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I completed my associates degree in May 2008 and after sending in the paperwork five different times still have not received my diploma. The quality of the courses was very poor and many of the instructors did not even bother to respond to any questions I had. I am in the process of contacting the State's Attorney to see what charges can be filed against the school and if I can get my money back. What a joke. Please research well before you choose a school.


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    Other student Sep 13, 2009
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    I had no problem what so ever. Incidentally, a guy I work with is an instructor for UoP and Axia. I believe and I am sure most people will that you are going to get what you put into the classes you took. If you had a bad experience, sucks, sorry, maybe you did not apply yourself.

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    chelramsey Nov 22, 2009

    Actually, the experience of the original poster is right on. There are constant technical difficulties to which the instructors will stake massive points off and say 'its your responsibility'. You can post a question and wait DAYS for an answer. An instructor will also wait days to tell you that they can't open something you posted, then turn around and take points off (and I mean half your grade) for you being 'late' in posting your assignment. If you want to LEARN something by being taught, don't go to this school. If you want to learn on your own and pay thousands of dollars to be pointed to boring outdated text and have someone basically grade papers that you teach yourself to do, have at it.

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    College Grad Jan 25, 2010

    Unfortunately, attending college is nothing like grade school. You are taught to become a responsible adult. Research huge part of any college. Most classes are determined by how well you apply yourself. I attended both types of colleges and yes, online is much more difficult to get a customed to. The first few months were tough but I never gave up. I hung in there and now I am on my last class with a 3.61 average. The online learning experience at UOPX is for the individual who is strong willed and self motivated. In this type of learning environment, the weak will definately be left behind.

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    I am a Phoenix Aug 18, 2010

    This coming month will make it my first year at Axia College/UOP. I have to say out of the 7 instructors I've had before, I only had one challenging instructor, however I did what I had to do to still make an A in her class. Although she was not quick with her responses on the forums, she did answer my call a couple times and return my calls on a timely manner. All the instructors provide multiple contact information such as telephone numbers and alternate email addresses so there are other ways to reach them. If you really need an answer immediately calling and leaving a message worked for me.

    All in all, if you are organized and manage your time efficiently, chances are you will have enough time to follow up so you can get your assignment in on time!

    "You reap what you sow"

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    xshawn Feb 28, 2011

    I just complete my associate’s degree this month, and I have been taking classes at University of Phoenix/Axia College since 2007. I have not run into any serious problems over the years, but sometimes the instructors can be a pain. They always answered all of the questions that I asked, and some even worked with me during "technical difficulties". It all depends on the instructors like most colleges, and if the instructor is being completely difficult you have the option to contact your academic advisor to file a complaint. It almost came to that with one instructor, but after a battle I we both settled on a solution. The only complaint I have with the school occurred during the last year of my degree. During the last year I was contacted every 2 weeks asking if I was ready to sign up for a bachelor's degree program. I told the person the first time they called that I was taking a year off, and I may sign up after my break. I was contacted about 8 times every other week, but I have not heard from them in a month. I have been waiting to hear from someone regarding my diploma, but my class just ended. I may make a call if I do not hear anything by next week. My academic advisor was constantly being changed, but each one seemed very eager to see how things were going, and if I needed help with anything. I'm not sure what paperwork you have to send in, but they should have all your records on file.

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    plixor84 Aug 03, 2011

    They changed the course work when I was going there... I never did get my degree since they said I had to pay for more classes after I thought I was done. They changed a few classes after I was about to graduate... It really is a big scam and would never give them another dime...

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