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inefficiency, stupidity and incompetence

The USPS was unable to give me detailed information about two identical charges submitted to American Express on the same day because their PO Box clerk was out for the day. No one else in the PO has access to the information. When I asked to speak with the Postmaster I was told he was out till Thursday and when inquired who was taking his place, I was told it was the route delivery supervisor with whom I was speaking. When I asked for the number of the Postmaster General in DC I was told they do not have that number. This bespeaks great inefficiency and is very sad, indeed! I am old enough to remember happier and more efficient times; times when POs were staffed with civil servants who responded with alacrity rather than platitudes which utterly frustrate even the simplest efforts to rectify a problem or make an inquiry. I suggest that this site compile a list of "action" phone numbers where one can get through to a real, live person that can assist in resolving a problem or respond to an inquiry in an interested, energetic, intelligent and resourceful manner. Being served by those who are mentally moribund or who left their brains at home or who simply do not care is a disgrace and an insult to the consumer's intelligence.

  • Ge
    Gertrude Grooms Aug 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The USPS is a business just like any other, and as such, it is supposed to serve the public and provide the service we pay for and expect to get for our money. If that service is not provided, or it is less than favorable, who can we complain to...and shouldn't the (ir-)responsible person(s) be held accountable for our loss?
    I sent 2 boxes from PA. (parcel post) on Aug. 7. One arrived at the destination in Ohio on Aug. 11. It is Aug. 16 and the other box has still not been received.
    I have called the destination Post Office twice to inquire after the missing box. The first time, I was told to be patient, that it could take up to 10 days to arrive. The second call, Josh took the pertinent information and said he would check for the box and would call me back in half an hour...I have waited 21 and one half hours for Josh to call back...do you think he too got lost among the other lost packages sitting in the Post Office ? (Sarcastically)
    Seriously, what is my recourse...who can I complain to and will it help ?
    Perhaps I can try to track the box down myself if the USPS will provide information to me.

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  • Re
    REVERENDCOLIN Feb 23, 2009

    It's time to privatize the Postal Service.

    It's bloated, corrupt and incompetent.

    It's a hindrance instead of an asset. That goes for most government agencies.


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  • Mo
    Mole007 Dec 27, 2012

    Many USPS employees and contractors are fine caring people who do do their best to help consumers.
    Unfortunately the many walls and barriers erected by USPS management (?) to protect themselves from customer contact and avoid any and all accountability make it all but impossible for even the best of USPS staff to perform effectively.
    So, yes, the USPS is broken but it's not so much a money issue problematic as that is but one of management attitude and incompetence.
    Fire the fat cats and maybe, just maybe, the Post Office can be saved.

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Terrible service

This post office have cause me so much headache. In the last month it lost three of my packages, two of them...

terrible service

I shipped a package from NY to myself in Las Vegas. My package contained 3 antique vases from my grandmother's estate. I purchased $500 of insurance on my package. When I returned to Las Vegas I discovered my vases were all broken. I filled out a PS form 1000 and got an estimate for repair of my vases. I brought my package and claim for to the Crossroads post office for inspection. They inspected my items and packaging, signed and accepted my claim for and gave me a customer copy of the PS 1000 form. My claim was later denied for "lack of evidence". I appealed the denied claim and it was still rejected stating they could not prove the package was damaged from mishandling. On my 3rd appeal they denied it stating that I didn't even bring in my items for inspection! This is completely untrue because my items were inspected as stated on the PS form 1000. It clearly states that all my packaging and contents were brought in for inspection and were visibly damaged and it was signed by post office personnel. It's clear to me that insurance services offer by the post office is nothing more than a fraudulent scam and that they have no intentions on ever paying back their customers on their claims when they damage or lose their items.

delivery problems

As I expect - like many other people - financial and other such documents to arrive in my mailbox. Such that I can trust myself to (among other things) pay taxes and not be arrested for not paying taxes. It still comes to mind that the possible ignorance of a financial reality or livelihood could be stolen by the inadequate methods of the post office to account for the human error of the employee delivering to a specific building. Just a general complaint. But, still an important one to make in public.

If you have had any such similar experiences, then why not do something about it other than begging in private to appear on sixty minutes or the today show. This begs the question, how many people have been cost livelihood or any other such financial reality by the occasional, idiotic post office employee who slots their mail in the wrong mailbox?

This strikes me as a logical nightmare for everybody to be concerned about in this day and age. During which we cannot ignore the possibility of human error.

  • Ch
    christopher lovullo Jul 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The latta road usps in rochester, new york closed my po box and sent all my mail back to the original senders.THEY NEVER BILLED ME OR NOTIFIED ME THAT ANY FEES WERE DUE!!!
    The incompetent, unprofessional employee who did this(Judy)refuses to take my calls and several complaints I filed regarding this have all been ignored.I LOST THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS DUE TO THIS MISTAKE!!!The mere fact that they are choosing to ignore me rather than properly address this issue will cost many times what I have lost with the lawsuit I intend to bring against the USPS and JUDY!!Way to run a business!!

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terrible service!

I brought about 4 packages to the post office to be shipped including one Large valuable box to be shipped. I...

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terrible service!

I live in Center, North Dakota, (58530) and I am wondering why we are required to pay for mail delivery when...

I never got my packages

I was in Oklahoma and decided to mail my packages home to Hawaii. I had three boxes to send and when I was asked how I wanted it sent priority or standard mail the postman told me that packages don't go on a ship anymore for standard mail and it would take 2-6 business days well, it has been a month and when I went to the post office to inquire about my packages I told the post lady what the other postman said 2-6 days and her reply was "he lied to you" it will be 4-8 weeks. If I would have known that I would have sent it priority and she said they have no way of tracing it.

I'm sick there was 5 hundred dollars worth of stuff in

those boxes and when I looked at the receipt later after I left the post office the postman didn't even give me the requested amount of insurance.

I'm at a total loss at what to do..

lost my package

This letter is a compliant on the way my claim was handled by USPS. I have purchased insurance for an item that I sold on Amazon.com which was claimed to be lost (proof of insurance claim# [protected] on 12/03/2007). I have brought the issue to Truth or Consequences, NM office and talked to John who helped to make a claim for it. I submitted all the information but I received a letter from Joe Hernandez for additional information on it. John had taken the responsibility to be in touch with Joe about it. I submitted the new information on USPS on 01/02/2008 and I paid one dollar for the delivery. Susan in post office indicated after stamping the mail that I shouldn’t have stamp for this internal office mail. John went to vacation and when he came back he said he doesn’t handle it from now showing discomfort of dealing with the person who handles the claim, Joe.

I have been calling Joe before than and he has called back a few times as I couldn’t get a hold of him. Finally I spoke to him and he said he will look into it and call me. When I didn’t hear from him in reasonable time I called him and left a message that my time has expired to appeal. I finally was able to talk to him on the phone when he insisted that he never heard from me and the case is dismissed. I indicated that I have sent him the document and meanwhile John was looking into it. He got upset and said it was my responsibility to get in touch and this should not have been John’s business. I indicated that I listened to what I was told and I have been trying to get a hold of him. He said at this time it is too late. I asked for the main number for San Luis office so I can explain my situation. He said he can’t give me that. He then said he has other customers waiting and when I asked for his manager contact, he hung up the phone. When I tried to call back he didn’t pick up the phone.

I am very sorry that this has been my experience with your office. I have sent other material using USPS and I have bought insurance for some of them. This is the first time I have claimed for the lost item and didn’t know I have to go through so much hardship to get any where. I don’t find this a professional behaviour from USPS and don’t appreciate how Joe handled this case. I have kept a copy of file I have sent him and I am pretty sure I can find a receipt of this material sent to him.

As your customer I am very disappointed to see the way my case was handled. For whatever reason I have been neglected for my many phone calls, the document that I sent given a short period to respond and have talked to John who first took responsibility and then was sorry for not being able to do anything. I have done every thing I was supposed to do and I should have been listened and a solution should have come out rather than a rude behaviour of hanging up the phone.

I request a follow up on this complain. I want to collect my $75 for the merchandise they lost when they lost my package. I also need to have my claim to be reopened due to the lack of appropriate response from the representative Joe Hernandez.

  • Fa
    faktion84 Dec 14, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Give them some consequences!!! Grab a baseball bat !!! POS post office people!!!

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  • Fe
    Fent Apr 12, 2010

    I shipped an item internationally using First class mail, but they lost my package. I tried to call them and they just kept saying that I didn't buy insurance, so they can not do anything. But it's their duty to deliver my package safely even I didn't buy insurance.

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  • Sa
    safezone Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    it happened to me too. From my opinion, they should at least show us where the parcel had been sent to. Showing us exactly where is the parcel right now. What i got back is just the wrapping paper of the parcel which showed my return address. The item in it was totally lost. I can't find any reason except someone working there had taken the item.

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  • Gn
    Gnarls Sep 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'd mailed out a package (containing face moisturizers, etc...) on 8/13/10 to Singapore at the Pleasantville, NY Post Office & was advised by the staff that it was first-class trackable & has a default insurance of up to $150. After about 2 weeks, I learned that the package still hadn't arrived, after which I took my receipt out & looked closely at it & saw that it was going to France!! I have the correct destination address on the box itself - postal staff told me that it'll be mailed according to the address on the package. But it never arrived.

    From then on, I'd gone back to the Pleasantville PO & nobody could help me. I called the 800 # & logged my complaint, & nobody could help me. All anyone could tell me is that my package is untrackable & has no insurance on it, & that I was given incorrect information. The tracking # stated that my package arrived at the Jamaica, NY PO. To cut the long story short, nobody knows where the package is and that there's nothing they can do. So now I'm 1 in the infinite number of people whom USPS has disappointed & let down. So much for trying to give business to them!

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postal driver

Female Postal Driver at Williamsbridge Road in Bronx, New York 10461 - License Plate P011019 on 4/24/08 was screaming at the traffic light asking people to go through it, nasty and very disrespectful to other drivers.

  • Ze
    ZemK Oct 04, 2013

    October 4, 2013, about 4:15pm, corner of Van Buren and Peden, zip code 77006, driver of vehicle #2219594 ran a stop sign and nearly ran into me as I was entering my driveway. He pulled alongside another postal carrier's vehicle and proceeded to converse with her for about five minutes, blocking traffic in both directions (she was parked correctly against the curb, he was in the left lane next to her). I walked outside and waved, and asked if he saw the stop sign. The parked driver went on her way to deliver her mail and the on who ran the stop sign and was blocking traffic apologized nonchalantly and drove off. Incidentally, my own mail did not get delivered today. I've already complained about four times concerning sporadic delivery and drivers blocking driveways and so on. This is a very affluent neighborhood, but regardless of location, it's completely unprofessional behavior.

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  • Jo
    John.D Nov 18, 2013

    Driving down potrero hill to mission dist in San Francisco Ca a black male driving a U.S postal van grey with no plates running stop signs and driving in a zig zag pattern as if he was intoxicated. I looked to see who it was in his driver mirror and to see if he looked intoxicated but it appear to be fine smoking a cigeratt. I got a van number that is 5934156 no plates in zip 94110.

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this is an american disgrace

Well where should I start. There is no control or no accountability with these leeches. Lets just say they suck the government dry with fantasy retirements and step in line with our congress what a *** joke. These people work for us and their work ethics are last on the list. Call your rep and complain this *** has got to stop. I can't even understand them when I call to ask questions this is America my friends we had to learn the language too. I am not against immigration that is legal what is wrong with this country?

  • To
    totallyfedup Oct 08, 2009

    Agree 100%.
    This is one area where privatization is really needed.
    Dissolve the USPS. Save the budget.
    Put the leeches on the street.

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  • Fr
    Frank Pfundstein Apr 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have said for years USPS will be privatized. It can not come soon enough. I recently had a package returned because the "w" was not on the address label. It was my mistake, however, the person is a prominent businessman who has lived at the same address since 1949. Has had a P.O. box in the Post Office for the same period. Returned with note "no such number'. What has happened to customer service? How long will it take to look up a person in a small town and deliver the package. No, take the customers money and RUN! Totally unacceptable in my opinion. All blamed on 'automation'. How much time and money was spent to return the package? Privatization...YES!

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u. s. postal service has become arrogant and irresponsible

I received a return to sender letter that I sent out on Apr 5, 08. The explanation was that the street address didn't exist. I searched the address on Google and the street does exist. I called the post office at Camino Al Norte in North Las Vegas. They couldn't figure out what was going on. The customer service rep at the post office became irritated at my persistent questions about how the problem was going to be solved. She said she will talk to the carrier, and that I would have to call back to find out. I explained that I should get a call back from them. What happened to customer service? I feel that the U.S. Postal Service has become arrogant, and irresponsible like the IRS.

  • Dm
    dmgg711 Sep 28, 2009

    We get a certain substitute female carrier every now and then and when I see the mail van stopping for a length of time. She has long stops at each home. She is constantly talking on her cell phone. I have personally heard her talking on her cell phone and I know for a fact that it is a personal call.

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  • Ch
    christaj87 Mar 07, 2011

    I have had a package that was verified sent out by the Israeli mail service to the US by airmail on 2/27/11. I know it has been shipped out to the US but I have no way of knowing if it even arrived at the US because whenever I use my tracking number (it’s been seven days now) it reports back with the same “no record of item”. I called USPS and they told me to file an investigation with the post office in Israel. Why do that? Their tracking service seems to be working fine and according to them it’s not even there anymore. I know the seller sent it because there was tracking before it left Israel. USPS was no help to me over the phone and didn’t even seem like they wanted to investigate it. I am fed up with no tracking now and I am really regretting not paying the little extra to get it mailed out FedEx. I have 70 dollars just floating around somewhere and have no idea how to track it. BS if you ask me. I am NEVER using usps ever again.

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unprofessional clerks at englewood, nj post office

On February 7 2008, I went to the post office at 77 Engle Street in Englewood, NJ to file forms for a US...

broke my vases

While I was visiting my mother in Latham, NY in July of 07, my mother and I shipped 3 antique vases from Latham, NY to myself in Las Vegas. I purchased $500 insurance for my package. When I returned to Las Vegas very late evening and opened my package, I discovered the items were broken. I brought them over to the post office the following day to file a claim. The local employees as well as the agents I spoke with on their 1-800 customer service number explained to me that I could have my items repaired and file a claim for a repair instead of a reimbursement. I got an estimate from a local restoration/repair shop and also an appraisal on my items and turned it in with my claim form. The Postal employees accepted my claim, filled out a PS form 1000 stating that the package was insured (section B. 1a), All contents were damaged (section B.5) and in section B.6 they clearly marked that my items were presented along with the wrapping, container/package. This PS form was signed and dated by a postal employee and a copy was returned to me personally. Upon returning home, I received a phone call from the Cross Roads Station asking that I bring the items back, stating that they wanted to keep my items even though I was previously told they would not need keep them when a repair is requested. I asked to speak with a manager and talked to Jack Clark. I explained to Mr. Clark that these were delicate antiques and I did not want further damage to occur since it would raise the cost of the repair. I also explained to him that his employees informed me at the time I filed my claim that I would not need to surrender the items. Mr. Clark told me he would go ahead and process my claim despite the confusion on their policy. After several weeks I received a letter denying my claim and stating "they had no evidence that the parcel was damaged in their custody and they were not liable". I filed an appeal attaching a copy of the PS form 1000 which is validated proof signed by their own employee stating that they inspected the entire package, contents and wrapping and that they witnessed the damage to my article. Again, after several more weeks my claim was denied for the same reasons. My final attempt was my appeal to the Consumer Advocate in Washington DC. I sent all documents: PS form 1000, a copy of my insurance receipt and 2 letters from witnesses. One witness (my mother) saw me personally package the items and mail it. The other witness was my husband whom witnessed the damaged items upon opening the package. I received a letter dated Jan 18th from Cheryl Woody, Consumer Research Analyst at [protected] stating that they denied my claim once again stating that "the antique vases and packaging were not presented for inspection". The PS Form 1000 clearly states that the items and packaging WERE in fact brought in for inspection. It is a validated document signed by postal officials stating they inspected my items and that the items WERE in fact damaged. I do not understand how they can deny my claim when this evidence has been presented. I paid for a service, I presented evidence for this claim and I have documented proof of it. I feel that the post office should honor this claim and repay me for the repairs for the damage done to my vases while in their care.

Barbara Hoyt

scam and cheating!

USPS Click 'n Ship: Nice option for people who live far from family and have to ship gifts. Also required for Fist Class parcels above 13 oz which use stamps as postage. (Homeland Security issue).

Down Side: I've paid for and printed labels and placed them in the mail system only to get an e-mail later stating postage canceled, for no apparent reason! You have to go back into the system and pay for it again. The latest rip was 2 weeks ago. I used Click 'n Ship for $4.60 worth of postage. The USPS charged me 4 times for the order. Upon complaint, they denied it. Upon 2nd complaint, I was told I would have to fax them my credit card statement to insure the transactions were paid.

This is robbery by the USPS then having to beg for your money back!!!

  • Ml
    MLL Aug 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please view this video and post a comment or send a complaint to USPS.

    My local office is Pico Heights, Los Angeles CA.

    I have tons of video just like this.. as of now the mailman continues to spray and deliver our mail.


    Please warn others of this. He might not be the only one doing it.
    Usually when your dog is being sprayed you will find oily residue that remains on the ground or material that it lands on. If it lands on plant it becomes a oily honey like residue.

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mail delivery

I moved to north Houston over a month ago, to a subdivision that has the community mail boxes. I was told...

delivery problem!

My mailbox is at the side of my house. For 17 (!) years, substitute mail carriers have often left mail...

problem with the us postal service

USPS - The United States Postal Service (US Postal Service)

Outgoing mail receptacles

I have had very few problem with the U.S. Postal service. But recently I came upon a problem which I thought would have been resolved.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada 89108 on 1228 Silver Prospect Drive. There is a bank of mail boxes in front of my house. Sometime ago some one broke into the outgoing mail compartment. I reported it to the post office and was told that these repairs were done on Wednesdays. Several;Wednesdays went by and It was not repaired. Every time that I mentioned it I was told that because someone had broken it, would probably not be repaired. In anger I reminded them of the recent hike in postal rates and now they were not going to repair mail box damages because some one broke in, perhaps that some one did not even live in the area.

The way I see it, un repaired damages to mail boxes, will encourage those wreckers to break into personal boxes because if Postal Service is not going to repair damages, it will be easier for them to have access to outgoing mail which may have money it them. I would think that this sight would make property values go down because no one wishes to move into an area that is not kept up.

I consider my complaint as justifiable and honest and would hope that I am favored with a reply of explanation of why things are being done as they are. I would also like to know what can be done to correct them. My suggestion would be to secure the front door to the outgoing receptacle frame so that it does not open. The mail person has access to it via the back and he is the only one who needs access.

This solution would establish the Postal Service ingenuity, while providing safe handling of outgoing mail.

If you are not the ones who solve this, please let me know the procedure on contacting those in authority to solve my complaint. I do think that my solution would work.

Please let me hear from someone.

Thank you.


  • Ja
    Jacqueline Byrd Aug 15, 2009

    postal complaint

    On August I sent a gift to my god daughter.

    I sent it priority. The correct address was on the box, however the postal worker must be visioned impaired because my receipt was something I had never heard of.

    The address was: 2770 Golden Hill Rd.
    Elberon, VA 23846

    The receipt showed: Penn Laird, VA 22846

    I don't have this problem when I utilize the self mailing postal machine, unfortunately this particular post office in Harker Heights TX had their self mailing postal setup removed.

    I want my gift to either be delivered to the address on the box or brought back to me.

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  • Ja
    janice coder May 07, 2011


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  • Wo
    woodynow May 17, 2012

    Why doesn't your housekeeper forward the mail to you..? Or are you to stupid to think of this? I know you think the world revolves around you, but 2 weeks is not very long. Didn't you know when you were going back any sooner? Sounds as if the problem is you and not the USPS!

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poor service!

My daughter, Kristin McGowan, is not getting adequate mail delivery. I sent a package for her friend'...

poor customer service!

Living in a little town, usually means friendly, out-going people. In Terlton, OK the USPS need to upgrade the postmaster, to one that fits the description of anything but, rude and hateful. This POSTMASTER, does nothing other than talk on the phone to family and friends. When requesting that she get off her, lazy butt, and work she gets down right hateful. Tells me I need to have my key to get my mail out because she isn't going to get the mail for me once a week. #1. That is her job to get my mail when I am in a rush and have forgotten my key, and I AM THE PRIMARY BOX HOLDER. #2. She does not need to address the customer issue to whoever she is speaking with on the telephone. I believe this breaks some kind of privacy act. I don't need the mail to pay my bills, nearly every company has the pay online service. COME ONE USPS, YOUR LOSING MONEY B/C OF PEOPLE LIKE HER!!!

delay in tax refund!

We have lived at this address for 26 years. In 2006, our 2005 tax W2s were sent back to our employers. This caused an extended delay in our tax refund and subsequent plans for vacation. In addition, I confirmed with several other companies that our mail, although properly addressed was being returned. I complained repeatedly both to this web site and the post office directly and I was assured that the problem was fixed.

As of this complaint I have confirmed with several family members that 2006 Christmas cards sent to our address had been returned with yellow stickers indicating an occupant was not at our address. Also, we have confirmed that several credit card statements and business correspondence has been returned as “Not deliverable” and we are now getting phone calls from creditors. Some of those include Washington Mutual, Chase, Double Day Book Club, and several magazines to name a few. We are now scrambling to contact as many as we can to correct the now late payments and other complaints.

This is infuriating that we have to send in multiple complaints about this same problem. We have had the same mail box since the post office installed them for many years. This is a totally unacceptable situation. We are tired of repeated phone calls to the unresponsive and rude managers at our post office. In addition we have sent in DETAILED accounts of our continued problems with mail being returned. In one response we were told this was a simple database error and everything was fixed. This month (January 2007) we have discovered that our mail is being returned AGAIN. It is like they are trying to wipe us out of existence. We feel we will likely have to pay for some legal council to get this corrected. This is all quite infuriating to say the least. It is only getting worse.

  • De
    dennis abe Aug 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Attention present and past University of Maryland students, graduate students and College Park residents. I encourage anyone who has had a College Park address since 2001 to check their credit report. I’ve read about the mail delivery problems in your neighborhood. I encourage you to contact your congressman and to check your credit report. 8/16/07-4:30pm. Received call from USPS. College Park Postmaster Danny Bell is stepping down. New postmaster to be installed 8/27/07.Hopefully this is the end of 7 years off poor mail service and a beginning of a new era for College Park!!

    During past 3 years the College Park Md Post Office has caused 1000+'s pieces of 1st class mail, DMV notices, end of year financial statements, Jury Duty Summonses, credit cards and "Final Notice" certified mail notices, mail from university departments that were mailed to University of Maryland students and student organizations at addresses other than mine in College Park, Md that were either forwarded to my winter home in Florida or delivered to my home of 50 years on Norwich Road in College Park, Md 20740. Discussions between me and employees at College Park Md Post Office addressing their delivery practices was akin to listening to Bud Abbott and Lou Costello go through a rendering of "Who’s On First."

    View http://www.dennisabe.com to see one of the credit cards that were sent to me in Venice, Florida that was meant for a College Park resident.
    Find Postmaster General’s direct email and fax number at http://www.postalreform.us

    Good luck,
    Dennis Abe

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