United Postal Serviceemployees

I am 65 years old. I have never been treated so horrible by 2 of the employees
In that store. I had a drop off package with a scan code from amazon attached for
Return to amazon, the web site said ups would take care of everything, boxing, taping and sending all I had to do was drop it off. The line was long with many
People that had things that had items that were going to take a lot of packing.
One lady had 3 area rugs to be boxed and shipped. I knew from past experience
That my small box the had a scanned code on it did not need any other work.
I have dropped off returns to amazon before. When the store clerk was busy they always told me I could leave it and they would take care of it. I ask the girl behind the counter if I could leave it. She said no, get in line. I ask her why, many many times other employees just let me leave it, and they could scan it later. It had an
Amazon approved return code. She said, get in line or leave. I ask to speak to a manager. I do not believe the man who came out of the back room was a manager
But that is what he said. I told him I thought his employee was horribly rude and it was ridiculous that she wanted me to stand in line for what looked to be a very long time. He said to me your are ridiculous and we are not a dumpster for the
[censored] I bought from amazon. He then took my package and walked it outside and
Put it on a bench. He said your trash is outside. I was horrified. I have ms and can not stand in lines for long periods. I can not believe how absolutely horrible both of those people. She was a very obese person and seemed like she wanted to spew venom rather then deal with a customer. The man who came out of the back room was a complete idiot that should never be allowed to work in customer service, I am in complete shock as to how they treated me. I am going to call amazon to let them know how ups does not want to handle amazon returns. I am going to call every day until I get someone to take action against that ups store.. I want an apology... At the very least.

Donna curtis
3720 sunland lane.
Estero, florida. 33928

Oct 01, 2019

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