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University of Phoenixfraudulent school and staff

I have been going to the University of Phoenix for over a year now and I must say that it is the worst organization I have ever had to deal with. The school is a joke! From it's poorly educated educator's (a few of my instructor's had no grasp of the English language. How in the hell were they allowed to teach? Most of them had full time jobs as educator's for other universities. How would they be able to find the time to communicate with us students and help guide us in our journey of knowledge and better education?) to it's clueless academic counselor's and money hungry financial advisers. There have been many times where I have attempted to contact my financial counselor, Aaron Rangel, and was not able to reach him. He never picked up his phone and never responded to any messages I left him. I would request that my academic counselor, Derek Dowty, transfer me to him and he would never be available. If it wasn't for their marketing campaign, I would assume that the school employed no more than 50 people total.

I failed one of my classes and ended having to retake it. Well, sure enough that will cost you $1, 000 out of pocket, even though they said that my financial aid would cover it. Turns out that because I failed the class, they had to send back half of my financial aid. What in the hell is that about? So I took the class again and did my best to apply as much as my time as possible to passing it. Keep in mind I have a full time salary job that requires me to work as needed. So what I did was reuse some of the previous material that I submitted to the previous class to the new class. And of course the work I had submitted before that was graded exceptionally well by the first teacher was graded horribly by the second. In the end, the instructor ended up failing me by LITERALLY just about 10 points. I called my academic counselor and tried to dispute the issue and he said that all grading was left up to the teacher's. He didn't even care that I was upset. He basically wanted to know if I wanted to continue, and if not, would I like to be transferred to the financial adviser to pay off my now hugely growing debt.

In the end, I am now in debt about $15, 000 and have only made 15 credits towards general education. I beg of anyone who has taken the time to read this: PLEASE DO NOT CONSIDER JOINING THIS SCHOOL. The worse part about it is I took the time to research the school and as well read all of these complaints, and I still went through with it because I was looking for an easy way out.

The end result? An empty bank account, 15 credits, no additional knowledge of business (except to stay away from UOP) and a lifetime of regret.


  • Sy
    Syber Offense Aug 14, 2017
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    The teachers struggle with the English language because the UOPX started hiring HR1s out of India to cut cost. It's no secret. A terrible school to work for and worst school to attend for an education.

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  • Do
    downwithuofp Jun 30, 2014

    I for one am done with being treated like crap and having money taking out in my name from this worthless "university." Join me by signing my petition to shut this place down.

    If you are a victim of this "institution" please help me by signing my petition to have them shut their doors by visiting Thank you.

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  • Co
    Complphoenixedu Sep 25, 2013

    The University of Phoenix is a peace of ### and completely fraudulent!!! I am $25, 000 in debt with no job in the field that I studied for and I didn't learn anything that was valuable. I passed every single class only because i knew i could not afford to pay thousands out of my pocket for a class that i failed. The courses are way tooooo fast paced. How the hell do they really expect you to learn all of the different medical terminologies in one week and then move on to a completely different topic the next when you are just barely catching on for the first week. 9 weeks to learn something new is not enough, especially critical information. People have lives and need to work in order to survive so do they expect you to study for at least 9 hours a day!? Most of the instructors, academic advisers, and financial advisers were completely unprofessional and really don't give a ### about us as students. I wish I would have known what little opportunities getting my Associate of Arts in Healthcare will get me. Now no one wants to hire me because I have no experience and at the end of the day it's not "what" you know, but "who" you know!! It is extremely difficult to get your foot in the door in the healthcare of medical field. I've tried everything, volunteering in 2 different facilities and dealing with grumpy people's moods who don't want to see you succeed. The academic advisers and school recruiters, including financial advisers only care about making their money because they get a bonus every time they recruit a student or if you recommend them. They lie to you and tell you that there are jobs and internships that people are willing to hire you through them because of the UOP, but then I can't even find 1 job that is hiring for medical receptionist or even a ###ing internship opportunity. Doing online classes was the worst decision i have ever ever made in my entire life. It is so ###ing difficult because you do not have a teacher in front of you showing you step by step and when you do message them a question, they do not respond until the next ###ing 3 days!!! They supposedly need to respond within 24 hrs and they don't. And what the ### happens if you need that help or answer right then and there because you don't have time to do your homework later??? Then your ###ed. If you fail the class it's your problem!! More money for them!!!

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  • Cb
    Cboul3181 Apr 15, 2013

    Ok. Well I am one of those idiots that failed a class at uop. It was both my and my instructors fault. That's not the point. When you retake the class how soon did you have to retake it and how do you pay for it.

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  • Cl
    Clarity904 Dec 12, 2011

    Well, I have a degree from UoP. I have my AA in Criminal Justice. My experience? My professors were minimally involved in my education, but having been home schooled most of my life, I was used to doing most of my work on my own. My financial and academic advisers? Like most of you, they were impossible to get a hold of. I would call for days and days, leaving messages every time, and hear back maybe 3-5% of the time? The only time I got real help was when my mom died at the beginning of my program, and my dad died toward the end. Then I was allowed to drop the classes without charge and take a couple of weeks to mourn and bury my parents. That is the ONLY positive thing I can say about the whole experience.
    The work? Easy. Hardly what I expected from a college. The only classes I had trouble with were my math classes. My fellow students? I proved that one of my classmates had ripped off about 40% of his work from a website, and he still finished that class with us. Here's an example of the quality of work I saw from most of my classmates-
    Q. Why is plagiarism wrong?
    Most common answer?
    "Because it is stealing." -_-' Really?! That's the best people can come up with? And somehow they managed to take 150-200 words to say it?!?!?!?! My answer to that question was about 350 words long and talked about robbing people of new ideas and how new ideas can lead to discovery or new ways of thinking. It took me no more than 10 minutes to come up with my answer. And the spelling errors! The lack of punctuation! It looked like something my 8 year old niece would write!!! So not only were the answers worthless, but they couldn't even be bothered to spell check!
    I graduated with a 3.6 (Yes, I failed my math classes, but to be fair I really, REALLY suck at math!!!) and have a lovely $25, 000 (35 counting interest) piece of paper that employers think is worthless. I wouldn't go back to that school for anything.

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  • Bo
    Bob May 11, 2011

    I started to take classes with UOP and into my second class I came down with Pneumonia and was laid up in bed for almost the whole month of February, 2010. I was told that I could take l leave of abscence but I had already taken a two week leave just before I got sick. I then was told that I could drop out and pay $1500.00 for the class. After droping out I then was told that I owed $1675.00 for the class that I could not take in the first place. They returned almost all of my student loan and all of my pell grant money. They kept $2500.00 of the student loan for the first class. The sad thing is that one online class is $1675.00. I am living on Supplimental Security Income from Social Security of $674.00 a month and I am an ordained minister with an Associates Degree of Aplied Science in Mental Health along with other ministerial training in Pastoral Counseling. I am trying to become a Social Worker in order to better my life and to help other disabled people. I was told by my instructer with UOP that I could turn in my work at the end of the class, and when I did send her the work I had done, it was to little to late. I told her that I was sick. I am now having an attorney try to get UOP to forgive what I owe, but his letters and even my phone calls are going unecknowledged. I would ask who I could talk to that is incharge, but all I get is an e-mail for someone that the e-mail dosen't even work. My credit is even more ruined because of of this. Like it can't be ruined any worse for just being on SSI and not ablt to pay for any more than my rent, utilities, insurances, and groceries. Some day UOP will have to pay for treating disabled students the way they have treated me and I know that I'm not the only one.

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  • Li
    likubles Aug 22, 2010

    I went to UOP and graduated with a 2.94 GPA the school was great for me and I had a few twachers that were harsh, but in the business world you have to have that to succeed. I am proud of my UOP degree of Assoiated Arts in Health and Science. I struggleg as I have ADD, but my academic counselor helped me. I did have prblems with Algebra though and they pissed me off at the school as I was in class and was passing the first time and said i did not check in. I did go to class ever time I was suppose to and handed in my homework, but forgot to type here in class as I was dealing with a divorce. I told my advisor and they said can't do nothing for me and I was kicked out of that class. I took it again and failed. I did however pass it a third time, but I had to pay 5, 000 dollars extra from loans. I know UOP and all colleges don't give a crap about people it is for business and all they care is making money, but with that said i got something also a degree, a sense of acomplishment that I did not UOP. Online college is very hard but if you can stick with it, it will be worth it. I am now at Miami-Jacobs Career College for and MA and this school is pathetic. At least at UOP all my teachers had a Masters in teaching, at a career college they don't have to and none of my teachers have a degree for teaching all you have to have is a Bachelors in anything. The government has to step in and correct these issues for us, they did for cars, why not education as they say thats so important.

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  • Th
    TheTruth_Sayer May 18, 2010

    The University of Phoenix does suck totally and completely, who's the idiot that wrote an essay on why everyone is wrong about Phoenix? Thats a lot of info to disprove something that is not true huh? I just withdrew from Phoenix after acquiring an AAIT and beginning my second class of the bachelors program. I was ready to find a new school after the idiotic GEN 300 class but my issue is the "learning teams" they are poorly conceived and most of my "team" didn't and wouldn't participate or contribute to group projects. Most people are minimalists and rely on other people who actually give a damn to carry them and that is [censor]! On [censor] said that she couldn't hardly ever get online so she would try her best??? It's an ONLINE school!! She contributed about 20 words to a 1200 word assignment and expected to be equally graded WTF? I finally got her to participate on the last day of the week so I wrote her saying "Your available on Mondays apparently" and I got in trouble because I used the word "apparently" in my post, the facilitator said it is snide and could hurt the freaking 44 year old idiots feelings. He din't say anything about the girl not doing her part or the illiterate way she attempted to write (44? really? At a university? Really?) her little responses which only amounted to about two a week. The point is that the staff is only driven to create profits from a pay matrix, the instructors are minimalist societal rejects and most of the 600, 000 +- students do not really belong in a university level course. Many and we have all witnessed this, cannot even construct coherent sentences making it very hard to collaborate and get anything accomplished. The five week courses are simply not enough time to actually learn and retain any relevant information and much of that time (in specific weeks) is consumed by waiting on learning team members to do something. My final grade was affected because of this very issue, I still got a B+ but could have received an A. I have a 3.7 GPA and am planning on finding a college that will first accept my AAIT and that is structured and geared towards learning, not writing irrelevant essays on outdated and impractical theories over and over. Some people that attend are in fact serious but the process is contaminated when paired with those individuals that belong in an LD class. Most companies do laugh at Phoenix's degrees and it is a giant waste of time and money. When I began the bachelors program was estimated at approx. 40, 000.00, a few weeks ago I received a new statement showing that ( and this is after my two years and an Associates Degree) the remaining time to complete the bachelors would total 63, 000.00 dollars. So I paid 20, 000 for my associates but for another two years that price would more than double WTF? You can go and graduate if you are compelled and put up with the masses of idiots that you have to deal with (?because there is NO selection process) but in the end with the experience you could gain by working in your chosen profession in an entry level position greatly outweighs what this so-called university actually offers.

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  • Ba
    badboy9287 Apr 30, 2010

    check this video out

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  • Ba
    badboy9287 Apr 30, 2010

    your grades depend on the instructor I've seen people not do anything and pass while I've had to bust my ### to get a good grade. the instructors are bias the university is one messed up place with Staff turnover is ridiculous. Every four-five months I have a new financial and/or academic counselor, and each one blames the one before them for mistakes to my calendar/billing. There is clearly an issue with management and the direction of the University. It cares little for the quality of alumni that it produces while weeding out the better people it seems if you know better they except more from you but if dumb as a box of rock and from the hood they will pass you along. I've seen a student who did nothing the entire class and pass because he was of a homosexual like the instructor. I've also seen a a girl fail the final but yet received full credit just for taking it but I only received the score I earned I did not get the hidden bonus points for being the same race as the instructor. Management at the university never addresses any issues the chose to ignore any issues that are brought to there attention I've got screen shots of the other persons grades and mine.

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  • 00
    007_cosmo Jan 22, 2010

    I went to UofP for about six months and I agree with many things being said. I received all A's, do work full time, and am a single mother. I received the PEL grant and the maximum amount of financial aid allotted and I never saw a dime, cause the college sucked up every bit of it. What I do not like about this school is first and foremost it's way overpriced!! $1600 for a 5wk class and I have to do all my reading on ebooks. My friend goes to another online school, does half the amount of work required of UofP, spends half the amount of money and receives actual books to keep. She can actually take 2 classes at a time, finish quicker, and be in less debt. Isn't all that matters is that the school is accredited??

    My other issue with UofP is all the team assignments...I'm paying an arm and a leg for MY education, not to be bothered with other people. Yes, dealing with people is no different than real life, except, in real life I would confront you face to face and make you accountable for your portion. I cannot make someone communicate or do their portion and even having to hassle with it is ridiculous. I can only be accountable for me...period.

    I left there after 12 credits, and probably 6-7k of debt, to go to a local state college and pay the reasonable $100 a credit plus gets books to keep. I wouldn't recommend UofP to anyone unless you live in AZ, so they can't gouge you for out of state.

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  • Fa
    Fardunk III Sep 21, 2009

    I have taught at the graduate level at the University of Phoenix for nearly one year and my experience with the students is mixed. Some of the students are quite good and would do very well at any university. Others, however, are a different story. These students do not belong in a graduate program. Frankly, they just don't have the intellectual horsepower to do well. You see this in their papers which are really quite awful. Frequently they don't even follow the assignment and write about whatever they feel like. Very bizarre. What you get out of the University of Phoenix is based on what you put into it.

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  • Sc
    ScoutsFather Jul 25, 2009

    I'm going to UOP for a master's in MIS. I have traditional degrees from ther schools like the University of Cincinnati. There are weak students at UOP; this much is true. That's not the point. If you are benchmarking yourself against the worst students and testing to see how little you can do to get a passing grade, you've misunderstood the point of even getting a degree or pursuing education in any form. You are not in a competition to do the least amount of work, rather you are on your own to improve your knowledge and critical-thinking skills. While going to UOP, I received a promotion because I was able to apply what I learned from my program. I promise you that I am not making this up, as I am now the IT department head at my organization. This happened because I learned how to perform complex project management activities and employ risk management techniques to mitigate security concerns. I spend about 30 hours a week doing UOP work after my fulltime job. My advice: do not get bogged down in your disgust for a particular school or teacher, and do not compare yourself to other students. Instead, focus on your own learning and think about how it applies to what you are doing and what you want to do. At that point, you have a chance at succeeding in both your academic world and your professional world.

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  • Gg
    Ggavkat Jul 17, 2009

    Yea I think it is a ###ing shame that the school can operate and get away with the ### they are selling. You can never contact your financial advisor and it seems like peeple are always out when you try and reach them. By the way, does anybody know when we are suppose to get our Grant money for 2009 yeay?

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  • Ma
    Mattdim805 Jul 01, 2009

    I hear ya Philip.

    I attempted to contact my financial advisor, Aaron Rangel, MULTIPLE times throughout my year at UOP. He was never available to take my call, and never returned my call. My academic advisor and some other kind of advisor supposedly left him messages to contact me multiple times, and still I never heard from him.

    But the moment I decide to leave the University, I get a call from him every other day, informing me that I have an out of pocket balance with the University. Not only does he call my cell phone and work phone every other day, but I get a letter once a week from him in the mail, and e-mail's to two accounts of mine stating this. Every time he contacts me he says I have about 2 weeks to pay off the debt or it is going to be transferred to collections, and this "final date" keeps getting extended every time he contacts me.

    This school is a joke. I wish I never would have attended it. I can't wait until I can pay off the loan and just be done with it. It's just a shame that I only have so little to show for it, and now owe thousands of dollars.

    You can say I'm bitter.

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  • Ph
    PhillipBanks Jul 01, 2009

    Matt, I am sorta in your shoes. This damn teachers do not thoroughly check the work, make up their own rules, and do not care to clarify their own instructions. I just wrote a paper and this dum ### teach Jimmy Proach sends it to Administration regarding plaigarism. Now, the feedback he gave me had nothing to do with plaigarism. He said I could not use over 20% of reference material. What the ###. That is not even in the damn Student code. I have to respond and fight this. Then the damn Academica counselor don't know ### but when your next class is coming up. The financial aid counselors are super dumb. They always have to check with their manager because on there end it shows something different. Get IT TOGETHER. ### UOP. I am bouncing soon as I get mY AA. Then they act like they do not want to send you your own dam Grant money but they will send you the Loans quick. ### UOP. The teachers suck. The list goes on...

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jun 25, 2009

    Matt, I don't really get you. You think UoP is a scam and so do I. Where's the rub, man?

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  • Ma
    Mattdim805 Jun 25, 2009

    Why do I bother ...

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jun 25, 2009

    Addendum: If you failed a class at Uop, I would not make it a habit of calling others "idiots". It screams of irony.

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jun 25, 2009

    Well, I was commenting because I actually got a worthless degree from there. My company is hardcore on continuous learning and I was sick of tech degrees and MS whitepapers. So, for a lark, I signed up for the MBA program (since my sister was already attending there). I saw people around me making B's by doing nearly nothing while I was busting my ### just as I would do in "regular" school. For fun, I decided to do as little as possible in a Finance class and guess what? I got a B for F level work. The moral of the story? If the classes are being paid for, it is nearly impossible to fail.

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  • Ma
    Mattdim805 Jun 25, 2009

    So I'm sitting here reading LogicandReason and SuperVepr's comments, and I can't help but wonder: did you idiots even read my entire comment, or just the part where I mentioned I failed a class at UOP?

    Obviously you are not seeing the issue at hand, so let me spell it out for you just like in those "See Spot Run" books you love to read:

    U.O.P A.R.E. T.H.I.E.V.E.S.!.

    Yes, I failed a class at UOP, TWICE, and yes, it is pretty easy to do when I only did enough work to get me by because my job, and not a degree from this ### University, is my number one priority.

    The fact remains that this University is in no way interested in anything else but the lump of money in their pockets by the end of the day.

    Which makes me wonder how much you two get paid because I know damn well no ordinary person would take the time to argue a comment which cast a shadow on UOP unless they had a vested interest in that company.

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jun 25, 2009

    Grrrr. Seriously, guaranteed.

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  • Su
    SuperVepr Jun 25, 2009

    I have to ask: How in the world did you manage to fail a class at UoP? Seriuosly, if you pay you are guranteed at least a B.

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  • Ri
    Ripper offs Jun 19, 2009

    Logican be real, come down to earth for a minute. Whatever drug you are on must be some good stuff for you affecting your head. You sound so much like the Instructors at Axia. How much dirty money they pay you from all the people being rip-off?????? Get the keyboard and bang your head and come into reality. Many students including myself are being victims of Axia. Do you think we are going to be wasting our time with this. We have family and work to get to instead of being here debating who is right and wrong. All we ask is for someone to help in investigating any issues arriving at Axia. If you have nothing to say then go waste your boring time at your main forum.

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  • Lo
    Logicandreason May 28, 2009

    How the hell do you fail a class at UOP. You must be a real lazy, stupid person, that is used to scapegoating.
    Accountability- an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for ONES actions.

    While your argument employ's a little more logic, and reason. I laugh, if you think that this same situation cannot happen at another school. Do a search in this same website for any other privet college, or even search websites for any other collage or university period. Education is up to you, not the teachers faults, not your Advisor, you. Because there aren't teachers that suck at other schools, and obviously at all other schools you can get the responses YOU WANT immediately. Get real.


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  • Ho
    HollyC May 07, 2009

    I completely agree with you! I have attended UOP for about a year and a half with fairly good results as far as professors are concerned. However, dealing with my financial/academic advisors has been a pain staking process. They do not return calls, respond to emails, nor do they have the knowledge about procedures that they should have. Any time I had to change my schedule they would completely screw everything up!
    I had problems in my last course due to an illness, which I brought to my professors attention as soon as it started to become a problem, she directed me to my academic advisor and suggested that I request an "I" which means that I would be granted additional time to complete my course.
    When discussing this possibility with my advisor, he had never heard of it and stated that the only thing I could do would be to drop out of the course. (What a bunch of bull) It clearly states in the hand book that this is a viable solution. Anyway, I continued to try and complete my assignments as best as possible until my final.
    I emailed my teacher that Sunday (Day seven, last day of the course) and explained that I was very ill and that I could not complete my final by midnight. I was then admitted in the hospital and was not released for several days. Upon my release I called my professor to explain my situation and she told me that her hands were tied; I should once again contact my advisor.
    I followed her instructions and once again I'm not getting any help. However they did make it clear that they do not excuse finals for ANY REASON! My only alternative would be to retake the course!! I have submitted my medical documents to prove my case but evidently that’s not good enough.
    I'm sorry, but I have never heard of a school not allowing students to make up finals based on documented medical reasons!! I would have passed this course in spite of my illness causing a few late assignments had it not been for the final. Moreover, I have never received below a "B" in any of my other 16 courses. Although I have received 42 credits and I'm so close to getting my associates degree, I want nothing more than to transfer to a more respectable university.

    If you do decide to apply at this university make sure that you are not late on your assignments (for any reason), don't make any changes to your schedule and don't expect to have any issues you might have resolved in a timely fashion. As for me, I might have to complete my Associates with UOP but I will not continue my education with them. Oh, and by the way, UOP is very over priced; especially for the service you receive. After researching other universities I could have gotten the same degree for 3/4 of the price.

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