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I contacted a UPS store in Washington about a job application I submitted last week. (I live in MN and I am moving to WA at the end of the month, so I am trying to get a job lined up. Immediately after filling out my application, a paragraph came up stating I needed to be there on Friday for an interview. I couldn't make this beings I live in MN, so I was simply calling to reschedule or to speak with someone about my situation) The UPS store gave me a different number to call that could better assist me. I called [protected]. I spoke with one representative who could not assist me, so she transferred me over to her supervisor. The supervisor was demeaning, impatient and rude. She called me pet names such as dear, hun, or miss Molly, and talked over me as I was speaking. I was trying to explain my situation and she did not offer any assistance. When I explained my situation, she replied, "So, what is it that you want?" I tried explaining my situation again and she cut me off stating, "I will not have you explain yourself to me twice, I am not having that. You ARE Not going to tell me twice. You aren't supposed to be calling this line for those types of things. This is for tracking a package." I told her that this was the number the other UPS store gave me which was why I called that number. She replied, "OK but this is not the number you call, you will not tell me again."

I really could not believe that UPS would allow a supervisor to speak to customers that way.


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      Sep 05, 2018

    oh believe me ups can careless about anything
    that's normal treatment there what you got and it does get worse

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