U-Haulcustomer service management


I am a business owner and have rented from uhaul in excessof 10 years, over the last 5 years I believe I have spent $5000 or more a year from the Washington blvd Pittsburgh pa. Within the last year a new manager Kevin Smith has taken over at this store and from the beginning he has been one of the worst managers our company has ever dealt with. We do realize the trucks go out on a regular basis but the first time we rented from him our truck came back late afternoon not morning and did we hear from him in a very nasty manor that if we did not return trucks on time we could not rent again. The company store knew it was going to be late after we called the main office to notify them. We were not able to get in touch with the Washington blue store, kept routing to traffic management. We let this go, but the next week we rented again at over $500 for several days, and again notified them the truck was running late at traffic control and did we again receive some very nasty remarks from Kevin smith upon return of the truck. Upon the third rental we brought the truck back in the evening before the truck was due the next morning and his response was again nasty stating it was about time the truck Was returned in a timely manner. This occured over three months ago. We have been using other uhaul dealerships, one out in west mifflin pa over 45 minutes from our store, and other rental places other than using the washington blvd. location. We were in need of a truck rental both Thursday and Friday of this week we made reservations thru traffic control for a 26 ft truck and on Thursday evening we desired to exchange the 26 ft truck for a TT 20 ft for Friday, traffic control gave us the ok but we still had to verify with the Washington blvd. location. We were able to get in touch with them and of course it was Kevin smith the manager 1 time on Thursday evening to verify the truck change, and he said he would call us back in 5 minutes which turned into. 2 hour ordeal with him never returning our calls, after this long period of time one of the other workers Brian assisted us in our change of vehicle he was very professional. Our truck was scheduled to be returned Saturday by 8:00 it was returned this evening by 5:00. My husband asked Kevin for a read out of our rentals for the year he said he could not do it, that you don't keep records that long, but in fact each year our company receives a read out from the managers for our records. My husband even joked with one of the other employees this evening about is there a special note on our account not to rent to us. He stated no sir. Well this time it goes to prove uhaul does not want my business, as much as we paid over the years to this company seems to mean nothing. Kevin smith is a disrespectful manager, and I would never deal with him again. I know I am a small company to your big business but if I treat my customers like he treats customers then your company will faulter. There are many other rental companies out there.

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