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I placed an order with this company about 8 weeks ago and so far nothing has been received. I have also tried to contact them several times, and every attempt was ignored.
I have actually ordered from other companies that required Western Union payment and all went very smoothly. This is actually quite common with international cigarettes sales (all around a bit of a shady business, right?), so I can't call myself a completely stupid American. But this company appears to be a total scam. STAY AWAY!


  • Ka
    Kanye Lover Jan 22, 2020

    Then they changed their name to, scammed alot of people, shut down last week, and are now DO NOT ORDER FROM CIGOUTFITTERS.COM.

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  • Ne
    Newprospect May 24, 2019

    The above three "good reviews" on are fake and have been used previously with IS NOT A LEGITIMATE COMPANY. They are frauds and they will not send you cigarettes. They are rehashed and even follow the same website format. It is interesting that has closed down and now has popped up in its place. STAY AWAY FROM BOTH COMPANIES. You will not get any cigarettes from either of them. They don't allow purchases with credit card so that they can't be traced. Buyer Beware!

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  • Wi
    William Zinke May 21, 2019

    same here is a good company! You cant pay by credit card or paypal but they have other payment options. My orders get to me within a few days. I live in New York. Dirt Cheap Smokes has never failed to deliver on their promise.

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  • Ne
    Newprospect May 24, 2019

    @William Zinke Oh yes they have. They were previously. They promise the world and deliver nothing. Charlatans.

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  • De
    DerekJohnson2019 May 19, 2019 is where I buy my cigarettes online too they are a great company. I am happy to be able to order online off a website now too.

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  • Ka
    Kanye Lover Jan 22, 2020

    @DerekJohnson2019 fake reviewer. scam company

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  • Be
    Bernie Matias May 18, 2019

    I have bought from many times. You used to have to order by email but they got a website up and running now. My cigarettes get to me within a week, I have used this company for over a year, just placed my first order through their website.

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  • Sh
    shanty58 Jan 21, 2018

    Could you tell us the ones that you use that are legit? The prices clearly show us that it is BS. I figured that out by just going over their site and pricing everything. Even though they say American, did not believe that for a minute and thought they would be European or Polish shipped ciggs. Appreciate your time on online sales that you have used an Trust. Thank you, Scott

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  • Ka
    Katiebraden May 20, 2017

    Me too.

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