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I made, well my wife made that mistake last year and used them to purchase a van. The saying is true, if it is too good to be true it usually is. From day one I knew it was a nightmare waiting to happen. First of all they NEVER sent us a payment book and never sent receipts for payments either. Pretty classy company huh? When asked about a payment book, the person always had a smartaleck remark to make, "we don't use payment books Mr so and so". Give me a break.

After a financial hardship we became late on ONE payment. Then the next payment came up and my wife CONTACTED them and advised David of the situation. David advised my wife that it would be ok to make the payment on our next pay period. My wife asked for a written agreement, but David ASSURED her that everything would be fine to just send the payment via money gram.

Wed. morning 5-29-07, one day before the paychecks hit the bank, our car was REPO'ED! Calls to United Auto Credit and the person named Michelle was like talking to a 2 year old, Mr this and Mr that. Asked to speak to a Manager and got some kid named Drew. Drew didn't know his plam from the back of his hand.

Finally got to talk to David and he DENIED the conversation with my wife. We are going to get phone records from the phone company because it is long distance to call them. David advised that he never received any phone calls from us.

If you want to save a lot of heart ache and misery I suggest not doing business with United Auto Credit at all. This business is so shady that they don't have a website nor will talk to you in person, only over the phone. The Birmingham, AL office has had so many rip-off that they have changed their addresses and use PO Box's now.

A company that will not return phone calls, will not send a payment book on a loan on a vehicle, will not stand by promises made by loan officers and supervisors is not one you want to deal with.

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Mar 24, 2009 7:45 am

In '06 my husband and I made the mistake of getting a loan through United Auto Credit Corporation for a car. This was the beginning of one of my worse nightmares. I don't wish this kind of horror on anyone. Please think twice before using this company. The interest rates are rediculous, and that's just for starters.
In '08 my husband became disabled and unable to work and had no money coming in at all so we were suddenly dropped down to one income. Therefore, yes, my payment was late for quite sometime, It was paid but, unfortunately late most of the time.
They do not respect any kind of privacy or document any information at all. I told them that my husband was disabled and unable to get to the phone when it rang. I also informed them that I worked nights so the best time to get ahold of me was 3pm or later. The ###s continued to call my house mornings and then complain that we were avoiding them...after they were told that no one could get to the phone mornings.
They called my refrences all the time telling them they needed to contact me because I was late on my vehicle loan...only because the idiots didnt listen and call my house at the right times.
Recently I made arrangements with them to make a payment on a Friday. I made the payment via western union as promised. Low and behold they had repo men show up at my home Monday and repo my car. What kind of crap is that? The payment was made and three days later my car was repoed.
There have got to be other avenues out there to use...I guess taking time to dig them up is better than dealing with the devil I know as UACC.


DO NOT USE THIS LOAN COMPANY! They are the most ignorant disrespectful ###s I've ever had to deal with. My place of employment burnt down I called them immediatley, supplied all the info they needed. Now months later there is no notes in the computer all the time, you ask to speak to a manager and they say none are available. They way the employees cuss at you is horrible! They even went as far as to call my parents neighbor who live 30 minutes from me and I barely know, I never gave them as a reference. When I asked them about it, the response was o we just go through the phone book and pick out names. Karma will get you!

Do not use this company. One day late and the calls start. six or seven a day, no grace period, foooie Can't wait until I am done with this company. 20 more months. Will not work with you at all.

Jul 22, 2011 11:40 pm

This is the worst company I have ever dealt with! DO not deal with them, they will screw you over!

Jul 19, 2013 4:30 pm
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they did the exact same thing to us, $700 later and a gps because i couldnt afford the blown up fees they wanted us to pay to get the car back...this is their policy because we only have 6 months left to pay on it. worst company ever! mis-applied payments, no payment book and their 'collections' and corp payment office do not have connected computers, they have no way to tell if your late or not.
it was a total money grab. if you ever have to use them to buy a car, i suggest you just walk


Ths company is a jokle! I called tem at 8 in teh mroning and there wree closed! Turns out they our located in california! That meanz they dont answer phonez until like 1 or 2 oclock or something! wtf! i miss 1 or 2 payments and they get all callin me all the time! and whn i call them back they dont open til 1 or 2 oclock?!?!?!? I left a hatefull message on there voice mail!

May 26, 2009 9:45 am

I also have had terrifying experiences with United Auto Credit. I asked them time after time not to call my employer about my debt. They continued to call my supervisor and co-workers and begin leaving nasty messages on their voice mails. This eventually went to our legal department and I received verbal counseling. I also have a tape recording of a supervisor from United Auto Credit threatening to call my supervisor even after she acknowledged my instructions not to call my place of employment.

I stil have an open account with this company, however; I'll never do future business with them or recommend them to others.

It has truely been a living hell doing business with United Auto Credit!
Is there any attorney which will handle this harrashment case. I have it on voice recording.

I got a van from this company last year. When my father passed I missed a payment, I had contacted the company and explained my situation to them. At first they acted like they understood and told me that they would except a late payment the following week. The day that I had agreed to make the payment I went to bed. When I woke the next morning the van was gone. I called the police for I thought some one had stole it. Come to find out they repoed it. When I called them and asked what was going on they claim that I never called. So I asked where was the car so that I could make the payment to get it back -I was told that I would haved to pay the whole loan off inorder to do so. I could not afford it for I had just paid for my father's funeral. So I asked where could I go get my things. They tell me that my van was in one area but it was not. I tried to contact them for a week straight so that I could retrieve my things and kept getting the run around. Not only did I loose my van and the money that I had in it but I lost the most precious thing of all- A video tape of my now decessed parents which I was going to have converted to DVD. That is something I can never replace. I did not care about the van or the other things inside all I truly wanted was the tape and they destroyed it instead of being honest in telling me where I could go to retrieve my and my childrens things...

Apr 15, 2009 8:25 am

i've been with UACC for almost 3yrs, when i signed the contract they seemed pretty strict about how they operate. After a year of making my payments on time for the first year they put it on my credit report as an account in good standing. But reading all the stories here is making me think twice. i have 17 payments left eventhough i dont think my car is worth what i paid for it. But I havent had any problem with them yet. Some of the people have smart mouths there but i try to send my payments on time so i wont have to deal with them. Im with the Office in Charlotte, Nc...Im just ready to get it paid off...good luck to you all.

Mar 30, 2009 10:22 am

I too have an account with UAC of Charlotte. I tried to get fiance from other companies but had no good credit. This company took a chance on me. I was told up front that if I was late they would call me and all my refrences. The first month I had not mailed my payment early enough for it to get there before my due date. They called my home, I told them it should be in their mail that day. It was. I have paid more than my payment each month and paid on time each month, I have never received another phone call from them. I have skipped a couple of payments but because I paid extra I was paid ahead so no problem. I have had this account since Feb. 07 I plan to pay it off this month, 5 months early.I appreciate them taking a chance with me . Mitzi in Maiden

Mar 14, 2009 9:59 am

I am never going to understand why people cannot understand that if they miss a payment they are in violation of their contract and the bank has every right to repossess the vehicle. I will also never understand why people with bad credit, who have screwed people over in the past, think they deserve a certain interest rate. If you don't pay your bills, feel lucky that someone is willing to finance a car to you at 26% interest.

I called the company to see if they could sell my car at auction and i would pay the balance in cash since it was around income tax time.
The stupid ### at the reception started mouthing of saying that if i did that, their attorny would garnish my wages until the full amount was paid...
Unknowing to her, I'm a law student and am very aware of my rights and illigal tactic like threats, etc. Meanwhile i told her to give me the manager who confirmed that they INDEED DO take cars to aution and sell them and the loan holder will only be responsible for the balance.
The best way to discribe this company is >>> A LOAN SHARK MAFIA STYLE SLAVE MASTER!

They call you up to 5 days before your payment is due as a "coutesy call" to make sure you will be comming to pay. With them...sometimes i felt like they were my bookie or something. Anytime i'm talking to them on the phone my friends will look at me like i'm doing something illigal because all they will hear me say is..."i'll get ur money in 2 days", or "i got it right now", or "i'm on my way".

Again...The best way to discribe this company is >>> A LOAN SHARK MAFIA STYLE SLAVE MASTER!

I had a 610 credit score, i was happy cos i could finally get a nice and slightly new, used car. I saw the car that i wanted and went in to test drive. The dealer asked what my credit score was, i told him. He said that he can get me financed and i would have the car...i said great!
With in an hour, i got a call from the financed company (united auto credit uacc). They asked if this is (me), i said yes, he said "congratulations" and with that i just bought a car!
The car was $11, 000, a 2005 nissan altima. I bought the car in 2007. Today, Jan 2009, i called and asked for my payoff, they said i owed $10, 500!
From july 2007 - jan 2009, (18 months), i have paid a total of $6, 700!



Nov 19, 2008 9:59 am

I have an auto loan through United Auto Credit and have had nothing but grief from them. Harassing phone calls to my parents as well as my boss. This is ridiculous! They arew the worst company anyone could associate with. They call on a daily basis even when my payment is NOT due or late. Something has to be done about this. I deal with them through Syracuse NY. They call with manyt different phone numbers as well as employees. I have told them to come and get my truck but they refuse to. Guess they want their bonus! What a nightmare! I hope they call again, I won't think twice about pressing charges against them. I hope noone else has to go through what I have been through.

Oct 30, 2008 6:26 pm

BTW start informing the degenerate ### that more than likely has the same amount of debt as you do, that you are recording your conversations. Youll find that the idle threats are kept to a minimum and their "script" begins to creep out.
UACC is a first party creditor, therefore they do not abide by the FDCPA so they are not held as strict to collection guidlines, BUT HARRASSMENT is defined as ANYTHING a debtor says is harrassment. Make sure you tell them to NEVER call you at work...if the calls continue...have a supervisor tell them that the incident has been documented and any further calls will be reported to the Attorney General.

Oct 30, 2008 6:00 pm

hmmm? i find it outstanding that there are people out there that think its ok to harrass, insult, condescend to, and lie to a person who was looking for financial help. UACC gave them a shot...observant call ###s. UACC is PREYING on individuals who yes, have less than perfect credit to make a profit...just like the creditors that lend to you perfect debtors out there, its about hitting a market that was previously UNTOUCHED by the mainstream.
I have a loan through UACC and the best part is that i work for a high risk auto finance company, and they still feel that thier collection tactics work on me.
For example, im sure most of you ahve been threatened with reposession after being 1 day late or maybe a week late..this ISNT because they have honest intentions of reposessing your vehicle, its because the majority of these collectors are paid on a "BONUS" scale. They MUST collect the accounts that are assigned to them or thier delinquency percentages will go up and their managers will yell at them..AND ...NO BONUS.
Let me explain...and pay attention...
IT IS VASTLY MORE BENEFICIAL FOR A FINANCE COMPANY TO ALLOW YOU TO KEEP YOUR VEHICLE (if not more than 30 days delinquent-as statistics have proved once an account goes past 30 days del. it is too hard to get back on track.) THEY WILL *****LOSE***** MONEY BY REPOSESSING THE VEHICLE.. THE CAR WILL GO TO AUCTION, THERE WILL BE A DEFICIENCY BALANCE AND THEY WILL HAVE TO PAY TO PURSUE LEGAL ACTION!

They want you to believe that they will take your vehicle becasue they are appealing to your sense of ANXIETY.
In collections there are 3 tactics to collecting any personality..
### collectors skip right to the 3rd method because they themselves have no idea how to appeal to honor or pride, and most people respond to anxiety.

summary: UACC collectors are undertrained and will get themselves and thier bosses in alot of trouble by making threats towards people that know their job better than they do..

Oct 16, 2008 1:53 pm

I agree about Michelle. She is aSTILL there, and is STILL a horrible human being. I've been with UACC for over 2 years, and have had no problem with ANYONE else in there. Michelle must not get any in her personal life, 'cuz I've never talked to someone with so much hunger for vendetta. This single woman has completely made me sick of dealing with an otherwise tolerable 2nd chance credit provider.

I traded my car out and had the balance owed rolled into a new loan (which will payoff UACC). Michelle is trying to threaten me into sending her an additional month's payment, "or it's your credit that's going to be ruined". We'll see what the judge says, honey... dress nice, 'cuz it's you goin to court for this, not a company representative!

Michelle will not listen beyond her own thoughts, nor will she try to understand ANY situation if it isn't noted in her little job description.

I say again, that Michelle is one of the most wretched people I've EVER dealt with, and I hope that she and this company go completely under, never to return to business.

F-You Michelle!

Oct 10, 2008 3:02 pm

UACC are a bunch of ###s. I have been with them for three years and cant wait til Feb when i can pay my truck off completely. I have never heard of any company coming to your house to talk about your late payments. Yeah Right! They don't care if you are one day late, they will start to harass you. Unprofessional to say the least. I would love to see them shut down and out of business!

Sep 12, 2008 8:26 am

I've had an account with UAC for 2 years now. I had a problem with my 1st payment, because it actually got lost in the mail. I had mailed it 2 weeks before the due date to insure that it would make it there on time. Of course it didn't, and was close to a week late. It was on the one of their desks the entire time. Of course, I started sending in my paynent certified mail, so they would have to sign for it and that was my proof that I sent it. I never had a problem after that. And now I can make payment over the phone for a small fee, and it makes everything easier since I don't have to stand in line at the post office. Being a recently divorced mom of 3, they were there to help me out when my vehicle broke down by helping me get another one. I received the payment book about a week after I made my purchase, and they are generally nice to me when I call them. They will call me in the afternoon on the due date, if I haven't paid my bill by the date. I pay it and they thank me for my payment. But I generally pay before the due date. BTW, the branch that I have my account with is in Birmingham, AL.

Aug 09, 2008 7:10 am

To everyone bad talking this company United Auto Credit I am going to defend them! I have NEVER recieved a phone call at home or at work. I have NEVER been late in 3 years. I have not yet spoke to anyone on the phone from that establishment. What I am trying to say is IF YOU MAKE PAYMENTS ON TIME THEY WILL NOT BOTHER YOU!
You signed a contract stating that you would not be late! When you do become late you get what goes along with that.
People should not come on this site and bad rep this company because they are late paying a bill LOOK AT YOUR CONTRACT PEOPLE!

Jul 25, 2008 7:43 pm

I would have to agree 100% with Bill Payor...UACC took a chance on you when NO ONE would lend you $5 all they ask for is that you pay it back on time...why is that so hard? Does having previous repos, forclosures, collections and bankruptcies entitle you to 4% APR?! Of course you pay a high interest rate you are a HIGH risk because you have a history of paying no one. UACC gave you an opportunity to have transportation to get back and forth to work, to take your kids to school, go to the grocery store and not to mention HELP build your credit. It's amazing when you pay your bills how there are no collection calls...funny how that works. Enjoy your bad credit for the rest of your lives because you obviously don't appreciate an opportunity to change it.

Jun 11, 2008 8:36 am

Well I just had my repoed. Kind of sucked too, took em 6 months to find it tho! hahahaha, STFU UACC!

Now Im going to dDOS them off the web!

UACC, you got my truck, and you wont get a friggin dime, we both lose.

Now prepare for pwnage u ###...


May 31, 2008 12:37 pm

these are the most rude nasty ### altitude people iv delt with in my life if i can say one thing to save anyone a headache stay awawy from dis so called lender with untrained employees an management they will pick your car up 4 one day late their is no compromising with this company the lady called me on a thur. i told her i got payed on fri.she ask me can i get someone to loan me the money, so i ask can she loan me the money. smart ### b///h

May 31, 2008 12:26 pm

this company is really a bunch of penny hounding ### holes ive been with this company going on 3 1/2 yrs i got 12 more pyments its been fucn hell they first start by callin sayn this is a reminder call then the day of the due date they call bac sayn we havent got your payment yet i say damn its 8.30am have u guys mail ran yet it will be a blessing 2 get a way from this company an stay far away

May 26, 2008 12:44 pm


Apr 05, 2008 6:09 pm

Its amazing to me to read such comments when im certain most of the complaints come from individuals whom were turned down by about 15 different lenders, based upon their poor history with paying on time in the past, before this company decided to take the chance on all of you. The fact of the matter is you are all paying 24-26% apr for a reason, lets not act so innocent. Pay your financial obligations on time and stop complaining! Im sure you all didnt have this attitude when you walked into the dealership, werent pre approved and this bank stepped up and layed down 10 to 20k for ya. pay it back... OH YEAH... ON TIME, ILL BETCHA THEY STOP CALLING... YOU MAY EVEN GET TO KEEP YOUR THE CAR YOU DONT OWN TILL EVERY LAST DIME IS PAID!

Mar 22, 2008 2:10 pm

I have had a car loan for a year. I have never been late on a payment. They have acted very respectful on each call to them. I never get calls from them. They sent my payment book right off. They even ask me if I wanted to change my due date. Then sent a new payment book asap.

Mar 18, 2008 2:39 pm

Pay your bills on time and you never hear from UACC...

Mar 17, 2008 5:46 pm

United Auto Credit is one of the worse employers to work for. They do not care about their customers are employees. Their turnover rate is unheard of. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY ARE BORROW FROM THEM THEY ARE THE WORSE COMPANY IN THE WORLD. THEY MAKE YOU WORK UNPAID OVERTIME AND IF YOU DO NOT WORK IT YOU WILL BE FIRED. PLEASE RESEARCH BEFORE YOU APPLY. I SURE IN THE HELL WISH I WOULD HAVE.

Jan 28, 2008 4:34 pm

well i too have had trouble with this company but they have been really helpful since they cut my pay at my job i know its not them but THE LORD whos doing this for me so if you have been hurt by them just trust in HIM and HE will make things right with all of yall i hope this helps some of you and if it does then ive done what HE wanted me to do GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU! Michael D. Cash

Jan 21, 2008 9:37 am

I have had my car thru these people for two years and have never been late. I make my payments to the office in irondale on alex drive. However I always get a call from the other location asking when I am going to pay. I have to repeat this every month ( I made my payment on time to your irondale location) why dont these people communicate. The people there are rude, mean, and very uncaring. I have called them maybe twice asking for a couple of days after due date to pay , not a month, not a week, maybe one or two days. Each time they threatened to repo my car if i didnt pay on the due date. I have never dealt with a business that did not allow some kind of grace period. And the way they talk to you is terrible. I will have had this car for 2 years in may and I am going to trade it in , so that I can find abetter finance company. United Auto Credit Of Birmingham stinks.

Sep 17, 2007 1:56 pm


Sep 10, 2007 6:57 pm

Ever since I started dealing with UACC, they have been nothing but headaches. I was out of town on business one time and returned realizing that the payment was due the previous business day. I immediately tried to make arrangements to make payment, and they told me that I could go ahead and send in my payment with MoneyGram, but there was no was to insure that my car would 'be where I left it', if they decided to accept my payment at all. This company has no respect for customers, believes their ### doesn't stink, and the closer you get to paying off your vehicle, the faster they will try to pull it out from under you. Although there is one gentleman I did speak with a few times, which was a very considerate person and was willing to help, the rest are a bunch of angry ### who can't wait to go home from their minimum wage job.

Jun 12, 2007 6:59 am

I advise you not to deal with this company it feels like dealing with a loan shark they constantly call you at work at home asking about your payment I was never late not even one day late in two years with my payment and they still called asking me if I've sent my payment and remind me that i have no grace period they are charged me 26% interest. At the time we had no choice but when we did get back on our feet we put a stop to that if they are the only people who will finance your car JUST WALK !

May 30, 2007 3:10 pm

By the way, the address is P.O Box 100696 Birmingham, AL [protected].

Do not Deal with this company, I too was ripped off by them!


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