U-Haul Internationalfree storage with a one way rental

K Sep 05, 2018

My mother and I had called to get a truck and a storage unit. The lady we spoke with first told us if we get a truck one way, pick up and drop off and to separate locations, we can get a storage unit free for the first month. After the process was done my mother paid for the truck the lady sent me a confirmation number. Before the lady spoke of the deal we were just planning to get a storgae and find a truck else where. So my mother had already reserved a truck. So when it comes time to pick up the truck my mother uses the confirmation number in her email while not being told she needed to use the confirmation number in my email. So with the misunderstanding that the lady didn't explain my storage and truck were cancelled making my mother come out her pocket an extra $55 to get a storage unit. With all that being said we talked to 3 people who were all saying I was still able to get my free month storage due to the miscommunication of the worker lady and my mother but that was not the case when the next day I called the same number that I had spoke to the lady who gave us the deal, it was a man this time and he tells me that we cant get a free storage, that they didn't do deals like that. And I'm telling him that I called that same number the day before and spoke with two women who said I was still able to get my storage due to the miscommunication. Meanwhile I had to return the truck at a certain time and everybody just kept giving me the run arounds when all we really wanted was for my contract that is in my email for the storage and truck to be honored but instead we had to end up paying 55 extra dollars just to have the truck back in time. It was a terrible experience and I was extremely frustrated because we had to constantly go back and forth with the uhaul truck company and the storage company we were sent to. I highly doubt I will ever use this company again for anything I refuse to go through that again.

U-Haul International
U-Haul International

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