United Parcel Service [UPS]delivery

M Nov 28, 2017 Review updated:

I received an email today, stating expect my package. I waited all day and when the driver delivered other packages to the house, the one I was really waiting for wasn't in the group.I first contacted an agent by phone and was told that my package was still being delivered and that someone would call me within 15 minutes to confirm this. That was a lie, no one did. I then called back and asked to speak to a manager and after waiting another 1/2 hour, I explained to her that I had 2 packages shipped from the same store at the exact same time, 11/22/17. Both packages arrived at the UPS Secaucus, NJ hub at the same time. One package was shipped from the hub one day11/26/17 and the other package the next day11/27/17. The package that was shipped later11/27/17, was delivered to me the same day from their Bound Brook, NJ warehouse. The package that was shipped from the Secaucus hub the day before, 1126/17, was left at the Bound Brook warehouse. UPS sent an automated message that my package would be delivered on 11/28/17. I waited and after the driver made his delivery I then called and spoke to the agent. After explaining this to the manager when I called back, I was told the same thing, that my package was on a different truck and due to the holiday (Thansgiving), the package would be delivered before 11:59 pm. This was another lie. After checking the status after speaking to the manager, at about 10:11 pm, the delivery status had been changed to the next day, 11/29/17. My packages were shipped from Wisconsin to New Jersey in less than 2 days, and they can't be delivered 20 miles away in 3.It appears that my package is lost. If it is, I would rather someone tell me the truth instead of "blowing smoke up my @$$", and lying. The reason I am writing about this is because this is not the first time this has happened. The service at UPS is getting worse and I can understand why people are choosing other carriers.


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