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returned mail

I would like to make a complaint about this but don't know how. I live in a shared apartment with many people. Only one of our names is on the mailbox. The mailman only delivers to the person whos name is on the box. I find this to be really annoying. Is it that big of a deal to deliver to the others? Is the mailman just lazy, stupid, or both? Is the mailman allowed to do this under the guidelines of his job?

  • Le
    Leepo Aug 24, 2009

    Hey Dummy...Lots of people send mail without the apt number on them...How is the mail carrier to know which apt they're in if the name isn't on the box...Duhhhh...What are you hiding ????

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  • Ar
    Arwen Apr 29, 2010

    It's not the mail carrier who sorts the mail and decides. A machine sorts it by the zip, then city and state, so on and so forth. Once it reaches a local post office People in the back sort it based off the information they have on who lives there. That's why you can get mail for someone who no longer lives there, if they don't notify the post office then they continue sending it there because it has no where to go. No think about that in reverse if they don't know you live there because they have no information stating that you live there, it won't get to you. They aren't stupid, it's not their job to figure out who lives where, it's YOUR JOB to notify them saying "hey, I live here too" Go to the post office and let them know. don't be lazy posting frustrating comments about things you can control and are pissed off that you ACTUALLY have to do something about it. They aren't Psychic

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no pick up

I set mail in my outgoing mail box on Sat 2/21 then went out of town until today friday 2/26. I found that my gas and water has been shut off due to non paymant. I called them gas and water company and told them i mailed my payments last week and they basicly caled me a liar. I have to pay late fee and a $75 reconnect fee for gas and a $150 deposit, late fee and reconnect fee for my water. Im pissed. I eventually went out to my mail box and guess what i found. My bills were never picked up. that means no mail people came by for a whole week!! This is costing me a bunch of money that i dont have. my kids and i are sitting in a cold house with no water until monday when i can pawn something. WT[censored]

  • Te
    teresachattanooga Aug 14, 2009

    I had a similar problem happen to me. But, my neighbor experience the same problem as you. But luckly her power was not shut off. I put my mail in the mailbox for pick up. And for the record, the red flag was rised also. As a matter of fact I waited until I seen the mail carrier go up the street before putting the items in for pick-up. I was shock when I went out to get the mail that the mail carrier did not get the pick-up!!! How could she not see the pick-up when she put the mail in the mail box. I was so upset I called the post office for our area and explain to the supervisor what had happen and how this is a ongoing problem with the mail. The supervisor was rude, act as if she did not care.
    This is a on going problem me and my neighbors, we get each other mail all the time. If anyone have any suggestions on how we can correct the problem please respond.

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ultra-poor counter service

I would direct this straight to the USPS.com site if I could, but they have no mechanism for doing so. Idiots. The post office here in Margate, FL has slots for 5 people to assist with mailing, stamps, retrieving packages, et. al. On Saturday, February 21, they had 2 people working and 30 people in line. Today they have 20 people in line and ONE person working! WTF? I waited for 30 minutes and moved 2 steps up on Saturday before leaving to go live my life. Today I waited an hour. Does the Post Office make their customer service extra crappy in advance of postal rate increases? Is that their plan?

  • Se
    Sewlady Apr 20, 2009

    I totally agree. I live in Wilmington, Delaware and some idiot that works for the post office decided that it was fiscally responsible to remove all the self-service machines to buy stamps, mail small packages, etc. And this in light of their very crappy customer service. Today, April 20, I got in line with two people ahead of me and two people being waited on by two postal service counter workers. Once one of the workers finished helping a customer, he got up from his seat as one of the other customers ahead of me approached the counter. We thought he went to get something for someone, but that guy was gone for 20 minutes!!!. The other worker called for a supervisor, but I overheard her say that the supervisor never comes. Well the supervisor did come out and asked if she had been called. When the worker told her that yes she had called and told the supervisor that the other worker had just left the counter unattended. About 10 minutes later another postal worker came out and when it was finally my turn to be helped, I told her that we only get 15 minutes to park while I had been waiting in line for over 30 minutes. Do you know what she did? She just shrugged her shoulders!!! Unbelievable!!!

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delivery of mail or lack of

I moved from Gray La to Houma La January 9th 2009. I put in a change of address on the 9th.I called the post...

mail boxes


  • Mr
    Mr. Tejeda Oct 09, 2009


    TO: Whom it may concern!

    CC: United States Postal Service
    475 L’Enfant Plaza SW
    Washington DC 20260-5801

    Attn: Manager Natalie Sorvari & Mary-Joe-sarcastic and condescending attitude
    CC: Northland District consumer affairs-unresponsive!
    100 S. 1st street room 121
    Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401-9631

    COMPLAINANT: Mr. P. Tejeda
    Private Practice Investigations
    P0 BOX 600332
    E. St. Paul, Minnesota 55106

    Discrimination employee misconduct complaint re: Location One
    Seeger Square post office
    Seeger Square E. St Paul, MN. E. St. Paul, Minnesota 55106-3864
    Spanish employee misconduct: Jesse clerk #20

    Bill# 1000200267531

    Discrimination employee misconduct complaint re: Location Two
    Eastern Heights, Oakdale location (Bob) & older Caucasian window clerk Linda-verbally loud, defensive & rude! Oakdale, Mn location Supervisor Mr. Iverson

    Summery: On 9.30.2009 I attempted to go to this post office location to purchase some postage stamps for my five letters. Postal employee Jesse rudely and discriminately, disrespectfully greeted me! This is my third appearance at this location, which is connected to this small strip mall storefronts that also house/lease Rainbow foods grocery store.
    The otter appearance of this post office location is dirty unsanitary and disgusting. Spots-stains-spite-spew-saliva surround the entrance and concrete side-walk. Smashed bubble gum discarded cigarette butts carelessly littered and thrown.

    Jesse seemed to be in an ornery, foul impatient mood and was also argumentative and defensive with me!
    Addressing me as a child or animal! On further note Jesse also smelled like he needed a bath as he is an extremely oversized male that sits in a chair at the customer service window all day with an ornery and stern attitude. Customers/citizens should not have to be subject to this type of discourteous, dirty, misconduct and or behavior.

    This is the third post office within less then a years time around the E. Saint Paul Minnesota area that has been getting numerous complaints and negative ratings with it’s management/supervisor/employee customer relations and discriminatively run business! Including the Dayton’s Bluff location & Eastern Heights, Oakdale Mn. Caucasian male window teller (Bob) who wears visible droopy gold neck chains and appears intimidating to some customers/consumers. I verbally heard him call a Caucasian woman customer stupid in a joking disrespectful manner during a window transaction! Bob seems to frequently be in a cocky, defensive, stern mood during window customer transactions with other selective customers.

    Furthermore, at the Seeger post office location when I asked for a manager or supervisor on duty I was rudely and sarcastically given a name of Charlie. However, this man was unavailable for customer complaints/concerns at the time…So when I got to my home/residence I attempted to call customer service hotline for the USPS @ 1-800-275-877 Unfortunately, this number and department customer service computer’s were allegedly down, at the time, only to file a complaint, not to purchase postage and or track or to ship a package! I was told to call back later that night or tomorrow to file a consumer complaint. As of receipt of my/this original complaint over a week later after submitting a verbal complaint to Minneapolis Northland district Consumer Affairs manager Mrs. Natalie Sorvari t: 612.349.4401 who was to return my calls regarding a previous complaint months ago and never did! This Location and office/department has been recently unresponsive to my letters. However, I did manage to file another verbal complaint the following day over the telephone with a familiar over sarcastic and insincere woman by the name of: Mary-Joe hotline t: 612.349.6388 f: 612.349.3512

    Please properly, investigate

    Sincerely and respectfully a concerned customer/consumer Mr. P. Tejeda

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packages not being delivered to street addresses

Please note we are having major issues with our USPS packages not being delivered in small towns such as the Town of Bingham since the new automated system went in effect. We do not have a mail career in town therefore packages are not being delivered to the street address, only to P.O. Box number. This is a major issue, because most companies, vendors, clients etc are not aware of this. They believe packages should only be sent to a street address, therefore they omit putting PO Box on the label and packages are being returned. This is HUGE problem for us and it really needs to be corrected. It would be so much easier for everyone if US POSTAL SERVICE or MAIL EXPRESS would update the database with their corresponding PO Boxes for each street addresses in small towns where there is no direct mail carrier so that to allow deliveries that ONLY show a street address.

Please forward this e-mail to someone hire-up that can make this happen. We really need a change for our services. As it is it is pretty inconvenient to have to go to the post office every day and not have our mailed delivered to our address.

We are looking forward for your response and advice in regards to this matter.

Thank you !

items not being delivered

Mail from my Ronkonkoma, NY home is not reaching the person addressed to. In Raleigh, NC sent over a week and...

awful experience

A package I mailed with usps the previous week was returned by the LA processing center with an ink stamp on it that stated, 'found loose in the mail at los angeles BMC.' It was a 30-pound music center with a wood casing and was packed in the original factory box with sturdy foam packaging inside. It was crushed. Something extremely heavy would have been required to crush this thing. Obvious carelessness and stupidity by usps employees.

But I'm shocked that they simply return it to me in another box (that they found and taped up around the original), dump it on my porch and offer no note of explanation or number to call for regress - nothing. It hadn't even left the city before it was crushed. They clearly don't give a ### what I think about it, either.

I didn't buy insurance because I was told repeatedly that usps rarely honors claims and because the product was packed so well that I didn't think it necessary. I'll no longer be stupid enough to use the usps for any package again. usps is a criminal enterprise that is allowed to destroy the goods they handle, without recompense or liability, and taxpayers pay for it. I'm out $125 and someone isn't getting the Christmas present they wanted.

  • Ca
    Cassie5 Aug 22, 2014

    At least you received it. I send a box to my son in the military in perfect condition in Feb. They told me the box was never received in Miami, then it was damaged then it was in Jacksonville, then someone at the facility cut the top of the box off and sent it to my son. The box was over 70 pounds and it was a box I purchased from the post office. They told me that they are sorry but there is nothing they can do. This was my sons mementos and jewellery making items, some things are priceless to him. He 's serving our country and can't even get his mail. I am disgusted by this.

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lost and misrouted mail

Recently I experienced many mistakes over my mail. first was the incident when I personally dropped the car...

2 comments Kenilworth Other

non delivery

According to the supervisor at my local post office 2-3 day priority mail does NOT mean 2-3 days and that I...

no mail delivery

Our Postal Carrier did NOT deliver our mail today, January 10, 2009. He had come into the area, but did not come down my street. Thus, nobody on my block received any mail today. This means I will have to go to the local Post Office and drop off my mail in person so that I can make sure my mail gets out in time. It does not help at all when the only phone number listed in an 800 number. If I want to call and file a complaint I should be able to call a local post office, not an 800 number that may be answered by someone in an entirely different state.
I will get the phone number I need, I will file a complaint, and I will definitely suggest the Postal Service search my carrier's home to make sure that he is not hording any of our mail.

  • Bh
    bharriso May 03, 2009

    Our mail carrier constistantly delivers other people's mail to our house. Most of it is junk mail, but we have gotten mortgage notices, income taxe refunds, and investment informtation for other people. If it is in the same neighborhood I will take it to them, but if it is not in our neighborhood I put it back in the mailbox. Often they refuse to take it. When I put a note on it explaining that they needed to redeliver it, the mail carrier accused me of defacing mail. Recently I renewed the registration on both of our cars. One of them arrived in 5 days like they usually do. I still haven't gotten the other one. I contacted the DMV and they said they were mailed on the same day. If I get a ticket for not haveing my registration, will the mail service be willing to pay the fine. I am sure they won't, but they can raise their fees and limit service when every they wish. I guess that is what happens when you have a monopoly.

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I have had to call my local post office post master on 3 separate ocassions on misdelivered mail or missing...

erratic/ non delivery of mail

Mail carrier put other people's mail in my box and gives others my mail. I have had checks opened by...

Tombstone Airlines

opening of mail/ misdeliveries

I can only assume that the postal carriers think, I stupid or they just don't give a shirt! for the...

post office workers stealing christmas gifts

Unfortunately, I was a first-time victim of stolen gifts this year. Several boxes I sent to different part...

damaged and missing mail

I would like for file a formal complaint. My family has had poor service the past few YEARS. We have tried to live with it since USPS just doesn't value its customer any longer.

In August, a sympathy card was sent from ELGIN, IL 60123 and delivered to us in SEPTEMBER. This is awful service. We have had payments delivered weeks and up to months after being sent via the postal service. We have reverted to FedEx for this and the much better customer service for our important deliveries.

As for cards and letters we are using email.

Today was the stresser for me. I received and anticipated newsletter that was ripped and shredded. The letter on the Envelope aske ME the RECIPIENT to better package my news letters that I plan on receiving.

This is absurd and ridiculous. The Postal Service has a responsibility to its customers. I will be contacting the Post Master General and the States Attourneys Office if service to and from our address does not get better. Our letter carrier is great but your lines people and employees at the postal offices and on the road need SERIOUS work in dealing with sensitive documents.

This is why I will decline to accept anymore increases in postal fees. I will pay higher rates you your competitor FedEx to ensure my deliveries are treated with a sence of urgency.

Postal Customer

P.S. This is posted to several complaint blogs and will find its way to our state and federal government.

  • Gr
    Greg Loots Dec 26, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just heard something landing on my front porch. Got up to see a postal vehicle in front of my house. The person had thrown a package at my front door. Not, exactly, professional. Happens way too often.


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rude, poor service

I take my post office business (and a lot of it) to the post office in Vernon Hills, Illinois where I have yet to be greeted by a pleasant, helpful, employee. I only use that office because I have a lot of items to ship (I am an ebay trading assistant.) and it is close to my home..
Today, I arrived at the office 15 minutes early and waited at the door for the employee to open it (exactly on time, not a second early even though there were 4 people standing behind me to enter.)
I had an express mail, prepaid envelope going to China, with all of the papers that only needed to be put in the special envelope and entered in the computer.
The employee JOANNE told me that I could go and she would enter it later as she wanted to take care of the people behind me in line. I asked her to please do it while I was standing there as I was worried that if she got busy, my parcel could get separated from its address papers. She insisted that I leave and she would do it later. I asked her again to please do it while I was standing there so I could get the receipt back. She got very annoyed and rude.
Does she work for no pay? I don't understand how a person who gets paid for their job has the nerve to be rude to customers.
I have had other dealings with women at that office who were also very rude. I don't think they should have those jobs whlle so many people are out of work and would love to have a job like that.
These people are lazy and rude and shouldn't have government jobs.
Arlene Marshack

  • Fa
    faktion84 Dec 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Go in there with a golf club and hit them as hard as you can in the head!!! just untill they pass out...

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poor management & unreliable service

We have been at the same address for over 60 years. I repeat, 60 years. A new Postmaster started recently and...

lousy ongoing mail service

Yesterday evening I received my mail with my large envelope opened (ripped) open. Also, some catalogs I was waiting for was ripped and is missing. To continue, when I go to the Broadway Ave. Post office The people working there are very rude and you are kept waiting for long periods of time to receive the mail . I am extremly angry and fed up with the lousy service this post office does. Something needs to be done.

  • An
    Anthony Lane Dec 20, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My mail always get delivered to the wrong houes this has been happening since. December 13th. My mail goes to a different house every day

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late mail delivery

I requested my mail to be Held and delivered on Sat, November 15 but only a few letters were left. Thi...