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United Auto Credit [UACC] review: It has been total hell!

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I have had a loan with this company for 2 years and it has been total hell. They have poor customer service, they fail to keep their records accurate, they are harassers, they tack on unaccounted for fees. My car was repossessed after a 7 day late payment and told me the only way to get it back was to pay the total loan fee with all of these repossession fees which totaled more than the actual loan. They were calling my job and home everyday of the week. They came to my house once with a tow truck two days after my payment was due at 9:30 pm asking me to make a payment without the intention of repossessing the car-that night the guy was flashing flashlights through my windows as he was talking to a resident in the home. This company has continually accepted late payments and now out the blue I'm was 7 days late and they come pick up my car but the bad part is is that when they pick up my car the payment was in the mail and had reached them the next day. This company is waiting for a class action suit.

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Mar 27, 2015 11:00 pm EDT

to all the people on here singing UACC praises, glad you are an employee of this ripoff company because that's the ONLY way you're not getting harassed. That is a company used for people with not so good credit so stop fronting like you pay your bills on time because if you did, u wouldn't have to deal with them. Have a seat and stop lying.

Mar 03, 2014 11:22 am EST

I am looking to file a court case action against this company. They have made inappropriate harassing phone calls; released my information to a non refernec person and also violated my safety by trying to get my boyfriend (which I had an OFP against) to come to job. They released information like employment location, vehicle I was driving etc... when they had already known about the previous abuse. They threatened wage levy without even been sent to collections. Argued on each phone call and spent 30-1 hr per day to keep telling them the same thing. Reps have called me dumb, and I should be smarter than that etc...if you would like to file class action suit please email me at [email protected]

Sep 02, 2011 4:53 pm EDT

I have been with UACC since 3/11. All of my payments have been on time and I do not get harrassing calls or letters or people showing up at my house. Oh that's right, because I make my payments on time. Get a life people, send your paymenta in on time and the harrassing calls will stop! You signed the contract that you will pay ontime, stop whining. If you can't pay, call them, I am sure they will work with you. Don't ignore their calls.

Dec 09, 2010 11:18 pm EST

Pay your bills on time and these things won't happen! You signed the contract, be a man and honor it! I'm sick and tired of hearing you people whine and moan about the consequences that occur when you don't live up to YOUR obligations! We really need to bring back debtors prisons (google it if you don't know what that is) the they could pick you and the car up when you miss a payment.

Nov 17, 2010 7:55 pm EST

I hate UACC too... they reported me late, when I proved to them they reported my file in correctly they deleted the entire file so, Now I can not received credit for making my payments on time for 5 years.. I agree something should be done about them

Apr 09, 2010 11:37 am EDT

For the people who have other bills to pay here's a thought. Buy a car that fits your budget! It may not be the car that you want, but it's the car that you need for now. If you are useing a company like UACC that tells me you have credit issues. For one reason or another you were unable to pay your bills in the past. Yes there are people out there who have fallin on hard times. I am one of them. These companies exisit to help people reestabliah credit after a south turn of events. Unfourtantly, it also teaches other people it's ok to pay your bills late. Or to repo a car. I'll just get another one. Companies like these take HUGE RISKS when offering you a loan. So when I hear people complain about collection practices, I have very little sympithy. So, in summeration. You fail to pay your bills in the past. A company takes a risk by giving you money and you fail to pay them back on time you have the audacity to complain about it. I have to ask who's the arragont one in this equasion! Take some responsibilty in your life, pay your bills on time and you won't have to work with compaines that have these type of collection pollicies put into place.

Feb 02, 2010 8:56 pm EST

They are totally horrible. I will never take a out a loan from them again. I just ignore there phone calls because they are so rude and ignorant. I pay off my loan next month after 5 years...never again...I truly hope they go out of business or a class action is filed due to they way they treat their customers.

May 10, 2009 10:14 am EDT

yes i agree with the problom that UACC is doing because they feel that if you can not pay your carpayment on time their should come and take the car i always known that we should a 30 days before they start call. but they feel that when the next day after your carpayment is due that should get they money plus the late charge on top of it. they do not feel that some people lose their job or have to go to school and just working a part-time job and have to pay other bill to. but i can also say that some of the employees at UACC try to work with you and give you some extra day if you call they and let them know that you do not have the money.

Dec 01, 2008 10:51 am EST

UACC does have a few bad apples but there are also good guys that work there also. I had a few problems with a couple of the workers but after talking to management and paying with a moneygram through Walmart every month ON TIME I never here from them anymore. They even worked with me to change the payment due date to make it easier on my budgeting. We are never late on our payments anymore and after reading these comment I will never be late again...luckily the information they have for place of residence is totaly bull so they probably couldn't find the truck for atleast a Anyways...I guess what I'm saying is yes they suck but if you pay on time you won't hear from them.

Aug 31, 2008 8:04 pm EDT

I was sent information on participating in a class action suit in Miami fl, but my daughter was cleaning and through it away..I had to call to participate ...does anyone have the number..My car was repoed by them.

Aug 03, 2008 1:05 pm EDT

UACC took my rent money when they repoed my car for being delinquent for 8 days. My wallet was in the glovebox and the manager took it and said this is one payment. Him and the repo man laughed and joked when they locked the car up, my wife was crying and she was pregnant. He said "too bad, its not my fault your husbands a dead beat mam, and they laughed. I was humiliated, now I have a good job and make good money, and I was able to get a loan thru my credit union, ..but I tell eveyone in Texas, dont trust them and dont do business with UACC, they are a bunch of legalized thugs wearing white ### and ties, ..they put on the appearance of being professional, but its just a front, in reality they are ignorant and non-educated. The UACC manager I spoke to use to brag about how he did not even have a GED but that he was promoted to branch manager by UACC. When I called in to complain about it, some idiot named Radigan who claimed to be a President but was probably some high school drop out just basically giggled and hung up. I contacted the department of small business consumer affairs they notified me they have recieved numerous complaints and that the company is currently being investigated for illegal collection practices and cooking the books for the share holders, lets cross are fingers and hope the greedy ### get what they deserve..:)

May 22, 2008 12:04 pm EDT

The poster above(James Smith) must be a POS UACC worker because I see alot of posts that state I made the payment a week/month ahead of schedule and this piece of ### company didn't do their job to get their money but instead harass their customers. How the ### are they not suppose to be pissed when a payment is made on time but this ###ing company tells the credit companies that they didn't.

Feb 23, 2008 6:48 pm EST

Strangely I see a pattern to your complaints. I notice that the word LATE appears repeatedly in regards to your payments. Here is a little tidbit of information: UACC is a business and you entered into a contract with them to make good on your payment for an auto loan. You are OBLIGATED by laws in your respective states to render that payment or suffer whatever penalties they impose. Just because you do not agree with or like that these are happening to you does in no way make them a BAD company.

I have myself had to make payment arrangements with UACC on two separate occasions. Neither time was in any way a bad experience because I spoke with them with respect that I myself wished to receive. Learn to handle your issues with respect and professionalism and you will find that your life will be expnentially easier to get through.

Jan 31, 2008 2:11 pm EST

I make a payment in yours Pensacola Florida Offices. They told me , my payment is 33 days over due. It only a week. Because they say my Decemeber payment. So I paid 305.00 For my december payment, and I ask for two weeks to make my january paymeny. Since this company supose din't get my payment. My bank statement show me that they got a payment. I din't appreciate this company pulling my legs about my payment.

Sep 29, 2007 9:41 am EDT


Sep 25, 2007 10:46 am EDT

You people have no idea how bad it is. No idea. If you ever have a complaint against any type of debt collector then send them a letter via certified mail telling them this only: "This is my formal request via certified mail tracking number:---- ---- ---- ----, that I am hereby invoking my rights under the FDCPA Sec. 805 (c), that you Cease and Desist any and all communications for all accounts you have on file for me, and for all time." be sure to include an identifier like your social and/or account number. This will shut them up real fast. Did you know that if they don't stop communicating besides to advise you they are ceasing communications, then you have the option to sue them in small claims court for each offense. This will cost you about 5 dollars. Well worth it. Also, go to this website: for more on your rights, oh yeah, go to barnes and noble and purchase a book for 20 buck and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS, YOU HAVE PLENTY AND JUST DON'T KNOW IT. I sued and won 2,000.00 dollars because they were wanting to settle out of court. Don't threaten to sue one of their retarted reps they can do nothing. Call your Secretary of States office, and ask for UACC's register agent, that's who you have to sue, and provide a subpoena to honestly get their attention. Did you know, in order to sue in small claims court in Bexar County Texas, that it cost me 82.00 dollars. Yeehaw, guys I make a living off this crap, it's awesome. For more info go to the website listed above, or e-mail me at [email protected] Go get um guys!

Jul 05, 2007 11:56 am EDT

United auto credit is the worst place to get a loan. I have had nothing but problems with this so called business at 8285 sw nimbus ave ste 140. phone [protected] they are the most disrespectful people i have ever talked to. This has to stop now, for the publics welfare i can not believe this can happen in this great nation of ours. There are so many complaints about this corporation, i cant believe there still here.

If you need financing DON'T CALL UNITED AUTO CREDIT walk or take the bus. If interested in class action suit or protesting email me at [email protected]

Apr 14, 2017 10:56 pm EDT

We want out of it the car we have is breaking been lied to when i got the car my question is can they garnish a paycheck if you let them have the car


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