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I arrived at the UPS store located at 169 Mini Mall rd. Ebensburg, PA 15931 on August, 22nd. I was picking up the 4 packages that I paid $300 to ship from Apple Valley CA to the above location. I was told that the packages would be in Pittsburgh on August 19th. My 17 year old son is starting college at the University of Pittsburgh and I entrusted the shipment of all of his possessions to UPS.
Upon arrival the clerk at the desk told me that there were only 3 packages for me. I told her that I shipped 4 packages and she stated (very matter of fact) "well you only have 3 and you owe me $6." The biggest package that cost $110 had a huge hole in the side and clearly clothing had fallen out. I asked for help tracking the other large package and was told that I needed my tracking number. I was told "We are not responsible for your lost package the UPS store that sent the package is responsible." The clerk was very rude and the store was empty someone could have helped. No one cared and no one helped me. UPS is not about what location you shipped from. Every customer is a UPS customer and should be helped no matter what location we shipped from. That Package cost me $110. I called the Apple Valley branch and was given the tracking number and told that the package was in a UPS hub in New Stanton, PA. Still no help from the Mini Mall branch location and I was still at the branch at this point. I called UPS customer service and was lied to by Dam and told that the package was in transit. I asked for a refund for the package and for the package to be shipped to my son's school instead. I spoke to Jet the customer service manager. He told me that the package was lost. He said that I would have to put in a claim and that there was nothing else he could do. I wanted to cry. Thousands of dollars of my sons possessions are lost. He doesn't have much because I packed towels and things in the package that I received and all of his sneakers, tops, pants, coats, briefs, sweats etc. His entire life is in the other large package. UPS is responsible for this and for the terrible treatment I received. How could you lose a package of that size???? You lose packages and you blame the consumer, make us do the work to figure out where packages are, charges are insane and when they are lost we get absolutely no help. Jet never even sent me the email for the claim. Poor customer service.
I cannot stress enough how extremely disappointed I am that the package holding everything my 17 year old son owned was stolen by a UPS employee. He has been at the University of Pittsburgh for almost two weeks with a couple of things to wear. I chose UPS instead of USPS because shipments are often lost or stolen with USPS. I trusted UPS. I paid an obseen amount of money to ship 4 packages and suspiciously one of the two largest packages never arrived at the destination. The large package that did arrive had a huge hole in the side. Just big enough for someone to put their entire arm inside and feel around for things. That package had towels, bedding and a few other items. The package that was stolen was the exact same size but had everything my son owned inside and it mysteriously did not make it to its destination. All 4 of the packages arrived at the UPS HUB in New Stanton, PA and only 3 packages made it out. Not sure how long it will take to receive the funds needed to replace the irreplaceable items.

Sep 04, 2019
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  •   Sep 04, 2019

    Well Marsha,

    You answered your own question. You will never receive funds to replace an item that is irreplaceable.

    That being said, the clerk answered your question. Did you want a backrub with the news as well? You assume that UPS stole these items? That's a reach.

    Packages get lost all the time. That's why these items are insurable and I am going to go out on a limb and say you were too cheap to do so. Entrusting UPS to start with U and end with S is a stretch on most days. It's your fault for not taking additional precautions to protect your investment. Hail to Pitt!

    Hope that helps!

    Your friend,

    Biggus Dickus

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