US Bank / US Bancorpmechanical work over-charged no real service provided, and unfair consumer treatment

Don't like the way they handled a recent dispute via their Debit Card Visa (not a credit card Visa). These are the problems:
1. Not a user friendly way to complete the initiation of the dispute in one single step. I was able to start the dispute in the branch I opened the account in, but had to wait for a form to come in the mail to finish the overall description of the dispute and its full submission. The mail was sent to another area during a move; I had to resubmit an address to reflect an older address, therefore had to wait an additional period yet again for the form to be remailed to the most current adddress (I was between addresses and moves). If they could have been more user friendly on this, they could have had all necessary forms and documents there at the branch when I first came in to initiate the dispute. Otherwise, they could have sent the form as an attachment in an email. There is absolutely no real reason to insist on making the customer to wait on a form to be mailed.
2. To contact their dispute/fraud department (the disputes are handled separately), I had at least one hold time of at least 17 minutes with several other longer than normal hold times.
3. Because a US Bank was not in the area I was in at the time of dealing with part of the issue, I had to fax the form they mailed to me for an amount that was costly. I was told the branch might have faxed it for free but there was no branch around at the time I was finishing up the process of submitting the dispute.
3. I seemed to get a fluff response over the phone during the first call to that department. The person did not have answers and offered what later turned out to be false assurance. The truth is they likely were not going to take the situation seriously; the dispute never was going to be approved, I am sure. They had not assigned the file to anyone yet. It took awhile for them to assign it.
4. The merchant I was disputing his amount of $198.10 is a mechanic. He over-charged me for work he really did not do. In addition, he held my car over a week without communicating with me or doing anything viable on it. Although after a week he seemed to agree to get to it the next day, after sleeping on it, deciding I did not want him to work on the car, I called and cancelled. He sneaked in a five minute interlude on the car after I had cancelled to justify a high cost diagnosis. He never provided a full blown written diagnosis. He did not get my permission to do that five minutes of activity. He slipped it in after I had cancelled that morning without describing what he was doing or why. In addition, he broke the wire on my horn without telling me; I found out later after I brought the car home. He cussed at me, called me names and threw the bank's debit card at me after I threatened to call the BBB over his over-charging me that day. His behavior was accompanied by threats to keep my car on his ground until I paid cash for his inappropriate charges. I called the police and had help from them getting the car off his grounds without his further aggression, but ended up paying for the over-charged bill to do so. After thinking about it more, I decided I should not have had to pay that amount for this. US Bank did not back the consumer customer in this matter but declined to allow the dispute. I was charged. No backing from US Bank. The Visa logo on a debit card with them offered no real help. Might have been any old logo on the debit card. I would not recommend US Bank to others and am looking into other banks this week.


Oct 09, 2019

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