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On June 10th, 2011, we picked up a 26foot Uhaul truck, with a car dolly, as well as 3 moving dollies. We moved from Corpus Christi that day, to Richmond, TX. Being the weekend, we had to schedule to drop truck off at an after hours drop off location which was about an hour from our new home. Saturday evening at 7pm we loaded up our 3 young children, and followed my husband who was driving the empty uhaul truck. We made it into Houston but could not find the location. So we called Customer Service, they were kind in directing us, however they were sending us in circles. We called a total of 7 times, telling them we could not find the store. The 7th person finally told us that the location we were looking for was not an after hours drop off location! So he directed us to a different store, over an hour away. By this time is was almost 930pm, and I didn't really care. Just wanted to get the truck dropped off. And get safely home. The area we were directed to was very dangerous, high crime location. Remember we had 3 babies in the car with us, driving all over downtown houston. But now this man sends us to a different location, and directs us to WRONG we end up driving 45 minutes in the wrong direction! By the time we turned around, drove back and dropped off truck, it was past 11pm. We put the dollies in the cab, cleaned out our trash and left the keys in the drop. As you can imagine our weekend was ruined.
MOnday I called to ensure everything was okay. They told me if there was a problem they'd let me know. That was on June 13th.
So, why, on June 22nd is there an additional $295.55 charge from Uhaul? Which I only discovered because while I was shopping for groceries/diapers my card was declined. I am now being charged 4 additional overdraft fees because all my money was stolen by uhaul.
I've gotten the run around all last night and this morning. I really don't know if I'll get my money back or not.
The GM at that location said he made a mistake about the dolly and will refund us! Really? How do you just accidentally make a mistake? So what about the rest of the 235 dollars in charges? He said there was nothing he could do?
So do I have to file a police report? Or what?
Because we didn't buy their insurance, he said we have to pay for repairs done to the truck. But we didn't damage it at all. He said it's too late because repairs have already been done. But if there was actual damage, I asked if they have surveilance on their property to see if it was vandalized Saturday evening, he said he "highly doubted that" Even though his store is located in crime central.
Uhaul is a big rip off. That must be why they're so big. They rip off people a little here and a little there.
I suggest Budget truck rental. We had MUCH better luck with them.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 05, 2020 5:15 pm
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Proper Inspections of Equipment Needed:
With the regular use of equipment for both local and long-distance moves, it is highly recommended for U-Haul to have their equipment on an inspection routine to address items prior to emergency repairs. They have turned into a band-aid style of maintenance that places customers and the general public at risk. I currently have a tow dolly, rented from 'an authorized retailer' for U-Haul and have endured three separate repair stops on a 3000 mile trip. Two of these stops have been for a taillamp issue - constant failure due to both cut wires and a bad LED assembly (finally diagnosed by one of their techs - had to drive 30 miles off of my planned trip route, but was fixed); third stop was for a blown wheel bearing (thankful I wasn't driving at time) - had to have their dispatched contractor replace the entire hub assembly.
I'm only 1800 miles into my trip, let's see what the remaining 1200 miles has in store. See attached pics for evidence.

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