United Parcel Service [UPS]ups driver


Yesterday afternoon your driver that has been delivering here at Salon Lofts in Clearwater for a long time was either having a bad day or decided that he didn’t care that there is a clear sign on my door stating DO NOT DISTURB! I am a massage therapist at salon Lofts in Clearwater. I’ve known this driver to always be very nice but that was not the case yesterday. People come to me to relax and they pay good money to do so. I was in mid massage when the driver, who knows how to read knocked on my door twice! Then decided to argue with me through the door instead of finding someone to sign for the package like he does any other time. Then said he’s not delivering to me anymore and that what I’m doing isn’t surgery. It’s was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful to me. I would like something done about this and a phone call from his direct manager would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Rachel Martinez

  • Updated by Rachel Martinez · Oct 19, 2017

    [protected] my phone number for contact.

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