United Parcel Service of America [UPS]repeated delivery scheduling failures

R Aug 03, 2019

I ordered an 18 foot Sunsetter motorized awning that was to be delivered by UPS Freight. I signed onto the UPS website to get delivery information to my cell and email. The order listed my home phone for contact as well. I received the following text: "07/24/2019 10:33 A.M. San Leandro, CA, United States Arrangements for appointment attempted" I checked my answering machine, voice mail and email and came up with no contact whatsoever.

I called customer service 2:00pm July 26 to inform them that no contact had been made for a delivery appointment. After apology, the agent promised to have someone from San Leandro contact me within the hour. That did not happen that day or the next, or at all.

I called back on July 30 to complain about the lack of contact and delivery scheduling. After apologies the agent asked to put me on hold while she contacted San Leandro to get me scheduled. After 15 minutes of holds, I was put in contact with a guy in San Leandro who asked me what I wanted. I asked if he had my tracking and delivery information and he said he did but he was not the scheduler, who was at that moment, busy. I asked if he could get it scheduled and he said "sure, when do you want it". I told him Friday afternoon, August 2 at 3:00pm. He said ok and confirmed my delivery address. I then received the following message: "07/30/2019 9:15 A.M. San Leandro, CA, United States A delivery appointment has been scheduled with the consignee" Feeling somewhat sure that I would have my delivery on Friday, I arranged for contractors to come Saturday to install the awning.

The delivery was never made Friday and I received no contact on any media. I had to cancel my contractor with no idea when the delivery would be made so I could reschedule. Today (August 3) I call "customer service" only to find they have no weekend customer contact. This has been, and remains one of the worst customer experiences I've had (and continue to have). At the least, one would expect a company like UPS to honor their commitments and to provide a way of rectifying repeated failure - even on a weekend.

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