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I called Uhaul again today on 7/21/21 and ask why haven't anyone folled up from corp she said they close my complaint and that the manger said she did sent me the link to my phone and that it did go thru I said she lying because when I told her I didn't get the link she said it doesn't matter but it does matter because thats how they calculate the miles why out the blue on 6/26/21 when I returned the van I was ask out the blue by a different manger did I recieved the link I said no she then said something wrong with my phone the problem is they chose not to send me the link so they can over charge me and the state of fl told them to do that because the van wasnt on my reciept on 6/25/21 it says equipment but the van was on the reciept from 6/26/21 Uhaul just didn't know who they was dealing with I recorded both conversations and took video and pics from both days instead of them following up they chose to close it thats a big red flag. they know they were wrong and not trying to fix it so how could you tell a customer that didnt get the link they went 100 miles over you cant then have the nerve to look in the system going by the previous customer miles which is unethical behavior and no customer is going to play games about their money and she gave me a number im not calling that number its their job to follow up I guess thats why I was never called the number is from broward I rented from Miami fl 18400 n w 27av Miami Gardens

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