United Parcel Service of America [UPS]unethical behavior

P Jul 10, 2019

The UPS driver Anthony that comes to the property to drop off packages has shown continued unethical/ sexual behavior toward myself Elaine William and I am requesting it to stop NOW, and him be removed from the route. I do not want any problems with him over this complaint. But I am expecting something be done to stop this behavior.
Last contact with driver 7.10.19 - He walked in and rub his lips with his finger and told me he like my lips.
He has also driven up beside me while I was walking and asked if I needed a ride.
He comes in and continues to talk about my hair and what I am wearing. I have shared with him many times this is not needed but he continues with this behavior. Today was enough for me to try to get your help. Thank you If you have questions please contact me at my place of work [protected]

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