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K Aug 19, 2019 Review updated:

This is a new issue that came up with University of Phoenix (UoP)that is in conjunction with the general degree mill, and quality of service.

1. This is a lower quality education than Ivy League, and this is accepted by supporter and non-supporter of the UoP model.

2. Recently UoP also updated their platform to base off of blackboard. this is not necessarily bad, but the implementation of the product resulted in non-functional educational process. Negatively impacting instructors as well as students in fulfilling their roles, as well as impacting the quality of delivery.

3. Along with the disorganized migration to an unfinished product, and likely the main cause of this new issue: UoP now demand more time investment from on-campus students. It looks like they took the online curriculum, levy it on on-campus student, then add in 4 hours of class time.

This is another indicator that UoP is going to be out of business sooner than before its last upgrade. Along with other pressures to stay in business, these poor decisions does not help them stay in business. We should consider that the ultimate purpose of a college education is to learn to think. UoP may not be qualified to teach "how to think"; in the interests of quality of service, delivery of a promisse, or making good decisions.

You can still decide to obtain a degree from UoP. Consider the risk of a degree from a university that will be closing. I am giving it 10 years before it sells to a different investor, going out of business, or downsizing to a small online population. As a result of poor thinking.


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      Aug 19, 2019

    Based on what I have read on some HR blogs, many recruiters recommend leaving off a UofP degree from your resume, citing it will do more harm than good when it comes to a manager making a hiring decision.

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