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on friday 7/19/20 i was expecting a delivery from you tranking number 1z9r65e9yw02123981- said by the end of day---when 9pm came and the 10 minutes later, i received an email that there was an attempt to deliver 7:30 pm no answer and required a signature . no true, first off no one was here, i have video, cameras, i and my neighbors were out side, in front of said address----one is a ups driver, , , we were waiting all day...the email says there was an attempt, , , , no such thing, , , now it also says because of this im taken out of deliver and sent to usps service-----no way to get my package, now i want the deliver guy to see he didn't even come anywhere near this location...our regular driver is george ...there is also no notice of this on my door, because i was on my front step where he said he went to is wrong, i bet he can't describe my home...color and such ...i will now put this video and such on the social media if i don't get this resolve and an apoligy from you and driver...i'm really upset that your company had to lie, , , , should have just deliverd this the following day, , no issues-your workload too much for driver---that i can understand, but to lie, , , , not acceptable ...i will wait till monday -then you will be able to watch this live on the web...thanks


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