United Parcel Service of America [UPS]driver roosevelt bruno

M Dec 30, 2019

This is Chevrolet dealership that receives many package through UPS — This morning I was at the Parts Department window with a internal problem and your driver interrupted forcing his way to the front when told to wait minute he proceeded to try to go around me to get to the person I was in a conversation when told to wait again he became rude and still pushing — I asked his name and where to call and make a complaint — I called got a Brandon on the phone who acted just as rude about the problem, would not listen told me to call back when I wasn't so upset — his altitude was what added to problem all he had to say was thank you he would speak to driver — He was very obvious letting me know he did not care one bit about my call — I run the local Chevrolet dealership and I often take packages to your local center and everyone is always polite _ I am shocked but the mannerism and lack of concern by the driver and Management — Brandon was the contact at the center. Mike Dallett GM Docs Chevrolet [protected]

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