. from the auto insurance, which I had been paying monthly and suddenly they tried to deduct the full six months amount instead, resulting in NSF fees, and when I tried to call to talk to they about it, they gave me some stupid reason that they cannot talk to me because my husbands information has not been verified with, he's had an account with them for 4 years and now you come up with this? Are you kidding me? Then I deposited money orders (since we all know you can only deposit that way since they do not have any banks anywhere) and they placed a hold on part of the money deposited...why, you ask, because they need to comfirm the money orders. what I've had an account for a year and suddenly today I'm a suspect? And Customer service when I called asked me if I had tried my credit cards or to borrow money from family or friends!? I had the cash, that's what I bought the money orders with, why would I borrow for what I had? But if it was deemed an emergency then they could take the hold off, so if you dertermine the need you can control it? They had the ability to release it but they have the right to choose what's important and what isn't? Oh no, EVERYONE SHOULD AVOID THIS BANK AT ALL COSTS!

USAA - security

Besides all the complaints I see about USAA mortage, insurance, and credit cards, the most dangerous thing about USAA I find, and the reason I withdrew my application for a VFW-branded credit card is that USAA has no comprehension of Internet security. They wanted me to send a copy of my Social Security card, Driver's License, and military documentation over unencrypted email.
Several representatives swore to me that the "special" email address was a "direct" line. They just did not understand that when you send an email from your PC, unless it is encrypted with something like PGP, which requires the receiver to have a public key, then the email goes over open internet first to your own email server, then is forwarded through one or many additional servers before reaching USAA. At any of those points, the email can be hacked because a copy may reside there for an indeterminate period of time. You can check this yourself by searching for old emails to anyone--and you will be surprise what exists practically forever on the web. A well-known rule of email is never send anything that you would not want an unknown person to read.
An alternative offered was to upload it via the https USAA site, except that you cannot login in to that site until you supply the documentation! A perfect Catch-22 situation--of course the young customer service representatives had no idea what Catch-22 was.
I can't imagine anyone dumb enough to send this perfect collection of id theft material over unencryped email communications.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - auto premium

I was quoted a price to add my son & his car to out policy and when the payment was deducted it was double the amount quoted. After calling them I was told if I had waited 2 days to add new vehicle then I would not have been charged double for the monthly premium. The bottom line is that the rep should have told me the CORRECT amount that would be due on our next payment but instead he told me the INCORRECT AMOUNT THAT WOULD BE DEDUCTED. After spending 52 minutes on the phone with the rep & supervisor nothing was accomplished. I am totally disappointed and am considered closing my checking, savings & credit card accounts along with removing all 3 vehicles from the auto insurance policy. I even had my daughter & son-in-law switch to USAA for auto & renters insurance. I'M TOTALLY PISSED AND WISH I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHANGED TO USAA IN THE 1ST PLACE.


YOU R RIGHT!... USAA is not the same company we signed up with in 1982. Today I was treated with apathy and I could tell the
" specialist" that helped me, was in some cubicle, in lands unknown. She did not know how to say."Ensign" After hitting a deer, I took my car to a autobody shop. I picked up my rental car, as I was told by the "claims specialist 3wks ago", I would have rental car coverage for up to 30 day if needed. Today, I found that USAA only cover 7 days of the rental. When I called to discuss this, the uncaring, rep. said, The shoppe, only worked on the car for 7 "actual" days. I asked, how was I to know, when they worked on my car?, she didnt know, and said that is what the shop filled for work needed. So the 4 wkend days, the car sat there, and the few days, before they started the job, USAA denied coverage for my car. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. I have had rentals in the past, and no such discussion, about" actual work time" was ever mentioned. It's BS!, Her remark to me was" its in the policy". I guess we're too read every fine detail, before trusting USAA insurance in the future


I have been with USAA for a few years and never missed a payment or had any tickets, accidents, or anything on my record. The last year they have been increasing my insurance premium about $20 a month extra every 6 months. I recently switched to State Farm when I purchased a new vehicle since USAA has been increasing the premiums. I was then told the overpayment on my canceled policy would be refunded to my USAA checking account. The date it was suppose to be deposited, the status shows half was issued to a refund check and the rest is still sitting on a canceled policy. So now I will need to basically wait around a week for a check to arrive so I can mail it back to USAA and wait for it to clear. So I am out of prepaid premium money for the next 2 weeks. USAA does not seem to be the way it used to be.

USAA - automobile claim denial

Many insurance companies want to engage in 'contributory' liability to minimize the payout to the 'other' party. I am the other party and USAA claimed it was a 50/50 at fault accident. I don't have the particulars at this time on what party 'A' said in his statement but initially he apologized along with his wife on at least 3 occasions. Now, I will inevitably win since I have pictures of the incident but I thought I would take this time to tell you how USAA responded to me as the 'other' party. My wife and I were parked in a parking spot with the engine off. Yes, you read that correctly. I made a claim and basically they ignored me and since I wasn't there customer they decided to throw me under the bus. I do have a good company and they will be subrogating USAA based on the notes, pictures and the conversation they had with the USAA customer. What is funny is when I called USAA (only sent with an original acknowledgement letter) the representative (gatekeeper) said based on the damages they determined it was 50/50. I never did get a call back from the supposed adjuster of the claim. What a surprise huh? So I tell the representative after he gives his sales presentation about how it was a 50/50 accident (they still haven't seen the pictures which will be a surprise to them in arbitration) that does he realize the car was parked with the engine off? He is silent. I just tell 'Larry' don't worry about it..I will proceed with my own carrier or in small claims court and I recognize he is doing his job. USAA is no different than most of these carriers when dealing with party 'B'..they are going to look at the bottom line. I just expected more from a supposed reputable carrier. Is USAA now Mercury Insurance? I understand the ways of the world. If you can't pay out in obvious situations then what hope is there for an at fault system. Just make it no fault system since USAA isn't going to do the right thing anyways. Remember, USAA didn't follow up with a 50/50 letter and also didn't even ask for any evidence I had to present. These guys were playing games on the initial phone statement. I guess they didn't like my direct statement. The purpose of this complaint..if you get hit..prepare to file a small claims court action, hire an attorney or go through your carrier (hopefully you have a deductible). Don't expect favorable treatment no matter how obvious the fault of the incident. Shame on USAA. I should think about starting my own insurance company..charge people for insurance, don't pay out to the other party if they are not at fault and then charge my own clients an accident surcharge. Nice. I would attach pictures..maybe in the future once the case is settled. You can see how the tire of the party 'A' if backed up would go straight into the damage of my car. I will be calling USAA once resolved and asking them how I got reimbursed when they said it was 50/50 :).

Having the same issue = we had out fence/ garden/sprinkler system wrecked by a USAA member who drove his car through in June this year. We are still waiting for USAA to make us whole - the victim. We had to contact them since it was a hit and run accident. Our insurance has sent them the information several times and now we are at arbitration because they say they have not received any of the faxed information that was sent twice this summer! USAA of course has paid out their member - he has a new car! I know this because he lives around the block and with in 2 weeks bought another car. We also know this because his roomate is a friend of ours. Victims should always be taken care of --- we came home from vacation with a car through our fence ---- not our fault! Feeling your pain - hope everything works out!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - poor banking support

USAA, like many companies operating in the online banking industry, endevour to promote their product outside of online methods by offering the convenience of remote services through third-party vendor arrangements, where no brick-and-mortar facilities exist. I rarely have a need to use these options, but recently I had nothing but disappointment for each of the three times I attempted to utilize these advertised conveniences.
First, they show locations for personally completing banking transactions at local, participating UPS stores. on two occasions, I found that the listed facility didn't do such services. On a third try, I located an actual participating store (after calling USAA and confirming the location and method of execution). When I got to the store 20 minutes after my call to USAA, I found they did indeed have the capability to do my transaction but, during the course of trying to log it in to USAA, the system had been down, The UPS representative spent 25 minutes talking to a USAA "IT" agent, but to no avail, I ended up having to mail the transaction to San Antonio after all.
It chaps me to be bombarding with national advertising, promoting the benefits of banking with USAA, only to have many of those claims fail in reality.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - incorrect repo/sale and reporting

Purchased a vehicle in 2005 with a loan from USAA. Defaulted in 2006 while going through separation. USAA repossessed the vehicle in 2006 in the middle of the night, never gave me the right to correct the situation, nor did they provide me notice of the sale. Apparently they sold it in 2007 for half the amount of the balance. I have made several requests for information, documentation, etc., but they have only provided a copy of my initial check they provided me for the purchase of the truck. USAA has been reporting this as delinquent since 2007, not 2006 and the original purchase amount, not the after sale balance.

Feb 14, 2013
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - auto insurance

I was involved In a major accident, and I ended up having to stay at the hospital for two weeks as I broke my leg. Usaa never bothered to contact me during the whole time I was in the hospital. Upon leaving the hospital I was told by a very ### representative that they have determined who was at fault and I was responsible for blah blah blah. You get the point. Never once did they even ask how I was doing or what l had to say. This woman was very unprofessional. On a side note, while I was in the hospital, an estranged family member of mine tried to call USAA for information. The woman she spoke to gave out information pertaining to the accident and personal things that should not have been given out. The estranged family member repeated to me everything thing she said. There was no way they would've known without calling. I called and complained that they violated major laws by doing this. She told me that the representative told her that she couldn't give my family member any information, and that I would have to call. Of ###ing course she would say that. I asked for their supervisor and that seemed to unsettle her. USAA used to be great but it has really gone downhill.

USAA - closing card for retribution

I possessed a gold master card cash rewards card for thirty plus years. I am a veteran of the viet nam conflict. I filed ch 13 sept 2007 and asked usaa if it was possible to keep my card through the ch 13. Usaa said most definitely as long as I stayed paid up. I did so. The ch 13 was discharged dec oct 2012 usaa closed my card without notice or explanation. When I contacted usaa they said they closed the card due to my filing ch 13. I informed them that was some five plus years ago. I believe usaa has done this out of retribution for my complaining to the credit bureaus about their criminally incorrect reporting of home equity loans I have with them. I had this card for thirty some years through the ch 13 and two years pass the ch 13 discharge and now they close it without any notice whatsoever. Very professional.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - service

I was a member of USAA for nearly 23 years. I have moved all my accounts to a credit union and my insurance to Liberty Mutual. Customer service at the bank has steadily gone down hill, and is terrible. They are grossly understaffed. Long hold times and lots of transfers are very common. Get read to put it on speaker phone. You will have a long wait, more than likely They don't pay claims. They don't grant loans. I am told they are particularly bad with mortgage lending. I bought and financed several autos with them. I have had several credit cards with them and in recent years checking and savings. I have closed insurance, checking, savings, loan and will soon terminate my credit card. They are a stuffy, understaffed bank, run of the mill, in Texas and my guess is they will be bought eventually and even if they are not, you can do much better. They are just not what they once were. Do business with a good credit union. I have. You've thought about it more than a few times. Do it today. Don't put it off a minute longer. Leave USAA.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - drastic home owner's insurance increase

I have had USAA for home owner's insurance over 12 years and NEVER made a claim. I just received a letter stating that my rates will be increased by almost $700 per year. This is ridiculous! I have tried to remain loyal to the company as I also have them for auto insurance. But, I feel they are gouging customers who have paid faithfully, never filed a claim and who do not live near the beach. I am very disappointed with this company at this point and will be getting estimates from other companies.

I realize Insurance is a necessity to pay for damages when we can't. The scan begins when they do not want you to file a claim "or else." Once you file a claim your black listed and labeled with increased rates and penalties. So then are we just paying to pay and supposed to get nothing for it? hell I think I'd rather reinstate the MOB. At least they made no bones about the fact that you were paying them for no reason. INSURANCE IS A SCAM ONLY WHEN YOU BECOME MARKED FOR USING IT.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - mortgage

USAA is terrible!!! If you have to deal with them for a mortgage, don't! The mortgage processor and the underwriters act as if it's their money. They don't not return calls, emails and so you never...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - horrible loan dept

I wish I would have found theis board before I experienced thee exact same theing theat everyone else has. When was my closing date you may ask? Friday July 20the, it came and went, and I am now out of contract, and have 10 days to find a place for my family and pets to live because USAA mishandled thee entire mortgage process. The day before closing theey were still going back and forthe therough thee 3rd party vendor reviewer and thee appraisal and all of a sudden found a lower comparable put it in thee report and said thee value of thee home dropped 16K from thee original appraised value, and theey couldn't loan thee amount of theee sale. REALLY? NO one botheered to call me, I have been following up withe my loan processor every otheer day making sure we were moving in thee right direction. This has been a nightmare. I have used Wells Fargo to purchase 2 previous homes, and can't believe I trusted USAA. I was told my a mgr at USAA on Friday theat I should start proceeding withe anotheer lending institution for my own safety, as she didn't theink theis loan was going to go therough. I was told it would take 2-3 weeks to get anotheer comp reviewed even therough it took less thean a day for theem to therow one in theee day before closing to drop theee home value. I theink it is a scam, and I theink it is to make sure theee bank loans less money on a home theat is far over value. I went withe USAA as I trusted theey took care of theeir military members WRONG

Just responding to your complaint. I work in the Colordao Springs office. I can tell you that at least my office is on what is known as a "work slowdown". Since us mortgage processors are not unionized, we have little recourse when huge work demands are made upon us. For example, our average caseload is 80 borrowers! We have got to process 80 different loan files concurrently with no support and no systems training! The only way to "get rid" or move oans off of our "pipelines" is to delete the documents the borrowers send in via fax (which comes right to our in bix, email OR delete the emails directly OR delete the inquiries from the member portal system. (thats where you log in to see a secure message). This is all out war and I am sorry it is you, the member that suffers. However, how do we get management's attention?

I admit, there lso is some bitterness on our part as well- picture this: You work for slave wages at a mortgage company, you are treated like dirt, and expected to meet goals. Now, also picture looking at loan applications all day of you phucking winey cry babies retired at 39 years old with a pension for life! WTF? No wonder our country is in trouble- freeloaders like those members that have NEVER seen combat/war theater. I can understand taking care of our Veterans that have seen battle- I get it. Anyways, just know that you are way way way better off walking in to your local community bank and sitting across from a real person rather than dealing with a remote service center (USAA) that could care less!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - customer service

Wow...I should have read these comments before staying with USAA for over 20 yrs. I recently found out the customer service award they continue to advertise about is only on the surface. They used my USAA loan against me to prevent refinancing my home. After thousands of $$ in premiums over the years, I've never filed a claim with USAA. The loyalty only appears to be on the part of their clients. Beware & do your homework - they are a business like all of the others.

May 09, 2012

USAA - they have a fraud dept that does nothing when obvious fraud occurs

They have a fraud dept that does nothing when obvious fraud occurs, they are complete idiots. It is christmas eve day and zero notification from the bank I have used for almost 10 years that my debit card info had been compromised. Two identical charges made in california at a shell station and I live in tx but no one notifies me or tells me anything. Spoke to fraud dept just now and they basically said “too bad” and then tried to blame the fraud on me because I used my debit card locally here in tx”. Really? And I will not have access to any money now for up to 10 days until I get another card. Merry f* christmas to my child when he won’t have gifts.

USAA - terrible company

Last year my vehicle was slightly damaged while parked unattended in a parking lot. I reported it to USAA and let them know I would not be filing a claim since it could be fixed inexpensively on my own. Later I found that USAA had reported in the CLUE and ISO databases that I filed a claim for being involved in an accident.

When contacting USAA for assistance, I received some abrupt treatment from several claims representatives, then ended up talking to two managers - one who failed to return a phone call as promised and another who was quite arrogant in his downright refusal to correct the inaccuracies. To date, USAA has been perfectly happy to leave this false information about my claims history in both public databases, and I am missing out on a safe driver discount at my current insurer as a result.

This was the final straw after several years of putting up with clueless representatives and gradually-rising premiums with no reason or explanation.

I have since closed ALL of my insurance, banking, and investment accounts with USAA and the rest of my extended family is in the process of doing the same. Don't trust this dishonest company.

Mar 03, 2009

My complaint is in regards to an accident that transpired on 11 Aug 06 under USAA Policy # 1541-35-53. The representative we spoke with after the accident stated that my wife was at fault due to the fact that she still had use of her brakes even though the brake usage had been diminished because of the previous accident that was not completely. The justification was that she may not have had 100% of the use but still had functional use of the vehicle. This did not bother us at the time because USAA did not raise our rates.

After switching from USAA to Progressive we were informed that the “at fault" accident on 11 Aug 06 would cause us to pay an increased rate. Upon hearing this accident was affecting our premium on the 16 Feb 09 I contacted USAA with the assistance of Progressive via a three way call. The USAA representative informed that the original rep would have to handle contesting their decision. Later that day, the claim rep's manager called me to inform that the fault of the accident was not the brakes because the repair shop inspected them before releasing our vehicle and couldn't find anything wrong. I informed the manager that my wife and I took our SUV to the dealership where the maintenance manager test drove the car with us and stated there most certainly was an issue with the brakes. Koon's Toyota replaced the Master Cylinder and the brake issue was resolved.

The USAA manager then stated that the two instances were not related because of the inspection done by the repair shop and the assessment completed by the insurance adjuster. I informed that the failure of their people to identify a problem doesn't automatically make the issue my wife's fault.

The USAA manager questioned why we waited so long because the incident was now outside their statute of limitations which was two (2) years. I informed that our rates had never increased for this accident until we switched insurance agencies. At this point the manager challenged the fact that our rates never went up…which they didn't.

The USAA manager started to repeat her argument that the vehicle had been inspected and the original assessment would stand and that USAA could not and would not reverse a decision made over two years ago. I pointed out how USAA had told us that we were originally at fault because we had some use of the brakes when the accident happened even though it was associated the previous incident, then when we called back we were informed that the accident was unrelated to the previous incident with a convoluted explanation that is only valid if the master ABS cylinder went out within two days of our car was released to us.

Upon hearing this the USAA manager said she wasn't going to reverse the decision period. I then informed I would be submitting this complaint and ended our conversation.

USAA mislead regarding the reasoning of a claim which didn't surface until we switched insurance companies and is costing over $500 a year difference in premium.

I was only seeking a letter stating the accident was not at fault meaning my wife wouldn't be held accountable with an increased premium due to the automobile not being repaired correctly. But were instead mislead and then accused to cover the fact that they can no longer make the change. Progressive stated they could make the change up to 35 months back and that every company is different. Do yourself a favor, choose progressive or another insurance company over USAA.

Jul 25, 2012

First, back in 2010 when my husband was deployed, I received no less than 5 phone calls in the same day from USAA. Each time I was told that my husband would have to have a physical for the extra life insurance policy he took out. When I informed them that that would be impossible since he was deployed, they would yell and get rude with me. It was a very stressful time for me and I didn't not need or ask for that kind of harassment.

Now, fast forward to this summer and I've been trying to slowly pay off my credit card. Times have been a bit rough since I have been out of work for a year. When I called to try and work out some payment plan with them, I was transferred from representative to representative and each time getting nothing but judgment and rude comments. And now today, I get another call from them, wondering why I'm having a hard time making payments and more harassment. I will be dropping them like a hot potato!

I agree with you USAA is an awful company. USAA tries to tell everyone that they are a Federal Savings Bank that caters to military, former military and those who support the military. Up until recently I fully believed that this was the case. I have had USAA since I was about 16 years old, through my fathers service to our great country I was “fortunate” enough to be able to get USAA membership. Then once I joined the military I continued to use USAA. I am now out of the military, and contracting for the U.S. military in Afghanistan. I have been in Afghanistan now for 14months. I applied for a home loan through USAA and was approved immediately. I followed all of USAA’s mortgage services representative’s instructions (Sandra Tessitore). I had 45 days from the day the offer was submitted and all of my paper work was filed out, for Sandra to fill me in on any issues that might arise. Several times I emailed her with questions only to receive no reply for several days, or until I got sick of waiting for an email and called her directly. Seven days before I was supposed to close on my house Sandra notifies me that since I am a contractor, I need a letter from my company stating that they will keep me on contract for three years no matter what, and that my pay will stay the exact same ($145k a year). I asked her why it needed to remain 145K when the loan I am going for was only 220k borrowed…her answer that’s what the underwriter wants. No company can guarantee employment for three years and these conniving criminals know it. So due to USAA, and Sandra Tessitore, I am out $2, 000 dollars earnest money, the fees they charged to go through this entire process (with the extra points I bought around $600), probably around 20 hours of my times on the phone with them, oh yeah and did I forget to mention a house. USAA is not about helping military and former military get fair deals, they are all about making the quick buck and then dumping you in the trash like last weeks leftovers. If USAA would have told me these ridiculous “regulations” up front I could have had the time to go to a lender that can give loans to those who serve our country overseas and not the thieves at USAA. Once I am back in the states, able to go into reputable bank and insurance company, I will be getting rid of my USAA Performance First Savings Account, Normal Savings Account, Checking Account, Life Insurance, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, and Credit Card. USAA will not care about this because they have thousands of members who are unaware of their crooked practices. I just hope that this review will help fellow contracts know to go through another lender and not make the mistake I did by trusting USAA.


This is the most ridiculous complaint I have ever heard. How does your supposed not having use of breaks cause this wreck. They just happened to not work at that time yet they were before? And did you or did you not hit the other car? Thats your fault. IF the breaks were supposedly bad, its the repair companies fault not USAA's. You signed off on the repairs did you not...

You dont state the year of teh vehicle or anything. The Brake ABS master cylinder was not damaged because of the last accident. You just dont understand and are mad because you have to pay for a wreck that you caused. You hit someone. DOnt slander a good company because of your ignorance. Are they perfect? Hell no, of course not. Show me a company that is. Do they and other companies make mistakes? Duh!

If your gonna write some complaint at least have the decency to put in all the facts for those people that read this stuff w/o any common sense. Your version of the accident completely shows that you were at fault.

Unless you pulled out of the repair shop and hit the first car you tried to stop for, it was your fault. You had a wreck. A company paid out on it yet they gave you a break and didnt charge you for it. Now you left and went elsewhere because of your ignorant anger and, shocking, you have to pay the other company. If I ran that company I'd say good ridance.

I signed up with Talent BEFORE I did my research. I paid $149.99 so I could sign my daugther up for 6 months. I thought I was getting a good deal becuase I recieved an email from an "agent" saying that they would be interested in my daughter for a commerical that was being shot in my area (my daughter's pic wasnt even posted at the time, should had be alert number 1). I complained to Paypal and my bank that this company was a fraud.

Too make a long story short, these people WILL NOT respond to any of your requests about cancellations and refunds because they dont have too! My bank (USAA) will not dispute Paypal, told me that they were untouchable. I disputed with Paypal and my claim was denied. I complained with the Better Business Buearu, still pending but Im sure that my money is gone.

People do your research please. I feel so stupid becuase I cant even get my daughters pics to even load up on their website. SO I got screwed with no protection at all! MAN!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

USAA - lost poa!!!

My husband gets his orders...we do ALL the neccessary paperwork (tons), one of them being the POA for the banks...
I go to access the account and ALL OF OUR MONEY and I am told " we don't have your POA...but don't worry you can just put it in the mail and "the back office" will take care of it next week sometime" (!) Unfortunately it must have been misplaced. misplace car keys not a POA.
Funny thought...if I had access to his account because they had the POA, I would close this account PDQ!
The bottom with a local credit union near you.

USAA has become a complete scamming to its member/owners. I had 25 years with them in paid premiums and they dropped me on my VALID first claim of stolen furniture on a move. They never intended to ever pay any claims! Drop them before they drop you! And self-insure yourself with your state department of insurance! Its much cheaper and honest!

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USAA - fraud

My daughter with diabilities, received 2 cecks in the mail from USAA BANK, San Antonio, Tx, but post marked Madrid Spain Thur.4/5/2012, without my knowledge she tried to cash the checks, at a cash n go she, was told they were ligitimate, only to be stalled to be placed under a 24 hour investigation, for forgery.She was released this morning 4/7/2012, and told if this story does not pan out we will pick you up for forgery. I am totally upset, and want to know what is going on where did they come from, and who sent them. They had her whole name on them. I'm concerned about identy theft. As well as other people being taken advanage of. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.My daughter works every day, and has a 7yr, old son to raise, no record of any trouble like this Concerned mother. [protected]

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